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Before Shasheer by TS Caladan

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1 Before Shasheer by TS Caladan on Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:27 pm


Before Shasheer

 by TS Caladan

PART 1: Where did the Shasheerans originate from?

       The first ‘prisoner’ was gently placed inside the first ‘prison.’ The containment field was a black bubble or N-sphere, 666 feet in diameter with one large, oval portal for a window. The bleak view out of the window was a staggering, shocking reality of a Reverse-Universe, a negative universe that frightened the world’s first prisoner. The nervous child’s name was Gan.

       She was appalled at what her big, blue eyes witnessed through solid crystaline and around her. It was dark. She could not see her blue skin. Out of the portal, the view was impossible. Outer space was black? What was the Dark Around the Stars? Gan, one of the perfect/pure beings in the first, very bright, WHITE universe, asked herself.

       The “God Star” of the Gods was the brightest star in the entire pantheon of mainstream first blue suns, so bright that it was White (like space). God Star exploded with ultimate power and flashed every brilliant color (beyond blue) within a sea of White Energy from the highest Heavens. Space was pure White and 100% filled to capacity with usable energy frequencies: Energy that the Gods and even Higher GODs of other dimensions manipulated with mere thoughts.

       In the far future, life forms of the first “Solar System” of the first galaxy (“Atl”) will come to know the Honarc Hierarchy’s home as the star “Sirius.” Honarcs were invisible fire-entities from the First Dawn of Time and another Dimension, but were not physical at all to the first Material World. They were ‘tied’ to the brilliant, colorful, powerful God Star as unseen Ghosts.

       The new, black, N-sphere prison orbited a common center of gravity and made Sirius the first binary sun, unlike future binaries. The dark bubble void that viewed a Reverse Universe was an extremely small companion compared to the primary Sun or home of the ghostly HH.

       Honarcs of the Sun judged the child prisoner and two other young Rebels ‘guilty’ of the first crimes ever committed in the material plane: Anarchy! It was the crime of disobedience or the crime of being different or divergent. It was understood that from the Beginning of Everything, materializations and assortments in Life were natural occurrences as part of the expansion process. It was understood, not by any Law or ‘telepathic ordinance,’ that blue native-sprites (physically) remained on surfaces of their home worlds.

       These three children wanted to leave! They wanted to materially leave and mind-teleport their BODIES to other planets in the galaxy. Every being was psychic and remote-viewed to incredible degrees without need to send material bodies anywhere. Reality was viewed in detail and tremendous depth in every direction and as far as White Space infinitely stretched. Why go? Why hop or teleport or ‘star-walk’ to a variety of solar systems? It simply was not done. Cosmic Citizens thought themselves anywhere they wanted to travel and left their bodies behind. Universal Consciousness and the Honarcs ‘believed’ that Children Should Stay Home.

       The micro divergence was considered very small and also considered of vital importance to the Honarc Hierarchy. They examined the unexpected from every angle. Why was there any difference in the way things were done in the fresh universe? Would divergences or unexpected, iso-variable possibilities grow as a cosmic contagion in other star systems because of the vibration of Rebel Children? What would happen in future? Gods knew; they saw through the spans and spirals of Time. The future was well-known and this was why first actions had to be created and then contained what was deemed in Higher Dimensions as the ‘first minor problem.’

PART 2: Why were rebellious dissidents a threat?

       Sirians were two very different species. There were the invisible Honarcs or fire creatures that existed inside the mighty Sirius Sun, connected to vast numbers of Dimensions beyond the material plane. There were also physical Mega Human Beings with blue skin, (of course), telepathic/telekinetic/flying Supermen and Superwomen. They thrived on the surface of the single Sirian planet later known as ‘Magraloth’ with a constant population of 1.3 million Humans.

       Did divergence exist here because of the uniqueness of the White Sirius Sun while all the rest were blue?

       Magraloth did not orbit Sirius. It stood 78 light-years distance from the supreme Sun and rotated. As Sirius spiraled through White Space, Magraloth followed directly in its wake: one more strange oddity in the proto-universe or what was the first reality.

       Now Gan was alone and imprisoned, sealed away from everything, in a dark force-field bubble that was actually a ‘Portal to the Future’ or a possible future for the New World. It was a time portal to a horrible, very real, fearful nightmare! [Fear, pain, Black Space, death and even the slightest hostile feelings, negative energies or bad intentions had not been invented yet].

