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Kp Message 6-3-16… “What to DO and how to BE when you are ‘attacked'”

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Kp Message 6-3-16… “What to DO and how to BE when you are ‘attacked'”

Posted on 2016/06/04 by kauilapele
Kp Message 6-3-16… “What to DO and how to BE when you are ‘attacked'” 150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_p1010142_crop_150_70 Today (well, yesterday) has been a pisser. At least a “zonked out” kind of “pisser” day. Nothing particularly “wrong” about all that. I just see it as an opportunity to “go with the flow” and clear the energies that seem to want to be cleared by me, and, possibly, though me. See this prior post .
So why I was going through all of the “energetic things” I was going through? Well, as I said in that prior post , I felt it was a planetary thing. And how can I “prove” that? I cannot. And I will not try. But a few others on the Kp FB page said they felt similar.
However, someone else mentioned there were some RMN postings from “so and so 1” and “so and so 2”, centering on Jerzy Babkowski, aka, Zap. And one of them refers to this Kp blog post about a Zap posting (Holy crap, that’s a lot of postings about postings!). The implication was that perhaps those RMN postings had something to do with what I was going through.
Here’s the RMN posts I refer to:

Now that’s a whole slew of stuff about things. In the 3rd one , “so and so 2” rants about “the Kp blog” and “this guy” and “this guy must be crazy”, and all this and all that and something about “Kool Aid”. I also see a fair amount of “attack” words and things like that, especially in the “so and so 1” and “so and so 2” articles. I view them as possible “trolling” pieces.
All of these things are not my concern. And what is my response? There is none. I have nothing to say about it. I really don’t need to acknowledge any of this, but felt it might be illustrative to write something. So I do.
These RMN articles represent parts of a soap opera, which seems to have gone from “so and so 1” to Zap to “so and so 2” to “so and so 1” to Zap to “so and so 2” (and so on), and who’s in love with whom and who hates whom and who got who pregnant and so on and so forth, through the “Land of SOBS” (Soap Opera BS).
That ain’t my game. I’m spending no energy there, and I’m giving none of my energy to answering anything written there. We are still all part of this same planet, and each is playing a role they feel is theirs to play. Including me.
I promise nothing about the “accuracy” of everything I post and anyone I post about. Many times I simply report what others have reported, and pick out the highlights. If you don’t care to agree with what is posted, feel free to go somewhere else. And feel free to throw attacks around and anger around and “these people who believe in a Higher Energy World, Cosmic Beings, BBBs (Blue Birds with Balls (spheres)), are full of BS” articles. Guaranteed, no matter what anyone writes on “the internet” (and their related “tubes”), someone will not like it (thank goodness it gives someone some “trolling for pay” income!).

And that’s not my concern… At all. I do not defend myself and do not defend what I “put out” there on the Kp blog. Period. If you wonder why I don’t, read these articles. They’re two of my favorites about “defending” and “being attacked”.

So this is a lot longer than I first felt I would write, but I just put it out there for anyone to view. No one has to “agree” with anything I post here. As I have said many times before, I write what I am guided to write, and post what I am guided to post. My choice. If you get something from “The Blog”, that’s fine. If not, that’s fine, too. Or maybe you start your own blog, so you can express your own self, in your own way.
Aloha, Kp
PS: Thanks to R for pointing those RMN articles out to me.

Thanks to KP at: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com


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