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Karen Hudes ~ Network of Global Corporate Control 5 24 16 Atlantis

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Criminals On Our Shores -- Banking, the Global Reset, A Sidebar Rumination
For those just now waking up---- the Federal Reserve is not and has never been any part of
our government. It is a mostly-foreign private association of banks operating as a criminal
cartel on our shores. The Fed was invited here by other criminals impersonating our lawful
Congress of the United States more than a century ago. The details of how this happened are
presented in our sworn and published affidavit of probable cause, "You Know Something Is
Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" and The Creature from Jekyll Island.
Second, at the end of the Second World War the Allies set up the "Global Debt Facility" as a
depository with the intention --- at least on paper --- of using this international collateral for
the benefit of Mankind.
So much for good intentions and public relations. Of course, much more sinister and self-
interested agendas were in play---one of which was the rape and pillaging of America and the
dispossession of its people via fraud, misrepresentation, and deceit.
Attached you will find nine (9) important documents that establish at least one (1) of the
several versions of the Minesfield Crossover Agreements alleged to exist and referenced by Ms.
Hudes, and also a couple pages from the Secret Book of Redemption. This extraordinary work
explains how the Federal Reserve self-sabotaged its fiduciary responsibilities by introducing
deliberate errors in the issuance of bonds and other documents so as to provide a
predetermined excuse for not paying legitimate debts when they came due.
The Federal Reserve has also been instrumental in the Federal Reserve Note Scam and the
enslavement of Americans mischaracterized as British Crown subjects.
A "Federal Reserve Note" like any "note" is a Promise to Pay----like a bond is also a promise to
pay at a later date. This particular "note" was given a very special, very beneficial backing---
members of Congress acting in treasonous self-interest established a fixed "dollar for dollar"
exchange rate between the "Federal Reserve Note" and our actual United States Dollar.
As a result, the Federal Reserve Banks were enabled to pawn off paper I.O.U.s in exchange for
our actual gold and silver----and also for our unpaid labor and other resources.
To avoid paying these I.O.U.s they simply collapsed the old "Federal Reserve System, Inc."
and entered it into bankruptcy. All our gold and silver was stolen and transported overseas in
"equitable exchange" for worthless paper, and then even the debt represented by those
I.O.U.s was discharged in bankruptcy---which should have never been allowed.
That answers the question of where all the gold in Fort Knox went.
Bill Clinton had the last of our reserves shipped out during his final years in office. He also
pretended to have the authority to sell off our homes, businesses, roads, bridges, and other
public infrastructure to foreign investors. Literally billions of people globally plus 390 million
Americans have been victimized and defrauded. Governments all over the world are looking to
us to make good on all the private Federal Reserve Notes and all the bogus sales of our
property that these con men pretending to represent us have sold to investors in our names.
That is who and what the Federal Reserve is---- an international crime syndicate brought here
and allowed to run rampant by the British Monarch who is supposed to be our Trustee on the
Highs Seas and Inland Waterways, expedited by our own employees and by other people
obligated to serve us in Good Faith by every treaty, Constitution, Public Law and trust
obligation there is.
The primary beneficiaries of all this criminality are in order of importance: the Pope, the
Queen, Jacob Rothschild, and several corporations including SERCO.
The Pope agreed to forgive all "debts" arising from these false claims and agreed to return all
American assets to the Americans they belong to. He has also taken other very important
steps toward remedy.
The Queen is not eager to give up her ill-gotten gains and neither is Jacob Rothschild, who is
still smirking and bobbing, confident that he and his criminal empire will escape the wrath of
the world's people and trick them yet again.
There's only one big stumbling block. They can pay off any country on Earth except one. They
can't possibly pay back the Americans, who have been the biggest victims.
It simply can't be done.
There isn't enough gold or silver to pay back what they owe us already.
That's why from their perspective, they have to do one of two things---- (1) work a final fraud
scheme to gain immunity from prosecution and release from their debt to us; or, (2) kill off
the Americans to reduce the amount of debt they owe and collect on the million dollar life
insurance policies they've placed on each one of us.
But now they have just realized something rather crucial.
As long as there is one American left alive anywhere on the planet, that American can claim
back absolutely everything owed to all Americans since this fraud scheme began--- and
tracking down and murdering every American worldwide doesn't seem like a viable option.