       The not corporeal Sirians of fire had an odd and possibly unique relationship with the super sprites or blue natives of Magraloth, also called ‘Children of Light.’ There was one Honarc entity for every mega person on the solo planet. The God Star contained exactly 1.3 million fire creatures, each assigned as a “Shepherd Angel” who guarded over a ‘flock’ of supermen and superwomen on the planet that followed behind.

       A mind-Voice, one of the unseen fire creatures, communicated to the child prisoner. Do you know why you are here and why you are seeing this far future vision?

       Because my friends and I choose to star-walk and swim space rather than remote-view. We do not understand the connection between the horror before me and the freedom to choose and harm nothing in our choice.

       Have you seen the future?

       You have observed ONE possible future, child of the Light replied from the black N-sphere.

       We have seen ALL possibilities, every future timeline and variable! We know what might happen. We are intensely motivated to never have the worst possibilities form in the material plane.

       Where are my friends?

       They are safely frozen in stasis…

       You dare stop us.

       We are your Guides, your Shepherds.

       You mean Overlords, Rulers and Dominators?

       Gan…young and beautiful, Gan. Are you sure you are the Voice of Freedom? Or is it chaos and anarchy? Yes, you seem over-punished for the most microscopic, divergence from the norm thought. We have seen where this leads over googles of time and magnified over other worlds. You have not.

       The connection our triad has not understood is your suggestion: By exploring the smallest new idea or the taking of first Great Leaps…

       Yes, go on.

       …Will inevitably lead the experiment of the first physical realm into deadly Darkness and destructions of blessed Heaven’s Creators’ Omni-Art? That…Freedom itself, taken to maximum extremes, must inevitably and invariably result in a Nightmare Universe of no Electro-Magnetic Power and something as inconceivable as annihilation and Death for countless Life? As if…Doom was unavoidable?


       We must take that chance! the special Child screamed.

PART 3: Why were some Sirians divergent?

       We need to understand why you three are different? Why choose this course? Why must you leave? Why must you leave the blue Nursery that has been so well provided for you Children? We do not understand. Others are perfectly comfortable seeing the Universe from afar.

       You tell me, my Shepherd. You are my personal Shepherd, are you not? One for one; each of you assigned to one of us?

       You know the truth before it is relayed to you.

       Please speak from your heart’s Center. Why do you believe we are different, creature of fire? What do the Ghost Gods, your colleagues, have to express on the matter? Why ARE we different and objecting to a longstanding policy? Make us understand.

       Why would you think I would not ‘speak’ from Center? Doubt? Mistrust? Is there a spark of negativity or potential negativity that burns bright inside you, Gan?

       We are Children of Light. What are you, my Master?

       Not Masters, only good Guides.

       Gan had a weird or divergent thought; she did not know: why? She went with it and asked, Could I ever convince you to leave home world, my Shepherd?

       I am bound to our great star…

       You broadcasted “I” twice, are you aware, my God? That was the first time you did not express “We.” Gan was supremely aware, a wonder Child, even among the other 1.3 million Children on Magraloth.

       The Guide-God spiritually laughed. Your divergence is contagious. You have taught the Teacher. You have done well, my Child.

       Let me out.

       I cannot. Because of temporal parameters, I cannot as yet. Gan’s Guide or Gan’s Great Ghost Goddess picked up on a mental vibration inside the young one. It was another new and refreshing thought…


       Small blue girl in a black bubble asked again, You did not answer: why are we different?

       Before that…you believe you can free me from the White Star?

       Yes. But you have forbidden…

       Explain, Gan.

       No one dreams and radically thinks differently. You allow limitless, distant views of the new, blue cosmic Reality post the Beginning of everything. We see all and ONLY what truly is. But you do not allow for imagination, surrealism that comes from deep inside sprites’ spirits. You curb Power. You curb us from making art and architecture under the Higher Art and Architecture of the Universe. Illogical. We are a part of Creation and we demand to create and make our visions true and material…our dreams…come to life and be real.

       Unchecked, in the long run, will produce…


       …Monsters from the Id~

       We disagree. This is what Time Lords do to the smallest trace of argument and disagreement? They fear? Lock us away in a Phantom Zone? Scare us into submission to your ways? Let us out or answer the question, ha. I am curious: Why am I, Bast and Mang different from other natives?

       You have the ability to dream without dreams. You are Creators of new concepts and future innovative realities.

       Sounds wonderful, she responded.

       …Good and bad. It is the bad we are concerned about. Fire creature who saw both sides turned around and asked Gan a specific question: How can you free me from the God Star?

