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Welcome Home! by Anna von Reitz and more

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Welcome Home! by Anna von Reitz

Posted on July 15, 2016 by David Robinson

A few days ago I wrote an article complaining about people who are already obviously “special” enough wasting their time (and mine) striving to prove how special they are, and how unnecessary this is.  In direct response, some people immediately began trying to wear me out with “proof” of how special and enlightened their Eastern religious perspective is versus the traditional religious beliefs of the West. 
We just got done discussing the fact that people are special because they are utterly unique.  Do we now have to discuss the fact that all the religions are special because they are unique, too?   Do I really have to endure this over and over again, topic after topic?  My school is special and better because….. My brand of shaving lotion is better and special because….. My religion is special and better because….. ?
If I grant that you are special because you are unique, I also grant that your religion is special because it is unique, your car is unique, your school is unique…. ad infinitum.  No comparisons necessary.   No arguments invited.    This argumentative “comparison shopper” mentality is precisely how we all waste time and vast amounts of energy comparing the relative differences between and making value judgments about ourselves and everyone else, between one brand of car and another, between one religion and another, one ball team and another—– and so on and on. 
Just stop and look at what you are doing and all the trouble you are causing yourself and others by doing it.  
Imagine a whole room full of carpenters and each one of them has a tool— a hand saw, a screw driver, a hammer, a level—-but all these carpenters are crippled so that they can only look straight down at their own feet and see their one tool. Imagine what happens when they try to build a house?  
I don’t care if your hammer is better at driving nails than my screw driver.  I am trying to build a house.  I already know what each tool does and what it is good for.  Standing around comparing and arguing over the merits of table saws versus cross-cut saws is not the kind of thinking that will get us moving forward and save our planet.  We need all the different tools working together.  And we need all the carpenters with their heads up, looking outward.       
So can we finally get there from here?   Will everyone make the effort to check their “value comparison” mode of thinking at the door?  
We are not here to comparison shop for new religions or discuss the merits of hammers over screw drivers.  What we are trying to get to is a realistic appreciation for our own uniqueness and empowerment, our own history, our own being—–and from that standpoint, begin to grasp the uniqueness and empowerment of everyone else on this planet and all the tools in our toolbox, all the flowers in our garden, all the religious perspectives, all the means we have to progress.  
Once we change our mode of thinking we can change our mode of being.  
We can suddenly see that each one of us is more powerful and more valuable than any “government”— which is, after all, just a fictitious construct which we empower by abdicating our own responsibility to govern ourselves. We can see that all the morally defensible religions worldwide agree on the same basic principles and that they are not actually in conflict with each other.  
Show me the sane Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or Christian who does not look at the natural world and however the words and stories differ, know that there is glory and mystery and power at the heart of it all, unfolding each leaf, holding each star in its course?  Show me the Native American Shaman who does not sense the Great Spirit in his soul and throughout the Earth?  Is it really such a stretch to embrace this universal knowledge and love of “God” called by whatever inadequate name or description we may use—–and bypass all the seeming differences to accept the First Law of Heaven?   
Show me any man with natural self-love in his heart who does not have the ability to connect with the Second Law of Heaven, and know how to treat others according to the same yardstick of love and benefit he would give himself?  
Show me anyone who has ever suffered violence who does not value peace and know the limits of justice that must bind free will?  Will the experience of these things be any different for a Hindu than for a Puritan?  So there is the Third Law of Heaven. 
We call these the Law of Yeshuah in the West, but in reality, these are not His Laws.  These laws existed long, long before Yeshuah and they exist worldwide and they will endure to the end of the Earth. It is only our awareness of them and our acceptance of them that is wanting. 
So when I speak of the Law of Yeshuah, all true Christians know whereof I speak and why, but so also do all men of goodwill know these truths in their own hearts and minds and according to their own traditions.  These Laws are universal and do not belong to just one religion or just one tradition.  They are the guiding principles of peace and moral righteousness and higher justice on this planet and how and by what pathway we come to know them and embrace them is not even an issue—-the important thing is that we do so.
I have told the story of being lost in a blizzard, many, many miles from nowhere in Alaska, car stalled, snow over my hub caps, temperature dropping like a rock in a bottomless well—- nothing but the falling of the night and the snow and one faint distant light. It was a tiny shack and Quonset hut 150 miles from anywhere above the Arctic Circle. This was not a fancy dwelling.  It was not new.  On other days I am sure I would have driven by and barely noticed its existence, but on that night, the goodwill of the householder was the difference between my life and death.  
If you think about it, we have all been there at the end of the proverbial road, dependent on others to make it another day.  
There was the doctor who saved you and the Mother who made you, and in my case, the elderly Eskimo who opened the door.  We’ve all been in positions where not only the quality of life but our existence has depended on the good sense, generosity, sympathy, and often—-courage—of others, and in these moments of Extremes the Truth—- the actual Truth— appears, and we realize how similar we are, how we all have the same needs, and what life is all about. At the heart of it all is one thing—-the Family of Man that we are all a part of, that we all need, that we all have cause to cherish. 
Mankind as a whole is at the end of the road now.  While we haven’t been paying attention the real Enemies of Mankind have appeared—- violence, sickness, falsehood, cowardice, immorality, uncaring, deceitfulness, meanness, selfishness, greed, ignorance, hard-heartedness, stubborness (the list goes on)….. all these evils have multiplied like bunnies in the spring along with corruption of our churches and schools and government and the pollution and misery of the whole world until it seems insurmountable. Except for one thing. The actual Truth. 
The actual Truth is that we are all the same and we are all in need and we are all together.  We are one family and there is no other.  We are one family and together we can do anything.  We can clean up the Earth.  We can forgive each other. We can accept ourselves for all that we are and all that we would like to be.  This is our world.  We made it.  We can unmake it.  Just as we split apart, we can come back together.  If we have stumbled and lost our way, we can turn around and come back home.  


