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“The Pressures on President Obama,” by Steve Beckow, 8-4-12 Posted on 2012/08/04 EmptyYesterday at 10:33 am by PurpleSkyz

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OUT OF MIND » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS » “The Pressures on President Obama,” by Steve Beckow, 8-4-12 Posted on 2012/08/04

“The Pressures on President Obama,” by Steve Beckow, 8-4-12 Posted on 2012/08/04

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“The Pressures on President Obama,” by Steve Beckow, 8-4-12
Posted on 2012/08/04

Steve posted this article today, and I’m waiting until the very end of our Hawaii day to post it here.

I will reiterate what I have known since before day 1 of Barack Hussein Obama ‘s Presidency. He is a Light Worker. Capital “L”, capital “W”.

He has come here to help bring this world to a point where apocalypse (unveiling), disclosure, and Ascension, can occur. He is and always has been, a president, not just for the United States of America, but for the world.

One of the reasons he is here is to bring out and highlight, for all the world to see, all of the veiled darkness and hatred that exists and has existed among many Americans for hundreds of years. And many around the world as well.

He came here to identify, expose, and highlight those working for the dark in the U.S. Congress, for example, whose sole purpose (on the Republican leadership side) has become to “stop Obama from being reelected”, rather than to work to improve the lives of the American people (no matter what they might say on camera). Many wear the Republican label, but some wear the Democrat label. As well as to expose the corporations that buy their votes.

And then he’s got this “Hussein” middle name. What a perfect name to help bring out all of the hatred points in people, which many have held, for anyone of Arab, Muslim, or any Middle Eastern, descent (some of those bigot-minded folks probably think his his first name is “Saddam”).

In spite of what many on the internet like to post, he has accomplished and enormous amount during his first 3.5 years, despite continual blockage from the opposition. Health care reform (the real legislation, not what Fox news often reports about it (and, no, the health care law has nothing in there about the best ways to “eliminate” Grandma and Grandpa)) is only one of those things. Whether you like the exact legislation or not, passage of this was a key moment in support of the principle that ALL humans should be cared for, and have access to that care. That is the seed he helped plant with that.

I see Barack Hussein Obama as perhaps the key figure in this next phase of humanity’s evolution… The unveiling of the new financial system, followed by Disclosure (whatever exactly that means) for the world.


The Pressures on President Obama
by Steve Beckow, 8-4-12

Today (Aug. 4, 2012) is the President’s birthday and no one is under more fire and pressure from the dark than he is.

Periodically the cabal floats rumors that the President has taken an action that threatens free speech or promotes the possibility of martial law, etc. One such announcement concerned what was billed as an agreement to turn the Internet kill switch over to the Department of Homeland Security. Archangel Michael corrected my interpretation of that announcement.

Steve: Lord, … I’d like to ask you about some late-breaking news stories that seem to deserve comment. One is that there’s a story up on the 2012 Scenario site that President Obama has signed an executive order turning control of communications over to the Department of Homeland Security.

Could you tell us what this move signifies, please? Why would the President hand the internet kill switch to DHS?

AAM: That is an incorrect understanding…. He is handing over the responsibility for [emergency broadcasts] if there is a national emergency, such as a tsunami or an interruption because of war or civil unrest. But it is simply his fail-safe switch, if he was taken out of responsibility. This is not something unusual. This is something that has been in place for many, many presidencies. (1)

On another occasion, we all jumped when it was said that President Obama had declared a “national emergency” and “ordered blocked all property and interests in property of the Government of the Russian Federation directly related to the implementation of the HEU Agreements so that it would be protected from the threat of attachment, garnishment, or other judicial process.” But later it was found that the order was a continuation of an order that originated in 2000. (2)

The cabal and the controlled media use every occasion to blacken the President’s reputation. SaLuSa tells us that there are “continual attempts by the dark Ones or those who do not understand his position, to show him in a bad light.” (3) It’s up to us to see through these attempts or to come from faith in his real character.

SaLuSa tells us that the President needs to play along with the Illuminati for a little while longer.

“Be aware that he is a great Being of Light, who is having to play a role that requires him to ‘play’ along with the dictates of those who advise him. He has achieved a degree of success even although he has faced opposition all along.” (4)

SaLuSa requests that we understand his position and continue to support him: “He needs your continued support and love, and you will see him blossom and take charge once he can fully implement his own policies without interference.” (5)

According to SaLuSa the President, “as we have stressed many times, is a great soul of the Light. He is already taking actions that will aid our allies in bringing the Cabal to answer for their crimes.” (6) He assures us that “the US Government will still have Barack Obama amongst those retained ” (7)

Last October, Hatonn told us that the President knew about Ascension and was working against the cabal.

“Obama now knows we have him covered and he can proceed without fear for his family’s safety and his own. Media report what they are told, of course, but the truth is, now that he knows Earth’s ascension timetable, he’s negotiating with powers that be either personally or via safe communication channels to shut down Illuminati strongholds in his country, Europe and the Orient.” (8)

Sometimes the President is obliged to sign a bad law into effect to avert tragedy or signs it into effect because he knows that it will soon be rescinded. Remember that the Murrah Building in Oklahoma was bombed to speed the passage of the first Patriot Act and 9/11 was also designed in part to speed the second Patriot Act through. So the dark are known for causing tragedies to get legislation passed.

Matthew has said that “laws, policies, regulations and practices that are unjust or injurious will be overturned” as we head into the Fourth Dimension by the end of the year. (9 SaLuSa, in his Aug. 3, 2012 message, tells us that any legislation which continues to take away civil rights will not last.

