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Death and the Illusion of Death

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1 Death and the Illusion of Death on Mon May 16, 2016 10:58 am


Death and the Illusion of Death

May 16, 2016 Ines Radman Uncategorized

The following 2 posts may not be in the correct order, though don’t have to be but this is how I was working with these thoughts so there is a reason why I am sure.
What actually happens at the point of death? What will I feel? Will I still be myself? Will I be greeted by gods or demons or beloved ones?
An interesting and fascinating subject for me since 1981 when I physically died for 13 minutes. Although it is called a Near Death Experience, I disagree. I call it a temporary death, no different than leaving the body permanently. Consciousness makes the choice to stay or leave, we create each lifetime and know the exact time and date when we will leave the body.
I don’t want to focus on the NDE, I want to focus on the subject of physical death. We all have to experience it and have been for eons, it’s unavoidable, inevitable, it’s part of the cycle of being; but we give it such negative attention and created fear over it because of certain groups, institutions covering up our true identities and not wanting us to find out what we actually are.  We are taught to believe that we are mortals, we have this one life and because of that belief, not only do we fear death, we do some really crazy things in this life because we believe we only have this one life.
Whatever happens tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or any moment you fear your death, we must remove that fear and understand that we are eternal beings and that our attachments to people and material things cause us the greatest suffering.
There is no separate, indivisible, specific point of death. The following information is based on years of research, study and my own experiences and knowledge. Life is a state of becoming, and death is a part of this process of becoming. You are alive now, a consciousness knowing itself, sparkling with cognition among debris of dead and dying cells; alive while the atoms and molecules of your body die and are reborn. You are alive therefore, in the midst of small deaths; portions of your own image crumble away moment by moment and are replaced and you hardly give the matter a thought. So, in a way you are now alive in the midst of the death of yourself – alive despite, and yet because of the multitude of deaths and rebirths that occur in your body in physical terms.
If the cells didn’t die off and were not replenished, the physical image wouldn’t continue to exist, so now in the present, as you know it, your consciousness flickers about your ever-changing corporeal image. In many ways we can compare our consciousness to a firefly, we think that our consciousness is continuous, but it’s not the case. It also flickers on and off and yet it’s never completely extinguished. So, as you are live in the midst of all your multiple small deaths and though you may not realize this, you are often dead, even amongst the sparkling life of your own consciousness.
The death of physical tissue, is merely a process of life as you know it in your system, a part of the process of becoming. And from those tissues, new life will spring, the body is constantly regenerating.
Consciousness – human consciousness – isn’t dependent upon the tissues, and yet there is no physical matter that is not brought into being by some portion of consciousness. For example, when your individual consciousness leaves the body, like during deep sleep, then the simple consciousness of atoms and molecules remain and don’t die off.
We identify ourselves with the body. All through our lifetime, portions of our body die and the body that you have now does contain one particle of physical matter that “it” had let’s say 10 years ago. Your body is completely different now, then it was 10 years ago. That body you had 10 years ago is dead, yet you probably don’t feel that you are dead. The pupils, the “identical pupils” that you now have didn’t exist ten years ago, and there seems to be no gap in your vision.
This process continues so smoothly that you’re not aware of it.
So, what most of us want to know is what happens when our consciousness is directed away from physical reality or when it has no vehicle/body to occupy.
There is really no one definitive answer for each one of us are individuals. There is no one similar NDE because it depends on the state of our consciousness and “soul” purpose for being here. The ideas that you have about your reality will strongly influence your experiences so you will interpret them in the light of your beliefs, even as you now interpret your daily life according to your ideas of what is possible or not possible. Your consciousness may withdraw slowly or quickly from your body, according to many different variables.
In many cases of senility, the strongly organized portions of personality have already left the body and are meeting the new circumstances. I often felt that my mother, who is senile and in a retirement home has actually left her body behind, a lifeless body that obviously has some purpose to serve, but she as “consciousness”is no longer there. The fear of death itself can cause such a psychological panic that out of a sense of self-preservation, you lower your consciousness so that you are in a coma state and could take some time to recover.
A belief in hellfire can you to hallucinate hellish conditions, the same as a belief in heaven, can result in hallucinations of heavenly conditions. This is the nature of consciousness in whatever reality it finds itself and these hallucinations are temporary. There are teachers to explain the conditions. We’re not left alone but some of us are young souls may not realize immediately that we are dead in physical terms.
You will find yourself in another form, an image that will appear psychical to you to a large degree, as long as you don’t try to manipulate within the physical system with it. Then the differences between it and the physical body will become obvious.
If you firmly believe that your consciousness is a product of your physical body, then you may attempt to cling to it. We get help on the other side but basically for a brief moment when consciousness leaves the physical body, it will continue to hold onto it’s beliefs it collected during that lifetime.
You will transition and learn how to operate in a new environment in which different laws apply, and those laws are far less limiting than the physical ones with which you now operate.
