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Date: Friday, 3-Jun-2016 07:43:46

Article referenced by David Crayford: sure to scroll down the page of the above article to read the thread.


…………… Despite all that you claim or have stated publicly, our Forensic guys have come up with so much information on you, Doug, Landa China Global, and other operations you are involved with, or associated / connected with, there is no doubt in our minds that your combined operations add up to just one big fraudulent operation against the Collateral Accounts and against the people of the world.

Let’s take a look at your last article on RMN, which I stated quite clearly we had handed over to our Forensic people, along with other items, for examination.

Guess what Jerzy! Or is it ZAP? Our Forensics guys have concluded that the article was definitely not authored by you or Doug, there being a 97% certainty it was authored by a person (who our Forensics named) who we are fully aware of. Furthermore Jerzy, three of our other people (as of 30th May 2016) from different parts of the world, came up with the very same name for the author.

Probably more than just a coincidence, don't you think, Jerzy? But we both know that too many coincidences do not add up to coincidence. They add up to reality, Jerzy, habitual criminal reality.

We all know the personality we're talking about, Jerzy, and what that personality might be like, so let me give you a characterization of same:

"… a rogue, cheat, crook, devious, crafty, a compulsive liar extraordinaire, a manipulator, has masterminded the demise of many in his quest for power and money, uses people for his own ends, works with the Cabal, structures and composes very plausible but fake stories which people believe, dumps people like 'Hot Bricks' when he has finished using them, plays people against each other then sits back and watches the results failure or otherwise, unethical, unprofessional, completely lacking in integrity, dishonest, cunning, anti-democratic, anti-royalty, dictatorial and authoritarian, etc, all of the above to the point of being of a complete psychotic personality."

How many thoughts or words could one possibly insert in the above to clearly characterize a person like the author of the article I refer to? Maybe the above is enough for even the less well educated to understand, Comprende, Jerzy?

So, Jerzy, I'm not going to let you drag me into your spiral of deceit and unscrupulous, so called Humanitarian activities by continuing to respond to your “self authored claimed” response articles, or to take these off the public blogs and continue privately, as that might just give you credibility that you do not deserve. You should understand, Jerzy, that you are undertaking illegal acts against the Collateral Accounts and the ITC, for which you are deeply involved with the World Bank, IMF, BIS, Fed Reserve, and others, all of whom hold no legal authority or power over the assets / accounts of the Collateral Accounts (Global Debt Facility), other than what they have illegally taken for themselves following January 1995, and as such they are also acting illegally and unlawfully.

It is the same with Grandfather, who holds no power or authority over the Collateral Accounts. It is the same with all your Grandfathers who collectively and / or individually hold no power whatsoever over any of the Collateral Accounts.

You see Jerzy, things have changed a great deal, as they always do over time; since Grandfather’s involvement all those years ago, so even if he had any authority then, he hasn’t got it now. Neither has he been involved in any of the International Treaties in the last 100 years or so, therefore he doesn’t know how or why things have changed / restructured, yet you willingly and naïvely believe in him and the above parties to justify the illegal acts against the Collateral Accounts / ITC, you and Doug are undertaking.

Allow me to quote from the ITC “Sovereign” Decree dated June 2012, enacted into Law on 1st July 2012. Yes Jerzy we are a “Sovereign” and as such we have laws to protect the Assets / Accounts of the Global Debt Facility from people such as yourself, and others.

