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RV/GCR Chatter ~ Weekend Thread

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1 RV/GCR Chatter ~ Weekend Thread on Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:40 am



"It’s Not Pretty but It’s the Truth" - Guest Post by MAX

4/01/2016 07:32:00 PM  Emailed, Thoughts  

Emailed to Dinar Chronicles:

It’s Not Pretty but It’s the Truth!

Yet another back wall has come and gone: the ending of one quarter and the beginning of the new. The glassy-eyed prophets of Dinarland sit awaiting the their instructions from unnamed, misinformed sources who by now in any real world scenario would have zero credibility. Why would any “reputable” Guru pass up the opportunity to make the hope last over one more weekend and spill across into another Monday to Wednesday “anytime now” alert before the next weekend comes?

Someone has said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If that is the case, much of Dinarland is infected with some form of insanity. Motivated by hope, many have cashed in common sense and suspended judgment in favor of the incessant and unending speculations of the false prophets.

The enchanting predictions of the Gurus come with a seducing spirit that draws out the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life, and the fantasies of unimaginable wealth in many. And as much as many try to temper their base passions with the promise of projects for humanity, apart from the lure of uncanny wealth, this roller coaster ride would hardly be worthwhile.

Let’s face it, another weekend will come and go; new markers and back walls will emerge, and like the spider spinning its web, the Gurus will sing the same old song, ad nauseum. Last week, some of the bottom feeders put out a rumor, with time and date, knowing full well that their “Intel” was manufactured in the repositories of their own warped imaginations. Why, you may ask do they do this? No, it’s not to draw out the bad guys or the dark powers; they do it for sport. As one so-called “Intel provider” told me recently, “We’re just having a good time with it!”

Think about this. If the solution to the button being pushed to initiate the exchange were in the stars, the numbers, or the fabrications of those “in the know,” we would all have exchanged by now. So maybe it’s time to direct our attention elsewhere. At the end of the day, if any currency exchange takes place beyond the unsubstantiated anecdotes of the “Gurus,” we will have solid, reliable evidence. Their false claims have only exacerbated the emotional distress that many are experiencing. Why should anyone take the Gurus’ word for these alleged exchanges when absolutely nothing else has been proven or supported by evidence?

Enough already of the bank employees being sequestered and ready to go! Enough already of the bank employee trainings! Enough already of the 5500 exchange centers with security all over the place! Who in their right mind believes for a moment that such a “well orchestrated process” is littered with excess and waste because we’re all waiting for some unknown entity to push a button? The years, months, and weeks that have come and gone tell a remarkably different story to the one that we’re hearing every week and almost daily from the emotional manipulators.

I have a simple suggestion for the “Gurus.” To simply say that you don’t do dates and rates is not enough. Add this message to your disclaimer, “The best evidence suggests that we do not know what the heck we are talking about! We have never been right and it’s not likely that we will ever be right. You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning that any of us ever being right. This blog, call, or chat room (as the case may be) is purely for entertainment and social purposes, in the hope that at some point in time our speculative preoccupation comes to pass.”

Sorry, it’s not pretty but it’s the truth!


P.S. A word of thanks to those Intel providers that have the best interest of us all at heart.

Thanks to:


2 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ Weekend Thread on Sat Apr 02, 2016 10:44 am



"All Over by Sunday" - Sat. AM GCRnB Intel/Thoughts

4/02/2016 04:51:00 AM  GCRnB, Intel, Thoughts  
GCRnB (Global Currency Reset & Beyond)


As a past professional in commercial/international finance - my contacts and "best" sources STILL insist "This Will All Be OVER, by Sunday" - just sayin

ref- the RV. The coming IMPLOSION of the phony, fraudulent "system" (i.e. ALL markets) is ANOTHER subject.

*and, all the banks - of course!

Anything new?