Even these experiences will vary, however, and even this state of becoming for many will continue into other physical lives. Consciousness does not occupy one form or experience, it can be in many different forms and experiences depending on the Soul’s evolvement and abilities. Death is not an eternal resting place. You may rest for a while. Not only must you use your abilities after death, however, you must face up to yourself, for those that you didn’t use during your previous existence.
Those of you that had faith in life after death will find it much easier to accustom yourself to your new conditions. Those of you who don’t have such faith may gain it in a different way by doing certain mental exercises. Remember that crossing over, you carry and create whatever you believed death to be for you.
Consciousness is used to these brief gaps of physical non-existence. Longer gaps disorient it to varying degrees but not unusual. When the body sleeps, consciousness often leaves the physical system for fairly long periods, but because consciousness is not in the normally physically awake state, it’s not aware of these gaps and is unconcerned.
If consciousness vacated the body for the same amount of time from a normally physically awake state, it would consider itself dead because it couldn’t rationalize the gap of dimension and experience. Therefore, in the sleep state, each of you have undergone to some degree – the same kind of absence of consciousness from physical reality that you experience during death.
In these cases, you return to the body, but you have passed over the threshold into these other existences many many times, so it will not be as unfamiliar to you as you may now suppose. You may or may not be greeted by friends or relatives, it’s a personal matter, there is no specific process or rules. Reading Dr. Michael Newton’s books: Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, the clients share their death experiences as preferring to be more interested in people they knew in past lives than those close to them in the present. Your true feelings towards relatives who are also dead will be known to you and to them. There is no hypocrisy and you don’t pretend to love anyone that did little to earn your respect.
Telepathy operates without distortion in this after-death period so you have to deal with the true relationships that exist between yourself and all relatives and friends who will await you.
You then examine the fabric of the existence you have left and learn to understand how your experiences were the result of your own thoughts and emotions and how these affected others. Until this examination is through, you are not yet aware of the larger portions of your identity. When you realize the significance and meaning of the life you just left, then you are ready for conscious knowledge of your other existences.
You become aware, then, of an expanded awareness. What you are begins to include what you have been in other lives and you begin to make plans for your next physical existence if you decide upon one. You have the choice of entering another level of reality and then return to a physical existence if you choose.
Your consciousness as you think of it may leave your body entirely before physical death. Your consciousness leaves the physical organism in various ways, according to the conditions you have yourself preset. In some cases the organism itself is still able to function to some degree, although without the leadership or organization that existed previously. The simple consciousness of atoms, cells and organs continues to exist, after the main consciousness left, for some time. I have read many experiences where the consciousness prior to impact or iminent death of it’s body will leave first. You may have chosen to stage your death in order for someone else to learn or experience your death so once you have done the work, there is no longer any need for you to stick around.
There can and cannot be disorientation on your part, again, according to your beliefs and development. It doesn’t have to mean intellectual development. The intellect should go hand in hand with the emotions and intuitions but if it pulls against these too strongly, difficulties can arise when the newly freed consciousness seizes upon it’s IDEAS about reality after death, rather than focusing the particular reality in which it finds itself. It can deny feeling, in other words, and even attempt to argue itself out of its present independence from the body.
Someone may be so certain that death is the end of all, that oblivion, though temporary results. There is cases of leaving the body in amazement and recognition of the situation.
Christians will be greeted by beloved figures of Saints and heroes. Mass religious movements have for centuries given man a plan to follow, choose heaven or hell. The irony of this is that they literally experienced what they believed in, so if they thought they were going to hell, that is where they would find themselves.
In periods of where no such mass ideas are held, there is more disorientation, and when life after death is completely denied, the problem is magnified. Many are overjoyed to find themselves still conscious. Some have to learn all over again about certain laws of behaviours, because they don’t realize the creative power of their thoughts and emotions.
Such an individual may find himself in ten different environments within the flicker of an eyelash, for example, with no idea of the reason behind the situation. He will see no continuity at all and feel himself flung around from one experience to another, never realizing that his own thoughts are propelling him quite literally.
In this physical reality we are not yet aware that our thoughts create our reality, even if we were aware, it could take a lifetime to learn how to use that power to create consciously. The events immediately following death are in steps. Guides will become part of your hallucinations, in order for you to get out of them, but they must first get your trust.
It’s possible to lose yourself momentarily in the hallucinations and in that case a teacher has to bail you out. The variety of hallucinations is endless, for example you may take form of an individual’s beloved pet, it may have been your last thought at the time of physical death.
Over the years, I have helped a few people cross over by simply giving them permission to leave, explaining how beautiful it is on the other side or to envision a scene that makes them happy, so many people fear death and struggle to stay in the body which causes great physical suffering.
