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Questions for Anna - and MORE

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Questions for Anna - Please provide us with direction. How do we stop this evil?

Questions for Anna - and MORE  Civilflag220
by Anna Von Reitz

Questions from one of our Readers:

When will a "Call to Action", answer Gods prayer that we "Man Up", against EVIL. God directs us to MAN UP. Words are easy, and that's all we do in the name of Jesus. The Chemtrails are thickening and my sickness is threatening to complete my murder, in the presence of God.  If just 10% of the 72% of Americans who are christian were to stand up, (and Man Up), ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS would begin to evaporate over-night. Paul, I beg you and Anna and all others in this effort to provide us with "direction".  Our time is numbered in days.

War is my very last wish, but it seems to be the major goal of the cabal, both the global powers and our police agencies, local governments, schools,etc. The VA hates veterans, as an example of our twisted, emaciated cultures and social orders,... in disorder. I believe that WE must approach and demand frequent resolution to forced social doctrine that includes our acceptance of servitude , and prison for profit,...poverty for the rest. Our governments and media expect us to "eat up and shut up". The wheels are flying off of everything we ever thought we knew about the human experience.  As an alternative to mass murder, genocide, anarchy, and the end of life as we know it, my suggestion that we step in front of evil and get its attention. Iceland with American Virgin Isles did this very thing over the loss of their ways of life. They found instant freedom and a return of some stability, by stepping before the USSC, bypassing all other elements of arbitrary nature .  At this very moment the socialist freak show in the EU is being challenged and redirected back in the direction from which it came... the people are shouting , in most cases respectfully.  I watched a couple of productions of the killing of Jesus over the past week, and it seems that to this day, being forced into anything EVIL has never worked before and it's not working for 7.5 billion people today.  HAARP is headquartered right up the road from me and I want to scream (respectfully) at the military monsters at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio, that the Chem Trails containing, Lithium Hydroxide and Lithium hexa chlorides, Lithium Carbonate, Barium Salts, Sulfur hexa chloride, Aluminum Oxide, Strontium, Synthetic Chaff, Dried Re-engineered Red Blood Cells, lead, copper..., just about anything Doctor Mengal may have tried years ago, are robbing me of my health. My eyes burn, my balance is iffy, my brain constantly clouded, my oral tissue burns, my lungs burn, my joints ache, my skin itches, and those are just the symptoms I am aware of.  I'm sure the autonomic systems are in chaos also with these many carcinogens working hard at their productions.... HAARP is "Militarized Weather Control", illegal globally and signed off at the UN , NATO, and in most all nations in the Global Military Industrial Complex.   I came to you with the request for "Direction" because I Respect the sincerity and power of the efforts put forth by Anna Von Reitz aided competently by Paul Stramer. When I looked to the sky on "Easter Sunday" and saw more geometric spray patterns than usual, (for a Sunday), I sent you that first plea for guidance.  Control the weather you control food production and with the added toxins you destroy mans bodily health. Genocide is believed to be the primary military purpose of the more than 30 countries now engaged in this new Global War Technology being brought against man.  Thank you for caring. I have completed more than 4 college science, tech, medical, and global topics / programs, and by no means am the wisest. I study daily, reading what you and Anna provide for our thirst at enlightenment. I had noted nothing of significance on this issue of HAARP (in your reports),and it seems to be killing me the fastest of all of the rich topics you investigate. I feel nothing but urgency, in light of the coming of more EVIL than I can stand.  ...DIRECTION please.  Love and Peace to you and Anna, and all others working for God and creation.

Anna's  Answers:

HAARP is obsolete except for relatively esoteric scientific uses monitoring ozone depletion and changes in the ionic plasma of the upper atmosphere of Earth.  You may not be aware of it (most people are not) but 32,000 years ago both Mars and this planet were involved in what has come to be called The Plasma Wars. At that time the atmosphere of Mars which had been similar to Earth's atmosphere was destroyed.  Eleven years ago a high priority was given to NASA to launch the MAVEN mission to study what happened and why.

32,000 years ago the terrestrial planet looked significantly different.  There was a substantial large island in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida, another large island and substantial atolls in the Pacific, the whole coast of India on both sides of the subcontinent were extended--- what is sea now was then dry land.  There were other aspects too that were very different.  There was much greater oxygen content.  We are here functioning on only about 28% of the oxygen that our bodies were designed for.  As a result, we are constantly oxygen starved and our metabolism is wrecked as a result. It is the primary reason that we die. 

During the 1880's people rediscovered their ability to affect weather patterns and some aspects of rainfall patterns.  It was one of the more obvious physical results of Tesla's experiments that rain falls in response to plasma discharges.  By the 1970's operators were using radiation charges to affect the Monsoon and the UN ENMOD Treaty was the result.  The upfront of this Treaty is that if countries want to pursue weather modification and technologies which can affect the weather, they can only deploy these weapons within their own borders and against their own people.

Men who could not imagine the depravity of our present governments thought this would be a strong argument against the development of such weapons, but alas, no; it only meant that the experiments and their results were driven deeper underground and we have all suffered as the guinea pigs. Meantime, the ozone layer continued to decay and the oxygen continued to deplete year by year, slowly but surely. About 1980 another odd and disturbing phenomenon surfaced-- the Schumann Resonance Frequency-- the proverbial "heartbeat" of the Earth began speeding up.  Though we are not consciously aware of this, it nonetheless affects our entire biology, too. Think of what happens when your heart speeds up and begins racing uncontrollably?  Like A-Fib?  Our entire planet is suffering that.