"new"? Well, the State Dept. has stood down on Hitlary (for the moment) allowing the BIGGER FISH (FBI) to take center stage - that was late breaking along with some other bankster indictments which include the Rothschilds to move forward....

Well day one into the move only about 2 days more to go. Chicago others are also saying sometime this week end. This can be a great weekend. Thank you for sharing with us.

understand, that you are witnessing a Paradigm Shift - where there will be prosperity for ALL - in the ENTIRE WORLD...has nothing to do with "American Exceptionalism" or in this case "RV exclusion"

All anybody has to do is understand the tenets of NESARA and ask themselves...WHO do you "think" the Prosperity Packages are for???

Thanks to:


3 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ Weekend Thread on Sat Apr 02, 2016 11:12 am




4 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ Weekend Thread on Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:41 am



Words from a Consultant to the Royal Families above the Illumaniti

4/02/2016 08:32:00 PM  Intel, News  

Sat, April 2, 2016

This current version of the Western Civilization started at the creation of the Vatican Trust around 450 years ago by the ancient Royal Families. They setup the financial system and the funding within it.

The term for the mandate of a civilization is usually 7×70 (490) years. So this leaves the current system going for about one more generation before it is concluded and then terminated. They put in parameters and controls within the system that the rest cannot overcome; like placing interest rates and funding deadline terms that forces an end to the funding and sucks all the assets and more back to them.

The current rumble you are seeing is due to many factors, with the last instigator being that one of the major Royal funding streams reached its term with the last of the funding streams getting cutoff at the start of Dec 2015.

This then caused the Fed Reserves to have emergency meeting. The middle managers told the higher ups: D. Bank of Germany has no more funding. ECB cannot fund it anymore, so reached for Fed for help or else Eurozone will collapse. Fed has to find funding for them since ECB’s funding is backed up by a lot of Fed Notes. Fed reached out to China’s CB since China is the one supporting the Fed to keep floating. China’s Royal funding stream was also cutoff at the same time. The funding for all came from a single source, but they were withdrawing from different mirrored accounts pointing to the same central funding pool. This pool had a 30 years termination deadline and the deadline was 1st of Dec 2015.

The central banks cannot print paper anymore, because they will be promptly terminated and all their assets confederated. The Bush Cabal for example printed Iraqi Dinars after the 2003 invasion (printing 2005, 2009, 2010 notes) and these were not backed up by gold. Hence, the Bushes (All of them and their minions) have now technically committed “Treason” against the Royal Families for attempting – through their fraud – to destabilize the global financial system. This realization has prompted them to send their agents around the world trying to buy back the new IQD at double the market price to avoid the judgement on them. Treason means that ALL their assets are now to be confiscated. Please do not ask me about what to do with IQDs, for I do not give advice on individual assets/instruments.
So, the domino effect has started and one by one, each Rothschild controlled Central Banks are now being quickly stripped of cash.

As for government funding, then it is worthy to note that government taxes are mainly to service the running of government, intelligence and it’s military arms, control as well as to fraudulently steel from the public. The majority of funding of public services and ALL government handouts like social securities, pensions, Vet payouts, health service etc are mostly funded by direct Royal funding to each of the governments. The governments steal a lot from those funds and give the remaining to the public.

The Royals have only placed a very tiny fraction of their assets into the system, and even for that they have exposed a minuscule amount for the rest to use. So all the funding given and stolen and going through the public and private system is less than 0.001% of the funds available to them that they hid in the system.

All of the illegal printing that the Cabal have done leaves 20% of funds out there to be from the proper original legal funding; and 80% the Cabal illegally introduced out of thin air. All of this as part of the less than 0.001% that the Royals exposed to the outside. This was allowed by the Royals, because all of those who did the printing without backup are now ripe for harvesting and all done illegally and by the Cabal’s own hands.

Most of the currencies worldwide are backed up by gold put forward by the Royal Families. Government and Public Financing are ALL fronts and a public show. The Royals as a whole do not engage themselves with day-to-day running or governments or elections or even what form of social and political system those countries end up having. They just make sure that the system is running, people are fed and occupied with their own lives’ journeys.

