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RV/GCR Chatter ~ 3/30/2016

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1 RV/GCR Chatter ~ 3/30/2016 on Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:20 pm



GCR, Cabal Families, Pedophilia, Satanic Rituals, Sacrifices

4:57 PM  GCR, Rockefeller, Rothshild, [url= News]Secret News[/url]  No comments
By GPD (Guest Posting Department)

March 29, 2016

3-29-2016 Anonymous: I am excited to see that the international monetary system is in the throws of being cleaned up with bankers fired and arrested in order for the Global Currency Reset to take place. Banker problems are much deeper than what is reported in the main stream media. For years global elite bankers have been known to attend child exploitation get-togethers in order to blackmail politically-powerful participants and thus influence world events.

There were indications that they funded an extensive mafia network of global kidnapping rings which supplied child victims for Satanic rituals layered in pedophilia and child sacrifice. Vast amounts of money appeared to filter out of the international monetary fund overseen by the Vatican and banker families such as the Rothchilds and Rockefellers. Criminal activities intertwined in Satanic rites were also thought funded in part by the US taxpayer's CIA black budget, along with arms dealing, drug-running and child trafficking money believed laundered through the Vatican bank.

David Rockefeller once said, “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global, political and economic structure: one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

In this video titled Confessions of a Swiss Banker, devout Catholic and former Swiss Banker Francois Siebenthal discussed his experiences at the highest levels of international banking. Around the 12 min. mark Siebenthal exposed the pressure he had to join secret societies like the Freemasons. At the 21:30 mark he discussed Money Masters - families who manipulated the global monetary system. The retired banker claimed that as a high-ranking bank executive he was invited to, then left, a midnight Catholic Black Mass ceremony. “My friend who invited me put his own daughter on the table and they treated her like a pig. We left because they were hurting people and we realized it was going to get worse. My 'friend' ran after me and said it was very important for my life and future that I stay."

You could have the impression from the video that the girl on the table, (or sacrificial altar?) was being sexually abused. If Siebenthal remained at the Black Mass may he have witnessed a human sacrifice? Eyewitnesses have confirmed in court testimony that in Satanic rituals, sex orgies with children took place before the sacrifice of a child, youth or more commonly, a newborn birthed for the purpose. Allegedly, it was common for live fetuses to be secured from abortion clinics including those in the US, for use in these human sacrifice ceremonies.

At times and as with the Banker Siebenthal's “friend,” perpetrators were known to offer their own offspring for sacrifice to Satan. Female runaway teens were believed kidnapped and impregnated in order to produce newborns who could be birthed at will, and in time for a pre-scheduled child sacrifice. Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors have confessed that at times perpetrators killed both mother and child. The dual homicides were said to be quite common during the Christmas Demon Revels High Grand Climax DeMeur Blood Sacrifice rite scheduled yearly around Dec. 24, or on other regularly held Demonic holidays such as on Easter and the March 20 Spring Equinox.

Child sacrifice and pedophile parties sponsored by well known global elites have been held worldwide according to over two thousand survivors of the Satanic events who testified before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. In the past three years of litigation 38 victims claimed that in their youth they were raped, tortured and saw other children drugged, abused and murdered. Over two thousand fellow Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors confirmed these horrendous allegations in their affidavits filed with the international court.

Eyewitnesses from six countries went before five judges and 58 citizen jurors to report that as youth, children, toddlers, infants and even in the womb, they were repeatedly electro-shocked and given overdoses of unperscribed and/or illegal drugs. They claimed being beaten, starved, sexually abused, prostituted, sex trafficked, witnessed youngsters deliberatly infected with life-threatening diseases and/or were taken to “Human Hunting Parties” where six year-olds through youth were stripped naked, raped, hunted down and made to witness, or even participate in the brutal homicide of other children, often their own siblings, or friends.

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"The New Iraqi Dinar" - TZX Intelligence Report

3/30/2016 05:52:00 AM  Intel, Thoughts, TZX  
TZX Intelligence Report
Posted on March 30, 2016

According to news reports, the Iraqi Dinar is now an internationally recognizable currency. But where is the RV and why is it not recognized in banks yet?

The IQD may be internationally recognized, but there is still a little bit more of road ahead. Although, The news of this is enormously good and shows that the process is moving forward.