In the late 1980's a brilliant engineer named Bernard Eastlund at ARCO Alaska began work that was based on the work of Nikola Tesla.  The idea was to create a "mirror" in the upper atmosphere that could do a variety of things, including mess up the navigation and other technology of ICBM's, creating an electromagnetic  shield in the upper atmosphere that could thwart nuclear attacks.  This "Star Wars" technology resulted in the HAARP array of antennas being built in Alaska, but HAARP was only the largest and most advanced of these antenna arrays.  Those stationed in the Philippines will remember the "Elephant Cage" radio antenna array at Clark Air Force Base. 

Eastlund continued his work until he was murdered in 2007.  By then the US Navy had deployed CIPPA---- a planet-spanning grid of mini-HAARP arrays that use resonance to create "murder zones".  The idea is simple.  You triangulate the electromagnetic frequencies very precisely from transmitters in the array, and "cut a slice" out of the atmosphere.  The heart and the entire electrical system of any living thing caught within the parameters of the slice shuts off instantly and just as instantly and painlessly, the living targets die. Everything simply stops.  Tests of this technology are what has caused the odd massive "die offs" of birds, turtles, and other creatures---- the reason that farmers in the Midwest have seen entire huge flocks of ravens, geese, and other birds drop dead from clear skies for no apparent reason.  Other plasma and resonance technologies cause things to self-immolate--- burn up to a cinder leaving only their shoes behind, for example, or, incinerate from within like the Twin Towers which was a staged domestic weapons test of this terrifying technology on a much larger scale.

It gives me no pleasure to tell you that these weapons are in the hands of madmen and there are only three things stopping them---- first, that there are other madmen who also possess these weapons, second, their own defenses against these weapons have been destroyed, and third, other countries have now been given the means to counteract and shut these weapons down.

All of this has caused more damage to the Earth, to the people, and to the animals.  Our atmosphere has continued to degrade. 

During the 1990's it was noted that volcanic activity along both the Pacific and Atlantic Ridges was increasing.  Giant underwater volcanoes were quietly awakening and the number of underwater flumes were increasing--- these gas vents are like giant Bunsen Burners boiling unimaginable amount of seawater on top of the heat from the actual volcanoes. These naturally began increasing the temperature of the oceans, gradually, like bringing a pot of water to boil.  As this continued and spread, gas hydrates -- methane bound in ice---began to melt and the methane began to "boil off" into the atmosphere.   This increases the amount of CO2 and makes even more demands on our already-oxygen depleted atmosphere, which tries to compensate by binding the CO2 as calcium carbonate.  It also heats everything up and kills off massive amounts of algae and phytoplankton which are the major suppliers of oxygen on Earth.

Without going into the whole dreary story, the politicians at first thought this would be a grand new way to raise revenues---- a carbon tax that could replace the income tax and give them a way to artificially manipulate the supplies of their fiat currencies.  Some of them still are thinking only of that and haven't quite come to the point of realizing just how serious this situation is.  Some of those who do realize how desperate this is, have begun advocating killing off large parts of the biological population in order to "return the planet to ecological balance"  and create a "sustainable environment" for "future generations".

The simple fact is that with all the things we can't control together with all the things that we fail to do, it appears that the atmosphere of this planet will continue to degrade and our form of life will not make the cut.  Better to be an anaerobic bacteria.

Meantime, our "government" ---- made up of self-interested, petty, money-grubbing, small-minded and mostly despicable men-- has followed a policy of spewing industrial waste on everyone.  They loaded up nuclear fission wastes from salt mines in the western states and packed the "spent" Uranium into artillery shells that they exploded all over the Middle East and they have loaded up coal ash and waste from aluminum mining and manufacturing and various other industrial wastes they don't want to pay to get rid of responsibly, and they have been doing what?  Spraying this industrial waste all over us, all over our farm fields, over our water.
There are all sorts of theories about these "chemtrails" ---but the easiest and most likely explanation is simply greed and callous uncaring. 

As for what can we do about it?  Millions of people can start taking actions large and small. They can start being conscientious about waste and emissions, but they can also plant trees, grow gardens----- and they can boycott and march and write and shout and bring suits at law and charges in the churches and they can lien these corporations and move to liquidate them and they can set up their Grand Juries and inform others about these things. They can use citizen's arrest against corrupt judges and corrupt corporate executives.

When all this started Arnie Rosner and I had an argument.  He said we had to build a Big Machine--- a monolithic, organized, political power, with slogans and financing and fundraising and color banners and candidates and blah, blah, blah.  I sat back in my chair and said, no, we don't need any of that.  What we need is a few hundred million people who are aware and fed up and ready to take a billion different actions, gnawing away day by day.  Things will naturally "organize" as points of weakness are found in the system, and when men weary of their evil and what it is costing them, they will give way.  Just as they did in India in 1948. Just as they always have.  The truly evil and psychopathic among us only number about five percent.  Five out of a hundred.  The trick is to get the other ninety-five tuned in and motivated to take action--- whatever action is appropriate.  Citizen's arrests, videos, setting up a print shop in your basement, organizing a boycott, supporting local farmers, blasting the politicians with criticism and no-choice campaigns, organizing your lawful, actual government on the land ---land counties, land states, actual fiduciary deputies instead of actors merely "representing" you, refusing to sign anything, refusing to register anything, refusing to consent to their authority.....or like Paul, hosting my webpages, act in support of others and their work..... the list goes on. 

