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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » INFORMATIVE GUIDES FOR THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS »  Time Is Up For the Dark's Power Struggle ~ Sheldan Nidle 8-7-12

Time Is Up For the Dark's Power Struggle ~ Sheldan Nidle 8-7-12

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Time Is Up For the Dark’s Power Struggle ~ Sheldan Nidle 8-7-12

By Sheldan Nidle

8 Kan, 12 Pop, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! Much is involved in the final aspects of the great
sundering that is to bring down the dark power structure. At present,
you are witnessing the final days of the power struggle which is
reaching its definitive denouement. The cabalists are using their
ability to foment chaos in an attempt to escape the noose we have thrown
around them, but their convoluted schemes will not be successful this
time. We have made allowances for their finagling ways and are
anticipating anything they can come up with. Over the eons, war has been
the cabal’s instrument of choice for manipulating you and wriggling out
of inconvenient situations, and it is using this tried-and-true device
today in the Middle East and in South Asia. While deadly efficient, this
‘tool’ will not result in their escape as our control over Earth events
is too strong to be thwarted by such low-level shenanigans. Do not be
concerned by what the cabalists are planning. Their anything-goes
attempts to go out with a bang will backfire on them, providing the
means to liberate this vital region of the world. The coming
transformation is utterly under the aegis of divine fate!

We watch, and prepare to institute our plans. We dearly wish to get
the divine Light show on the road. As the shackles long binding you to
the dark fall away, a new energy is born which is to bring you peace,
prosperity, and global harmony. The dark ones and their fervent
adherents deeply believe that what they are plotting will lead to a new
situation which will prevent their downfall. It is not only to fail
utterly but will expose the depth and breadth of the duplicities which
subtly rule your world. This interlocking set of directorates is to be
clearly seen for the cold-blooded oligarchy it truly is. It will be a
salutary education for you all, and will serve you well during the
events which will shortly lead to their arrest and isolation from you. A
deadly trap is being set, with the aim of separating, definitively,
friend from foe. It is vital to discover who truly intends to be part of
the solution, and who is determined to remain part of the problem. This
approach causes us much distress. Nevertheless, from the standpoint of
the bigger picture it is essential, and is to be achieved shortly.

Our work here has consistently been geared toward a first contact
with you, and we have never wavered from this course. The aim of moving
you into full consciousness lies behind all that we are involved in, and
to this end, our many teams monitor and visit you each day. The dark
cabal understands our total commitment to this sacred mission, and is
aware that we are moving more and more of our fleet closer to you. We
have also increased the number of on-planet personnel living and working
among you. In this regard we have warned the dark that any tampering
with our planet-based personnel will have dire consequences. Already,
several attempts against our missionaries resulted in ‘events’ that
scared off these agents of ignominy! We are ever diligent in ensuring
that our surface mission proceeds as it should, and these recent
defensive countermeasures have taught us much about how these agents
operate. For now the dark is careful to avoid us. Currently, we are
expanding this network on your planet surface.

Disclosure is moving forward. Our Earth allies are busy preparing for
the ouster of the many de facto Earth governments. A broad web of
infamy encircles your globe, and the unholy policies perpetrated each
day by these ‘legitimate’ governments cry out to be terminated. This
‘legitimacy’ is contingent upon control by various forms of chaos, and
by stoking the levels of social and religious schism. This sorry
rigmarole will be put to flight once the Light rightfully disposes of
these barely legal governments. Our role in these events is to support
and reinforce whatever actions are formally promulgated. Our personnel
on the ground have been providing detailed information on how different
regions react to what the dark is doing. The dark are throwing up ways
to discourage civil resistance and our Earth allies are busy countering
these moves. Freedom and liberty have long come at a price on your
world, and now it is time to sweep away these stifling conditions and
bring in joy and growth and exuberance.

Namaste! We come, blessed Ones! Your transitioning world appears to
be in a lull, and it seems to you as if nothing is happening. But
nothing could be further from the truth. Everywhere, the old constructs
are crashing to the ground, with one fiscal crisis following another. As
we mentioned, we have put into play the new financial system, and it
sits quietly in the wings, unheeded by the crumbling edifice that is
about to fall with an almighty roar. The de facto governments appointed
by by this dying colossus are aware that their end has come and are
awaiting their fall from grace. The new is to be in formal ascendance
very shortly, bringing with it prosperity, freedom, and most vital for
us, disclosure. Also, Mother Earth deeply needs to be attended to, and
this necessitates our Inner Earth and space families to join with us to
announce a new reality and proclaim to all on the surface world the
death of the restrictive, old reality.

The death throes of the dark cabal will be painted in drab shades,
symbolizing the world of limitation, war, and fiscal tyranny which has
shaped the last 13 millennia of your existence. These dark concepts
ravaged your home world, partitioned you from Inner Earth, and foisted
you off with the fiction that you are alone in an empty void. These
fabrications are to end, and a new world of divine brilliance is to
replace the bleakness and stress of the present. We are truly in joy,
for soon we will be able to tell you of the great truths and start to
unravel for you the many lies told to you over the millennia. This will
set you free and prepare you for the transition to full consciousness.
You may experience some degree of consternation, or feel distrust toward
those dark ones who so callously misled you; yet we ask you to forgive,
let the past go, and jointly move forward. With full consciousness
comes a wisdom which is to supersede the horrors that you know.

Your new realm will be wondrously glorious. The amazing relationships
between Heaven and Earth will be disclosed to you, and this knowledge
confers wisdom you can now barely guess at. On your new Earth you can
experience it fully and feel the euphoric unity of all life. You are to
begin a journey which will permit you to reach your potential and
discover your boundless creativity as you seek to maximize the unfolding
of the Creator’s divine plan. Together we will go forward, with us as
your ever-Loving mentors and teachers in the ways of the divine. We are
truly elated that this moment is at last upon us: the time selected by
Heaven is here! The final touches are being made to the sacred ceremony
which unlocks all of this and brings in the vast changes to the only
world you have know until now. Already this transformation is starting
to manifest. Be in your center and in your truth, and be ready. And have
no doubts about all that the Creator is about to unfold!

Today, we continued with our messages to you. A supreme shift in this
reality is upon us! With it come disclosure and the time to finally
meet all of us who so devotedly champion your return to full
consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and
never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat
Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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BOY....Oh BOY....I sure do like this News! :)


I think we all do!! ☀

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