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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » NIBIRU, PLANET X & 9 » NIBIRU News ~ Project Black Star Update – Volume 11 plus MORE

NIBIRU News ~ Project Black Star Update – Volume 11 plus MORE

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Project Black Star Update – Volume 11 (2016)
March 17, 2016 · Planet X, Terral Croft, Writers

The combination of seismic, volcanic and magnetic North Pole migration indicators reveal what could be a disturbing pattern requiring us to revisit the old forecasting model where a Black Star/Earth Crossing Event may be possible for the 2016 Earth Orbit Cycle. First off, let us look at the seismic event totals for Week 5 for the 2014, 2015 and 2016:
Start DateEnd Date # 8+# 7 # 6# 5# 2.5 – 4Total This WeekWeek Total This Time Last Year
2/2/20142/8/20145J   00J   5*25215245380
02/15/1502/21/15J   00J   5*36223264230
The old seismic pattern includes almost-identical values for the first five weeks starting at outside-orbit position (Week 1) to see a Jolt Value (J) for the 2.5 to 4-magnitude quake events (536 for 2014, 343 for 2015) to then produce the Jolt Value of five (5) for the 6-magnitude quake events in the fifth week shown above with asterisks (*). Those following the research should realize that I have been predicting a sub-200 value for the 2.5 to 4-magnitude quake events for the first week of February 2016 for most of the last year stipulating that this key value coming late could mean the Black Star has increased velocity left in the orbit diagram pointing to a 2016 Crossing Event. You should also realize that counting the days from our recent backside-alignment quake event (Nov. 24, 2015 = 7.6 Peru) to the Crossing Date (May 20, 2016) is only 179 days. While the backside-alignment quake events have been late for the last three years, we should realize at this point that a May 2016 Black Star/Earth Crossing Event is statistically in the cards based on the new input data and the old modeling.
The one (1) value for the 6-mag quake events for this week earned a red value indicating a seismic pattern change that I feel is connected to the two deep magma waves now rebuilding momentum/intensity in the regions between Japan and the Alaska Quake Swarm Area (northern wave) and the South American Coast (around Peru) to the southern border of Mexico (southern wave). Check this out:
Start DateEnd Date # 8+# 7 # 6# 5# 2.5 – 4Total This WeekWeek Total This Time Last Year
01/05/1401/11/141O   00030176*206321
01/18/1501/24/151O 00118180*199313
3/6/20163/12/2016500120    194215229
These weekly seismic event values for Week 5 of the 2016 Earth Orbit Cycle relative to the Black Star represent precisely what I expected to see for Week 1. Absence of the expected Jolt Value for Week 2 of the current cycle supports the evidence that the old modeling is correct at this stage. However, remembering that the seismic chart tracks weekly earthquake event totals running from Sunday to Saturday, a look at EQuake3D shows no sign that a seismic uptick is coming for our key 2.5 to 4-magnitude indicator quake events suggesting that we are looking at a new pattern connected to the new Binary Star Magnetic Repulsion Model in combination with the two deep magma waves responsible for the current seismic activity lull within the current earth change uptick period that did indeed begin in the first week of February 2016.
AlaidKuril Islands (Russia)New
AsosanKyushu (Japan)New
Santa MariaGuatemalaNew
Note carefully that the five new volcanic eruption events for this week are all located in the regions where these two magma waves stalled over the course of the recent earth change lull period running from the end of November to the beginning of February 2016. However….
….Check out the magnetic North Pole migration data showing that the current magnetic North Pole position is FAR ahead of the expected position appearing to be about two weeks ahead of schedule. This magnetic pole data suggests that the Black Star is indeed much farther left in the orbit diagram than expected, which could be the reason that the current earth change uptick period is missing the key Jolt Values that may show up later in the timeline. The combination of low weekly seismic event values amid strategically-located new volcanic eruption events on the high end of the scale (5 to 10) and the migrating magnetic North Pole racing ahead of schedule all work in unison to suggest that we could see a break in these patterns indicating that the Black Star is ‘closer’ to Earth Orbit Path than the Binary Star Repulsion Model suggests. That being said, my gut feeling is that there is only a ten percent chance that the modeling points in the direction of a May 2016 Earth/Black Star Crossing Event, but you should realize I considered that an impossibility only a month ago. This interpretation of the evidence is presented first, even though the chances of this scenario coming true are relatively low; because this could represent a ‘threat in your face’ scenario moving our survival preparations from May 2017 to the spring/summer of 2016.
My feeling today is that the Binary Star Magnetic Repulsion Model is correct and we are seeing varying weekly values across the board from nearing Black Star/Earth proximity. Those following the research for some time should realize that my expectation is that all the modeling will break down once the Black Star is near. The model says Black Star electromagnetic/magnetic polarity strength potential increases by the cube of the closing distance, which can easily throw magnetic North Pole migration location coordinates off compared to recent years where the Black Star was still some distance away from the Sun and Earth Orbit Path. The low weekly seismic values can be explained by Earth crust becoming more elastic from regular expansion and contraction through years of earth change uptick and lull periods, which I feel today is the most-likely explanation. We are also watching a seismic/volcanic pressure shift from the Indonesian/Asian side of the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire over to the Americas representing a ‘transition period’ for the shifting Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire Tectonic/Volcanic Dynamic from the Solomon Islands Quake Event (2.6.2013) and the recent 8.3 Chile Quake giving us five weeks of no (0) 6-magnitude quake events for a five week period from Week 36 to 40 for the 2015 Seismic Chart.
There is no reason for anyone to get over excited today, as we still have plenty of time and much more data coming to assist in the process of determining what is really going on with the Project Black Star Investigation. Right now the evidence suggests that the current earth change uptick period will continue through the end of May 2016 with focus on the predicted Sun/Earth/Black Star nearside-alignment (N) quake event on May 7, 2016. We continue to watch Mars for another mystery dust storm event about a week or so before the coming alignment quake event, as the red planet should be a great witness in this case like we saw in March 2012.
Read the Full Report and related articles using a complimentary link to Terral’s 2016 Newsletter Volume 11. Subscribe and support the research at

























Torah Codes pointing to Messiah and Nibiru next week?

Richard Shaw, producer/director of the film 'Torah Codes: End to Darkness', and Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, one of the world's leading researchers into Torah codes, share new findings pointing to Messiah and Nibiru.

Something significant happening at Purim - which may refer to next Wednesday evening, the 23rd, or to Shushan Purim, which is celebrated in Jerusalem beginning next Friday, the 25th. 2016.

Prior to an event, we know there are also signs from Heaven to be on the lookout for. Today, in our previous article Sunset angels wings in the sky over Cornwall, UK we reported a strange phenomenon in the sky during sunset in Cornwall, UK. A photographer captured a sun with two wings.

Chloe Moore, from the Royal Meteorological Society said: “A sun with wings is very rare and as far as I am aware, there is no official name for this phenomenon.”

Okay, it can happen, a sun with wings and it could be just a rare sky phenomenon but what if it happened twice within a short time period!

On January 13, 2016 another photographer, from the town of Koloa on the island of Kauai, Hawaii took a photo of the sunset. But instead of a beautiful sunrise she took a strange apparition in the sky what looks like a sun with wings. See our article Guardian angel in the sky above Hawaii.

Compare the two suns with wings - They are the same! That can't be a coincidence. 

Given the fact that Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson refers to Nibiru aka the winged planet, I wonder whether these ‘winged suns’ or ‘guardian angels’ in the sky are signs from Heaven?

Anyhow we will see if Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson’s new findings indeed refer to an upcoming celestial event next week.

Thanks to:











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