What's next?

The introduction to the New Iraqi Dinar (IQN). We know many of you, have heard of the IQN long ago. Well, it is real and it is now in the process of becoming a reality. PM Abadi continues to be pressured to push reforms. We've stated in our last report that the politics coming out of Iraq is all a political play. The real and ultimate process is of global magnitude and is occurring behind the scenes. What you see in Iraq is the movie and not the set. Therefore, the Iraqi Dinar becoming internationally recognizable is a significant sign of the ultimate process moving forward.

The difference between IQN and IQD

There is no difference. Once certain things are in place and certain entities give the go, Iraq will rename the IQD to IQN. No new currency will be issued. All higher denomination notes will be exchanged for lower denomination notes.

When will we see the IQN?

Watch the news coming out of Iraq in the coming weeks. The month of April is significant for Iraq to push monetary reforms.

The IQN and the USN

The United States Notes is in-fact linked with the New Iraqi Dinar. How they are linked, remains unknown and/or classified. If someone out there in the know may explain how, feel free to do so.


Iraq has been given the month of April to introduce the IQN.

The USN will shortly follow after the IQN and commence the Global Currency Reset.

This has been TZX Intelligence, ending report.

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3 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ 3/30/2016 on Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:24 pm


Morning DinarVets!
I know you love it when I do really long updates, where I ramble on and on and on about my life and the things I did to make my ribs better yesterday (omg those things were amazing) and my love of cats (I don't love cats, I do love kittens though...) and all that!
But today, I'm going to keep it super simple. SUPER simple. How do you like the new format? I know it's taking some gettin' used to!
This post was started a few days ago over a week ago, but I'll be a monkey's uncle if life and work and everything inbetween didn't get the best of it! I generally like to get the weekly updates out early, because there's always a slew of emails to answer afterwards. This week and last, I do not have the luxury of posting early, and as such I'll be grinding into the wee hours to get the tickets and emails handled. Enough about me, though!
Here's a few things you need to know about the new site look and operations. And then we'll get to the dinar.

  1. This is going to be a short list. If you see specific issues, please post them in the Tech Support section
  2. I've had a couple (ok a lot) of requests to "go back to the old format"... I'm sorry everyone, but I'm not even going to respond to those requests anymore. The update was done for security reasons, and it hasn't been easy for me either but it is necessary, mandatory, and kind of like Obamacare... if you like the old format, you can keep the old format. (Just kidding! No you can't.)
  3. The NUMBER ONE problem people are having is logging in... the new login procedure requires you to use your "Display Name" instead of your old "login name". Why the developers of this software ever allowed those two to be different is beyond my knowledge!) For example, if your display name (what other people see) is "Johnny Appleseed" but you logged in with "johnny.appleseed1" or "" to enter the site... you will now need to login with Johnny Appleseed. Your old password should still work! If not, you can request a new password by clicking this link. As always, if you're using hotmail, yahoo, msn, aol, verizon, or basically anything other than gmail - check your spam. A few times. That's where dinarvets emails go if it didn't land in your inbox within 15 minutes.
  4. Did I mention this was going to be a short list? 4 is one too many, let's move on! 