Wherever you are, whoever you are, you can do SOMETHING to help.  Do it.  Even if it SEEMS small and insignificant.  Do it anyway.  Say a prayer.  Stock up on some extra food.  Show a little extra care for your neighbors.  Grow some vegetables. Pay extra for local and organic food. Read more. Give your attention to the good and positive people and things around you. Give more love to your family. Want less.  Spend a moment simply appreciating a breath of fresh air, a sunset, a wave, a cloud.  Be aware that life is precious. And that you are not alone.
[size=13]See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website [/size]

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Posted by   Paul Stramer    at 8:14 AM

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That is truly an interesting article......So the question is, who has the courage to stand up.....? Who is not so covered in fear that they can address the corporation?   I think its time....

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Step by Step Emancipation, by Anna von Reitz

Posted on April 7, 2016 by David Robinson
Step by Step
People have been asking me— how do I correct this mess? Let’s look at what should have happened when you were born and what didn’t. Your name should have been recorded on the land jurisdiction of the state you were born in, NOT “registered” as a “vessel” NAME in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea. Your Trade Name should have been recorded in the County Land Recorder’s Office instead and you should have been listed as a State National belonging to— for example, the wisconsin state or the massachusetts commonwealth.
That is what SHOULD have happened, if the United States of America, Inc. run by the Federal Reserve and the Secretary of the Treasury had been doing their jobs and if their named Successors to contract and Bankruptcy Trustees had been doing their jobs, either.
As it is, they self-interestedly were NOT doing their jobs. So now you have to take things in your own hands and make it perfectly clear to them and to their creditors and to the entire world exactly who and what you are, by going back and doing what should have been done from the outset:
Claim your name(s), record them with the Land Recorder’s Office, and at the same time, declare your political status and emancipation.
First Step:
Declaration of Political Status
To all whom it may concern, I, a living woman known as anna riezinger of big lake, alaska, of sound mind and body, a Caucasian of age, not indigent, not penniless, a landlord having been born on the portion of the North American Continent claimed by the united States of America and under their political dominion and more particularly on the land area recognized to be under the political dominion of the wisconsin state, and having been born politically free and politically independent, I claim to have been born one of the progeny of the People of the United States as they styled and established themselves in the Preamble of The Constitution for the united States of America and am one of the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States as defined in The Definitive Treaty of Paris, 1783, and am a beneficiary —not of any Public Charitable Trust— but of The United States Trust; I do freely and under penalty of perjury under the Common Law declare that I have never, ever, willingly, knowingly, and intentionally—having first been fully informed of the negative consequences—voluntarily subjected myself or my property to the authority of the British Crown nor any other artificial political or religious or commercial incorporation and I see no convincing evidence that I ever engaged in any process of naturalization as mandated by United States Statute-at-Large stipulated in the public record at SEVENTH CONGRESS, Session 1, Chapter 28, Sections 1-4, April 14, 1802, which would serve to make me or anyone in my family any form of United States Citizen however styled.
As a beneficiary of The United States Trust merely administered by The United States of America I am entitled and enabled to take against any codicil of the Will established by other beneficiaries and I here declare that I have taken umbrage (offense or annoyance) against both the Constitution of the United States of America charter and its various By-Law Amendments made since 1868 and the New Deal announced by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933.
If there should be any evidence to the contrary, let it here be established that any such evidence would only be in existence due to fraud and non-disclosure and adhesion and other improper, unlawful, and illegal contracting practices forbidden by the Common Law, the Law of Admiralty, and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, and all those United Nations Declarations and Treaties that the United States of America, Incorporated, has agreed to —resulting in press-ganging, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, and secretive change of political status resulting in theft from me, the Holder in Due Coarse of my paramount identity, and Breach of Trust owed to me. These criminal acts of non-disclosure and self-interested omission resulting in falsified evidence are not consensual, not to my advantage, and not of my intentional making. By many Maxims of Law all such evidences, claims, and contracts are void ab initio (from the beginning) and those advancing such claims would be admitted criminals.
Any such documents that might be ascribed to me are lawfully authorized under the universal Law of Necessity as the fruit of the fraudulent practices and claims set forth in the paragraph above and such documents, if there be any, do not establish any valid contract or agreement rendering me subject to any foreign power nor serve to make me a debtor, voluntary conscript, or chattel acting as surety for any artificial en legis (creature of the law, artificial person) entity.
