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The Queen is an Imposter

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1 The Queen is an Imposter on Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:56 am


The Queen is an Imposter

60 years of unlawful Roman Catholic rule over the UK, Canada and the Commonwealth

Order of the Garter instituted as protectors of the Roman Catholic Church

The Succession to the Crown Act 2013 is null and void as the Crown has been forfeited and vacant for 60 years. To undermine the lawfully established line of succession is high treason, especially the disqualification of Roman Catholics or persons married to Roman Catholic spouses in the succession to the Crown.  Line of succession laws absolutely forbids a monarch from marrying or becoming a Roman Catholic.  Elizabeth and her children and grand-children are not the legitimate nor lawful heirs to the Crown of the UK, Canada or the Commonwealth nations.

What is the motive behind this act of high treason by the German Roman Catholic subordinate Elizabeth II, David Cameron and his UK government, and by Stephen Harper and his Canadian Progressive Conservative government?  To cover up Elizabeth’s own disqualification and unlawful authority as a Roman Catholic ruler of the UK and Canada.

For 60 years Elizabeth has unlawfully assumed the crown and has ruled the UK, Canada and the Commonwealth nations without lawful authority.  German Elizabeth was disqualified from succession to the Crown when she married German Roman Catholic Philip in 1947.  She is not the legitimate nor lawfully established line of succession ruler of the UK or Canada because of her marriage to a Roman Catholic.

39. Statutory conditions of tenure. The descent of the Crown in the present line of succession is subject to certain statutory conditions as follows:

(1) a person who is a Roman Catholic or marries a Roman Catholic, is excluded from inheriting, possessing or enjoying the Crown, and in such case the people are absolved of their allegiance, and the Crown is to descend to such person or persons, being protestants, as would have inherited it in case the person so reconciled etc were dead.

Philiph’s Roman Catholic mother wearing a nun’s habit as she arrives for the wedding of her son Philph to Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

Notice the wooden Roman Catholic cross clearly shown hanging from the neck of Philph’s mother.

Elizabeth and Philph both dispute the claim that Philph is Roman Catholic by claiming he was baptised in a Greek Orthodox Church.  It is an attempt to cover up the Roman Catholic connection.  Greek Orthodox Church doctrine is Roman Catholicism.  Philph’s mother converted to Roman Catholic (became a Roman Catholic) when he was a boy and raised Philph as a Roman Catholic.  His mother served the Roman Catholic Church as a nun therefore, Philph was a Roman Catholic before marrying Elizabeth.

The Orthodox faith has its roots in Christ and the Apostoles but the Orthodox Church was founded by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325 at the First Council of Nicaea.  The First Council of Nicaea converted Christianity and the Orthodox faith into Roman Catholicsm – the sun god – Sol Invictus – worshiping religion.

The Nicene Creed (also called the Symbol of Faith, the Pistevo, or simply the Creed) was fabricated and first adopted in 325 by Roman Emperor Constantine I (the 1st self-proclaimed Pope of the newly created Roman Catholic Church) and the first ecumenical council in the city of Nicaea (Iznik in what is now Turkey).

The ecumenical council was a conference of ecclesiastical dignitaries and theological experts convened by Roman Emperor Constantine I to discuss and settle matters of Catholic Church doctrine and practice.  It was drafted to combat various heresay. The word “ecumenical” meant the whole inhabited earth; belonging to or representing the Roman Empire.

The Nicene Creed has since become the doctrine for the Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, Greek Orthodox Church, the Church of the East, the Oriental Orthodox churches, the Anglican Communion, and many Protestant denominations, converting Christianity into Nicene Christianity – the belief in one, holy, “catholic” and apostolic church – the Roman Catholic Church.

This is explained in the presscore article titled – “Jesuits Last Supper – Roman Emperor Constantine I – the first Bishop of Rome (Pope)” –

German Reich King of England George V’s acquisition of title by fraud

The House of Windsor is a fraud.  German George V fabricated and assumed the name Windsor in 1917 when it became clear that the Roman Catholic Second Reich would be defeated.  George V assumed the English name Windsor for his German family with the intent to defraud – a deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain – i.e. the crown.  Elizabeth’s real name is German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Windsor is a fabricated name – a false identification – an identity theft.  George V assumed the Windsor family identity, to hide his German identity and his allegiance and service to the Roman Catholic  Second Reich – WWI. The House of Windsor never existed before 1917.  The name was assumed under false pretense – an illegal, deliberate misrepresentation of facts, as to obtain title to money or property – the English crown.