This turning off of the funding streams means that all of them are now scurrying to liquidate assets to generate funds or else be declared bankrupt. This is part of the turmoil that started the first working day of Jan, which is Monday Jan 4th 2016.

The Vatican reached this position and conclusion in the middle of last year, hence from there onwards they have started trying half-heartedly to align themselves with the Royals. This then pulled the rest in line. This then got the Rothschild’s side to be very angry and was the last straw that broke the back of the Illuminati agreement. You see, The Illuminati Treaty was the attempt of the magicians and the dark entities to take out the control of the Ancient Royal Families; so to go to the Royals’ doorstep out of desperation (e.g. Vatican’s Adel’s Hello message courting and apologizing to the Royals) is a break of the blood pact and an absolute no-no. Hence the threat of the hit by the Zionist against the P1/2 Vatican lodges.

The Vatican and the Chinese were able to negotiate for a Debt Jubilee of governments and most of their own institutions, to be funded by the Royals in exchange for returning back to Royal Families’ line. This Jubilee was declared after the agreement to submit was reached. Sometimes in the next few days or weeks, the funding for this process is supposed to start. Now, guess who is totally unhappy/furious about this and is planning to sabotage this process? You guessed it, the Zionists.

So you have an interesting conjunction of scenarios. You have funding streams cutoff, the planned takedown of the system by the Zionists, the shooting of the past illuminati mates of each other’s interests, the artificial holding of the fiat system, the attempted stopping of The Jubilee etc etc. So as the Chinese saying goes “May you live in interesting times”, for the Cabal are definitely are living interesting times to say the least.

As for shares and other electronic and paper markets; you guessed it, they were all abused by the Cabal and are therefore mostly scams, so their demise is not to be mourned except those that affect the public utilities, then those could be rescued. Remember, look in the small prints of a recent share certificate, you will find that the legal owner is marked as SEC and it’s other cohorts and you are just a last in line claimant.

So what happens next? Well, if part of the Cabal tries to bring down the system, then they will be shooting themselves in the foot because it will lead the Royals to come in and take the whole system in one go and take over all that they worked for for all these centuries. If they do nothing, still it collapses and goes the same way. If they work again with each other, then they have to dig deep in their own pockets to keep the system alive for another day, but since when has a thief ever gave to another thief part of their loot? Their own greed is the cause of their demise.

So am I doing about it? Well it’s a race to the bottom to see which part of the Cabal hits the bottom, crashes and burns; and since they are all joined in the hip, their time in hitting the bottom is an assured finality. I am out of the electronic and paper market, so I am just sitting back, having popcorn and a drink next to me, having my 3D glasses on and watching the Punch and Judy show unfold for all to see. Am I worried? Not in the least, for I saw some of it coming along time a go and I am ready to have a fried chicken. If I have one advice, then it is “Get out of paper”, don’t be greedy and try to outsmart the markets, unless you like gambling. If so, then I wish you good luck.

My role/mandate given to me from above, has several parts to them that I need to cover and work on:

1- Ensure that humanity and the Elite are well informed about incoming Planet-X events. For humanity what they need to do and for the Elite what they should not do. For this I bring in the new science part so they can visualize the whole storyline and be able to predict and cope with it.

2- Present to humanity the bigger picture. To breakdown the compartmentalization and open the stable doors to let the horses roam the fields so to speak. This includes the little guy and the highest part of the Elite.

3- To remove the spirits of fear and ignorance so the all may act with level heads.

4- To bring in clarity so now that Timeline-1 and Timeline-2 are commingling the same events space, both sides have now been given the chance to jump ship and go to the other timeline. It’s time to choose.

