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MOXnews: Why I support Ron Paul! A Powerful Personal Plea to SC, & America

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Very IMPORTANT.....please watch this message and send it far and wide....we are up against it folks.....time to take our country back folks....

MOXnews: Why I support Ron Paul! A Powerful Personal Plea to SC, & America

You know him. You LOVE him. He's the most prolific aggregator of news on YouTube. Because he hails from Anti-War/PRO-Peace traditions, many of his fans are befuddled as to why a "progressive" would so actively support Dr. Ron Paul.

The whole "anti-war/pro-peace" is apparently lost on them. So Mox let'em have it:

"Why?" Simple: Dr. Paul wants to STOP murdering innocent sovereign children & foreigners that have done nothing to us, or against America.

The Golden Rule, you know, the one that some deluded neoCon/RINO audience in SC booed, is lost on those 'good' Christians who can 'forgive' Nut Grinch's serial hypocrisy and serial infidelity, but being against illegal, unlawful, and immoral murders? Not very 'Christian' in their book, apparently.

I pray for Dr. Paul. Because it's either POTUS Paul or WW3 & continued policestate at home.

Support MOX with some donations, if and when you can, ya'll.

Support your fellow R3VOL & liberty activists!

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