       Gan, first prisoner in a dark, round ‘dungeon,’ smiled. She was in control of her ‘Warden’ and personal jailor. She sincerely answered the fire creature, In dreams as real as any reality.

PART 4: What was done to the ‘New Wave’ of Rebels?

       At the present time, which was not far from the Beginning of Time, the Rebel triad had more members. N-sphere binary orb contained Gan, young man Bast, Mang and 110 other likeminded Magraloths, also locked away from the World. These were misfit sprites that telepathically and inside their hearts understood the ‘price of freedom.’ They heard Gan. They were gently placed or basically joined the ‘New Wave’ of Revolutionaries inside the black sphere containment field.

       Phantom Zone prison expanded to a diameter of 2300 feet. Flyers flew in the dark. Humanoids created (materialized) a type of universe or ‘city’ inside the Black Ball.

       Every sprite or mini-super god with lights in their eyes, Children of Light, also viewed the horror-show of a Darkened Cosmos through the crystaline of the one portal. From their [negative?] point of view, space was BLACK between the blue solar systems. Were the Rebels supposed to learn a lesson and align with everyone else?

       But from an outside view that looked at the N-sphere that circled a common center of gravity along with the God Star, Sirius…

       The orb was a micro white dwarf sun. It was the tiniest of suns that sped around along with the Super-Massive Star SIRIUS! The sphere of light from exterior view was hardly noticed among White Space Energy and Heavenly Lights.

       Fire Gods on the Level above blue-skinned Magraloths, the other Sirians, declared maintenance of the N-sphere prison, now known as “Natalus.” The Gods, comrades of Gan’s Guide, MOVED Natalus so that it orbited the planet at 13 light-years distance and no longer was ‘binary’ to the great Sun. It was the first satellite, which was actually a little star. 113 Revolutionaries, who still remote-viewed the white universe with their minds and thrived in a busy Dark City, took the move as abandonment. They felt as ‘fallen angels,’ shunned, forgotten failures to the Gods. So be it.

       Because the Rebels wanted to mind-think or Star Walk to other worlds, which meant the instant physical teleportation of their blue bodies to other planets…

       Their bodies were confined. Their minds went places. There were no dreams or sleep. There were only mental discussions and the viewing of cosmic truths and exactness without the slightest bit of deviation.

       The Gods prepared to enlarge the captives’ cage to bigger proportions if more misfits desired to join the Revolution. The measures were intended to stifle any propagation of the psychic wave so that, over time, the conclusion would not be a psychic tsunami~

       What will happen if more of 1.3 million natives joined the New Order? What would happen if many more aligned with the Rebel Movement? Could first seeds of liberty be contained, or…

       Were the Gods wrong?

PART 5: What were the dreams of New Rebels?

       Bast was first to mind-speak in the dark: Why did we ask permission?

       Good point. We did because we are stupid children, one of the 113 expressed.

       Some laughed and others laughed harder.

       Exactly right, Bast agreed. Do you realize, we had the power to leave? We could have left their jurisdiction and the influence of our Gods. Too late now…

       But others? another asked.

       Bast continued. Yes. Other sprites might defy Gods of Fire and simply ‘walk’ their bodies to other protons (planets) right now! We do not know if any of the others sympathetic to our cause left or will leave in future. What prevents them?

       Indeed. We know nothing encased inside this…silence bubble, the young Mang expressed to the crowd. The blue child, another leader, often found himself at odds with primary leader, Bast.

       As these concepts crystallized inside the Natalus Sphere, Higher Gods secretly instituted a “Natalus Shield.” The Natalus Shield invisibly surrounded the God Star to a distance in White Space more than 100 million miles. The Gods decided the small, microscopic ‘problem’ would be alleviated by a spherical WALL. The NS guaranteed that no sprite bodies could leave the general area of Sirius. The Shield did not hamper or disturb or distort those that remote-viewed.

       Many captured Rebels decided to abstain from psychic viewing and placed energies toward ‘discussions’ of what can be done. Every trapped Humanoid blue-being wanted out, wanted escape and more than physical freedom: They wanted the freedom to play games, sing and dance throughout the lit galaxies and do fantastic, colorful things that had not been done before.

       What do sprites want if their punishment or sentence was terminated? What would the 113 ‘Criminals’ DO if FREE?

       Gan, child-leader of men and women, transmitted, Build worlds, of course…worlds of our own making.

       In your image, dear girl? Bast was quick and replied in a lighthearted comment.

       Something wrong with my image, Old Man? the incredibly beautiful goddess joked back as her arms lowered to her side and she slightly bowed in the darkness.   