5- To declare to humans and ETs, the coming of the noble-ones, who’s coming have been proclaimed for millennia passed. The bosses are coming so prepare yourselves. I am just pointing in their direction, they will do the talking and convincing not me, I will just sit back and watch like everyone else.

6- To present who-is-who of the Earth scene, so one can grasp the intricacies and complexities of the whole organic system. To link Earth’s story to the galactic big picture. To wake up and smell the roses. Believe it or not, the Elite are as ignorant of most of this as the rest of the public. It’s time to understand how things work.

This is why as much as possible I prefer not to go into specific this person or that financial instrument, because it does not help me in pushing my above mandate/agenda that I have been burdened with.

I am here to present the big picture by outlining certain historic items that allows one to start connecting the dots. It is then up-to the listener to see how it aligns with their situation and what choices they want to make.

Remember that not all of humanity have to listen to what we say, only that a given portion of them understand the subject matter; this then seeds and uploads into the bigger mind-cloud. Give it enough time and views, outside people will start realizing “Ahaa this is what is happening”, thinking that it was their own realization, when in fact they just downloaded them from the mind-cloud or what you call “Shared Consciousness”. We are making history so thank you for that.

I will keep the points listed below in mind and see how this can be brought into the bigger picture without necessarily naming names. This way the information can be drawn upon for generations to come.

regarding Turkey’s obvious expansionist moves that is currently taking place. I am happy to put in my 2 cents’ worth in the ring.

We as a family have a very close link to what is taking place in Iraq and the surrounding region, for we are advising both the Iraqi Central Government and the Kurdish KRG leadership, as well as managing the funds of some sides of the Kurds and I personally am looking into this by advising The Royal Families who own the original title deed of the whole region and who are concerned about the situation at hand.

Before going further we need to understand the possible true motives of the Turkish incursion into it’s southern neighbour Iraq going into or close to the Autonomous Kurdish KRG region.

Turkey’s excuse is that they are after clearing out ISIS from the region. Then I would suggest that they clear out ISIS offices from Ankara and Istanbul first, then remove their bases in the south of Turkey, then stopping the logistic support it gives to ISIS that is creating all this mayhem, then stop the heads of its government from trading in stolen oil that ISIS takes from Iraq and Syria, then stops interfering in Syria and Iraq internal affairs, then try to coordinate with Syrian and Iraqi governments over the matter, then use the international protocols of lodging its concerns in the UN over it’s legitimate concerns regarding Turkish sovereignty and it’s citizen’s safety. only then and after exhausting all of that, does Turkey has a semblance of a legitimate excuse to use its armed forces in the conflict the way it is doing now by invading a sovereign country next door.

As far as the Kurds are concerned, Turkey is using its heavy hand and brutal ways in preventing it from acquiring its long aspired independence and the continued suppression of the Kurds in both Turkey and outside. They have the legitimate claim that Turkey is returning to using it’s medieval way of suppressing freedom as well as it’s expansionist policies.
The Syrians see the Turkish involvement in the whole region as San agreed plan of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) with the Zionist Israelis, to carve out the region between them with Turkey claiming back to resurrect the Ottoman Empire again headed by (MB). With Syria and a portion of Iraq as the Turkish bounty and the remainder as that of the Greater Israel plan.

As far as the Iraqis are concerned, Turkey has always had it’s eyes on the northern oilfields of Iraq, with the excuse that it is trying to protect the Turkman minority in that land and has to use brutal force to achieve those right to this minority even if it means destroying the whole region. This is why the Iraqi claim that the suppression of water flow into Iraq’s two major rivers that are sourced from the Kurdish regions in south of a Turkey, this power play with this precious water resource is what a Turkey has been playing at for decades now against Iraq.

Now this is how it could be viewed by the Royal Families: the Ancient Royal Families have ancient assets and treasures that they have scattered all over the planet. These assets are held back by The Royals in perpetration and have registered them with the Galactic councils. These are in readiness to ET Disclosure and the opening the doors of the different Galactic Councils to let Earth humanity into their fold. This then required eons of perpetration and planning and part of what is known as “The Mandate From Heave” to The Royal Families.

