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1 I'M NOT FROM THIS WORLD Part 1&2 on Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:42 am



What would it be like to hear, a few TRUTHS, from a LIVING, BENEVOLENT HUMAN BEING, who is NOT FROM THIS WORLD? If you really want to know... press 'PLAY'.

It is my divine pleasure, to introduce, to those, who don't know, this very special, humble soul. I won't tell you his name, or the name of the planet he was born on, or the star which, this planet orbits. Will leave that, for you to discover... in this two part mini tribute/ compilation/ expose/ entrée.

Like all my videos... the motivation is to gift you inspiring souls, quick, specific, precise and accurate tantalizing tastes of delicious light (knowledge/information) which emanates out of certain, switched-on, AWAKENED... CONTACTEES, INCARNATES, ABDUCTEES, EXPERIENCERS & BENEVOLENT STAR PEOPLE.

Short videos, which have, buried in them, the clues that allows, us interested folks, to continue on our path of, meaning-of-life enquiry, experience, research, awakening, evolution and transition to a higher dimension... closer and closer to SOURCE... CREATOR... THE ISNESS... WHICH CAN BE REDISCOVERED WITHIN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US.

None of the 67 videos so far, could have been edited for you, if it wasn't for the hard work of internet journalists, videographers, photographers, musicians, their support crews, families & friends. Let's not forget the Star People, Contactees, Incarnates, Experiencers & Abductees themselves.

I don't like to ask... but if any of these folks, has helped you in some way, to realize something about yourself... and if, ONLY IF, you have a few extra dollars lying around... then maybe, gift them and their families a little plastic, by hitting the DONATE buttons on their websites. I personally feel, a crazy kind of bliss/ pleasure, when I donate each month.

Seeing how, the powers-that-be, blocked my last list of LINKS... I won't bother this time. You'll understand why, if you view these next videos...


Love Always
Rainbow Lightbeing
26th March 2016


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