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The Science of Sound: Sacred Geometries That Make Up Existence Can Be Captured in Water

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The Science of Sound: Sacred Geometries That Make Up Existence Can Be Captured in Water

Source - The Spirit Science

by Elimor Bader

Do you ever wonder what sound looks like?
Our entire universe is fundamentally made out of tiny vibrating geometric structures that are the underlying fabric of all-that-is. They make up anything from a blade of grass to entire galaxies; it is one energy expressed infinitely.
Plato understood our entire world was made out of these geometric shapes we called the Platonic Solids. By creating sound underwater, we are able to see some of the hidden geometry that makes up our reality.

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After Dr. Masaro Emoto and Alexander Lauterwasser, it is now the Dutch artist/inventor named Robert Boerman who presents the beauty of water sound images to the world. He took it as his personal mission to show that everything is fundamentally made out of frequencies. He portrays this concept in beautiful art pieces that are linked to certain object, names, emotions and even phenomena like crop circles.
”Everything is made out of sound and Water Sound Images prove this right: every single frequency has its own image. Change one of the parameters of the set-up, and the image will change immediately. The same with our thoughts. They are also ‘made of frequencies’. Change your thoughts and the image (world) around you will change. Not immediately, but it will change. Count on that. All you have to do is to change your frequency, your thoughts. That’s it. Piece of cake.”
- Robert Boerman
By releasing vibrations on a water surface he can make sounds actually become visible. The water surface vibrates at a certain frequency of music which creates small waves in different shapes and patterns. Interference is the joining of multiple vibrations and waves at the same time.
When the water is enclosed it bounces off the walls and the waves create patterns on the surface. By zooming in on the patterns, it shows that every single frequency has a different effect on the water. When we take this a step further and truly understand that everything is a frequency, the idea of projecting a thought onto water makes perfect, scientific sense.
This fundamental phenomenon is like common knowledge that has been lost and considered just a “New Age” thing. This is science in action, and it explains a lot about reality!
Is sound creating flowers?
These water sound images are made out of the frequency of the name in combination with the date of birth of famous People:
Nicola Tesla, 10th of July 1956
John Lennon, 9th of October 1940
Jim Morrison, 8th of December 1943
 Lady Di, 1st of July 1961
Is sound maybe the reason behind the mysterious crop circles? In this image Boerman attempted to copy the pattern of a crop circle in water
Here Boerman displays the frequency of the flower of life (12 Hz)
Which one is your favorite?
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