It looks like it started by the United States invasion of Iraq and the reported constant attempts by them to access those assets, that are held in safe custody for the future of Humanity. This agenda was pushed by the Zionist Bush Cabal. It also looks like the Zionist on the Israeli side are doing their best to help this traitorous act against the Royal assets. The heavenly defences around the assets made all their plans go to naught.

Now – it seems – that the Zionist side are pushing their stooges in the Turkish government to go after these ancient assets and do their bidding.

The actions of Turkey are now under great scrutiny. If it looks as though they have this agenda, then things will not pan out well for all the parties involved. A foolish act like that might be their last. Time will tell what the path that different parties have chosen.8\

Thanks to:


5 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ Weekend Thread on Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:44 pm



Iraqi Parliament Meeting Monday to Discuss the New Cabinet

4/03/2016 08:09:00 AM  News  
Iraqi Parliament: vote on the law and determines the next meeting Monday to discuss the new ministerial cabinet

April 2, 2016

House of Representatives voted at its twenty-second routine, headed by Dr. Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 256 deputies today Saturday, 02/04/2016, on one law and resolutions, and the end of the second reading of two bills identified as the next meeting on Monday to discuss the cabinet reshuffle.

At the outset of the session MP Mason Damauge followed a statement on behalf The Committee on Culture and Information describing the Iraqi architectural departure known Zaha Hadid from an early age, praising the great role and its outstanding art architectural designs in the world.

Then he read the House of Representatives Al-Fatihah memory of the spirit of the deceased and for the souls of all the martyrs of Iraq.

Then he recited MP Abdul Kahar Samarrai, a statement on the difficult humanitarian situation in the city of Fallujah and the inability of the local government by the introduction of food aid to the citizens of the city, calling on Arab and Islamic countries to assist in the delivery of humanitarian aid to Fallujah and working to arm the sons of the tribes of the liberation of the city from the control of Daash terrorist gangs, as well as to contribute to the insurance requirements in the areas of displacement and the reconstruction of liberated areas.

On the other hand, the Council voted on a draft Code of Military Criminal Procedure and submitted by the committees, defense and legal security, which aims to expand the scope of the law and the granting of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense the authority to issue a decision the military include increasing the powers prescribed to the Minister and the investigating officer's military, the judiciary and determine the validity ordered seizure in imposing law specific penalty law and to provide the necessary legal guarantees to the military trial in absentia Jahia and in all roles of investigation and trial and to reconsider the formation of military courts in line what has been established by the military judiciary.

In terms of Anbar province, the Council voted on a resolution as a "disaster province" at the request of 60 deputies, due to the victim for the damage to human lives and loss of tangible property and infrastructure is estimated at 80% by the Daash crimes of terror, including health and educational facilities of all the covered by the province.

The council also voted on a resolution on the final accounts of the Republic of Iraq in 2007 and sponsored by Finance Committee (text of the resolution) .

President al-Jubouri noted in this regard that the ratification of the final accounts of the Republic of Iraq in 2007 meant embark line to detect differences and follow-up.

On the other hand, the Council proceeded to read the second draft amendment to the law of private investment liquidation of crude oil No. Law Report (64) for the year 2007 and submitted by the committees of the oil, energy, economy and investment that the Board completed the second reading and discussion of the project in the last time at the request of the authorities concerned.

Council completed reading the report and discuss the draft of official holidays and submitted by the committees of Awqaf and Religious Culture, Media and Legal Affairs Act.

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives, MP Abbas al - Bayati , a switch suitable Ashura is defined in the bill the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), pointing out the grounds on Iraq 's accession to the League of Nations , a national holiday of the country.

MP pioneer Isaac making on the birth of Jesus Christ is an official holiday for all Iraqis and switch caste name contained in the draft law, the Christian religion.

