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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » Queen Elizabeth II knights Shimon Peres: Both Serving the Vatican

Queen Elizabeth II knights Shimon Peres: Both Serving the Vatican

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Queen Elizabeth II knights Shimon Peres: Both Serving the Vatican

Posted on April 11, 2016 by
“The Black Pope,”Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas, rules “the White Pope” sitting in “St. Peter’s Chair,” Pope Benedict XVI, who in turn rules “the Great White Witch,” Dame of Malta and key Bilderberger, Queen Elizabeth II.  The Queen, upon orders from her immediate master in London, Jesuit Provincial of the British Province Michael Holman, made Israeli President Shimon Peres a Knight of the Order of St. Michael and St. George in November of 2008, he having faithfully administered Rome’s foremost colony in the Middle East for over fifty years.
For the Black Pope had used the military might of the White Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Protestant British Empire to destroy the Islamic Ottoman Empire —both “heretic” and “infidel” peoples being enemies of Rome—by the end of World War I.  On its ruins Jesuit Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski and his Jesuit Assistants, using Protestant Knight of Malta King George V, divided up the Islamic Ottoman Empire into the Muslim nations we know today as Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Egypt.  These Muslim nations would then be built with trillions of dollars via British and American individual income/excise taxes.
The most significant nation of all is Israel, considered by Rome to be her “Revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem,” the first Kingdom of Jerusalem having been lost to the Muslim Egyptian Mamluks in 1291.  Israel too would be built with billions of dollars via individual income/excise taxes leveled upon historic White Protestant nations such as Germany (Prussia), Switzerland, England and America!  The Black Pope’s Central Banks would extend the needed credit created out of thin air, and the robbed and raped “taxpayers” of those once White Protestant nations would be the collateral.  WASPS are merely the Order’s “coolies” to build Rome’s nations and empires!
Thus, the Jesuit-papacy has used the Apostate Protestant British Crown to enforce the Temporal Power of the “Vicar of Christ” for the last two hundred years!  Through England, the Black Pope first created “Palestine” (the Vatican’s surname for Israel) to be a national homeland for the Jews—the heralded open-but-false policy of Rome.  After the consummation of the Vatican’s Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945), after the Company of Jesus had used both Hitler’s Gestapo/SS and Stalin’s NKVD/GRU—bought and paid for by the American income/excise “taxpayer”—to extirpate over half of Eurasian Jewry, survivors who sought to return to Israel were refused entrance into “Palestine” via the threat of British gunboats and bayonets.  For this “cursing” of the physical descendants of Jacob, the risen Son of God would enforce the curse of Genesis 12:1-3 against Apostate Protestant England.  For persecuting the racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites (regardless of their religion), Great Britain would lose India in 1948 and her empire by the end of the Pope’s Cold War Hoax (1945-1990).
After desperate fighting on the part of the anti-pope, anti-Haganah, Jewish Irgun, Britain finally abandoned “Palestine” resulting in the founding of the State of Israel in 1948—to the utter shock of the Arabs.  Rome’s secret-but-true policy—the re-establishment of the “Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem” to be overseen by the pope’s Knights of Malta—was now a reality after over 600 years of patient plotting and planning.  And to what end? why for the erection of a Third Hebrew Temple on Jerusalem’s ancient Temple Mount now legally in the hands of the Vatican since September, 1993—from which golden-garnished, wonder of the world the last and final pope of Rome, murdered and risen from the dead to be The Antichrist/Man-Beast, will rule the world for 42 months!
And it is this damnable and wicked Shimon Peres, now a member of a British Knighthood, who has administered the Kingdom of Jerusalem for the benefit of the Pope of Rome.  During Peres’ “ministry” he has been overseen by the British Crown’s “Order of the Garter,” which Order includes the “King of Jerusalem.”  That man is none other than Jesuit-trained and directed, Knight of Malta King Juan Carlos of Spain—the veritable head of Pope Benedict XVI’s International Mafia Crime Syndicate orchestrating the Vatican’s International Drug Trade!  Enjoy the video!

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