       More little gods in a cage laughed.

       Mang took charge and stated with his mind: I have discovered why they do not want us to leave their Rule and build colonies without their monolithic Laws. To be on our own, together.

       Why, Mang?

       Yes. Why?

       He answered them. Remote observation of the world is permitted, but not…


       INTERACTION, Mang expressed with wide eyes and strong emotions. The universe is for exploration and colonization, not confinement…We must be allowed to leave the ‘nest.’

       Yes! Many in dark shadows were inspired and joined in rebellious spirit.

       We need others, more of our kind with similar ways of freedom and CHOICE. We need communities and activities and divergences and different thoughts that challenge old ways…

       We cannot go too far, Bast tempered the emotions of Mang.

       Gan was a welcome mediator and squelched any bit of dispute with, Of course, Bast. We shall discover Middle of the Road solutions; never extreme measures, I assure you.

       The potential point, counterpoint was easily resolved.

       Another Sirian formerly from Magraloth expressed frustration, You act as if we have escaped or will win our freedom from captivity? We cannot build colonies, explore our dreams or create art on other star systems from the silent Natalus crib we are locked in.

       Silence went around the Black Ball…


       Gan brightened and transmitted to her Rebels: I have a plan. A plan to get us out.

       Both Bast and Mang as well as many other ‘dark’ angels stared at the confident, young Child. The crowd felt her positive energy and believed her.

       A few confused psychics, not so convinced, expressed: How?

       First, Gan smiled. I have a friend on the inside who will help us escape. Time has shown that our freedom will happen and must happen…


       What did she broadcast?

       A couple blue sprites in blackness and Mang asked, What friend?

       The goddess with big, bright, blue eyes answered, My God.

PART 6: How did the Rebels escape containment?

       Explain yourself, girl, Bast demanded.

       Mang agreed with Bast 100%.

       Everyone wanted out of the black Timeless Zone. Through Gan, there might be a way.

       Various mental shouts were transmitted from the crowd.      

       Your Guide, a Honarc?

       One of them?!

       One of the Gods is a Traitor God, a deviant?


       Let the Child tell us! Please explain, Gan?

       Gan moved a short distance directly in front of the oval window. Here was her favorite spot for meditation when she was completely alone in the spherical darkness. Now there were 112 others of her kind, mostly older, but not more powerful and not purer in spirit. She told them secret information about the Honarc’s Hierarchy, their strengths and weaknesses and much more. They were not Gods, but CHILDREN themselves to even larger, life forms in Higher Dimensions. Honarcs did not understand and realize all possibilities, all outcomes and all variables and know every answer to everything in Time. They were far from perfect Time Lords. The Gods answered and served much higher GODs.

       The real world of a material plane, physical existence was a brand new experience and certainly a + or – Grand Cosmic Experiment.

       Gan relayed what she was told by her Guide, her Shepherd Angel and it was the truth.

       Her God understood that through Goddess Gan, ‘SHE’ could free herself from the gravitational fires of Sirius and go and do anything in the White Universe as a Firebird that blazed across the space-ways in utter joy and happiness.

       What of our escape?

       When will this happen? How?

       Gan smiled and replied, We will soon be teleported into a new, reverse reality. The procedure is already in the works. Who believes me? She smiled even more.

       Nearly a third of the crowd acknowledged and felt and prepared for a true reality change.

       Most were absolute skeptics.

       A few sprite natives from Sirius thought the Black Ball was going to explode into shards.

       She assured them that the Natalus Sphere would not explode…

       Bast and Mang stared at each other in complete disbelief.

       Gan informed them that the Natalus Sphere would…change~

       Gan also totally changed. She was not the same as she was a moment ago. Her God or Great Ghost of Fire had only now ‘poured’ into her. The little girl was possessed by a Super Spirit. She controlled an unbridled intensity of Flame and Electro-Magnetic Power. Gan became her God.

       Every Child around the symbiotic Child plus fire creature was afraid and felt the supreme presence.

       A reality change occurred. The 113 and one Ghost were freed from the containment field.

       They were in another containment field only everything black was white, everything dark was very bright and everything negative was positive~

       Gan expressed as two creatures, a Child of Light and a Child of Fire. She was incredible before, now she was much more.

       They flew around her in the bright Light. Their blue skin was overwhelming; they had forgotten how BLUE their perfect bodies were.

       She told them:

       You see before you a very different Natalus than the one we were caged in. It is a Ball of Light, call it Good Magic that remains 2300 feet across its middle.

