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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » SCIENCE » Antigravity: Electrogravitics and Field Propulsion

Antigravity: Electrogravitics and Field Propulsion

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Antigravity: Electrogravitics and Field Propulsion

B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber

Starburst research has advanced our understanding of the physics behind electrogravitics and other propellentless field propulsion technologies which makes possible the design of advanced aerospace propulsion technologies that could radically change our future means of travel. Imagine flying from New York to Sydney, Australia in 15 minutes or traveling to Mars in 5 days. These should no longer be considered wishful dreams, but realities of the present that are awaiting our implementation.

To move forward, to make these dreams a reality, we must free ourselves from the outdated physics theories and paradigms of the past for which such technologies are an impossibility. The Starburst Foundation is helping to pave the way to this future through its development of subquantum kinetics, the first unified field theory to predict a coupling between electric and gravitational fields.

Starburst researcher Paul LaViolette has shown that subquantum kinetics provides the basis for understanding the electrogravitic propulsion experiments of Thomas Townsend Brown, Jean-Claude Lafforgue, Eugene Podkletnov, John Searl and others. Some of these technologies, such as those of Brown and Lafforgue, provide thrust to power ratios ranging from 10,000 to 300,000 times that of the Space Shuttle’s main engine. By providing a theoretical underpinning for the phenomenon of electrogravitic and electric field propulsion, subquantum kinetics lays the foundation for engineering the air and space vehicles of our future.

Townsend Brown’s electrokinetic flying disc demonstration. Image taken from Brown’s U.S. patent.

Townsend Brown’s pulsed DC levitating disc. _ © 2008 P. LaViolette

The 1956 air intelligence report Electrogravitics Systems obtained in 1985 from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

In 1985, shortly after learning about the work of T. T. Brown, LaViolette stumbled upon a formerly classified 1956 think tank report entitled Electrogravitics Systems. This incredible document, which he obtained from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, detailed the existence of a vast R&D program in the 1950’s participated in by most of the major aerospace companies that was geared toward the practical application of this field propulsion technology for aerospace flight. Through his subsequent publications he brought to the attention of the public and scientific community the eye opening revelations contained in this report. In 1990 he participated in NASA’s Space Exploration Outreach Project to inform NASA administrators about the existence of electrogravitic technology and of past aerospace industry involvement, as disclosed in this 1956 report. He proposed that NASA should seriously consider this energy-efficient means for space travel as a feasible alternative to rocket technology. Two years later, following an impromptu public disclosure of classified information by two black project engineers, LaViolette was able to successfully reverse engineered the propulsion system of the highly classified B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber. In a 1993 science and technology conference paper, he showed that the B-2 utilized as its propulsion system the electrokinetic technology that Townsend Brown had displayed in his early 50s flying disc experiments and whose application to aviation was detailed in U.S. patent No. 3,022,430 filed in 1956.

The B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber. In 1993 Paul LaViolette demonstrated that it is propelled by T. Townsend Brown’s electrokinetic technology

In 1992 Dr. LaViolette directly contacted NASA’s National Aero-Space Plane Project and attempted to interest them in using electrokinetics technology in their program, but without success; see letter from Charles Morris. The following year he again sent a packet of material to the Aero-Space Plane Project, specifically pointing out in his letter that one of the advantages of use of this technology is that it would be able to reduce frictional heating of the wing leading edge during reentry; see second letter to Charles Morris. Again, he was unable to raise any interest even though he had acknowledged that they had a problem with frictional heating of the spacecraft hull.

Ten years later in 2003, the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster occurred. The cause of the mishap was excessive heating of the wing leading edge due to dislodgment of a heat resistant tile. Had NASA implemented electrokinetics technology at the time LaViolette had alerted them, this disaster would have been avoided. LaViolette submitted to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board a white paper informing the board about this technology and his previous efforts to inform NASA about it.  As a response, he received back just a form letter thanking him for his input.

……. First Letter from Charles Morris …….

……. Second Letter to Charles Morris …….

Dr. LaViolette has shown how the subquantum kinetics field potential concept is able to explain why an assymetrical capacitor will develop a propulsive force towards its larger electrode when energized with a high voltage potential. Standard field theory acknowledges that the electric forces on such a capacitor will be unbalanced, but leads to the belief that these will merely produce stress within the capacitor without any propulsive force. In subquantum kinetics, these field potentials are anchored in the space surrounding the capacitor (in the surrounding ether) and as a result the capacitor is free to move in response to the resulting imbalance of forces. This explains the thrust seen in Brown’s assymetrical capacitors tested by Townsend Brown as well as those tested by Jean-Claude Lafforgue. Tests of the Lafforgue asymmetrical capacitor have been carried out by Jean-Luc Naudin; see his website. These technologies routinely violate Newton’s third law.