Be it also known that I am a peaceful and non-combatant woman and not an enemy of any state or people and I freely release and discharge all judges and justices from any obligation to impose statutory military law per Section 17 of the Trading With the Enemy Act as Amended by the Banking Emergency Act of 1934 in any case whatsoever brought before them and bearing my name in any style; and, I hereby record that I do not consent to any statutory military court proceedings related to me or my person(s) in the past, do not consent to any statutory military court proceedings related to me or my person(s) in the present, and do not consent to any statutory military court proceedings related to me or my person(s) in the future: I do not consent once, I do not consent twice, I do not consent three times, but I do accept the oaths of all judges and justices to support and defend The Constitution, I do accept their obligation to operate in amity and friendship in perpetuity with respect to me and my person(s) and vessels in commerce guaranteed by The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783, The Treaty of Westminster 1794, and their obligation to perform with good faith under the Bar Association Treaty of 1947.
My principle of law is the American Common Law and my court is a court of record on the land of the united States of America and cannot be construed as the Common Law of Admiralty; I claim the Saving to Suitors Clause of the Northwest Ordinance in all matters and issues pertaining to me and my property.
My money is the United States Silver Dollar. All funds deposited, transferred, or disbursed from accounts associated with me or operated under my name are to be denominated as lawful money and all accounts may only be exercised as fiduciary operating accounts and not interpreted otherwise.
To the extent that others may have criminally misrepresented and mischaracterized me for the purpose of press-ganging me and plundering and pillaging my estate in my artificially contrived absence and caused there to be confusion and false claims regarding my identity, nature, activities and political status I here affirm that I have returned home with a clear conscience and uninterrupted loyalty to my country and there can be no truthful or competent evidence otherwise. As one of those protected by Section 1 of the 14th Amendment of the corporate charter known as the Constitution of the United States of America and Section 9 of the Trading With the Enemy Act Appendix, I accept the oath of the Alien Property Custodian and the United States Treasurer to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America (Inc.) and their obligation to release and return my property free and clear of any damage resulting from their seizure of it, free of all debt, tithes, fees, encumbrances, liens, attachments, secondary titles and deeds held under color of law, involuntary and non-consensual capitulation of my name, forced use of private script in place of lawful money, appointments of usufructs (rights of enjoying something in which he has no title) and other impositions, confiscations, and false presumptions made against me and my private property.
It has never been my knowing and free and voluntary Will express or implied to provide any incorporated entity with the benefit of my body or estate — nor was it my free and willing and knowing act to ever subject my son eric belcher of big lake, alaska, to any such presumption. I never deserted my son from the moment of conception nor have I knowingly allowed him to be interpreted as an abandoned vessel subject to maritime salvage by any incorporated entity nor have I voluntarily appointed any such incorporated entity as his Trustee or usufruct (false claimant of something in which he has no right) at any time.
It has never been my knowing and free and voluntary Will express or implied to grant my power of attorney to any incorporated entity.
As the lawful copyright Holder in Due Course of the Trade Names Anna Riezinger and Anna Maria Riezinger and Anna M. Riezinger and as the creator and Holder of the copyrighted pen names Anna von Reitz and Anna M. Riezinger-von Reitz and all derivatives thereof, all autographs, signatures, trademarks, symbols, numbers and seals including all derivatives of any such symbolic representations of me, I consider use of these symbols by anyone pretending to act in my behalf without my explicit and knowing consent obtained under conditions of full disclosure a criminal trespass, infringement, and act of identity theft.
All such exercise of my imprimaturs (licenses to copy or print) without my free and knowing consent results in contracts violated by fraud and force. Should any evidences otherwise exist they can only exist as evidence of self-interested crime against me and my nature and estate and as evidence of similar intentional self-interested crime against my progeny as well.
I am set free to exercise my dominion over the jurisdictions of air, land, and sea and no one may otherwise address me or offer any contrary presumption from the beginning to this day and forever afterward: I was, I am, I will be a living heir to the covenant of faith and the covenant of love and I am a true woman of God.
As I am the only one having true and first-hand knowledge of my nature, my Will, my intentions, my knowledge at any given time, my actions, their meaning or anything else about me— every word that drops from my lips concerning me is a Matter of Fact and all else is hearsay.
In support of the above declarations made in truth and with good faith and standing this _______day of April 2016: ____________________________________________non-negotiable autograph and seal by anna riezinger for Anna Riezinger all rant and Deed of Trust
rights reserved.
Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. Witness in no way transfers the Issuer of this Declaration from his original jurisdiction on the land and creates no change in the origin of this Declaration.
Witness and Acknowledgement
In the Matanuska-Susitna County of the Alaska State:
Today, the ______day of April in the calendar year 2016 appeared before me, a commissioned Notary, the woman known to me as Anna Riezinger and she did autograph and seal this Declaration of Political Status as shown; _____________________________________Notary; my commission expires on:________________ and my seal is set hereon.