She called the MP Magda Tamimi to reduce holidays and occasions to increase production career momentum and the requirements of the higher interest of the state.

I suggested Rep. Hanan al determining the difference between the holidays and bank holidays and justice among all Iraqi sects and components with regard to religious events.

He MP Kanna to be regarded as the first of April a national holiday for all Iraqis, it represents a recall New Year's oldest Iraqi Assyrian Babylonian civilizations.

The MP stressed, but Talabani on the need to differentiate between the holidays and bank holidays which disrupts the official working hours, noting to Iraq's national holiday identification.
He called on the Attorney Fred Shaalan to increase working hours to make up for lost time on holidays and occasions.

She noted the MP Najiba Najib to add on the tragedy of Halabja to bill according to the reasons set forth.

He noted the MP Arshad al-Salihi to the need to develop definitions for events and holidays in the bill, calling for the respect of all national and religious occasions for all Iraqis.

In its response to the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives, the relevant committee has made clear it I receive the proposals from several parties regarding the religious and national holidays, including adding on Iraqi flag, saying it is developing definitions of festivals and public holidays to differentiate between them in terms of disruption and recall only.

In another matter followed by MP Kanna statement on the occasion of New Year's Babylonian Assyrian embodying belonging inherent to the civilization of Babylon and Assyria, ahead of congratulations to the people of the Christian people and all Iraqis, praising the heroic attitudes of the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga forces and popular crowd and the sons of the tribes in addressing gangs terrorist Daash and start operations edit Nineveh , demanding to be the first of April a national holiday and public holiday for all Iraqis.

This was followed by Rep Rehab Abouda a statement on behalf of the Committee on Women, Family and Children denounced the crimes committed by Daash gangs of terror in several areas including murder, kidnapping and rape against Iraqi women crimes and the recent food blockade that has caused the suicide of an Iraqi woman with her children, calling for the House of Representatives to stand in support of Iraqi women and to speed up the enactment of laws childhood to ensure their rights and the formation of the Supreme Council for women, as well as a broader representation of women in ministerial cabin.

The Board did read the report and discuss the draft of the Fourth Amendment to the Law of Civil Aviation Law No. 148 of 1974, sponsored by the Commission services and ages.
In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives, MP Mahmoud Hassan stressed the need to rely on international agreements in this regard for the benefit of its provisions and regulations in civil aviation organization, calling for the involvement Legal Committee in the legislation of the law.

I suggest Attorney Joseph Salioh to amend the bill in line with the improvement of the level of airports in Iraq and keep up with global development.

In its reply to the interventions, the Committee on confirmed to amend the bill in accordance with international agreements, so as to contribute to the reduction of irregularities, pointing to the move to amend the law until the arrival of the draft Civil Aviation Authority.

In terms of the new ministerial line-up, Mr. President of the Council pointed out that the names who introduced Mr. Prime Minister referred to the bodies of integrity and question and justice and criminal registration in the Ministry of Interior for the biographies of the candidates timed my timing does not exceed 72 hours, noting that the House of Representatives will discuss the subject in session next Monday to address the situation Altokiet necessary and legal cabinet reshuffle that was a new cabin or a cabinet reshuffle and how to deal with the names involved, calling on the relevant committees to cooperate in this regard, noting that the Council is not responsible for what has been published of the names in the media.

In conclusion, the Council voted on a resolution to compel the Council of Ministers of all ministries and institutions consuming medicines and medical supplies to buy drugs and pharmaceuticals produced in accordance with the international standards of the Public Company for the pharmaceutical industry Samarra encouragement to support national industries and in line with the reforms package.

And then it decides to adjourn the meeting until Monday 04/04/2016.