They have always counted on their control of the "US Congress" as their final playing card.
They haven't counted on us pointing out that the "US Congress" isn't our Congress.
Karen Hudes thought she had everything nicely done up in time for Christmas. She had
cronies all lined up to accept our share of the gold from the Global Debt Facility. Once they
accepted the gold--- "in our behalf"---and accepted all the immunities and guarantees and
releases hidden in the fine print, her bosses would be off the hook, free and clear, able to
claim immunity and keep all our assets, too.
Luckily for the "free sovereign and independent people of the United States" the federal
toadies don't represent us in this matter and have no basis to claim that they do.
As a Trustee, Karen Hudes and the other 188 Trustees of the Global Debt Facility are in a bind.
The Americans are owed their share of the gold in the Global Debt Facility. The Federal
toadies have no basis to accept it for us. It isn't in our interest to accept any fine print that
gives the Queen and Rothschild and their cronies a "Home Free and Keep Our Assets" card.
And we are in no mood for Trojan Horses.
Those who have been listening to the exchanges between Karen Hudes and I have repeatedly
heard her warnings about "World War III" --- any such thing would be precipitated by the
efforts of the criminals to assert false claims against us and our assets and their refusal to pay
their own debts.
By now the entire world knows that the Americans have been the innocent victims of fiduciary
trust fraud on an unimaginable scale, and millions of Americans know it, too. The Russians
and Chinese know who to blame. If the Russians and Chinese want gold, they aren't coming
after us. Our pockets have been picked clean. Nobody is going to blame us for the lies of the
Federal United States. It's all too apparent who the criminals have been and it is also too
apparent that the American people have suffered along with the rest of the world.
Ms. Hudes would have the world believe that I am working for some Evil Network of Global
Control and am single-handedly holding up the Global Reset and preventing poor people all
over the world from receiving their fair share of the Global Debt Facility gold. I say that Ms.
Hudes is accusing me of what she is doing herself. She is trying to gain immunity for her
bosses---some way that they can wash their hands and avoid being responsible for their
insurmountable debts to us and the rest of humanity. It is their refusal to come clean that is
holding up distribution of Global Debt Facility assets.
They, not we, are keeping the gold hostage, trying to use it as leverage for themselves, and
trying to trick us all into accepting a bowl of porridge for our birthright.
Under their current plan the same corrupt politicians retain control and all the benefit of the
gold goes to prop up national currencies which are nothing but a breeding ground for
manipulation, fraud, and profit for the usual suspects.
The only benefit to the people Ms. Hudes can suggest is that they will no longer have to pay
interest to the banks on the money their governments mint or print. It will mean the end of
usury she says.
Pray tell, why should anyone have to pay interest to the banks in the first place?
Nobody's currency has been backed by the banks. It has all been backed by the labor of the
people and the value of their country's land, commodity, and product assets. The interest
we've all paid to the Federal Reserve --for example-- was nothing but another gratuitous fraud
scheme, a charge for a non-existent service.
So we just mindlessly donate the gold from the Global Debt Facility to the same criminals who
have enslaved and defrauded us and in exchange we get what? The cessation of yet another
fraudulent claim?
How does that benefit any poor people? Instead, it benefits the banks. They realize that we
are looking at them and questioning their existence and examining their records and their
operations and it is just a matter of time before someone says, "Why are we paying interest
for a non-existent service?"
Another recurring theme in the dialogue is that I and by implication, "the Americans", are
being selfish and unreasonable, and that's why everything is held up. The inference is that I
am keeping all this gold from benefiting the poor people of the world and standing in the way
of President Marco's Prayer--- but the poor people aren't slated to get any benefit anyway.
The banks are just colluding to pay the banks again and making sure that everyone has new
poker chips to play in another round of "Global Economy" still completely controlled and
manipulated by the same Corrupt Old Bastards Club that brought us to this end.
How about a totally different result? Something that actually helps all the people of the world
and permanently solves the problem of idolatry and dishonesty being enshrined at the heart of
our economic system?
To the extent that we need a planetary-wide currency system to facilitate trade, this can be
accomplished by a simple numeric accounting system. No banks are required. None at all.
Just a user friendly accounting system similar to an ATM that accepts deposits, transfers, and
withdrawals, a multi-tier computer system similar to the internet devoted to financial