Dr. LaViolette also has worked on explaining how phase conjugated maser beams may be used to lift an aerospace vehicle. This technology, which was originally developed by Rocketdyne Corporation in the 1950’s and 1960’s in their ultra secret Project Skyvault, may also be used as an inexpensive means for putting satellites into orbit. The following youtube video provides a summary of the beam propulsion technology that LaViolette describes in his book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion.

AlienScientist video summarizing LaViolette’s disclosure
of the ultra secret aerospace beam propulsion R&D program.

Electrogravitics and Subquantum Kinetics

In the following three excerpts from his Disclosure Project interview (2000) Dr. LaViolette’s speaks about electrogravitics, subquantum kinetics, aerospace field propulsion, nonconventional energy inventions, and patent office suppression.

Details about this new field propulsion technologies may be found in Dr. LaViolette’s book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, with the background physics being presented in his book Subquantum Kinetics.

T. T. Brown’s 1955-1956 Paris Experiments Revealed

Townsend Brown flying his discs at the S.N.C.A.S.O. facility outside of Paris.  (photo courtesy of J. Cornillon)

In 1955 and 1956 Townsend Brown made two trips to Paris where he conducted tests of his electrokinetic apparatus and electrogravitic vacuum chamber tests in collaboration with the French aeronautical company Société National de Construction Aeronautiques du Sud Ouest (S.N.C.A.S.O.) .  He was invited there by Jacques Cornillon, the company’s U.S. technical representative.  The project was named Project Montgolfier in honor of the two French brother inventors who performed early aircraft flights.   The project continued for several years until the company changed ownership resulting in a final report which was written up in 1959.

Details of the Project Montgolfier experiments remained a closely guarded secret for many years until Jacques Cornillon courageously decided to make them public prior to his death in July 2008.   Brown’s proposal, the Montgolier Project’s top secret final report, and an assortment of revealing diagrams will be posted here shortly.  Brown’s proposal is in English, whereas the secret Montgolfier Project final report is in French.

The flying disc carousel experiment that the Montgolfier Project conducted in 1955 used 2-1/2 foot diameter discs (75 cm dia.) hung from 4 meter tethers suspended from the ends of a 3 meter arm.  Based on the description given, this seems to have been almost the same flying disc test that Brown gave to the Navy at Pearl Harbor a year or two earlier.

Left: Brown holding a flying disc tested in Project Montgolfier. Right: Close-up of disc showing outboard leading-edge wire. (photos courtesy of J. Cornillon)

Based on the angle of the disc suspension cable seen in the photo on the right below, one may estimate that the disc was traveling at a speed of ~8.7 meters per second, or about 20 mph.  It would have completed one revolution of its 18 meter course in 2 seconds.

Left: Carrousel test rig. Right: Disc in flight. (photos courtesy of J. Cornillon)

Brown had finished his collaboration with S.N.C.A.S.O. in 1956.  From a letter that Mr. Cornillon later wrote to a colleague, we learn that in October 1957 Brown was in the process of test flying 10 foot diameter discs energized at a voltage of 300 kV!  Here we see that Brown had followed the plan he had first set out in his 1952 Project Winterhaven proposal which was to eventually test fly a ten foot diameter disc powered by 500 kV (70% more voltage than he used in his 1957 test flight).   Hence we see that by this early date Brown had progressed beyond the toy model stage to flying small scale aircraft.  To reach this stage he must have been receiving substantial funding from either the military or from a major corporation.  More about Project Winterhaven and Brown’s research may be found in the book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion.

In addition the Project Montgolfier team constructed a very large vacuum chamber for performing vacuum tests of smaller discs at a pressure of 5 X 10-5 mm Hg; see below.

Left: Vacuum chamber vessel (1.4 m diameter) for conducting electrogravitic tests. Right: Vessel opened to show test rotor rig within. (photos courtesy of J. Cornillon)

In reading the section describing the vacuum chamber results, we learn that when the discs are operated at atmospheric pressure they move in the direction of the leading edge wire regardless of outboard wire polarity.  This indicates that in normal atmospheric conditions the discs are propelled forward primarily by unbalanced electrostatic forces due to the prevailing nonlinear field configuration (which causes thrust in the direction of the low field intensity ion cloud regardless of the ion polarity).  On the other hand, the report says that under high vacuum conditions the discs always moved in the direction of the positive pole, regardless of the polarity on the outboard wire.  This indicates that in the absence of the unbalanced forces exerted by ion clouds, the discs moved mainly on the basis of the electrogravitic field effect, always toward the positive (negative G) direction.

These vacuum chamber experiments were a decisive milestone in that they demonstrated beyond a doubt that electrogravitic propulsion was a real physical phenomenon.  The report concludes saying: “It seems perfectly reasonable to conclude that a concentrated force of some kind accumulates within the presence of a strong dielectric.” (i.e., presumably in the presence of a high-K dielectric.)

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