***** I accept the Witness and Acknowledgement of the Notary as an act of good faith service and friendship: _____________________________________non-negotiable autograph and seal by anna riezinger for Anna Riezinger, all rights reserved.*****
Second Step:
Grant and Deed of Trust
I, the living woman, anna of the Lawful House Riezinger, hereby declare that I am the Holder in Due Course of the Trade Names Anna Riezinger and Anna Maria Riezinger and Anna M. Riezinger which were bequeathed to me as gifts by my biological parents the day I was born on June 6th of the calendar year 1956.
I retain the copyright and control of these Trade Names and all associated derivative names, signs, seals, numbers and symbols however styled which in any way claim to represent me or which seem to represent me or my property interests. No use of them in association with me or my private property is allowed absent my explicit and knowing consent obtained under conditions of full disclosure.
I am also the Holder in Due Course of the seal and the trademark clearly imprinted and described below which I retain for my private and exclusive use without exception and these do provide additional proof upon my Will or any public acts that they are executed by me and with my approval
Thumbprint, right hand, seal
Trademark : red, white, and blue bars lower left to upper in red ink. right, three white Hawthorn blossoms in the blue bar.
I also created and retain copyright of the following pen names: Anna von Reitz and Anna M. Riezinger-von Reitz as of October 1, 1981.
These marks and symbols and Trade Names and pen names are property belonging to me as of June 6, 1956 or the date of their creation and I fully grant and deed them to together with any derivatives thereof to myself for my own use without exception.
In support of the above declarations made in truth and with good faith and standing this _______day of April 2016: ____________________________________________non-negotiable autograph and seal by anna riezinger for Anna Riezinger all rights reserved.
Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. Witness in international jurisdiction in no way transfers the Issuer of this Grant and Deed of Trust from her original jurisdiction on the land and creates no change in the origin of this Grant and Deed of Trust.
Witness and Acknowledgement
In the Matanuska County of the Alaska State:
Today, the ______day of March in the calendar year 2016 appeared before me, a commissioned Notary, the woman known to me as Anna Riezinger and she did autograph and seal this Grant and Deed of Trust as shown; _____________________________________Notary; my commission expires on:________________ and my seal is set hereon.
***** i accept the Witness and Acknowledgement of the Notary as an act of good faith service and friendship: _________________________________________non-negotiable autograph and seal by anna riezinger for Anna Riezinger all rights reserved.*****
Step 3:
Record of Name(s) Affidavit
In this case the name anna also called anna riezinger and anna maria riezinger refers to a living woman born the sixth of June in the calendar year 1956, a native to wisconsin and second daughter of lavera and emmett of the Lawful House Riezinger, biological heir and beneficiary of her parents, her land, her house, her names, all trademarks and symbols and accounts and earthly estate in sum total:
Anna Maria refers to a living woman born on the land of the county referred to as the magisterial judicial district of Clark County, a beneficiary of the Divine Estate, and the United States Trust, superior to and set apart from all commercial rules and entities.
Anna Maria Riezinger is a Trade Name belonging to the non-combatant living woman bequeathed to her on June 6, 1956 by her biological parents, mistakenly registered as a commercial vessel enfranchised by the State of Wisconsin which was itself a franchise of the bankrupt United States of America, Incorporated, that same year. This Trade Name should have been recorded as an unincorporated business operating on the land jurisdiction of the organic states instead of being registered as a foreign situs trust operating in the foreign jurisdiction of the sea—- a mistake and disservice for which the living beneficiary seeks full correction and remedy.
ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER – a non-combatant commercial vessel structured as a Foreign Grantor Trust rightly belonging to the living beneficiary who is the same woman native to wisconsin but mistakenly created as a franchise of the UNITED STATES which acquired all franchises and property of the bankrupt United States of America, Incorporated, and which then acted as a usufruct to establish new franchises benefiting itself – a circumstance for which the living beneficiary seeks full correction and cure as required by Article IV of the still potent Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666: “should the dead Man should he be found alive” all property held in his name must be returned to him free and clear of debts, liens, and other encumbrances established by presumed secondary beneficiaries. The establishment of this
ESTATE trust is again a mistake and disservice for which the living beneficiary seeks full correction and cure.
ANNA M. RIEZINGER is a public transmitting utility which has been created by USA, INC. acting as an usufruct of yet another merely presumed secondary beneficiary of the living woman and her estate, a mistake and disservice for which she claims full correction and remedy.
Anna von Reitz and Anna M. Riezinger-von Reitz are both pen names created by the living woman called anna maria riezinger on or about October 1, 1981, to which she retains all lawful claim and copyright for her use from that day forward.
I, anna, the lawful Holder in Due Course and Entitlement Holder of all property bequeathed to me including my given names and names created by me, being of age and sound mind and body, not indigent, not penniless, not incompetent, and not at fault for the mismanagement and bad faith of those entrusted to care for my property, request immediate correction of the records and reconveyance of all property held or formerly held in my name(s) plus settlement of my accounts reflecting the fact that I am not a decedent, not unknown, and not a pauper.
