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Apocalypse Programming and “Knowing” the End of Days

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Apocalypse Programming and “Knowing” the End of Days

by Zen Gardner -  Apr 20, 2016

Apocalypse Programming and “Knowing” the End of Days Knowing-splash-600x248-700x289

Apocalypse Programming and “Knowing” the End of Days Print
by Zen Gardner
The many end of the world scenarios we’ve had pumped into us from birth, from ducking under our primary school desks in atom bomb drills to apocalyptic religion, books and movies, all have a targeted effect. It’s not just about sensationalism and sales with all the media’s putting into this. They’re playing with very deep human dynamics.
Do they really know something we don’t? Or is this just more fear programming to gain a tighter grip on humanity.
Or is it both? Or is there perhaps something much, much deeper underlying these psychotic charades?
The most profound truth beyond all of this illusion is there there essentially is no end, not in the deeper sense where it really matters. Cycles and spirals of change are absolutely “normal” and to be expected and accepted in this 3D reality, while even the underlying more real worlds are also in constant flux, yet they are endless.
Fear of an ending is a lie of the matrix, much like death.
Don’t fall for any of it. Fearless freedom is our natural state.

Apocalypse Programming and “Knowing” the End of Days Heli-1

Inside Manipulators and the Fear Machine

We can pretty much assume insider media moguls and movie producers have a lot of information at their fingertips we’re apparently not privy to. How they get this info is almost fun to visualize, almost like an old Spy vs Spy cartoon. Only these control creeps are ugly and dark.
Actually, many producers and writers have openly testified they’ve been “given” the ideas or script outlines by apparent CIA and otherwise “operatives”. This is especially the case when they show these huge scenes of massive military operations or the propaganda is particularly pointed; you then know the “suppliers” of all this equipment and backdrop have a heavy hand on the scale.
It’s clearly a pervasive factor in the content of these movies. The scale of social engineering on our planet is extraordinary. Disasters happen, no doubt. But when psychopaths have technology and covert operations to literally cause them, then it becomes a different ball game.
Especially when you factor in their manipulation of the “fear factor”. Religious pounding with messages and prophecies regarding the “End Times” are perhaps the biggest influence in people’s minds, something to be very mindful of as it’s deeply ingrained in the human psyche.

Apocalypse In The News

The social programmers love this subject. While they try to keep their credibility with the more wary audience with comments about “crackpots, kooks and conspiracy nuts” who actually believe this stuff, these Illuminist media controllers push the End of the World scenario big time.
We’ve seen the alien invasion how many times? Even the White House gets blasted on several occasions. We’ve had the asteroid impact over and over. Plagues killing us off are big, as are huge earthquake and mega tsunami scenarios. Even a frozen future world with ‘Day After Tomorrow’ type movies. And it gets more bizarre all the time.
It’s imprinting, or entraining the human psyche. This is also commonly known as simple programming. In this case it’s predictive programming – to not just accept but expect catastrophes.
Don’t you find it ironic they produce this stuff hand over fist and then these same minions and their complicit media and education stooges work hard to belittle anyone who actually believes it or warns of very real engineered or even possible “natural” catastrophes?
Isn’t that called getting “jerked around”?
Actually it’s a very sophisticated mind control technique, a deliberate mixture of traumatized cognitive dissonance while injecting their deliberate predictive programming for possible future events that may suit their purpose. It’s all acclimating their subjects to manipulated tension, fear and the ever present threat and even assumed “knowledge” of eventual apocalypse. Nasty psychopathic bastards, in a nutshell. But it’s effective.
Why, you ask? For the above reasons, but when you jump to eventual conclusions you can’t help but wonder if there are deliberate forces out to decimate our planet. Then when you extrapolate the implications of such a possibility you again can’t help but wander into wondering if this is some sort of terraforming being carried out by some parasitic other dimensional force, while extracting as much energy out of us possible in the process?
The simple greed explanation makes no sense in the light of the suicidal rape and destruction of our planet we’re witnessing. There is a bigger picture we need to be aware of. Fortunately with that comes the empowerment to use the right tools to combat such an apparently inter-dimensional parasitic force.
But I digress…or did I?
Apocalypse Programming and “Knowing” the End of Days Power-grid-drill-400x300-1