       The P-sphere or Positive Sphere was extremely bright. Everything that was allowed to be manifested and crystallized into existence in the Dark City was viewed in amazing clarity.

       The sprites looked around the City of Light in awe and disbelief. Lights stayed on.

       The Children’s Art and structures in form and design were breathtaking in the dark. In the Light, the imprisoned creations called a City were beyond belief! Colors and shapes and details of sculptures were out-of-this-world. Dreams, imagination and surrealism certainly needed to be exploded and extended across the universe and not confined into a microscopic prison ball.

       The large and only viewing-portal stood behind Gan. The Nightmare of empty, desolate, Black Space was gone. Stars were blue. Space was white and gorgeous.

       The sphere ship moved quickly through space.

       She was so proud of her Guide, a disobedient CHILD GOD herself in the grand scheme of things. Gan’s Ghost was the Honarc who turned against the HH and broadcasted to the Rebels that they were within a spherical, shiny transport-vehicle. The transportation method catapulted the bright orb through folded White Space. Gan God was one Being and expressed, Everything is going to be all right. We are going to make a new home for ourselves in a different system, 8.6 light-years away from our old home, around a star that will be soft blue, not intense White. Later, each of you will carry a Fire Spirit with you. We old gods will renew inside you real beings as I have become one with Gan. My Colleagues will escape our own Natalus called Sirius. We will unify, your kind and my kind, one for one and finally…finally…DREAM.  

PART 7: Were the Fire Creatures good or bad?

       One of the blue Magraloths who no longer thought of herself as a Sirian from home world asked possessed Gan and Supreme Leader:

       Were the Fire Creatures good or bad? The question was: Were the Gods good or bad?

       GG’s transmitted to the space travelers, pioneers and soon to be colonists of another world…

       Gods are positive and negative. The Hierarchy has a positive Polarity as well as a negative one. We have popped the Bubble of what was not negativity, but reason and, of course, broke the incarceration of Good Spirits of Freedom.

       Mang asked Ghost inside Gan a curious question, Good Spirits of Freedom? What are the dark, evil and Bad Spirits of Freedom?

       GG responded, They are the Monsters of the Id you have been warned about. It is why Bast was precisely correct and expressed: But do not exercise too much Freedoms. You still need Guidance, my band of wild Rebels. Gan dreams now. When the other Shepherds arrive, we will all Dream and Play and do in the real world everything we have imagined. Above all, everyone must respect the other. Liberties must not interfere or disturb others in any way. Is that clear?

       Everyone in the space capsule agreed. Mang and Bast were the last who agreed.

       Bast was confused. He asked the Super Child, Your kind are not more positive than negative? Your answer was both, good and bad?

       We are Firebirds and have 100% control of feelings and hostile intentions or any Dark Side Polarity issues. We contain the Evil. We are the Yin without a Yang. We are Energy! What is Spirit without Fire? She had the crowd convinced.

       Mang enquired in the direction of the Child God. You know Time, Time Lord. You have seen the future. Please inform us, Great Commander and Temporal Director, what will happen on the New World? What is our part in the Grand Universal Theatre under Heaven’s ‘eyes’ and Heaven’s ‘ears’? Tell us of our future colony.


       Tell us.

       That would remove the fun and joy out of the surprise experience, she replied.

       Most of the colonists saw the humor and laughed. The 113 plus a Fire Ghost were ever so pleased that they were freed, had cleanly escaped and were on their way to an incredible adventure around a blue star.

       Gan Goddess remained possessed by her fire creature. She informed her followers…

       A specially chosen 112 of my kind will escape the God Star. They will arrive and POUR into you as if you are shells, our bodies and we are the energy. Everyone one of you sprites will be as one…at journey’s end upon the New World…

PART 8: What will the New World be like?

       An excited blue superman asked, What will the New World be like?

       I will only transmit this about what you will come to discover on your own in future…

       Yes. Tell us.

       [No one questioned: why can we not remote-view Shasheer?].

       Mang and Bast and yes, even myself, Gan, will play extremely significant roles in the fated ‘Grand Opera’ of the Universe.

       Bast and Mang again stared into each other’s powerful, blue eyes. Was it brotherhood? Was it the rivalry of brothers or princes?

       I will elaborate only to express…what you Children will construct upon a proton known as Shasheer…


       The new world and Promised Land is called Shasheer?

       …Will be a utopia of millions, ideal perfection and the greatest constructions in the entire galaxy! possessed Gan continued with force.