Let's talk about Iraq!
Actually, let's talk about "currency" first. And governments.
With the site upgrade and everything that is going on as a result, I haven't had a ton of time (next to none really) to keep up with the intricate nuances and details of the "news" we get out of Iraq, so I decided to focus on the questions posted by the members. As you'll see below, there is a similar theme to almost all of them. I'm going to give you my opinion on each, of course! But let's begin with a basic understanding:
1. Governments. They don't care what you think.
Pretty simple, right? 
They don't care about your view of economics, debt, or their obligation to society. This is doubly true for Iraq and much of the middle east, where corruption is the rule and not the exception. Kuwait, Israel, Saudi Arabia, all of them have corruption that makes US politics look like it's run by people that actually care and have a conscience. When it comes to their currency, the only thing that separates them from countries like Jordan or Nigeria... what do you think it is? The sand? The camels? Their fancy headgear? I'll let you ponder that, but I doubt you need much time.
2. Currency. It is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.
Again, it's simple. Let's discuss exactly how this works and I want to be very clear about one thing... it's not all about natural resources. The Iranian Riyal is the prime example - Iran has the FIFTH largest reserves of the same thing Iraq and Saudi Arabia have, so how can the Iranian Riyal be over 27x weaker than this IQD we're speculating on? Could the answer be that the world trusts Iraq approximately 27x more than Iran?
You bet! This comes down to a very simple concept, once you grasp it... if Iraq announces tomorrow that they have completed the HCL, they are 100% committed to securing their country and rising to a prosperous level, and the CBI states they are now paying ten cents US to the Iraqi dinar - banks will be cashing in on that, and the fiat world we live in is going to apply point #1 to your logic about economics and the like. In other words, they will ignore your opinion - and you better be ready to go along with them, because you certainly won't be fighting it. Millionaires and billionaires will be created out of thin air, just like has happened so many times in the past when a currency was manipulated. The means is not entirely important, so when someone says in a snooty voice "No RV is possible because it's never happened before..." HA! I laugh at that. Even if "no RV" has ever happened, which is to say that no currency has ever been dramatically or officially raised on the forex boards or something like that - you can't tell me that no wealth has ever been gained through the manipulation of currency.
And that, my friends, is something Iraq is in a very unique position to do right now. 
That's my  for the week, now here's the Q's!

Thanks to:


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5 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ 3/30/2016 on Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:33 pm




6 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ 3/30/2016 on Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:21 pm


DR. CLARKE: I just LOVE this blog and all the people here. It’s really ALL so Good, Exciting and Fun……even Mysterious. I want to commend people like MG, Frank, Rayren, Millionday and a number of others, who are sincerely doing their “Best” to share themselves in a way to assist millions of people, in a positive way. This is NOT a race to see who’s right and who’s wrong. This is really NOT a competition, for most - for that doesn’t serve anyone. This is a Long Post, but we felt all of you, and NOW is the time. Again, re-read this several times, because there is TONS of info here…..

Let’s just lay some things right out here on the table in plain sight for just about everyone, (not completely everyone), to see. We always want to share things that assist you from many different angles, so that you don’t get stuck on just one viewpoint, belief or perception, and think that’s “all there is”. This is education & human soul expansion. Let’s start with this:

We recommended the movie “Forest Gump” for many reasons. What you call a “riddle”, is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your investment. There is so much information in that movie, that will serve you the REST OF YOUR LIFE on so many levels, that is way beyond just “becoming wealthy”. A few days after I personally became VERY wealthy many years ago, I realized the importance and priority of “Living”. I still had to eat. I still had to sleep. I still had to buy toilet paper. I still had to interact with my fellow humans, that either added to my happiness or took away my happiness - all those things that were always important, whether I had wealth or not. I was still going to DIE some day. It’s guaranteed to happen. The wealth, was very important, but it didn’t replace the things I still was, BEFORE I had wealth. 

Forest Gump also has many clues to this investment. Forest always “Lived in the Moment”, no matter what. He took life a Moment at a time, never knowing what was next. He acted on his “Feelings”, no matter what anyone else said - and things ALWAYS worked out Better than he ever expected. He realized that life was being orchestrated by something “Bigger” than himself, in partnership with him - especially when his mother died. Forest “living in the moment”, without “trying too hard”, always led him into good things and outcomes. He never had a “Plan”. He just Trusted and sought his own happiness, which translated into assisting all others in the process. He didn’t get on the internet every hour and check to see if he was now a new millionaire - and thus being disappointed with life, when it didn’t happen yet. He didn’t stress himself out, by trying too hard on things he couldn’t control. He lived within the things he could control - which was the way he chose to perceive his personal circumstances - and when they weren’t what he wanted - he changed them - like when he started running after his mother died, and ran for 3 years straight, because that’s the way he felt. As a result, he inspired millions, not meaning to. Forest Gump also provides you with clues as to the timing and circumstances around this investment. Vietnam. Government systems. Rags to Riches. June 6th. Lieutenant Dan - who made lemonade out of lemons, by transforming his attitude and making peace with God - understanding what True Happiness REALLY is - and it’s EVERYTHING in life. EVERYTHING. 

INSANITY is: “Doing the same things over & over, and expecting a different result”.
Forest understood that all good things come from WITHIN first, then the things on the outside take care of themselves. That’s why he would sit with himself quietly for long periods of time, in personal contemplation, or Meditation and WAIT till the right time or feeling, to ACT. But, not a moment too soon or a moment too late. When he was inspired, he moved, but not before, because it wasn’t TIME - for OPTIMUM RESULTS. He was a MASTER.

