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Steven Greer vs David Wilcock & the SSP (about freaking time others see thru the bs and post it!!)

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Steven Greer vs David Wilcock & the SSP [videos]

June 1, 2016 1037 am – Ha! I thought I posted this yesterday but here it is in my draft folder. I wondered why no one commented, even the trolls, lol. Ironically, though, Bill at American Kabuki confirmed my belief that the SSP, Wilcock, Corey Goode, etc. stuff is bogus and designed to mislead and placate. So, here goes.   ~ BP
It’s taken several days to get an Internet signal substantial enough to even begin listening to this “Urgent Disclosure” interview with Steven Greer on the Carol Rosin Show on my iPad.
In this day and age, for Internet speeds to be an issue ANYWHERE on this planet is testament to the control “they” have over the toys we’ve been given to keep us contented cows to be led complacently down the garden path, looking only downward and missing most of what is really going on above, unless it’s to play with our drones.
The conflicting information from “insiders” continues, and I don’t like conflicting information from those we are supposed to trust. Someone isn’t telling it like it is. Why?
To be fair, David Wilcock and Dr. Greer have shared a lot of good information over the years. So have hundreds of others—many who died for their efforts.
To set the stage, Dr. Greer has ALWAYS approached the ET subject with the attitude that ALL extraterrestrials are friendly, and of NO danger to Humanity. He still says that in this audio.
If that were true, however, we would not be slaves in this fake reality with staged false flag events, poverty, death, war and destruction.
I’m all for reassuring people that the benevolent extraterrestrial races are protecting us as best they can and preparing to liberate us from our bondage, but air-brushing the truth on so many levels is not in our best interests.
Conversely to Steven Greer, David Wilcock is STILL saying there is a space war going on up there with the draco and included a military insider artist’s rendering of the current battle above our heads in his most recent post last week.
If they have insider information and are able to describe the ships, why not give us a photo? We’ve plenty of others. A picture’s worth a thousand words. A painting isn’t.
Is there a threat, or isn’t there? Who do we believe?
Are the SSP folks spinning a yarn and creating a false threat? The dark ones know the outright fake alien invasion they have been dying to execute for decades will never be permitted, so perhaps this is the next best thing.
Is the Wilcock team representing the Secret Space Program element, (who abandoned us to decades of suffering from our cabal-created lethal diseases and toxic genocidal situation) inadvertently revealing that they are trying to puff themselves up to look like they are our saviours, telling us the hidden truth and fighting off the “bad guys” day and night?
I still believe the Secret Space Program people are trying to do just that; to make themselves look so good that we will forgive them for their despicable treatment of an entire species for purposes of their own.
Here’s a new movie idea for you: “The Forsaken Ones”.
Very little has changed. They appear to be going for brownie points. The battle between the good guys and the bad guys rages under our noses (on the alter-net) in the form of disinfo and most don’t even recognize it.
The SSP faction knows “judgement day” is coming for THEM—not us—and they will try anything to have us grant them immunity, forgiveness, or in any way go easy on them if and when the time comes. They can’t afford to have the inconvenient truth come out so they lead the narrative with their own version of semi-truth.
They shower us with all manner of titillating information via James Corey Goode and Wilcock’s updates so we lap it up like dogs at their feet and stare adoringly into their eyes.  I can’t bring myself to watch them in action. A rare transcript is all I can stomach.
They continue to share THEIR version of disclosure via these chosen representatives because they were told if THEY didn’t take the initiative the Alliance would present THE FULL disclosure to the masses. Wilcock himself told us that was the agreement and the cowards can’t afford to let that happen.
Wilcock/Goode say they are demanding FULL DISCLOSURE and providing it, but I don’t believe for a second the SSP folks are permitting them to reveal everything—only what is safe and doesn’t incriminate them. Who says what they are sharing is FULL disclosure? Their spokesmen.
Have they told us they lied to Earth-based Humans to trick them into going to Mars or any of their other bases?
Have they revealed that they told the breakaway civilization colonists that did go, that Earth was destroyed in a nuclear war and that there is no home to return to? That WE—Humanity—don’t exist?
Have they told us they traded or used Humans and probably other captive races as slaves to work in those colonies, to mine for gold and other desirables? And worse? No.
There is a reason that hundreds of thousands of Beings of all kinds from the far reaches of the Universe have joined this fight against the infestation on our planet and within our solar system. It has taken millennia to get to this point that the final battle can be fought; the one that eradicates the dark once and for all.
These “whistleblowers” easily dazzle their audiences with exciting revelations about the Inner Earth civilizations (which isn’t even news) and juicy details about technology and tales from their smart-ass pads (like the one in the Bucegi Mountain complex we’ve known about for some time) that provide a fascinating history almost hidden from us… a history told even better by others.
There are so many whistleblowers and have been for years but suddenly David Wilcock, Corey Goode and the SSP are heroes. Is that really a coincidence?
Corey can’t or won’t even admit that as a MILAB he just possibly might have experienced implanted memories. Super soldier? Forget it. No, he’s not controlled or compromised in any way. Couldn’t be, or he would know. That’s the whole point! MILABS don’t remember! Unless it finally comes to them years later in breakthrough memories, but he denies he was messed with.
As an act of faith, have the SSP factions given us any key suppressed technologies they use freely in their everyday lives? Not one that I know of. Technologies continue to be used against Humanity for the most part. Bio-weapons. Chipping. Spying. Geoengineering. ELFs and smart meters.
Have they shared the “miraculous” medical advancements to heal the suffering? No. People die every day of cancer on our planet and countless other manufactured illnesses, feeding the filthy rich medical careless system the US embraces which also feeds the corrupt cabal insurance companies.
Where they are, off-planet, there is no disease and they can put severely mutilated bodies back together like you’d stitch the head back on a dog toy, we’re told by super-soldier Captain Randy Cramer of the US Marines…
…while on the surface the psychopaths continue to murder our holistic/alternative doctors who have discovered their dirty secrets and could probably cure our killer diseases—this from just last week.

