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Reader, links to videos: "Vitamin D Seminar"

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1 Reader, links to videos: "Vitamin D Seminar" on Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:34 pm


Reader, links to videos: "Vitamin D Seminar"
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Reader, links to videos: "Vitamin D Seminar"

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 21-Jan-2012 18:52:43

(Thanks, c. :)
Reader cj sends us:
People typically talk of pushing vitamin C when sick with a cold or some kind of respiratory illness. That’s fine and dandy if your Vitamin D levels are up, but in the winter how are people acquiring enough D from the sun, because as a rule we do not attain enough D from food. People are less ill in the summer months and so it would stand to reason illness develops for lack of sunshine exposure where we get most of our vitamin D, aiding a body creating its own antibiotics – cancer prevention, heart disease and on and on and on...
Basic notes -

This concise 3 part series with Dr. Gerry Schwalffenberg touches upon various beneficial vitamin D studies – he details the various illness for lack of D. Dr. Schwalffenberg considers vitamin D, the “master conductor” of influencing genes – so you might be surprised how many illnesses would not develop if vitamin D levels are adequate. He points out vitamin D recommendations of old, the levels of D were higher than they are now - there was a shift from vitamins to prescribing antibiotics and drugs (supporting big pharma), and fluoride instead of vitamin D. They knew D supported bone and dental health going back to the 1930’s. A 1966 study showed Vitamin D reduced Type I diabetes by 80% - and a reverse study in Finland showed as vitamin D was decreased Type I diabetes increased. The seminar contains plenty of professional charts.
Dr. Gerry Schwalffenberg Part 1 of 3 -
Vitamin D Seminar, Edmonton Canada, April 28, 2011
Dr. Gerry Schwalffenberg Part 2 of 3 -
Dr. Gerry Schwalffenberg Part 3 of 3 -
Within 8 mins, a cancer survivor details -
Carole Baggerly (a scientist) has committed herself fulltime in promoting vitamin D. Breast cancer can be easily be cut 50% with vitamin D – studies prove it. (Living in San Diego (a sunny city), Carole’s Vitamin D levels were low) A study proved you can’t get too much D if you are taking 8000 units a day. What a wonderful woman~!
Dr. Mercola Interviews Carole Baggerly


Thanks,I am going to research that info.
I have a friend who is convinced extra vitamin D is essential to her health regimen. ☀

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