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How To Interact With Extra-Dimensional Beings During Your Dreamtime

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How To Interact With Extra-Dimensional Beings During Your Dreamtime Higher-Self-and-the-Lightbody-533x372

How To Interact With Extra-Dimensional Beings During Your Dreamtime

Experiencing a dream is much more than just your imagination projecting itself while you sleep. There is much more going on beyond this 3D dimension, and dreaming is one of the ways we can interact with higher forms of consciousness.
How To Interact With Extra-Dimensional Beings During Your Dreamtime Indigo2-300x258
There are different layers of consciousness you can access while sleeping, and some of these higher vibrational states require much more focus and ability to stay within your body.
Those who hold the belief that dreams are only your brains imagination, are drastically blocked from being able to experience any of the infinite realities that are beyond our own.
Understanding the mechanics of reality and how energy structures itself is vital to being able to access these dream spaces. Everything is fundamentally made of energy so when you break it down, any type of being exists, for it is simply this one energy expressing itself in a different form.
There are many consciousnesses out there that interact with us on a nightly basis.
Most beings interact with humans during our dreamtime as we are not technically in our 3D body, but a 4th dimensional one. This astral body is much more light, is it more ether than physical.
Many beings are incredibly interested in interacting with us, and depending on how open you are, it is quite easy to connect with them, your higher self, or literally anything you can imagine.

Setting IntentionsHow To Interact With Extra-Dimensional Beings During Your Dreamtime Sleep-paralysis-300x215

Since everything is energy in this universe, our thoughts, emotions and intentions are also vibrational energy. Send out intentions for wanting to interact with different beings.
Be extremely specific when you’re focusing your intentions, ask for the highest, most benevolent being for you to interact with.
As duality must exist, there are many lower vibrational entities that will want to interact and play some tricks on you. Before going to sleep, envision, feel and think about different the kinds of beings and the interactions you’d like to have.
If you encounter consciousnesses in your dreams that scare you, one of the best ways to regain control is to become lucid and make them leave, for they are in your creation and you actually have complete control when you are fully conscious.

Lucid Interactions

Having a normal dream that you were not in control of is not the same as becoming lucid and choosing to have a certain experience. Many dreams are fleeting and barely memorable. Even in those kinds of dreams, you can still interact with beings, but to them, it’s more like talking to someone who is barely present. When you wake up from these kind of dreams, a lot of the time they are rememberable.
When you become lucid, you become the total creator of your space. It is your mind projecting into your own bubble of awareness, so you are foundational creator of what happens. Any beings that come into your awareness, is coming in with an agreement that they are allowed enter. The problem comes when you subconsciously allow negative being into your awareness.How To Interact With Extra-Dimensional Beings During Your Dreamtime Indigo1-300x209
After you become fully lucid and are stable in your body, you can literally think of a place, and just be there. When linear time does not apply to higher frequency planes, there’s less restriction, there is more light, it is an instant time space reality.
You can ask to speak with your higher self, aspects of yourself, your soul family and any consciousness that you knew before coming down to Earth.
You can talk to any form of being that you can imagine, and anything that you can’t fundamentally understand will simply look like light.

Bridging the 3D & 4D

You might have had many experiences with beings either consciously or unconsciously, depending on where your focus is in life.
If it is aligned with your purpose, some beings may try to interact with you outside of your dreams.
If you’ve had interactions like this before and are open to it, it is very likely being will interact with you outside of your dream time. Some people are born with the inherent knowledge of extraterrestrials, and even remember past life experiences or coming down to earth.
How To Interact With Extra-Dimensional Beings During Your Dreamtime Indigooooo-300x224 Some people have these kinds of experience since birth, and to them this is nothing new. The most common way ET’s or similar beings will interact with us on the 3D, is in those moments right after waking up from a dream.
It is a very sensitive time we are still very much in our consciousness but coming back into the physical, so we can get a glimpse of them as we wake.
Many people had experiences of waking up and seeing different beings at the edge of their bed or standing around their room.
Some people see animals that they don’t have or things that don’t belong to them in their room. Many people report having a nonchalant, normal feeling as they wake up, as if to say “oh that’s just the cat beside me” even when they don’t own a cat.
It’s important to record these experiences, one of the main reasons we don’t believe this is possible is because we don’t remember it happening to us. Almost everyone has interactions of some sort in their dreams, even if they never remember it, it still happened.
Being able to remember it, then apply the knowledge we’ve acquired in our daily lives can drastically help your personal growth. There is so much incredible information we can not only learn, but actually experience first hand in the higher realms of consciousness.

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