The Looming “Kill Shot” Solar Flare and Grid Failure Drills

I’m all on board with speaking up about potential natural and man-made disasters. The USGS isn’t even reporting earthquakes accurately any more and the weather news is completely controlled by the black op arm of the defense department and their complicit corporations such as Raytheon. The EPA doesn’t test for chemtrail chemicals and even shut down their radiation sensors.
The whole system has been co-opted and we need to fend for ourselves, and many independent reporting sources are doing a great job of this.
This solar cycle news has been open knowledge for years now, warning us of some very real potential serious problems. Oddly it’s been a disappointment as far as intensity goes and moved into a minimum stage, but this magnetic shutdown is worth learning about. Another major factor to be familiar with is planetary alignments and the lunar phases.
We’re still hearing about potential massive solar flares hitting that could cripple whole continents. And this is real. Even insider Michio Kaku has “predictively” often been in the mainstream news talking about it, only to have the story shuffled into the subconscious once again. Other major factors besides the sun are planetary alignments and the lunar phases, an area of research well worth tracking.
We’ve seen massive grid failure drills, including impromptu power outages like the  great “Shake Out” supposed earthquake preparedness drill in the US heartland surrounding the New Madrid fault that has now become an annual event.
As if they care, but again, it creates acceptance in the public mind of not just an event but the state and military control over every phase of society. It’s conditioning. All based on fear and more unquestioned dominance. And the programmed human outcry? “Save us. We need more protection, more technology, more security! Please give us more control over these these uncontrollables! And by all means feed us! (since we didn’t prepare ourselves…).”
All this reminded me of this weirdly predictive movie. And appropriately it’s the SUN that brings the end!

Apocalypse Programming and “Knowing” the End of Days Picture-knowingcrescent

“Knowing” – A Massive Example of Programming
This movie keeps coming back to me and I understand why. With incoming comets, reports of hundreds of fireballs, increased techtonic and volcanic activity, and our central star recently undergoing a magnetic flip and shutdown influencing our deliberately destabilized planet in profound ways, it’s no wonder.
The movie “Knowing” is slow as far as movies go, and Nicolas Cage is pretty much the same guy you see in all his movies. The plot is actually relatively simple, and is drawn out using interim catastrophes leading up to the big revelation at the end as his child gets swept into the phenomenon of hearing the “whisperers” who’ve given coded warning messages to a couple of generations of contactees of what’s about to transpire.
Nick goes a bit berserk as he figures out the code and traces the predicted disasters, but his passionate search culminates when he decodes the last line of the predictive numbers as “ee”…the “end of everything”.
As in “Extinction Event”.
First the Official Trailer for the Effect…

This next clip is pretty amazing. I don’t necessarily go along with all of the interpretations, but you’ll have to admit there are a lot of hinting “coincidences” that are jammed into this movie.

This was released a year before the gulf oil disaster and way before Fukushima.

Apocalypse Programming and “Knowing” the End of Days Kidwithaliens-1024x435

The Bigger Implication

By the way, in the story the aliens who gave the messages and keep appearing and whispering to the kids are these light beings disguised as “men in black” types. They eventually lead them to where these space craft will take them off planet to safety just before the event. In fact, they and other chosen children around the globe are deposited in other worlds to propagate, as in the Garden of Eden story imprinted on the human conscience, also hailing to the “alien seeding” concept settled science keeps dancing around.

Despite the Programming….

Once you stop wondering, you’ve stopped.
I may not go for Hollywood’s tricks, but I like to think freely, outside of paradigms. And I like to try to understand the message I’m “supposed to be getting” for what it is and not swallow it hook, line and “sinker”. But to also not discard whatever I’m being given offhandedly as if there’s no truth to anything or important message to be gleaned.
Hey…knowing is knowing…and I’m often wondering what others seem to be knowing…if they really know anything. Or if they’re just trying to program me again. Oh how they don’t realize how on to them we are!
We need to be awake and aware, and alive. Love, understanding and right knowledge then come with the territory.
Love, Zen
P.S. Lots more about this subject available on my Timeline of articles , as well as in my book You Are the Awakening if you haven’t picked it up yet.
All for our empowerment. We’re at the apex…it’s time to rise to the occasion!
*For more of Zen’s articles and interviews visit his Timeline .

Thanks to Zen at:


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