Now some SPECIFICS: You want to know 1st and foremost “WHY?” the Dinar rate in Iraq has not increased and “WHY?” everyone hasn’t exchanged their currency yet? You want to know “WHY?” - or you wouldn’t even be reading this blog, in the first place. 

We’ve been giving you the #1 reason, and it’s still the #1 reason, regardless of what anyone else wants to believe, or argues about or thinks they know. Additionally, there are several different significant elements that are interconnected, that make the timing of this so critical - and we’ll give you those, as well.

The #1 Reason is and continues to be: TERRORISM - ISIS - DAESH - ISIL. A major revaluation up till now in Iraq or Vietnam or other countries, would fund and grow an organization, that puts the entire WORLD’S POPULATION at risk. THIS IS A WORLDWIDE threat and concern. Not so much about MONEY, but about LIVES. To stop this funding, so there can be major revaluations, the Coalition has cutoff ALL THEIR FUNDING SOURCES, destroyed their Banks holding exchangeable currency, stopped OIL revenues and now finally, and legally, listed and designated those political leaders within Iraq and other countries, who are connected with ISIS, supporting them, funding them, stealing for them, and protecting them - and are eliminating them - primarily in Iraq and others countries, as well. Iraq happens to be ground zero, when most of the money and corruption has been centered - BUT NOT ANY LONGER.

Now, at the same time all that we just described above, is and has been taking place, the infrastructure of Iraq is reformed. Laws being passed. Banks being strengthened. New politicians being appointed - and public trust in their government, slowly being restored. Slowly.

We listed in yesterday’s post, all the important happenings of late. You can see a pattern. Our projected dates of March 22-24, came & went. But you saw what happened around those dates - Major Terrorist Attacks. Brussels, Pakistan, The White House, Plane Hijacking - Why? Because in the “PLAN” that we showed last week BEFORE any of this occurred, the rate and status was to change, during that time frame - and so, you see a plethora of terrorist activity, taking people’s lives, in order to stop the currency movement. Why do you think the UN/WB was in Iraq on Saturday - just 2 days after the 24th? It was supposed to have been done, as the most inconspicuous time, when nobody would expect it, so to speak. I know, many of you are saying, “well they still weren’t ready” - but according to who? All the printed articles you’re reading, that show an exact, logical timeline as to supposed events either being done or not being done? People in jail or not in jail? Laws being passed or not being passed? Everything NOT being perfect? 

We can tell you with certainty, that our March dates WERE IN THE PLAN. That’s why you saw all the sudden major terrorist activity spring up in that week - ALL that week. In fact, it STARTED on March 22nd with Brussels - the exact day of our “1st Period” - when you haven’t seen or heard anything for quite awhile. Then you hear about ISIS Finance Minister and 2nd in command, being taken out last week. This is huge, and no coincidence of timing. Again, it’s about MONEY. Shutting down their funds. It’s #1. Stop their funds and you stop ISIS. They cannot survive - even if they have guns in their hands, they eventually lose everything - and at the same time, the coalition military dismantling them, without too many civilian casualties. Add to this that Russia last week, suddenly decides to retreat their airstrikes and stop for now. Why? Because they have ISIS right where they want them - on major decline. Palmyra, Syria was liberated and more to come. Security overall WORLDWIDE is much better, and Iraq is even Better. Mosul, will be handled soon. They could take it over tomorrow, if they wanted to. But there is a PLAN. It’s about TIMING (Forest Gump). They have some people to catch. They have some things to uncover. The have some last few Foundational details that MUST be done in order, to secure the safety, security and Long-Term welfare of not only Iraq, but ALL THE MIDEAST, including Iran, Saudi, Jordan, Israel, Libya, Afghanistan, Qatar - all of them and including Europe & Africa - not to mention the U.S. - and don’t forget China & Russia. N. Korea is a major Nuclear threat, because they don’t care. Major loose canon. They don’t listen to anyone, not even China, their closest ally. Major threat. You don’t read even a smidgen of the information that’s going on behind the scenes with this N. Korea situation. It is tied to Iraq, the revaluation or even Vietnam, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Iran, China. YES! Hell YES!