Have the SSP members done anything to restore the Earth’s water and provide food to the starving? No.
In fact, Nestlé was banned from Oregon and the next day announced they would go to plan B and build a bottling facility in west Phoenix—THE DESERT!—for crying out loud. Are you friggin’ kidding me? To employ a measly 40 – 50 people?
They’ve already decimated the California food region and steal water there under the drought conditions they created with their weather wars, and decide the adjacent and also drought-stricken desert state of Arizona is the next best place to have a facility?
And what about the chemtrails? Have they stopped that? Obviously not.
If there is no threat to Humanity by Extraterrestrials as Dr. Greer says, then why don’t these SSP civilizations step in to help us? Walk the talk and maybe we’ll believe you mean us well. So far, they continue to watch our plight down here and do nothing but salt the Internet with information—most of which isn’t disclosure because others have already disclosed it.
As long as Humanity continues to accept the meager crumbs these storytellers toss out, and ask for nothing more of them, these placating tactics will continue. But no matter. Their time is just about up, and sharing a few little treats infused with a massaged truth does NOT qualify as ‘service to others’. Too little, too late.
So, are you going to help us, SSP? What’s it gonna be, boys? Yes, or no?  ~ BP

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Unfortunately I think when most of the people see something like this where a given faction is called out by an opposing or questioning faction, (unless the individual already has enough substantial data to support their own opinions) the result is often to just disbelieve either point of view, which only serves to confuse and segregate the masses even more... gee, what a plan... maybe?

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


Maybe if one "trusted" those described in the above to begin with I could see where that would apply.

But besides that... Marty! How the heck have you been? Missed you! Hope you and the family are doing great! Nannee has another grand baby keeping her busy. Life marches on. :)



WoW, I've certainly missed you all as well, just been busy with my dad and stayin below the radar... lol  I get to pop in now and then and can certainly see your busy as always. Guess that explains why I've not seen much of Nan Posting. Hope everyone is doing well.  

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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