The information department
Iraqi Council of Representatives
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6 Re: RV/GCR Chatter ~ Weekend Thread on Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:45 pm



KTFA Backdoc Alerts for Sun. AM 4-3-16

4/03/2016 08:07:00 AM  KTFA, News, Thoughts  

BACKDOC » April 3rd, 2016






Thunderhawk » April 3rd, 2016

IMF Fears EU Membership Vote in UK to Paralyze Decision Making

EU leaders will have to work hard on two fronts this summer if they want to keep old traditions within the union. WikiLeaks released information that the IMF fears that a possible Greek default on its debt will coincide with Britain’s referendum on its EU membership and freeze the EU’s decision-making process.

The whistleblowing organization obtained information from a discussion on March 19, 2016, between two top IMF officials — Poul Thomsen, the head of the IMF's European department, and Delia Velculescu, the IMF mission chief for Greece.

The top IMF experts believe that a possible Greek default on its third bailout would coincide with Britain's possible Brexit and it would be hard for the EU to deal with two major events at the same time.

"This is going to be a disaster," Velkouleskou said during the meeting.

According to the leaked conversation, the IMF wants to tell Germany that it will leave the Troika, composed of the IMF, European Commission and the European Central Bank, if the IMF and the Commission cannot reach an agreement regarding the Greek bailout.

The IMF chiefs want Greece to accept more austerity measures, such as raising taxes and cutting pensions. According to the leaked conversation, Greece needs to accept more of these draconian measures or the EU will face the threat of "an imminent financial catastrophe."

However, the Brexit referendum in June "will paralyze European decision making at the critical moment," the IMF officials fear, according to WikiLeaks.

The Greek economy has been severely strained for several years, because of the country's multibillion-euro debt accumulated as a result of the 2008 world economic crisis.
Last August, the Troika approved an 86-billion-euro bailout package aimed at re-building Greece's economy in exchange for reforms and austerity measures.

Meanwhile Britain will vote on whether or not the country should remain in the EU. Supporters of Britain exiting the union argue that EU membership has eroded the nation's independence to make laws, direct its economy and control its national borders. Opponents say that leaving the EU could seriously harm Britain's economy.

Thunderhawk » April 3rd, 2016

CBI chief assigns banks to enforce Supreme Leader's guidelines

Tehran, April 2, IRNA – Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Valiollah Seif on Saturday called for integration of the banking network for materialization of the motto of 'Resistance Economy, Action and Implementation.'Seif made the remarks in a meeting to a group of senior officials of the Iranian banks.

Seif said regarding designation of this year by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei as the Year of 'Economic Resistance; Action and Implementation,' the banking system shoulders a grave task to materialize the goals.

He noted that appropriation of the financial resources towards different economic sectors should be made with maximum care to serve the goals of the new year designated by the Supreme Leader.

Thunderhawk » April 3rd, 2016

97,000 tons of goods exported to Iraq through Mehran border last year

Ilam, April 2, IRNA – Over 97,000 tons of standardized goods were exported to Iraq through the international border of Mehran last year (ended March 19), said head of Merhan Standards Department.

[97,000 tons of goods exported to Iraq through Mehran border last year]
Jafar Farhad-Beigi told IRNA Saturday that the amount of exports was made as a result of constant examination, supervision and control by the experts.

He added that the imported items included construction materials, minerals, leather, textiles and foodstuff.

The official also said that the Standard Department regularly visits the factories and carefully examines the products to ascertain that the goods fully comply with standards set by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI).

Border city of Mehran located 85 kilometers southwest of Ilam is one of the most significant export centers to Iraq, from where over 600 lorries of goods enter the neighboring country each day.

Thunderhawk » April 3rd, 2016


Asia-Pacific leaders adopt action plan for sustainable development regional financing

Tehran, April 2, IRNA – The Asia-Pacific leaders have agreed on measures to generate additional financial resources to tackle economic, social and environmental challenges in the region.

The agreement was made at the First High-Level Follow-up Dialogue on Financing for Development in Asia and the Pacific, held in Incheon, South Korea last week.

