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Ines Radman ~ Nibiru and Alex Collier

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1 Ines Radman ~ Nibiru and Alex Collier on Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:22 am


Nibiru and Alex Collier

April 24, 2016 Ines Radman

I originally wanted to write about Marshall Masters as I listened to his last interviews. I was upset about what he was saying not because it wasn’t true. I don’t know if it’s true or not, regarding Planet X/Nibiru; but it was the way he was saying it. In brief, his interview was all about the cataclysmic events caused by Nibiru as it approaches Earth and how most of the population lives along coastlines and therefore will be dead.
This post is going to be very long because it will include Alex Collier’s Webinar below and my comments on this. I chose Marshall Masters because of his energy and his work in research. Alex Collier is someone I have known for over 20 years and have followed his life and work. This doesn’t mean either or both are telling the truth or know the truth, it’s a matter of you deciding what it means to you. I was excited tonight to listen to Alex’s Webinar because he’s really saying the same things that I have been writing about the last year. I will highlight a few items of his webinar in case you don’t have time to listen or you can then choose to listen if these highlights sound good.
Nothing interesting really happens in the first 20 minutes of the recording but after that, there are interesting topics to listen to.
18:00 We’re the ones that are creating the reality that they want. We are not consciously aware that we are creating this reality/prison for ourselves. I have written about this many times in the past year that they provide us with symbols, signs, codes, propaganda, subliminal messages so that we focus on those things and create the reality they want us to create. I’m glad to hear that Alex is saying the same thing. He also says that we have to take command of the reality that we want.
20:00 Talk of off world events such as Planet X, Planet 9, Nibiru. There are all the same thing. I want to talk about this event before I continue with the highlights. I have no doubt that Nibiru exists and that it is nearing, though I don’t agree that Nibiru is the one moving towards us, I believe that Gaia is moving towards the Galactic Center and she might get close to Nibiru. Let me say this: Nobody knows what the effects will be of this encounter/passby. Nobody knows how close it will get and IF it will even have any effects on our Planet. There is no scientific proof, nobody is able to scientifically prove that Nibiru will create chaos or an extinction event. I must question all of those that claim it will. I don’t believe scaring people like Marshall Masters does is helping us in any way. I agree that we deserve to know the truth, but I don’t agree that these so called experts should be guessing or predicting what could happen. Marshall says that “anyone”living on or along the coastline will be dead in minutes. Great. I live on a small island in the Adriatic Sea, what can I and millions of people do knowing this? How many of us can just pack up and move? Even if we were notified from the PTB that this could happen, you think anyone would want to buy my home? I don’t think so. But if we can’t sell our homes, how do we finance moving away? You see, nobody knows NOTHING. This fear mongering is simply creating someone’s reality again. If you focus on this planet and think about it impacting us, it will!
22:00 We’re the ones being asked to create this reality. We are the creators of this. Again, this is constantly repeated throughout Alex’s interview/webinar, and I can’t say this enough as well. We create the reality they want, by providing us with the tools of thought to focus on. Don’t focus on what you don’t want. Focus on what you DO want. Daydream about where you want to be and how you want to be. Create your own reality, when enough of us start focusing on Peace and prosperity, we will change the paradigm.
23:00 A retired astronomer was able to prove that each time Planet X/Nibiru passes by it creates extinction events, he was able to go back 25 million years and it clearly shows that there are issues every time it comes through. Some will say: “don’t go negative”, or “power is in truth”. Really? What truth? How do we know it is going to happen again? I have always said and Alex is now saying the same that history doesn’t have to repeat itself if the intent is different. We didn’t come here for an extinction event this time, we came here to prevent it from happening, to tear down the veil, to get rid of these buggers that are wardens of this prison planet. Alex talks about Nibiru contacting Earth, that they are in communication with different races throughout the Solar System and that their intent is to contact Earth. He has no other information but feels that this could be good.
