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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » The Kenyan President of America diplomacy charm offensive

The Kenyan President of America diplomacy charm offensive

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No one believes that this individual speaks for the "average" American citizen. The chosen words used, the delivery of them, and the completely transparent performance of a puppet doing the bidding of others is not what people think of Americans in this country.

One has to ask, who actually is the puppet master here? the one who came running to utter fear and threats or the the quieter one who nodded in agreement with the fear and threats.

I am told by American friends that the US MSN isn't very good at reporting these days so forgive me if you already know the following.

Obama has strolled into London calling himself a friend, he has then issued threats and implied the country that is host to him for a few days is of no value to anyone if it refuses Washington's bidding. He follows up with the threat of a trade war just for those who were not clear what his message really was.

The EU provincial Governor little dave cameron stands meekly by and blinks not once during this outrage to international diplomatic convention.

Obama's immediate PR people must have been recruited from North Korea for this trip. No one seems to have understood or even researched the possibility of any back lash towards Obama for demanding of this country what he would not dare (or would he?) demand for Americans.

What would happen to Americans under TTIP remains to be seen so maybe...he would?

So far that I know of the holder of the highest office in America has demeaned the war dead of not only his hosts, but those of America in threats about the EU. He has managed to provoke some of the most pro American public figures (Boris Johnson held dual American citizenship until the IRS asked him to pay tax) to publicly say about a visiting head of state representing America.

"He is Kenyan"
"He is irrelevant"
"He will be out of office soon"

You see the general pattern.

Even the Germans are getting a little touchy about some of his policies towards Europe

Plenty more to see for anyone interested in daily UK papers online.

To see this man and the current Provincial Governor acting in this manner is quite frankly embarrassing to both respective nations.

Maybe Americans will remove Obama and his mindset replacements by the ballot box, little dave is so stupid he will be removed by a vote he completely did not have to face but ensured would happen anyway, and he will lose this vote when he could possibly win it while ensuring he will be history within 48 hours of the result.

Seriously you could not make this kind of situation up.

Putin and the Kremlin must be terrified of facing this bunch

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"

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