Sovereign Decree No: 12/ITC/1060847-002 (Short Form)

…………………………. Any unauthorised person or party in possession of “Top Secret”, “Secret”, or “Confidential” documents, or documents such as Gold Bullion Certificates, Bonds, Financial Instruments of any description that are legally owned by the Collateral Accounts; or Documents revealing the various accounts of the Collateral Accounts, concerning, or related to the Combined International Collateral Accounts, whether historic documents or present day documents, or, conducting fraud by illegally downloading from the Federal Reserve Blue, Grey, or Black Screens, whether by Bank to Bank transactions, Swift Wire transactions, or Server to Server transactions, or similar, will, as of the date of this Decree be legally considered and construed as:-

a) Being in unauthorised possession of stolen documents / property with the intent to commit fraud, AND / OR,

b) Being in unauthorised possession of “Classified” documents contrary to both National and International Official Secrets Acts, AND / OR,

c) Committing Fraud, or attempting to commit fraud, or, complicit in such illegal and fraudulent activities that will be officially classed as “Fraudulent activities against the Collateral Accounts”, AND / OR

d) Any person or party involved, whether innocently, coerced, or otherwise, will not be considered and construed as “Innocent victims” and will legally be considered and construed as complicit, instigators, or willing participants of such Illegal and Fraudulent activities and such additional crimes against the Collateral Accounts.…………………………………..

Reference: This reference is in respect of International or National entities, and not limited in any form to National entities, Nationality, Culture, Religion, or otherwise, and shall legally mean:-

Persons, parties, Organisations, Companies, Corporations, Government, Government Authorities, Trustees, Foundations Managers, Banks whether Central or Commercial, Agencies of any description, Power of Attorney Holders, Mandates, or otherwise, shall mean the above as legal entities, or, any person or party employed directly or indirectly by any of the above, or, acting on behalf of the above, or, working in conjunction with others in the perpetration of fraud, or, employees of the Intelligence agencies whether directly or indirectly engaged, or, mercenaries employed directly or indirectly by any of the above, or, treasure hunters whether engaged by others or working independently, or, persons acting as individuals or purporting to be independent from any of the above, or, Trustees of Trusts whether incumbent or otherwise, Foundation Managers whether incumbent or otherwise, Custodians whether legally registered and recorded as Custodians or otherwise, or, any of the above jointly or severally with others, or, persons or parties, as defined above, who are in unlawful possession of assets / property of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, or, persons or parties who have been involved, past, present, or future, with the theft, disposal of assets whether accounts or physical assets, of the said Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.
The content of the above Decree is an extract only from the actual Decree which is quite substantial in content; simplified to common language to ensure a full and proper understanding of the facts by persons without the need to engage a Lawyer / Solicitor for interpretation of same.
This Legal Decree was enacted by The International Treasury Controller, as a “Sovereign” with its own jurisdiction, and came into legal and enforceable effect as of 1st July 2012.

Needless to say that there will be persons, parties, companies, Governments, Government Authorities, International Financial Organisations, or otherwise, that will ignore these Decrees believing that The International Treasury Controller cannot enforce same. Be it on their own heads if they decide to ignore same as the Clock is now ticking and it is only a matter of time.

Many Governments, Central Banks, Commercial Banks, International Organisations, Individuals, Parties, Brokers, or otherwise, around the World have been coerced (Some without realising it. Others realising it and fully cooperating with their Masters, usually with financial gain attached) into such fraudulent and illegal activities against the Collateral Accounts by America, the Federal Reserve, The World Bank, The IMF, and their Allies who still believe that they hold power and authority over the Collateral Accounts from the time of the TTTGC, even though they executed the aforesaid Treaties and Treaty Agreements of 1976, 1980, 1988, 1995, 2012, and then totally ignored the legal factors, responsibilities, and obligations behind their signatures, carrying on as they had previously done so since 1945.


On another connected issue, those of you, and this especially includes you, Jerzy, who believe I give out threats, as claimed by some; you need to think again. I state Promises and / or Warnings. If you take no notice of same that is your problem because you will never know when we are coming for you, who is actually coming for you, where we are coming from, why we choose that particular method, or what the negative effects might be for you and your family. What you can understand for sure is the fact that it will happen when you least expect it.

As with many other people who have been warned in the past, you will find yourself constantly looking over your shoulders for an undefined period of time. That is a promise, not a threat.


David P. Crayford

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