I, anna, a true woman of God, have never knowingly, willingly, or voluntarily sought any benefit from nor accepted any office or role as an administrator or co-trustee or co-beneficiary of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) established for the benefit of displaced plantation slaves in the wake of the American Civil War, say that I am not a slave or former slave, not an indentured servant of any kind, not under any kind or condition of color, not a corporation, not an artificial person, not a taxpayer, not a United States citizen of any style or stripe, not now and not ever considering such citizenship a benefit, and not subject to the limitations of any civil rights conferred upon me, not seeking welfare, not employed by any franchise of any governmental services corporation, not seeking any corporate privilege, not stateless and not in need of any political asylum, not a member of any political party, religion, or cult, not an enemy toward any people or state.
As I, anna, a true woman of God, am the only one having any first-hand knowledge of my Will, my knowledge, my intentions, or my nature, every word that falls from my lips and every act that proceeds from my hand is a Matter of Fact and all else is hearsay.
So said and so done this ______day of April in the calendar year 2016: by anna riezinger for Anna Riezinger:_______________________________________________all rights reserved.
Step 4:
Notice of Emancipation
In accordance with the Emancipation Proclamation issued by Executive Order of President Abraham Lincoln On January 1, 1863 and the still-standing order of Abraham Lincoln acting as Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army and Navy, all Federal Officers and Government Officials in every capacity and at every level are given Notice of the following:
1. “That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three (1863), all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free; and the Executive Government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons, and will do no act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them, in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom.” — President and Commander-in-Chief, Abraham Lincoln (boldface added).
2. That numerous persons named after states and people have been press-ganged, kidnapped, and enslaved for the profit of private, mostly foreign-owned corporations and that those persons have been deliberately manipulated by those responsible so as to bring false claims against the actual states of the union and the actual people of the United States;
3. That all these persons are considered slaves and treated as criminals by definition under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and that they do or have in the past included a foreign situs trust called Anna Maria Riezinger, a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust called ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER, and a public transmitting utility called ANNA M. RIEZINGER;
4. That all these similarly named corporate franchises have been created and operated without the knowing consent and agreement of the free-born living woman anna maria riezinger who was never told about this abuse of her given name this infringement upon her copyright and this disrespect of her position as Holder in Due Course and Entitlement Holder of her earthly estate and who is not at fault for the mismanagement of these corporate franchises;
5. That the living woman anna maria riezinger is not deceived and is owed her freedom and her estate free and clear of all false presumptions, claims, debts, deliberate confusions and acts of personage against her and against her private property including her inherited Trade Names: Anna Riezinger, Anna Maria Riezinger, and Anna M. Riezinger;
6. That the living woman anna maria riezinger relies upon the Emancipation Proclamation to secure the willing and ready assistance she requires of all federal officials and officers at every level including federal state and territory officials to honor and assist in emancipating –that is—liquidating all of the en legis slaves on paper that have been named after her and used as a means to control and defraud her of her natural estate.
Step 5:
Claim of Life Estate 
This shows that the life estate of anna maria riezinger dba Anna Maria Riezinger is due and owing to the lawful heir and:
–that the beneficiary stands on the land jurisdiction of the United States;
–that the beneficiary is of age;
–that the beneficiary is not an infant nor a decedent nor a corporation;
–that the beneficiary grants her names and estates to herself:
__________________ anna
Prepared by: anna maria riezinger
for: Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Post Office Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska RR 99652
[With a great, big, fat adult footprint autographed: footprint of anna maria riezinger born on six June year of our Lord nineteen hundred fifty-six in neillsville, wisconsin, taken April second of two thousand sixteen in big lake, alaska]
anna maria riezinger, all rights reserved.
Step 6:
Seal the bottom right hand corner of all these documents with your thumbprint and file them with the nearest land recorder’s office and ask to pay the nine dollar 1802 tax to reconvey your estate. Get at least three certified copies.
Record these documents along with the Authenticated Long Form Certificate of Live Birth that the State Secretary of State and US Secretary of State have signed as being authentic, and the other documents which Kurt Kallenbach has developed for these purposes.
Taken together these actions provide ironclad documentation that you are you and that you have claimed your estate.
Send a Certified Copy to the United States Treasurer Rosa Gumataotao Rios and a copy of the copy to the Secretary of the Treasury requesting correction of their records and release of your estate.
And if they don’t promptly do so, invoke the office of the United States Marshals acting as Federal Marshals to arrest them for violation of their international fiduciary trust obligations.

