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The System Is So Corrupted and Rigged: The Coming Financial Crisis Will Be The Biggest & Quickest For The History Books

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The System Is So Corrupted and Rigged: The Coming Financial Crisis Will Be The Biggest & Quickest For The History Books
Submitted by IWB, on July 7th, 2016
One of the largest bank bailouts just silently took place this week, and no one even payed any attention to it, as all the banks bought back massive amounts of their own stocks to the tune of billions of dollars per bank.
On top of that, it’s all rigged at this point.
1. Over 72% of the stock market use to be high frequency trading last I looked into it, and that was several years back, it has only gotten worse, so what u r witnessing is computers trading with other computers.

2. The United States is buying over 80% of it’s own treasuries at this point. More than likely more.
3. Plunge protection teams shut down the market or manipulate it if it starts dropping too fast.

4. most companies are buying back their own stocks, and alot of the buying going on @ wall street is actually probably being bought by the treasury themselves.
5. There is no longer any mark to market.
6. all metals are manipulated Duetche bank in Germany just admitted to it, and sold out everyon involved. Physical metals actually probably have about 200 people who think they own the very same piece of metal, and most metals contracts r being settled in cash
7. The United States is using countries like Belgium to buy back our own treasuries.
8. the entire market is now speculative on bad news meaning more federal reserve money injection into the system, so instead of bad news meaning lower stocks, it’s become inverted, meaning everyone now knows bad news means more manipulation and higher stocks.
9. Quantitative easing 1, 2, 3, to infinity has been taking place ever since 2008.
10. The Federal Reserve is even propping up the housing market by buying billions in mortgage backed securities every month and have been for years.
11. Many say that the .25 percent interest rate hike, was in name only and never really happened.
In short, we are now the largest debtor nation in the history of mankind and while the baltic dry index is collapsing, jobs are at an all time low, the oil industry is falling apart, trade gaps are widening, and most countries around the world are actually giving negative returns to themselves while they buy their very own treasuries they’re selling, the world has gone mad.
In short kid, the entire system is as rigged as the elections and justice in the country.
It’s an illusion, it’s not reality, so waiting for someone to tell you whenever a con will come to an end especially one not based on any fundamentals is impossible to predict.
It’s why so many financial analysts have stopped giving dates, it’s because it’s no longer based on numbers, mathematics, production, or any other real world fundamentals. It’s a complete fraud at this point.
So, you tell us, when does an illusion come to and end and fall apart???
When they pull the rug out of this market it will be the biggest & quickest for the history books….When will it happen??Don’t have a clue, maybe if Trump by some miracle wins the election & they want to leave him with a devastating crash???
All in my humble opinion of course!
Deutsche bank: lower than 2008/2009
If – when – it fails, bring in the tomatoplants.
Stay safe…
US Stocks, Bonds, & Gold Jump As European Banking System Collapses
Eventually the plates will stop spinning. What they cannot do is allow for the IMF to bail out a currency experiment. France must be held responsible and Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan for allowing Greece in. Yes Greek politicians too but gross irresponsibility by the economists and France of all countries who sponsored Greece and are on record as telling the British to shut up as they don’t understand Europe. Well France, looks like you understand it all too well.
I can’t see Greece escaping, nor Portugal.  Eventually someone is going to say enough! What we do know is that Germany has trade surpluses with every single country in the EU. It’s clear there is a business racket going on, and it’s Germany’s show. I’m not blaming ordinary Germans but when the Med countries and others demand more and more and more and say but you control all, there is going to be one hell of a nasty fight.
Some will come running to the UK, but we will remember the behaviour of some of these poisonous countries. Take the money for many many years, and act very rudely to us thinking we are strangled under control in the EU. No longer and the British people do not want it. Once the Italian banking crisis starts it will remind leave exactly why they voted leave and also remain why “We are not stronger in” but “At risk of staying in”
This Bubble Is 8Xs Bigger Than The Last One
SOROS now betting 100 MILLION marks on the collapse of DEUTSCHE BANK
BILLIONAIRE investor George Soros took out a staggering €100MILLION bet that a major German bank would collapse after Britain decisions to cut ties with the crumbling EU
In growing signs that desperate Angela Merkel’s economy is struggling in the wake of the nation’s decision to leave the EU – Soros Fund Management said its short position was now 0.46 per cent – suggesting it had begun to take profits
Italy’s deepening banking crisis could RIP the eurozone apart, warn experts
ITALY’S banking crisis threatens to collapse the eurozone’s financial system and bankrupt the entire bloc, experts have warned.
Half of Euro-Area Bond Yields Below Zero as Investors Recall ’08
Bloomberg–3 hours ago
… real-estate funds with almost 9.1 billion pounds ($12 billion) worth of assets … trend of central bank actions that have herded investors into sovereign debt.
Japan 20-Year Yield Goes Negative as Treasuries Rally to Record
Bloomberg–13 hours ago
Treasuries advanced for a fourth day as 10-year yields renewed a record low, with … questions over China’s slowdown and the robustness of the U.S. recovery.
MarketsUS 10- and 30-year Treasury yields hit new low
Financial Times–2 hours ago
Wednesday’s moves are the latest records set in this year’s sovereign debt rally, which has been given massive fillip by the UK’s shock decision to leave the EU …
Canada 10-Year Yield Tumbles Below 1% on Global Growth Concern
Bloomberg–22 hours ago
… with benchmark 10-year yields falling below 1 percent, as renewed concern about global economic growth pushed investors into the haven of sovereign debt.
Brexit Turmoil Triggers Doubts on Sweden’s Negative Rate Escape
Bloomberg–7 hours ago
Sweden’s central bank pushed a potential tightening deeper into next year and signaled negative interest rates will last for two more years as it guards against
BOJ bond valuation losses are said to be ¥874 billion in 2015
The Japan Times–5 hours ago
The Bank of Japan wrote down the value of its holdings of government debt by ¥874 … The BOJ will buy ¥120 trillionworth of bonds this year, and if it buys ¥100 ..
Danish 10-Year Bond Yield Falls Below Zero Amid Brexit Fallout
Bloomberg–4 hours ago
Denmark’s debt office sold 1.94 billion kroner ($290 million) of 2025 bonds at a yield of 0.01 percent after getting bids for 3.09 billion kroner. That compares with …
Russia Blows Through Wealth Funds as Plans Said to Focus on Debt
Bloomberg–7 hours ago
An annual limit on foreign borrowing will stay at $3 billion under the Finance … As it drains the reserves, net debt sales at home will more than quadruple next …
Teamsters pensioners still looking at pennies on the dollar in retirement
Duluth News Tribune – ?17 hours ago?
Central States, the largest of the country’s troubled pension plans negotiated between single unions and multiple employers, has been operating at deficits of $2 billion a year recently. A June 17 report says the PBGC, which guarantees a minimum

Spain, Portugal Said to Face EU Sanctions for Budget Failings

Bloomberg–19 hours ago
Acting Economy Minister Luis De Guindos said in May that the deficit should … to suspend trading in its 1.8 billion-pound ($2.4 billion) Property Trust earlier …
Fed’s Tarullo says no rate hikes needed until inflation is more solid
CNBC – ?31 minutes ago?
Fed officials and other central bankers are still digesting the fallout from Britain’s “Brexit” vote and Tarullo suggested it may be sometime before it is clear how that will impact different economies. “We’ll have to watch and see over the medium term
Emanuel defends record property tax hike as bills hit mailboxes
Chicago Sun-Times–17 hours ago
“When I ran for office, one of the major issues was removing the doubt over our economic future [caused by] unfunded pensions. All four of ’em were unfunded.

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