“Remember that regardless of what changes to the Law are proposed, very few will ever see the light of day. It is for example like the present arguments over the gun law, as even if the anti-gun lobby get their way they will never achieve their goal. It will not be long before governmental changes take place, and new Laws and amendments to the Constitution will be rescinded.

“That will eventually apply world wide as with each step your freedom will be returned to you. It will not fully happen until after Ascension, but at least any draconian or unjust Laws will have been removed.” (10)

SaLuSa told us this before, as on Feb. 22, 2012.

“You will be freed from the many unjust laws that the dark Ones have brought in, and people unfairly imprisoned will be released. It sounds like a lot of time will be needed to bring it all about, but you shall be astonished at how quickly matters will move. We come nearer to that time when it shall commence in such a way, that you will know for certain what is taking place.” (11)

Matthew Ward also reminded us of this in July of 2008:

“Plans based in darkness will not come to fruition and all cruel and unjust laws, policies and traditions will be struck down and in their stead, love and fairness will reign.” (12)

He made another reference to it in March of this year:

“As Earth continues apace into successively higher planes, nothing with low vibrations in any form—physical bodies, subversive plans, theft, dishonesty, unjust laws and imprisonment, bigotry, cruel customs and deeds—can survive.” (13)

Matthew reminds us of the dangers the Obamas have faced over the years that have necessitated them stepping wisely and cautiously.

“What we didn’t disclose before is that light warriors came from his homeland to protect him and his family from the band of dark reptilians, also from another planet, that the Illuminati hired to kill the Obamas. This shows the extent of the dark ones’ fear that this president would end their long reign, and they are right. Very soon they will have no more means to buy assassins, members of Congress or multitudes of lobbyists—then all will see the light in Obama and herald his wise leadership and actions toward world unity.” (14)

Saying this does not mean that the President hasn’t made mistakes, as Archangel Michael reminds us:

“Particularly this one – it does not mean that he does not ever get sidetracked. It does not mean that he never missteps. But he is your star brother, and we suggest that you trust him. There is a bigger plan afoot.” (15)

And we all know that he went along with the subterfuge that Osama bin Laden had been killed a second time. Matthew explains how that decision was reached.

“On and off-planet members in the vanguard of the light forces … agreed that something dramatic was required to get the peoples’ attention; however, because it is your world, it was up to your leaders to decide what that would be. Announcing that members of other civilizations are among you required resolving myriad details before it could be properly presented, and the suggestion that all truths be told straightforwardly was vetoed because there was no agreement as to which should be revealed first—in essence, which finger should be pulled out of the dike.

“Some felt that would best be achieved by announcing the death of Osama bin Laden, the officially accused mastermind of ’9/11.’ They felt that announcement could be veered into exposing the truth about the horrific events of that day almost ten years ago, and it would eliminate fear in the people who believe what they so often have been told: No one is safe as long as bin Laden is alive.

“Only when that suggestion was raised did some in the group, including US President Obama, know for certain that the man had been dead for almost a decade, and those few vehemently denounced the suggestion. But since no one had any other idea that would get the attention of the world, the majority voted to ‘kill bin Laden’ and later publicly explain why that story was released.” (16)

Matthew asked us to refrain from judging this deception but to support its intention to speed the disclosure of the truth.

“It can be argued that deception to achieve a positive goal is “better” than deception to embark upon a negative goal. It is not our desire or our purpose to judge the decision, much less judge those who made it, but only to relate the information given us by Earth’s monitors in Nirvana. They do not know how the explanation for the decision will come because the responsible parties are still discussing strategies for the next steps.

“Regardless of how this plays out, by the end of next year, the light will have vanquished all darkness on Earth—this has been assured from the beginning of her ascension. You can best serve in your capacity as lightworkers by neither condoning nor condemning the bin Laden story, but rather by adding your light to its intention—to speed disclosure of all truths so reforms also can come swiftly.” (17)

Matthew reminded us that people not penetrated by the light would choose to believe the lies about Obama, but those penetrated by the light would not.

“Repeatedly I have described Obama’s highly-evolved soul status, spiritual and moral integrity, purpose and intention to help create a peaceful world, and both Hatonn and I have spoken about the powerful and relentless forces Obama has been up against all along.

“With the light intensity in this energy plane Earth has reached, people who are light-receptive know which information about him is the truth and which isn’t; people who have not responded to the light will believe the lies and won’t be convinced otherwise by any additional comments from either Hatonn or me.” (18)

The dark uses assassinations like the attempted murder of Gaby Giffords or the mass shootings in Denver to pressure the government into accepting its legislative program. Until the dark are entirely removed from the planet the President must act in ways that avoid inciting the cabal. Granted that the galactics have the authority to head off the large and destructive false flags like a second 9/11. They don’t have permission to curtail the smaller acts of cabal terrorism. As Matthew has said:

“God has authorized ET civilizations to prevent all major terrorist attempts, which they have done successfully several times during the three years since September 2001. I have mentioned this in previous messages along with stating that small events undertaken by zealots dedicated to avenging perceived wrongs against their people cannot be thwarted.” (19)

Thus the President has still not reached the point where he can operate without paying attention to the harm that the cabal can create, even if the scope of that harm decreases month by month. Sometimes he may pass bad laws to avoid tragedy, knowing full well that these laws will have a short life and not be allowed to work their desired effect.


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