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Dream Symbols

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Dream Symbols

Dream Symbols Dream-Symbols
The value of dreams cannot be overstated. Perhaps you have a problem to be resolved and that night you dream of a wonderful solution. At other times, the dreams are entangled masses of events or thoughts you had that day or in the recent past. Dreams, such as premonitions that come true, can be very profound. Flying, being naked in public places and other such “non-reality” dreams many times are symbolic and sometimes provide clues to intentions you have set in your conscious state. Some dreams are just plain fun, they may reflect how you felt after having a day where everything flowed well for you. Some dreams are just plain strange and may reflect several issues your busy mind is working on.
Symbols are “archetypes,” or representations of emotions, objects or events. Look more deeply at the archetypes in your dreams and what they mean to you. Perhaps when you smell roses, it reminds you of a loved one who grew beautiful roses and has now passed away. In your dreams, it is possible that this loved one is trying to contact you. When your mind is relaxed while sleeping, it is sometimes easier for those on the Other Side to make contact.
Pay close attention to vivid and recurring dreams. The symbols and emotions within these dreams often hold clues to a problem you are grappling with or underlying issues that are surfacing to be resolved. There are many resources in books and online to help you decode the meaning of the symbols. However, this is your personal experience and one person’s interpretation may not reflect what is happening in your inner world. Thus, quiet reflection on how you felt during the dream and how you responded will assist in helping you sort out the message.
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