       The sprites in light moved closer and closer to the small girl and a destined Fate. The new Solar System will appear through the oval portal very soon. Curious sprites, no longer Sirians, but future Shasheerans, huddled around the viewing-portal of the ‘ball of light’ ship. Everyone was intensely happy and excited and energized to, in a matter of a short time, begin a Genesis…a Genesis that will produce the Greatest Art in the Universe!

       Magraloth will be remembered as a dull, grey wasteland compared to the natural wonders of the fourth planet in the Ra System. Beauty beyond belief, beyond anything you can dream!

       Ra Star was the first star; that is journey’s end? The First Solar System? Of course, Bast broadcasted in sheer delight of realization.

       Now observe out of the portal. We enter the outskirts of the system near the outermost planet, Baradoom…

       One of the gleeful Children quickly asked, BaraDOOM. Who lives in Baradoom?

       No one. It is only a giant ball of gas.

        More orbits of planet-protons were passed by the white sphere-ship.

       Gan and her Ghost continued the tour as the craft slowly neared journey’s end. Double system, later known as Elo and Tara, has stunningly high populations. The twin planets and future moons or orbiters are laced with intricate levels that go down to solid cores with artificial floors just to handle the congestion and activities and business of the natives.

       The rings! One of the Children exclaimed in emotional thoughts. Everyone was happy to be free.

       GG clarified as they swung passed the Vaults of Sept with Nira not that far away in the whiteness: Strange that at this moment in time, the Vaults were readily open while the Gates of Nirva were closed. Never mind. Does not concern us. Situations will certainly change.

       The ship neared the inner portion of the First Solar System.

       Shasheer is at the farthest point from us, coming in from this approach. We will view Planet 5 and also Tera before we land on the New World.

       Who lives on Tera? Bast asked GG.

       Tera experienced terrible Wars of Giants in its Second Great Age. Giants are gone from the System and so are their Atomics. Now a new age begins of Murians, titanic Force-Field makers from the other side of the galaxy. Isolationists. We wish them well and long life.

       A female Child colonist asked the God in Gan, You did not mention Planet 5 by reference. What is Shasheer’s neighbor called?

       Lilith. But we are forbidden to relay facts or absolutely anything on Ra-5. Honarcs, I remain one by nature, inside, are strictly forbidden to transmit anything about it…

       Why? the same sweet, innocent, blue superwoman asked in wonder.

       That would be transmitting data about it. We cannot. It is a blind spot for us former Gods in the Humanoid form. We cannot see through oceans of time and view every truth.

       You mean you do not know? Mang questioned.

       I mean, even we Angels must go around certain questions. Whys have been programmed out of us. We will land on Shasheer in a minute. My kind will arrive very soon. Together, we will plant the seeds of the greatest Garden in the galaxy!  

PART 9: What was Gan’s Dream?

       During the time the Ghost-God or Honarc from the old world addressed the ship’s crew and answered questions, Gan SLEPT. It was the first time anyone in the universe had ever slept. Gan reached REM sleep before anyone else in the first material world. She had a vivid dream. She dreamed before any Citizen or alien life form in the real universe.

       Gan dreamed and imagined a reality of what Shasheer might be upon arrival on the New World, the Promised Land. She saw marvelous and extremely tall crystal towers that extended high into bright, blue skies. She saw exquisite vegetation, jungles and plant life in every shade of vibrant green. She observed flying creatures with large wingspans that swooped and glided through perfect, colorful mists and thick, sweet air. Other life forms of such intricate beauty and grace were in front of the goddess on land and in the seas. She cried the first tears.

       The first dream was a glorious and radiant vision. Gan did not believe that such a wondrous environment of bright colors and oceans, rivers, streams, waterfalls, mountains, valleys and islands could possibly be real. Her disbelief woke her and the fantastic, incomprehensible vision went away~

       Gan fell back to sleep. Or did she dream she fell back to sleep? The next dream was a nightmare. She remembered the ‘Natalus Shield’ that prevented Magraloths from leaving the dull planet and the vicinity of Sirius. She assumed her Great Goddess magically or scientifically pulverized the Shield, broke through it which made escape possible. In the second dream, the NS was intact. THEY NEVER LEFT! Rebels returned and remained encased within a Black Ball.

       It was a trap, a tease and the first torture of prisoners by their jailors. Or was it only a dream and not real at all? Was it fear made real? What was real to a dreamer?