My uncle that passed 2 years ago was in an unconscious state when we telepathically exchanged. He was so afraid of leaving, although he was not a religious person, he was afraid of leaving his family behind and worried how they would manage without him. I simply guided him to the void and let him know it’s ok, everything would be find and he was gone by that evening, though his consciousness left, the body kept alive until the family arrived only to see peace on his face.
All of these hallucinatory activities take place usually some short time immediately following death. Some people are fully aware of their circumstances because of previous training and development, and they are ready after a rest, if they desire to move to other stages. They may, for example, become aware of their own reincarnational selves, recognizing the personalities they knew in other lives, if those personalities are not already in different experiences.
Then comes the period of self-examination, we may even sidestep the self-examination. Since emotions are so important, it is of great benefit if friends are waiting for you. In many cases these friends have progressed to other stages of activity and so a guide will take up the role of a friend.
Of course, it is only because most people believe that you cannot leave your body that you don’t consciously have out-of-body experiences. Since I had  two NDE’s in this lifetime, I am very aware of leaving my body during sleep to experience my other existences. People call these ‘dreams’ but I can assure you, our mind/brain cannot fantasize during sleep. Our brain’s only function is to record, collect, store and analyze.
In a way, our physical existence is one mass hallucination. Huge rifts exist between one man’s reality and others. After death, experience has as much organization, highly intricate and involved. We have our own private hallucinations now, only we don’t realize what they are. These are highly charged, significant psychological and psychic events, whether they happen before or after death.
Leaving the body and realization of death can only be explained in this following example: Think of a quadriplegic who has been in that state most of his/her life. One morning this person wakes up and realizes something is different. Overnight, he became normal but in awakening he has not yet even conceived that it might have happened. He may lay there all day thinking something is different, but not moving anything. It may take another person to enter the space he is in and move his finger or arm and only then will he realize that he is able to move. So, slowly he will now start moving fingers, elbows, wrists, ankles, knees until he’s come to the awareness that he is no longer an invalid. After this realization, imagine all the emotions being felt, tears of joy, surprise, anger, fear, it all depends on how this person became an invalid.
Then comes the process of moving forward and making decisions and choices as to how to live this new life or returned life. This is the best way I can describe death, it’s not a negative process by no means but because we are all so different, we will have different experiences.
Generally speaking, there are dimensions into which these individual experiences will fail. For example, there is an initial stage for those who are still focused strongly in physical reality and for those who need a period of recuperation and rest. The last existence may have been rough and tragic, traumatic thus the energy consciousness must be cleared before going forward. On this level there will be hospitals and rest homes. The patients don’t yet realize that there is nothing wrong with them at all.
In some cases, the idea of illness is so strong that they have built their earthly years about this psychological center. They project ill conditions upon the new body as they did upon the old one. They are given different treatments of a psychic nature and told that the condition of the body is being brought about by the nature of their own beliefs.
Imagine a pedophile at death and being greeted by all his victims? He may greet them with joy because he had a contract with them or they may not be so joyous for what he did and must deal with that. It’s all about your choices before entering the body for the physical experience.
When consciousness leaves the body and is away for some time then the connection is, of course broken. In out-of-body states the connection still holds. It’s possible that an individual who has died to completely misinterpret the experience and attempt to reenter the corpse. This is someone who identified himself exclusively as a physical image.
Some will be panick stricken when they discover the body’s condition. Some may weep over the corpse not realizing that they themselves are completely whole. Many hollywood movies have been made such as Ghost and City of Angels.
Immediately after death, you will find yourself in another form. This is the same form in which you travel out of body or astral projections and each of them leaves the body for some time each night during sleep. This form will seem physical. It won’t be seen by those still in the physical body. It can do anything that you now do in your dreams, just like in the movie Ghost.
Much later and on many levels, we finally learn how to take many forms as we choose consciously. The form we take after death is a transitionary form. You may die at 80 and after death think of the youth and vitality that you had at twenty and find that your form changes to correspond to that image.
There after death environments do not exist necessarily on other planets. They don’t take up space, so the question: “Where does it all happen” is meaningless in basic terms.
That is the result of our own misinterpretation of nature of reality. There is no one place, therefore, no specific location. These environments exist unperceived by us amid the physical world that we know.
While I sit here and type this post, millions of consciousness are leaving or entering physical reality and forms. Although I currently exist in 3D reality, I am also surrounded by higher ones, I simply can’t see them. If you still fear death, get over it because your death experience is often determined by your current belief system.
Life here in this physical reality changed so much upon experiencing death. I have learned to just enjoy and experience, be careful how and what I think and honestly, I am looking forward to leaving this body, not because my life is not great, but because I have always had this feeling of impatience of which I will write about in the next post on Attachments and Knowing.
Hope you enjoyed this!

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