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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Two Weeks Before Dallas Police Massacre; Craig's List Ad for "Crisis Actors" in . . . Dallas

Two Weeks Before Dallas Police Massacre; Craig's List Ad for "Crisis Actors" in . . . Dallas

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Two Weeks Before Dallas Police Massacre; Craig's List Ad for "Crisis Actors" in . . . Dallas

Post by Newsroom - Jul 09, 2016

Slightly more than two weeks BEFORE the recent shooting of Police in Dallas, an ad appeared on Craig's List for "Crisis Actors" in Dallas, with a map location just blocks away from where the recent shootings took place!
Even more suspicious is the text of the ad stated:
must be ok with selling soul to some alphabet agency.
Why would someone be looking for "crisis actors" in Dallas two weeks before a "crisis" took place?  Why would they mention "selling soul to some alphabet agency" which usually refers to some federal government agency?
What "crisis" did they need "actors" to pretend took place?
The ad has since been flagged and taken down by Craig's List, but the timing of it, and the map contained within it, raise serious questions about what _really_ took place in Dallas, TX a few short days ago.
Below is a screen shot of the original ad. (Click the image twice to enlarge)
Here is a direct link to the former ad (now deleted) on Craig's list
Here is a link to an ARCHIVE of the ad which was deleted, proving it existed and was archived by an outside, third party service.

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[size=11]© craigslist - Map data © [size=11]OpenStreetMap
compensation: lunch + clothes + hope and change

Thanks to:
Needing reliable actors. MUST stay in character, must be ok with selling soul to some alphabet agency.

Wanna help give hope and change to amerikkka? and you can even get a free lunch!

Any medical, LEO, training is great. Costumes, vehicles, everything provided. Max confidentiality needed.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers



Well the "ADD" doesn't show, a page comes up that says "Forbiden, You do not have permission..."

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


Doesn't add up.

Although there may be increasing evidence that tends to support the crisis actor concept in general, if the Dallas incident was an orchestrated event: 1) that's not the kind of thing that would be successfully pulled together inside a two week timeline, especially if including inexperienced participants, 2) a public announcement cattle call would not be employed as a means of obtaining participants, and 3) alphabet groups would have more than enough fully indoctrinated internal personnel to choose from if needed.


A viable point for sure David. However I would think that with all the eyes watching everything going on of this nature, that it would be way too daming if any of the participants, witnesses, etc. were linked as employees of an alphabet agency. Besides you have to remember that desperate people do desperate things that are not all that sensable. And clearly the PTB are desperate. imho.

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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