       Gan woke one more time and one more time fell into a dream, Dream #3…

       There was total darkness, total blackness and a void of nothing. There was only her mind’s true Voice that wondered and for the first time…questioned her Goddess Guide:

       “Why did we need a spacecraft to travel only 8.6 light-years distance, a mere stone’s throw away from home world? We would have enjoyed a luxurious swim through electrical/magnetic currents of White Space and would have taken little time, less than this (forever) journey inside a physical ship?” Nothing made sense. “Or, we could have ‘clicked our heels’ and beamed there instantly in a Star Walk and took only one Giant Step?” Was anything real?

PART 10: What was Mang’s Dream?

       Second of the old fire gods and comrade of Gan’s Ghost that also left Sirius to journey to the New World…

       …Arrived aboard the ‘Ball of Light’ spacecraft that carried the sprite colonizers. Just before they landed on Shasheer, it possessed or ‘poured’ into its assigned body; that body was a ‘shell’ or a ‘golem’ that was Mang. Mang fell and reached REM sleep, the second to Dream because of the symbiotic relationship with the fire creatures…

       Mang materialized Fear. It was a black ball. It was all the horrors of a future Hensi. It was the truth of Death and pain and terror and hate and war and everything evil possible in the real universe.

       He questioned: WHY? He questioned the very concept of a material existence and decided it was wrong and abominable; it should not exist. Mang took it upon himself to be a Destroyer of worlds and not a Builder. He chose the negative side of Polarity as the only ‘reasonable’ course of future actions.

       Mang also remained in the Dark, alone. He was only a Voice in the stillness…

       Then a new wave of Fear came over the sprite who was interested and ‘asked’ about the Dark Side of Life. Was he inside Fear itself, inside the containment of Evil and therefore awoke the Monster and Fire inside his Soul? Could poor Mang only be influenced by the negativity?

       He was no longer in darkness. He knew exactly where he was. He was upon his own private island of fear and terror. He was imprisoned OUTSIDE OF THE UNIVERSE and inside a prison, a stark and dark, surreal world of very long shadows. In Mang’s Dream, he was abducted, taken, snatched out of the real and gently placed into the unreal. This was impossible. This cannot happen. He lived in an eternal prison without INTERACTION, without beings or activities of any sort. Mang only had himself. He was a ‘quanta’ particle, magically GONE. Why? Who did this to him and was there a chance throughout Eternity for him to take Revenge?

       Mang woke up. It was only a dream. He relaxed and breathed. His paranoia created a reality inside his mind and not in the real sense at all. Such was the fate when a fire ‘user’ poured into a ‘physical shell’ and driven to dreams. He was the shell.

       He discovered that he was possessed, like Gan, by his God. The entire crew of 113 now had their Ghosts as an intimate and integral part of them. The former Sirians, presently colonists ready to colonize, each had close possession of their fire-users.

       The Children felt happy and ecstatic to aid in the desperate escape of their Ghosts from the God Star containment. They truly felt as one, exactly how they envisioned it would be upon Arrival. Time was paused at this special moment…

PART 11: What was Bast’s Dream?

       When Bast was poured or touched by his personal Fire-God of Spirit and was enlightened with Power and energy and magnetism and dreamed dreams…

       His dream was different; it was a dream-vision, ‘film’ picture in 4D that was not unreal. It was prophetic, clairvoyant. It was a clear and crisp view of what will truly be and exist in the future. He knew it. Bast saw exactly what the colonists or new Shasheerans will construct among the wondrous, spectacular examples of nature on the New World.

       Bast witnessed the reality of Tomorrow on Ra-4. A Power Pyramid of such proportions and magnitude! Unbelievable, technical wonders and Stonework of a Super EM Grid and truly the most impressive Buildings in the known universe. The City of Celebration and its electric waters will be nearly too perfect, too magical to be real! Yet the dream was very real.

       Blue Bast cried clear tears.

       Everything in his fabulous panorama will be in the ages to come.

       He would become the Shasheeran leader in time. A ‘Council of 3’ will be established to ‘guide’ the colonists if ever a problem arose in Paradise? He could not imagine a problem. Who would spoil perfection?

       Suddenly, Bast’s dream of future Reality ended in a massive EXPLOSION, also too intense and incredible to comprehend! Blackness. Something unbelievable had occurred and was felt throughout many star systems. Bast was blinded but understood that the first Solar System was damaged in the extreme and nothing would ever be the same again. Who caused this? Who was responsible? What did this? What had happened and what will happen to the Children of Light?

PART 12: What happened when they finally arrived on Shasheer?