The new regional follow-up framework provides a foundation for implementing the global Addis Ababa Action Agenda and for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The forum was co-hosted by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and the Government of the Republic of Korea in Incheon from 30 to 31 March. More than 200 senior policymakers, from 41 countries, participated, with the meeting officially opened bythe Deputy Prime Minister and the ViceForeign Minister of the Republic of Korea.

“Asia-Pacific’s track record of achievements and the potential for unleashing both resource mobilization and private investment, give us confidence that the region will act to implement the Addis Agenda,” said United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Secretary of ESCAP, Dr. Shamshad Akhtar. “It will be important for the region to strategize to mitigate the downside risks that could complicate the development scenario if not effectively managed. Strong macroeconomic management, supported by productivity enhancement, will generate sufficient growth to facilitate effective resource mobilization.

“The region needs to develop a strategy to not only unleash its tax potential, but to deepen its capital markets to more effectively channel private funds into infrastructure development. It will also be important to deploy institutional investor’s funds to enhance the liquidity of capital markets, while offering the long-term funding needed for sustainable infrastructure,” she added.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Yoo Il Ho, vowed to help Asia-Pacific countries to better engage the private sector for financing development: “To make sure private finance flows into developing countries, Korea will put its focus on policy advice and capacity building to improve the financial system and institution and to nurture capital markets of developing countries,” said Mr.Yoo.

The participants identified a number of priority areas for action including setting up an Asia Pacific tax forum for sustainable development. “Many countries in the Asia-Pacific region have not been able to fully realize their potential due to their weak institutional foundation, inefficient tax administration, limited human capacity, and low tax compliance,” emphasized Mr. Cho Tae Yeol, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. The proposed Asia-Pacific tax forum will serve as an inclusive and broad-based platform for dialogue and cooperation among countries on tax matters.

Senior officials also called for the establishment of a new regional and cross-regional multilateral infrastructure-financing forum, which would enhance the support for cross-border infrastructure projects, as well as stronger regional cooperation in information sharing and macroeconomic monitoring and surveillance in view to support capital market development in Asia and the Pacific.

Member States recognized the importance of taking appropriate mitigation and adaptation actions, including mobilizing additional resources to complement national actions taken by Asia-Pacific countries to address the impact of climate change, and recommended the establishment of a Regional Center for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to support the capacity building activities in areas related to climate change.

These approaches were seen as being not only important channels for funding development programmes but also for providing new opportunities to share best practices, skills and expertise among developing countries, sub-regions and regions.

In mid-April, the Korean government and ESCAP will co-host a high-level side event at the ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development at UN Headquarters in New York, to present the outcome of this meeting. The outcomes of this meeting will inform deliberations at the ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development at UN Headquarters in New York later this month, as well as the 72nd Commission session of ESCAP in May

Mountainman » April 3rd, 2016

Has Social ism/Communism ever Been Successful???..... Are Americans leaving in Droves to get to these Countries???......

Backdoc Alert

Chechen Leader Warns US Financial 'Pyramid' to Fall Apart 'Soon Enough'

The United States has built a financial pyramid to siphon off global money into its own economy, but this scheme will unravel soon, the acting leader of Russia's Chechen Republic said.

The United States has the world’s largest national debt which surpassed $19 trillion this year. The cause has been attributed to excessive government spending, mandatory entitlement programs as well as a steep decline in tax revenue following the 2008 financial crisis.

"They are not investing their own money, it is our money they are investing," Ramzan Kadyrov claimed.

"Look at their debt. They are running a clever scheme. It is a pyramid and it is bound to fall apart. We will see that soon enough."

"How many [US] cities have already become ghost towns? They are impossible to maintain, there is no life there, entire cities lie abandoned," Kadyrov continued.

The Michigan city of Detroit became the largest city in US history to be declared bankrupt in 2013. It has recently come out of bankruptcy, but was warned it should not expect new money coming from the federal government.

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