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Please Pray For Mainstreet From Anna von Reitz

Posted on July 15, 2016 by Doreen Agostino
From: Anna von Reitz []
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2016 9:49 PM
Subject: Please Pray For Mainstreet
I have spent the day pouring through piles of correspondence— answered what I could, and despaired of the rest.  My helpers have done their best to sort mail into piles and with any luck donations for the Living Law Firm and the 50 States Claim have been gleaned out and distributed to the many who need support to continue their work.
As always I am overwhelmed with the misery and the vast numbers of innocent Americans who have been silently, day after day, preyed upon—- property stolen, lives ruined, years spent in prison, all under the guise of law and order and the American Way.
Read Psalm 119: 105-178, if you would commune with me tonight.  This is my outcry tonight and the outcry of all those who have not forgotten His Ways and His Commands, who remember what the Law really is and is supposed to be, as opposed to this horrible corporate sham.
I am here to tell you that the United States— our “neighbor” headquartered in the District of Columbia has been the author of this misery and the cause and the reason from Day One. While pretending to work with us and for us, it has done anything and everything to undermine, steal from, and ruin America.  Both the British and the French Governments and those backing their Central Banks are responsible, as are the Vatican agents who have stood mum and profited and looked the other way.
Let the Truth and the Fruits guide your way.  If any man, cause, or religion would have your allegiance, let them prove worthy with thought, word, and deed.
We all bear a part of the responsibility and own a share of the fact that things have come to this, a time when we have had the rankest kinds of criminals running our government and presiding over our courts. We have not done our part.  We have been asleep at the wheel.  We’ve been here and yet not present, lulled into a dull and deadly complacency, fooled by political parties and sideshows, brand names and semantic deceits, thinking that someone named “George” could do it all for us, though he has been dead for over 200 years. I still run into that every day— someone wanting to rant at me under the assumption that it is my job— and not theirs— to run the actual American government.
To the extent that our government exists or has ever existed, it is an inner government that begins with ourselves; it exists in our determination to govern ourselves and to do so according to high principles, to choose those principles with discernment and to join with others in pursuit of their manifestation on Earth: we hold these Truths to be self-evident….that all men are created equal.
Today, it has been announced that massive bounties payable in gold are being offered for the arrest of former leaders of this country.  There can be no doubt that mercenaries from around the world will flock like crows, eager to waylay such familiar figures as the Bush Family and President Obama. That these false leaders are guilty of many sins and omissions cannot be disputed, yet in my opinion, the true problem goes much deeper and lies in fact not with these kings, but with the king-makers, who are now offering these people up as sacrifices for their own sins.
Ask yourselves— who has a ton of gold to offer as such a reward, and who would answer the call to claim such a reward?  Only members of the Illuminati, the Pope, the Queen, a few foreign governments have tons of gold to give away. Only bounty hunters will answer, violent commercial mercenaries motivated by such things as gold and now they will be “in action” on our shores, prowling around in quiet hamlets like Crawford, Texas. And the local police will have to do battle with them.
All those who are celebrating this action by the “White Dragon Society” think again.  A form of gangland style war has begun on our shores, without any big news announcement, without any vote from Congress. And we must ask ourselves—–why?
Our failure to arrest these people and hold them accountable ourselves is the root of all of this. It should have happened years and years ago.  We should have arrested the entire remaining Congress after the Civil War and charged them with treason.  The Army dawdled, concerned about their pay— then as now—-and we slept on.
