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Out Of Mind » SOLAR & PLANETARY ALERTS & INFO » ATMOSPHERIC CHANGES » Europe under the grip of winter: Temperatures colder than Siberia! Tennis and Cricket matches suspended!

Europe under the grip of winter: Temperatures colder than Siberia! Tennis and Cricket matches suspended!

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Europe under the grip of winter: Temperatures colder than Siberia! Tennis and Cricket matches suspended!

Photo A dog walker enjoys a stroll through a snow-covered forest in Great Broughton, North Yorkshire
Parts of Europe are under the grip of winter as temperatures are colder than siberia.
Britain and parts of Europe are set to be colder than Siberia and Greenland this week – with snow, sleet, hail and ice forecast.
A late blast of winter will leave people shivering in near-freezing temperatures until the Bank Holiday weekend, forecasters warned.
Inches more snow are set to fall before Friday, following the flurries across the country exactly 35 years after surpise snowstorms blanketed Britain on April 26, 1981.
Yesterday's freak Arctic blast stopped play at the Oval cricket ground in South London while commuters donned hats and gloves to shovel snow from their cars in the rest of the country.

In Holland "Kings day" celebrations are being held in one of the coldest day's ever recorded for the event, the traditional evening street parties around the cities were described as "very quiet" by the Dutch media, the party goes on today with the extremely cold weather expected to warm up this afternoon.

Rare snow to coat courts at BMW Open tennis tournament in Munich
Rare snow and cold will create harsh conditions into Wednesday for competitors in the ATP BMW Open tennis tournament in Munich.
Snow slicked the clay tennis courts at the BMW Open on Sunday as pictures via Twitter showed players competing in the elements.
"I have never seen anything like this before," John Peers told the ATP World Tour.
"It's the first time at an outdoor tour-level event that I have seen snow and matches had to be suspended." ACCU Weather

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