What does all this have to do with Iraq increasing the value of the Dinar, or other countries increasing their currency, such as Vietnam? WORLDWIDE SECURITY. The UN, IMF & WB WILL NOT APPROVE AND SUPPORT ANY ONE SINGLE GOVERNMENT’S DESIRE TO SUBSTANTIALLY CHANGE THE RATE OF THEIR CURRENCY, (because it is such a major economic event for even ONE country to do it, within that country & the impact on global trade) - in the midst of a SIGNIFICANT WORLD EVENT, whether it be a Nuclear one or Major Terrorism activity. Additionally, and especially when you’re risking an organization such as ISIS being able to potentially exchange BILLIONS of Dollars, through Dinar, or Dong or any other currency, and significantly increasing their funding and thus their capability to recruit new members from all around the world, because you can not pay them AND you can now purchase the weapons to support - THUS QUICKLY GROWING THEIR NUMBERS - all because of a pre-mature revaluation of some country’s currency. This is “WHY?” IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET.

Where are we RIGHT NOW?
G-20 meeting tomorrow, March 31, 2016. You think this has nothing to do with Iraq, revaluation, money, economy worldwide. Are you kidding me? This meeting is ALL ABOUT ECONOMIC REFORM AND STABILITY WORLDWIDE. PERIOD!….and ESPECIALLY IRAQ. You’re Not going to read that in the newspaper. The UN/WB was in Iraq on Saturday for a HUGE reason, which you also not going to read about in the newspaper.

We an tell you when the increase in the Dinar WILL NOT HAPPEN. It’s not happening Today, this week, or next week. In Fact, its NOT happening in the next 3 weeks. NOT going to happen Friends, so learn to live like Forest Gump. It’s NOT going to happen anytime in the next 3 weeks. 

BUT, I can tell you there is a small possibility that the rate MIGHT increase - MIGHT - has a chance, has a potentiality, has a shot, has a probability factor, has as good a chance as any - Weekend of APRIL 29, 30 - MAY 1, 2016.

These dates are NOT part of the original “PLAN” we laid out, which is STILL IN EFFECT, with the 2nd PERIOD: Week of JUNE 6th. Because events have changed FAVORABLY in Iraq and because ISIS is where they are, and because MOSUL is further along than is publicly reported, and because there are 1 Million people near and in, the Green Zone, and because 3 Laws are about to be passed, and because UN/WB has publicly showed they have physically been to Iraq and publicly given them a “smile”, and because the Currency Auctions are dwindling down to next to nothing each week now, and because OIL is rising (which spells major revenue), and because Bank infrastructure is “good enough” now, and because Iraq is attempting to diversify their economy, and because Iraq now is now in the “Gas” game, and because Summer is coming soon and at least they now have electricity, and because the Mosul Dam could bust at any moment, and because they’ve just about exhausted all the use of Maliki to their advantage, as they can (yes, he’s being used), and because there are over a Million Refugees roaming across Europe in countries that cannot monetarily support them, and it gets worse every day, and because the election in the U.S. is getting closer to this administration leaving office……..BECAUSE OF ALL THAT AND MORE - if nothing HUGELY, INSANELY Upsetting happens i.e.: Major World Catastrophe takes place - then this April 29-May 1st time frame is being considered at this time. SERIOUSLY in place. BUT, the JUNE 6th date is and has been the Plan, that’s right behind it. THEY REALLY WANT THIS DONE ASAP, Don’t kid yourself for a moment. But, it is a Worldwide Consensus that we cannot risk over-funding ISIS, any more than it will already happen so some degree any way - and unnecessarily cost the world lots more LIVES, in the process. It’s just NOW at really great point - for instance, THAT’S why you’ve seen OIL prices go up the past 2 weeks - ISIS has little control or revenues anymore, through the oil fields.

So, there you have it - when it’s NOT going to happen - and when it IS scheduled to happen.
IT’S ALL SPECULATION FOLKS! But in the wisdom of Forest Gump, “Live the most of your Moments RIGHT NOW”, and that doesn’t include stressing about this every day, in a “Any Time, Any Minute, Any second” mentality. It’s not healthy, and it takes a HUGE toll on you. HUGE. 