Elizabeth’s grandfather George V became a Roman Catholic agent and served the Roman Catholic Church throughout WWI – a.k.a. Roman Catholic Second Reich.  George V forfeited the throne the moment he began serving the Roman Catholic Church.  You become a Roman Catholic simply by serving the Roman Catholic Church.  George V covered up his Roman Catholic allegiance by assuming a Protestant and English name of Windsor in 1917.  After WWI and using the assumed fabricated and fraudulent name Windsor George V continued to serve the Roman Catholic Church by financing (using the gold coins, bars, and certificates that his Federal Reserve confiscated from the American people on April 5th, 1933) the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich (the Roman Catholic Church’s Third Holy Roman Empire). The bringing about of the Roman Catholic Third Reich almost failed in 1936 when, in accordance with the lawfully established line of succession law, George V’s son King Edward VIII was forced to abdicate and forfeit the throne and all authority, titles, estates and privileges associated with the throne when he made it known that he intended on marrying a Roman Catholic.  Line of succession laws absolutely forbids a monarch from marrying or becoming a Roman Catholic and King Edward VIII was dethroned and forever disentiled when it was made known that he intended on marrying a Roman Catholic.  After being dethroned and disentilted his younger brother, George VI, unlawfully “took over” the throne and immediately, and again unlawfully, gave Edward the title, Duke of Windsor.  Because King Edward VIII forefeited the throne in accordance to established line of succession law he could not ever receive any “title” (duke, prince, marquess, earl, viscount, and baron) associated with the throne nor could George VI bestow any title to disentitled Edward.

George VI took the throne and continued to serve the Roman Catholic Church (thereby forfeiting the throne in accordance to the lawfully established line of succession laws) and its Third Reich.  Throughout WWII George VI served the Roman Catholic Church by aiding and abetting the Third Reich (Third Holy Roman Empire) and leaking top secret Allied military operations and intelligence to the Nazi Gestapo.  George VI alerted devout Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler of Operation Overlord (D-Day invasion).  Hitler was able to fortify the beaches and cause major lose of life to landing Canadian and U.S. forces.

The Succession to the Crown Act 2013 is null and void and an act of high treason because the House of Windsor is a completely fabricated and unlawfully assumed name taken by the German Roman Catholic Ducal House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.  The Succession to the Crown Act 2013 was unlawfully passed to defraud the English and Canadian people.  UK line of succession laws have been undermined and deliberately violated by German Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, her father, her Roman Catholic Hitler Youth schooled husband, her children and her governments in the UK, Canada and Commonwealth nations.

Pope Pius XII Nazi German Guards

According to lawfully established line of Succession laws Elizabeth and her children and grandchildren are all disqualified from inheriting the throne and could never be and cannot be recognized as the Crown because her marriage to a Roman Catholic – Nazi German Hitler Youth schooled Philip.  Only a Roman Catholic could enter the Hitler Youth.  Enrollment papers from the archives in Germany makes this requirement perfectly clear.  That is how and why Joseph Ratzinger – Pope Benedict XVI – was enrolled in the Hitler Youth.  Joseph Ratzinger was and is a Roman Catholic and so is Philip – of the German ducal House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg.

Further evidence that Philip is Roman Catholic (disqualifying Elizabeth from succession to the Crown) is the fact that Philip’s mother was a nun.  She wore a nun’s habit at the wedding of German Elizabeth to German Philip.  In Roman Catholicism, women may serve the Sun worshiping faith as nuns or religious sisters.  No other religion on earth have women serving them as nuns.

A Roman Catholic is specifically excluded from succession to the throne; nor may the Sovereign marry a Roman Catholic. Elizabeth married a Roman Catholic.  Her uncle, Edward VIII, was dethroned for the very same unlawful action – marrying a Roman Catholic.

Elizabeth is head of the Order of the Garter … an order originally instituted for the protection of the Roman Catholic Church.  The Arms of the Order of the Garter has the Roman Catholic Crusader cross – mark of the beast – in its center.

No sovereign of England and Canada can serve the Roman Catholic Church as he or she is the head or Supreme Governor of the Church of England.  Elizabeth is a traitor guilty of high treason – undermined the lawfully established line of succession – and a fraud.  The House of Windsor is a fabricated name, never existing before 1917 when George V assumed the false name to cover up his family’s German lineage, escape certain death and defraud the people of England, Canada and all Commonwealth nations.  Elizabeth and her family has no authority whatsoever over England or Canada.  She is an identity thief.  An impostor.  An unlawful heir to the throne.

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