We should have arrested those who passed the Federal Reserve Act and executed them for treason.
We should have arrested FDR instead of electing him for four terms.
We should have and we would have, if we had known, but we mistook the “United States” as part of ourselves and so it has continued on its destructive, venal course, and we reap the inevitable truth that when you fail to govern yourself, someone else is eventually forced to do it for you.
I don’t doubt that Comey’s failure to indict Hillary Clinton and Jacob Rothschild’s attempts to play still more games in France have been the final straws mandating all of this.  Perhaps, too, our recent Estate Claim Letter laying bare the history of the Holy See’s former involvement and present responsibility with respect to the ongoing criminality of our court system and banking system has proded certain parties into action.
So now we have foreign mercenaries of every kind and stripe coming to Mainstreet, America.
The very best thing that could happen would be for those named to voluntarily enter into protective custody and to remain in protective custody pending trial.  In this way, the whole situation could be diffused and lives could be saved.  The second option, which would also be acceptable, would be for our own police and military to arrest the miscreants pending trial. It might be too little and too late, but at least we would be taking responsibility and enforcing order on what will happen anyway.
Tonight, please accept my special thanks to all those men who stepped forward in support of our 50 States Claim and all those who have sent donations to me, purchased our book, and supported the Living Law Firm.  We can’t possibly respond to the sheer volume of correspondence, but you can be sure that we hear and we care and we are doing everything we can to restore honesty in banking and government and justice to the courts.  This is a battle no less than any other battle and we are against vast and evil forces. Our poor country is still struggling with issues left over from the Civil War, but we must all place our lamps on a lamp stand and let them be burning brightly even so—and each of us, according to our own insights and talents must take up our part.
From Doreen
Please commune with Anna in your own way. This allows us to pull together.
Forgiveness includes forgiving ourselves, for allowing things to get so far out of hand.
Spread the word and remember, an eye for an eye blinds the whole kingdom.
Anna von Reitz is an American Common Law Superior Court Judge in Alaska. Anna, a Constitutional Scholar, serves as a Federal Postal District Court Judge for the Western Region, and is legal advisor formerly to Pope Benedict XVI and now to Pope Francis. Archive of Anna’s communiqués at
Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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Rumor that U.S. and NATO to Attack Russia, by Anna von Rietz

Posted on July 16, 2016 by David Robinson
Let nobody be fooled again.
The ONLY reason the U.S. and NATO would attack Russia would be that Putin wanted them to do so. And it would be a puny, ineffectual attack in the nature of another False Flag to give Putin and/or NATO an excuse to invade us under the guise of “peacekeeping”.
The Russians have developed some new scalar / gravitational weapons that they think give them superiority. In fact we have all the same weapons and more widely deployed but Obummer is preventing us from using them because he is a Communist and has always been a Communist and the Joint Chiefs are working for European banking interests that want to come in here and seize everything.  Putin wants Alaska and seaports on our West Coast.  So does China.
They have been staging for invasion for three years now using Free Trade Zones in the U.S.
But as always they have to come up with a story line….. Big Bad NATO attacked Russia at Russia’s behest, so that Russia has an excuse to invade us and split the pie with all the other usual culprits.
Just more excuses and LIES.
Don’t believe a word of it.
And if any such thing does happen I am counting on enough Americans will have the brains they were born with and take out Obummer, DC, Rome, and the Inner City of London and the United Nations City State as recompense.
See this article and over 300 others on Anna’s website

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