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The Scientist: A Must See Medical Cannabis Documentary

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The Scientist: A Must See Medical Cannabis Documentary

If you are interested in a documentary that details the history of medicinal cannabis research from the very beginning, this is the one for you. Titled ‘The Scientist’, this powerful story, directed by Zach Klein, documents the life and times of Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the father of modern medically based cannabis research. We are walked through the challenging life that he faced, starting with his life as a child in the Holocaust in Bulgaria, his immigration to Israel, and attaining his career as the chief investigator into the biology and the chemistry of one of the world’s most misunderstand plants.
Director Zach Klein is most recognized for his 2009 film ‘Prescribed Grass’, a documentary that beautifully framed the remarkable capability of medical cannabis. The film was so influential that Israeli health officials founded what is now among the largest and most comprehensive medical cannabis programs ever established.
To learn more about The Scientist as well as Klein’s other works: | imdb

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