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I know you and I are ready tops! Many others here from our soul family are also ready!

Time to get the job done that we are here for is what I say... but I have been saying that since the late 60's and chomping at the bit ever since. :)


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Where Does Law Come From? — Everything You Need To Know and Were Afraid to Ask, by Anna von Reitz

Posted on April 7, 2016 by David Robinson
The short answer is that all law, except “Natural Law” like the Law of Gravity, comes from religion. Some people wrinkle their noses,  but it has to be discussed because it is the truth.
Modern psychology tells us that about five percent of us are born without a conscience.  We call these people sociopaths and label them with various other descriptive names, but the bottom line is that they have no natural compass with respect to right or wrong.  They learn what the rest of us consider right or wrong by rote, the same way a dog learns to fetch a newspaper without being able to read it, but they truly don’t have a clue why the rest of us consider certain things like stealing, lying, or adultery to be “wrong”.  So how do we get these ideas in the first place?
Part of it is natural empathy, which most of us possess.  We hate it when someone lies about us or something or someone we care about, so we come to the conclusion that lying is wrong.  In the same way, we conclude that stealing is wrong, and so on.  Throughout this planet there is a generalized understanding of what is “right” and what is “wrong” on this basis alone.
Organized religions have, again, generally speaking, taken these basic conclusions and according to their own history and traditions have made them part of their doctrine— their rules of belief and behavior by which their society is defined and identified.   That process has, in turn, given rise to their systems of law and concepts of justice.
The Western World has been dominated by Judaism and Christianity and Islam for the last two millenia. All three of these major world religions are rooted in one book— The Bible, and in particular, the Old Testament of the Bible. It should come as no surprise from the foregoing that all forms of law currently used by western societies including Sharia Law have their roots in the Old Testament, and the Bible remains the basis of all Law of the Land.
Most people either directly remember or have seen old movies where the judge walks into the courtroom with a Bible under his arm and thumps it down on his bench along with his gavel.  At the same time, someone calls out, “All rise!…..” and everyone in the courtroom obediently stands up until the judge says, “Please, be seated.”
The reason you “rise” is to show your respect for the Bible and to physically signal your consent to be judged according to its rules as interpreted by the judge and/or jury.
In recent years, however, the judges in western courts no longer carry a Bible with them into the courtroom.  They just show up empty-handed and someone calls out, “All rise….!” and everyone—- that is, everyone but me— continues to stand up until he or she says, “Please, be seated.”   What has just happened?  You have consented by your action to be judged— not by The Bible — but by the judge, according to whatever ideas the judge may have today.
I have been poked and prodded and laughed at and accused of “disrespecting the court” for refusing to stand and sit on cue, but my reply has always been simple and to the point: “I don’t consent.”  I don’t accept the jurisdiction of any “equity court” being run in international jurisdiction according to the Satanic Law of the Sea as my “law” or any law related to me.  And if you are like most Americans, neither should you.
In these and in other respects, what goes on in a courtroom is a religious ceremony, and whether that religion is sacred or profane is up to you.
Stop for a moment, and if you can, pretend you are a sociopath.  You have no concept of right or wrong, no empathy for anyone else.  You are like a two year-old looking at the world with one question on your mind– “What’s that?”  And now turn that blank attention toward the Bible.  What’s that?  Bereft of all empathy, belief, or prejudice — it’s a collection of stories about a Benevolent Creator and a Bad Guy named Satan and how people have interacted over time with these two polar opposites.
What is less obvious, but still obvious enough, is that there are two “Gods” in the Bible and two religions.  Changes made in the 16th Century make this more difficult to see, but it’s there nonetheless. Jesus acknowledges that Satan is the king of this world very readily during his Temptation in the Desert and he even recognizes Satan’s followers calling them a “Synagogue of Satan” later on.  Time and time again we are told about the venal religions and vile practices of the Canaanites (Cain-anites), Phillistines, Moabites, Babylonians, and others, including the Egyptians, and warned about the “Abomination which brings desolation”.
Most people get the impression that these ancient competitors of the Hebrews were worshiping unknown idols long since fallen to dust and that whatever their practices, beliefs, doctrines, and laws were— they no longer impact us.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.
These ancient religions worshiped Satan and his Consort, Ashtoreth, the “Mother of All Harlots”, the Abomination which brings desolation.  Satan’s most familiar personification in the modern world is as the Greek god, Poseidon— the god of the Sea.  Guess which religion the international Law of the Sea comes from?
Satan is the Father of All Lies, so his devotees are all liars.  A lie is a prayer to them.  What else do we know about Satan?  He is the Accuser.  It is his job to accuse you of crime and wrong-doing of all kinds.  He is the Great Prosecutor.  It is his “job” to condemn you.  So when you go to an international admiralty court as JOHN MAYNARD DOE, you are already guilty by definition and all that is left to be decided is how much your infraction against his 80,000,000 profit-making laws will cost in terms of time in jail or money in hand.
That’s the way it is, and things are set up so that they can hardly be any other way.  You walk in, you unknowingly consent to Satan’s acolytes operating under the Law of the Sea, and that’s it. Bang-O!  The whole “process” is monotonous.  Day after day, year after year, these judges “process” you, like men at a slaughterhouse “process” steers and they use the same insulting language.  I have heard judges— and not just a few— say, “Come forward and let me process you.”
Let’s all agree— whatever our other differences of doctrine— that is it time to “process” them, instead.  We need to stop giving them consent to judge us and stop giving them any ability to bring their courts onto the land.
What else do we know about Satan?  He is the ruler of this world.  So what is a “world” as opposed to the Earth?
Note that the Book of Revelation says that the Creator will “bring to ruin those ruining the Earth” and then goes on and talks about a new “world”.  The Earth isn’t going to be destroyed according to the Bible, but the world is.
The world is the whole construct of civilization that has been developed by men, all the conventions and institutions that have been used to organize and control and expedite trade like banks and governments and the machinery of military might.  It’s the way we have structured things, as opposed to the way the Creator structures things.
Please be aware that you are dealing with the most duplicitous people on Earth, that every word has at least two meanings, and yet, at the end of the day, knowing this allows you to craft awareness and words to your own advantage. It allows you to take back your power and exercise your rights and reality in the face of oppression and criminality.
Get going. Get talking. Take this information to your priests and your pastors.  Those people in Congress are not your “representatives” but they are the representatives of their corporation. Blast them with your complaints. Let them have no peace day or night.  They have let these Bounders in and given them permission —- in your behalf no less — to play these games of predation.
So what’s the next step besides this obvious one above?
Declare yourselves to be men and women, people, who have not willingly and knowingly consented to any of this crappola.  Stand up by the millions and record your names and property assets. Then get ready to bring your claims by the millions, too.
You must reclaim your birthright identity and start organizing your jural assemblies and establishing your counties on the land jurisdicition of the United States. You elect your own Sheriffs.  And you use the Citizen’s Arrest Statutes of the United States Statutes at Large to arrest these “judges” and others who trespass upon your rights and your property.  You make it your business to bring the Law of the Land forward.  You invoke the Saving to Suitors Clause of the Northwest Ordinance. You return the “favor” to these vermin.
As Mulligan Ex Parte guarantees, when you have elected your own American Common Law Court at the county level, they can no longer “process” anyone claiming their natural “State National” status in that county.  When you get your State level American Common Law Courts set up, they can no longer “process” anyone at the “State” level, either.  For them, the game is over, because millions upon millions of Americans will seize back their purloined identities and their property and these “federal franchise” courts will be reduced back to hearing actual maritime cases and dealing exclusively with legitimate “Federal Citizens”.

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Anna von Reitz: VERY STUPID!