REMEMBER: What good is all your wealth, all your money, all your possessions - IF you stressed yourself out for days, weeks, months and even years, to the point that your health was sacrificed and you when you FINALLY have it, you’re sick and can’t enjoy it? You don’t have to pay that high of a price, because NONE of it is worth it. De-stress yourself NOW. Stop SPINNING. Go watch a movie. Distract yourself. Let the time pass. Let what you cannot control - GO. These events are happening, and as Forest knew, “There is a TIMING and a Force, at work that is beyond all of us - but INCLUDES us” - WE, just have to partner with it, and let it do it’s job by “Living the Happiest in the MOMENT.” This Moment, not waiting till you’re Wealthy……because you’re carrying all your problems, that are not money related, right with you - and you can handle them RIGHT NOW. 

Many Millions are suffering on this planet. We have tremendously deep Compassion. But, there are reasons beyond just some extra money to help fix it. Each person has a path in life, and nobody knows exactly what that is, except them, at the core of their being. Over time, it is revealed, even if it’s not what we expect. We cannot fix the world’s problems - because some are meant to experience what they experience. We can only take care of ourself first - just like Forest. And when we take care of Self first, then all others benefit - because then we have more go “give” - not just talking money here. We give more Love, more Time, more Fullness - more of our complete “SELF”…..we’re more balanced, and from a Health standpoint, even more importantly. In the words of Warren Buffet, “You Cannot Give, What you Do Not Have” - which includes everything…..including money. Lots of money does, lots more. I know, I’ve been without and now with, and I can tell you, life is MUCH BETTER with more money. But, it isn’t the main reason the be alive. The main reason, is to find our Happiness in ALL THINGS - then the money will come. Forest was not a “chaser” - he was an “allower”. Be an “allower” and allow the Universe/God/Source or whatever your higher power definition is for you - Do it’s job. 

Be in a Calm, Relaxed, Confident, Trusting, Believing, Knowing, Balanced, Happy and Loving, state of being, as much as you can - regardless of what hurricane is blowing around you - or how much life really Sucks right now, or has for a long time. THIS is what it means to be “HEALTHY”…..and you can start RIGHT NOW. Nothing stays the same, and EVERYTHING changes. EVERYTHING….and it is. Take it 1 Day at a time.

That is our message today. You asked, so we “Let’r Rip”. Lots to digest here. But, you know, we had to come out of the Bleachers for a short while, because it just became more FUN to be on the Field, than sit in the bleachers - at least for now. You don’t have to believe anything we say, and we don’t want anything from you, not in the least little bit. Our full satisfaction comes from knowing, at least ONE person might benefit in some way, from our words.

“All Hell is about to break Loose”…….in a good way. Go get you a “Box of Chocolates”.

I Intend the Best for ALL,
Dr. Clarke

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7 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ 3/30/2016 on Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:44 pm



And Another One Bites the Dust" - Guest Post by Mr. Zappa

3/30/2016 02:32:00 PM  EmailedNewsThoughts

Sean David Morton

Sean David Morton is a self-described psychic and alleged remote viewer who has referred to himself as "America's Prophet." He also hosts radio shows, authors books, and makes documentary films. In 2010, Morton and his wife were indicted by the Securities and Exchange Commission on charges of fraud. The director of the S.E.C.'s New York regional office stated that "Morton's self-proclaimed psychic powers were nothing more than a scam to attract investors and steal their money."

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Also, the same Sean David Morton was arrested with his wife for multiple counts of fraud this February (2016):

The question remains, is Deborah Pietsch a victim of fraud herself, or a knowing partner as she soft-pedaled the whole dinar scam as a part of her whole "ascension " propagation ? As far as I know, she has yet to disclose to her viewing audience Mr. Morton's problems with the law and the reason he is suddenly absent from her weekly broadcasts.

So there you have it....Sean David Morton (aka "awakein3d") is another convicted fraudster. Sounds like he's going to be a little busy, so I don't expect to see him around dinarland too much. At least there is that.

My kudos to this site (dinarchronicles) for being willing to post all sides. The truth always does come out..eventually. 

Be smart. Be safe. Do your homework..and please, please, please....just live your lives the best you can..

"There's no free lunches, and nothing's coming in the mail !"

Mr Zappa

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