transactions, and geeks to troubleshoot.
To the extent that we need to provide for the basic needs of all people this can be
accomplished by the same numeric system by providing basic living stipends sufficient to pay
for food, water, housing, sanitation, transportation, education, and health care deposited into
each individual account. Mankind can finally be set free from want and fear of want. No more
starving children. No more charity drives. No more slavery. No more anxiety. No more reason
for war and conflict.
Why is this possible? Because money is a symbol standing for the value of our labor and the
Earth's natural resources that we are all heir to. Labor--which includes our creativity and
inventiveness--and natural resources, are the only sources of wealth on this planet. There is
already more than enough value vested in our energy and the Earth's resources to back every
possible legitimate need anyone could ever have. There has never been any reason for people
to suffer and go without basic needs.
To the extent that we need to provide for new investments, this can be accomplished by giving
everyone their own investment account with an additional amount credited to it each year---
and let people loan their investment money without interest to any worthy lawful endeavor
they support.
We know that this is a difficult concept for people who have been trained to "work for money"
to grasp, but money is an arbitrary product whether it is made from gold or plastic or glass,
whether it is in the form of a coin or an accounting ledger. In the past we've made money of
different kinds and let these compete like different varieties of chocolate bars--- the Dollar
versus the Ruble versus the Yen--- it is time to move beyond that.
People have been wrongly taught to put their faith in money and its external forms, to idolize
it as a false god, when in fact, in an honest monetary system, its a hum-drum daily tool.
Those who control the production of money and who determine its accounting are all ----as the
present circumstance proves and as 8000 years of history provides---- universally and
inexorably corrupted by it and reduced to being dishonest profit-mongering white collar
Has the lesson been learned yet? Have we all suffered long enough? Senselessly enough? Is
it time to do away with banking--- and go to an Open Account System?
There is no reason for any child growing up in any place on this planet to go without food,
water, shelter, and anything else that they need. Nor is there any reason for any retiree to go
without a solid level of security, comfort, and enjoyment in their old age. The senseless greed
of small-minded and smaller-hearted men has perpetuated the Myth of Scarcity in the midst of
plenty--and it is nothing but a self-serving blasphemy against Nature and God.
There is also no reason for our money to be outside our local control. No reason for gleaming
bank towers overwhelming the skylines of our cities. No reason for the Christine LaGardes of
this world waving their hands and blankly discussing how they are going to seize the
retirement accounts of senior citizens. No reason for Paul Ryan mindlessly grinning like a
Halloween pumpkin as he discusses all the "necessary cuts" to Medicare and other services
that people have already paid for umpteen times over. There is no "National Debt". It's all
hokum, Smoke and mirrors promoted by thieves. We have only believed in "money" because
we have been kept ignorant and deprived of this critical tool by force, and we now fully realize
that this Ultimate Fraud has been served to us at the hands of vicious self-serving criminals
who profit by it.
There must be a great cleansing of our minds and our hearts, a sucking in of new vision like a
rush of air to our lungs. Any hope that the bankers and politicians have had that this would be
business as usual ---just a wrap up song and dance to finalize the Greatest Fraud in History---
will be sadly disappointed. The Americans are awake--- fully awake. The doors have been
opened that no man can shut.
We are going to demand our share of the Global Debt Facility gold free and clear of any
strings. We are going to liquidate the corporations that have acted as crime syndicates on our
shores. We are going to lead a profound and permanent reform of the world monetary
system. We will be cleaning out vacated public offices from sea to shining sea. We will be
reforming and replacing the courts. We will be amending and updating The Constitution and
putting an end to any outdated and prejudicial association with Great Britain allowing it to
meddle in our affairs. If we get any offer of violence whatsoever from those responsible for
these crimes committed against us and the other innocent people of the world, we will join
with the Chinese and the Russians and everyone else who has been defrauded by these thugs
and we will make sure that the promoters of these crimes never have the opportunity to harm
anyone again.
Let that be a promise heard round the world and especially in Washington, DC.
All the mentioned documents are on one page here:


Thanks Serena!

I missed the Crayford piece on Hudes! lol nailed it!

Anna has had a very public feud with her on social media which was amusing also!


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