Posted on April 7, 2016 by arnierosner
On Apr 7, 2016, at 3:19 PM, Anna von Reitz wrote:
Debunking We Go—-An Endless Game of Whump the Weasels
Now that the information is finally getting out and being understood, that is to say, “critical mass” has been reached demanding reform and redress, the big danger is that we will be “fooled again”.
The crooks responsible for this are parasites and like any parasites, they know when to leave a dying host like the UNITED STATES, INC. They packed up in 2009, folks, and by 2012 had found business partners in China willing to help them get a new start in exchange for not only return of Chinese gold that was legitimately owed to the Chinese, but the use (loan) of vast amounts of gold that is in fact owed to us.
Recently a lot of well-intentioned people have been passing around notices and “news announcements” about the “New Republic” and about the “Global Reset” and how we have $800 trillion in European banks and how NESARA was supposedly passed at the point of a gun back in the 1990’s and “somehow” just never got here, either. Oh, and let’s not forget the “Chinese Elders” who came out of nowhere and kindly offered us the loan of billions of dollars of gold so that we could play in their new casino.
Grow up and wise up, people.
It’s true that practically everyone else on the planet owes us a lot of money instead of us owing them. That much is absolutely true.
It’s also true that the gold the “Chinese Elders” are “loaning” us is gold that belongs to us, so that nothing has changed in this latest “offer” from the pigs—albeit, using Chinese Elders to do it. If we go back to sleep we will still be paying THEM for the use of our own assets. See? They “loan” our gold to the Chinese, the Chinese then loan it to us, we pay the Chinese interest on our own gold and both the Chinese and the rats benefit.
It’s just another “Federal Reserve Note” scam where they loaned us our own credit at interest.
And so is the “United States Note” another scam and variation on the theme. There’s no reason for us to “promise” to pay anyone in the future and that is what a “Note” is—- an I.O.U. A Federal Reserve Note or a United States Note or a George F. Schniedelmeyer Note — it is ALL the same. Why use credit, when by all rights under Heaven, you can afford to pay to right now?
The authors of this “NESARA” Pre-Announcement say that these new “United States Notes” are different in that we won’t be paying “interest” on the value of these “Notes”. All that means is that we will be using our own credit and racking up bills against ourselves according to the whims of these blackguards who still propose to be the governing body of the federation of states and still propose to operate in international jurisdiction under rules they make up for themselves.
Color all of us —and not just the Americans— everyone, worldwide—VERY STUPID if we allow this System to continue in any way, shape, manner or form. New names and new faces papering over old fraud mechanisms won’t change a thing and that’s not what we came here for. Even the “announcement” that Washington, DC has been “dis-incorporated” is not exactly honest.
Washington, DC, doing business as The District of Columbia Municipal Corporation is being liquidated, not “dis-incorporated”. And you might all be interested to know that your ESTATES are supposedly up for grabs as part of this liquidation, because the people responsible for this circumstance kinda “forgot” to tell you that you are the Priority Creditors of these ratfink slimeballs and that your property and good name have been put at violent risk by these con artists.
That’s what is going on in the western states. That is why Ammon and Clive Bundy are in jail. Secondary creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC. have come to the table and banged their dishes on the floor, so MIkey and Johnny and Hillary and Billie and Paul and the whole gang on Capitol Hill have said, oh, yes, that land is chattel owned by the UNITED STATES, INC. and those people are chattel, too—- not the actual Priority Creditors, not the beneficiaries of the United States Trust…, we never saw them before in our lives, even though we taxed them and they voted us into office (obviously by some error or mental incompetence on their part). You guys can take their land and throw them in jail for our debts, sure, and charge their ESTATES extra for the “service”.
So say, “Thank you, but no thank you, General Dunsford, the Queen and the Federal Reserve and the IMF all stole our identities and our credit on your predecessors’ watch and not only are we not paying the odious debt, we aren’t going back for any seconds. Instead, we ARE suing for our names, our money, our land and everything else that is ours including our credit, to be back in our control—-and that’s pronto, General. It’s your job to make sure that our National Trust is safe and secure and if it’s not after spending trillions of dollars on “National Defense” you know very well whose cajones are in the winepress of God.”
It’s not “just” the Federal Reserve that is so rotten corrupt and criminal that it smells like rotten dog dung and deserves to be torn down brick by brick, it’s the IMF, too. It’s the World Bank. It’s the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development. It’s the whole filthy, rotten “banking infrastructure”. Outside of a handful of old “state” banks there isn’t an honest bank left on this planet, and let me tell you, that if the Chinese bought Wells Fargo— just recently owned by the United States Attorney General’s Office— they are in for claims that even they won’t believe.
Please understand that I don’t want bloodshed over fraud, but I do want the fraud to be admitted, recognized, punished, and cleaned up. I want a fresh start on a firm foundation, not more shimmy-shuffle dances and omissions and half-truths and fake “debts”. I also insist that my property— all of it—be returned to me. That includes my given name, my trade name, my pennames, my copyrights, my titles and deeds and assets of all kinds. Now. Not next July. Not “maybe” or “someday” or when Bill Clinton feels like it.
We are coming forward by the millions and we are filing our paperwork. If you guys shut down the Land Recorder’s Offices, we will simply open our own and continue the process and steamroll right over any objections in international venues.
It’s time for an end of the lies and the fairytales. I really don’t know why these rodents always think that we need “stories” and are too stupid to figure out who the bad guys are, but in any case— they are wrong. Nobody who is awake, is past the age of ten, and really thinking about any of this is buying the Chinese Elders Story or the “We Are FINALLY Giving You NESARA!” Story, either.
With all due respect to Neil Keenan who has fought hard to pay back the Chinese people a righteous debt, it’s past time for the American people to be paid back the land, credit, and other assets that are owed and for the corporations responsible for these travesties to be liquidated and replaced with a lawfully elected and accountable and Republican style of government— as promised and guaranteed.
As soon as we have made it crystal clear to everyone on this planet who and what we are and what we are owed, and placed it all on the Public Records, we are going to follow through with the next steps required under the United States Statutes at Large. If General Dunsford doesn’t do his job, we are going to act as the Beneficiaries of the United States Trust and issue our directives for all the world to see. We are going to hold our elections for our land-based counties and we are going to elect our Sheriffs on the Land and we are going to start deputizing as many men as we need to clear out this nest of vipers. We are going to open up the Bounty Hunter provisions of the 14th Amendment and we are going to have a Field Day on any corporation, politician, organization or public official who thinks they are getting away with any more of this crappola. We are going to do it lawfully and peacefully and with the full support of the entire planet, because everyone else is as sick of these vermin as we are.

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