I wanted to highlight these topics, honestly, I have not had time to listen to the entire webinar because I simply don’t have time to do so today, but it resonates with my reality and I was glad to come across this webinar today, no accident, it showed up for me to grab and I was happy because synchronicity is part of my life now. I take nothing for granted.
I can feel your rage and frustration, I can feel your impatience and I can also feel your desperation and some of you giving up hope that things are not going to change. If you have any of the feelings above, you’re not doing anything about it then. Each of us came here to do a specific task/job. It doesn’t have to be “lightworker”duty, I don’t believe in that shit. I believe we are all equals and we all came here to do our part in changing this reality. Mine is to just shine the light and as I do more of this everyday, I find that more and more people want to know my secret. What I mean by that is my calm demeanor, my constant happy face and just taking life easy, not getting upset or frustrated. I can point at the Chemtrails, which by the way or ever intense lately and not be upset by them. I have become the Observer and not the actor. By observing you become more objective. When I see or hear something that I don’t like, I simply think: “This is not part of my reality”. When I hear of someone with cancer or see someone I know that is sick, I think again: “This is not part of my reality”. By doing this, I am not accepting that condition into my reality.
This is the danger we live in each day. By providing us with bullshit TV shows, bullshit news, bullshit wars, bullshit everything, we are in turn accepting that reality and then focusing on it. Remember once I wrote about how they know us better than we do? Of course they do because they kept from us all the knowledge, occult knowledge and used it to control us. They know how powerful we are, they are afraid of us, and they are more afraid that we might find out. Each time we make a step forward, they create another war. The wars are intended to lower our frequency, to keep us in fear, to anger us, so many different emotions are spent either being in or watching these wars around the planet. Wars also serve to de-energize those areas, destroy history and antiquities, close down energy portals because we are not in this alone.
So, next time you read about “extinction”events such as Nibiru or a Pole Shift, or even some kind of Ascension, ask yourself what their purpose is in this speculation. It’s all speculation, it’s not about history repeating itself..this is what they want us to think so that we create that reality. Nibiru can or cannot have an effect on us depending on how we focus or what we think. Also, we probably created that scene for Nibiru to have some role in this reality to help us change the paradigm. I can’t say I am right or wrong, I can’t say that I have proof what I am saying is right, but if you look at my track record the last 2 years, I don’t believe that I have made any wrong assumptions or exposed innocent people. I go by my intuition and higher self. Despite all this fear mongering, Marshall Masters didn’t manage to instill fear into me because I don’t believe that we have to do this all over again. I don’t believe that Evil prevails goodness anymore, I believe that just the intent of wanting love and peace is enough to change our paradigm. Why? Because many of us don’t really know exactly what we want, but we DO know this is not the reality we want.
Listen to the Webinar and you decide for yourself. I can only say that if you have time to listen to it, you should. Truth is not power if it’s not used for our benefit. Many predictions have been given the last 3 years, about the Pope, about disclosure, about Aliens, about UFO’s, about Ascension, about blood moons, the list is long. That is all they were, predictions. They were intended for us to consciously focus on and create that reality. Humanity is in charge here, when are you going to realize and accept the fact that you are powerful?
I only have one question for Alex Collier and for all of those that agree we create our own reality and that is this: Hey Alex, how do we do this? How do I do this as an individual? How do we do this as Unity Consciousness? I know the answers to this, but if I tell you that you can change your brown eyes into green eyes, I should give you explicit instructions on how to do that right? I think that we’re done with all this information overload and that folks come forward and start helping us in changing that mental paradigm. We all know we’re in trouble, we all know the reality we live in right now is fucked up, but we need to know how to change it cohesively. These folks that are calling themselves experts in certain areas need to give us solutions on HOW to do or think or ascend. HOW do we change our paradigm Alex? I don’t have time to read about what might happen, I want answers how we can create a new reality and get rid of these sons of bitches that tricked us and hijacked our minds.

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 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr
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