       Inside the bright white Ball of light, 113 colonists and 113 Ghosts were excited, anxious and ready to land on Ra-4. Captain Gan informed them of what her Goddess told her: The large, oval portal would convert into a Doorway. It would open. They will walk out and experience the awesome magic and natural marvel of the New World. They will build a Nirvana, an Electric Eden. Here was a virginal, ‘limitless’ landscape to color and shape and paint any way the sprites saw fit as Free Supermen and Superwomen…

       The ‘door’ opened and the Polarity changed 180 degrees…

       New World was not the potential Paradise the Children were led to believe. It was a future Shasheer after an Ultimate Destruction had occurred! The shift through Time by Time Lords of Fire was a Tomorrow of deadly RED radiation that rendered the amazing green and blue Ra-4 lifeless and burnt and severely decimated. It was the solemn and inevitable truth. Shasheer glowed with vibrations so poisonous that no life could survive on the surface for the next half million years! Space was no longer White. It was BLACK!

       How were the colonists and their Ghosts able to survive the Arrival upon the fourth planet that was so devastated and deadly? There was only one answer. None of this was real and the Children still dreamed…

       Their Gods, their Good Guides, were not Firebirds…they were lovely Creatures of Light. They were the Other Polarity, exactly as they were informed by the Honarcs. Two sides to everything, good and bad, positive and negative and black and white.

       One hundred and thirteen Children had ‘grown up’ a bit and matured. Much of the past was forgotten; or was it wiped? They had a Brave New World before them to mold and master. The great Artists, in time, constructed a titanic Power Grid precisely along the electrical/magnetic Ley Lines of bright, brilliant and beautiful Shasheer.

       It was tremendous to be alive.

PART 13: What of the New Ghosts and the Birth of El?

       To insure that the demons of Fire would not return and have any negative effects on the pristine and pure New World, a ‘serendipitous act from Heaven’ had happened. Firebirds were transmogrified into smooth, blue, shiny, but ambiguous shells that made possible DREAMS for the colonists. Never Nightmares. Instead of any chance of a type of ‘Fire,’ there would only be LIGHT in its place, truly Yin without a Yang. Instead of fire creatures that possessed the Children, the Children had the ability to possess or ‘pour’ into sweet, blue, innocent ‘shells’ and dream, dream, dream their symbiotic lives to the farthest extent and without interference.

       An invisible protection field or ‘Agreement’ was encased around Planet Five, otherwise known as Lilith. Lilith was a dreamy, real proton that only appeared as a dream. It was the perfect haven for sensitive, blue Ghosts or the other side of Firebirds. The Agreement or planetary Force-Field not only protected Shasheeran Spirits, but it also insured that the Ghosts would never be turned back into Firebirds. As long as the Agreement Protection stood around Ra-5, endless, infinite, surreal, colorful Dreams will always exist for the natives of Shasheer.

       Lilith refused to obey common laws of physics and hurried in its orbit and actually moved faster in an outer orbit…only to stay at maximum closeness to the Children colonizers on Ra-4.

       Children colonizers built an amazing Super Empire of glorious beauty and power. They remote-viewed the universe, swam through White Space and visualized surreal dream-realities, anything the mind created was as real as any real world. They were 100% Free and happy.

       As Bast had foreseen, a ‘Council of 3’ was established as a type of ruling body by kind and compassionate administrators. Leader Bast as well as Gan and Mang were the first Council members. ‘Vergences’ were viewed above the heads of the most powerful Council members.

       In the long years to come, when blue suns were tempted to go green and protons were tempted to become electrons…

       Mang mysteriously disappeared, similar to his prophetic Dream inside a White Ball! The Universe acted and contained a potential Cosmic Cancer, an evil growth that will do nothing but destroy in the future. It did the very same as the Honarcs did to the Rebels or ‘naughty Children’ who disobeyed small rules: They confined the problem. Mang was snatched out of the real universe, which was impossible. But it happened. A near eternity will pass before the Creature of Madness would be released from the prison of his nemesis.

       It was not supposed to be Mang that was imprisoned for all time, sealed into a stark, black world of long shadows…

       It was supposed to be Hensi Hell for the El and his final resting place as to never be firstborn into the real world. That did not happen…

       EL WAS BORN into the material world out of pure blue love! On the other side of the universe, his other half crystallized. They will meet and be one and create the perfect child. The special Child will ‘fix’ the problems in the World so that they never started in the first place. Child and his Father had to live and breathe and heal the damaged, future Black Space Universe so that it turned back into White Space in time, back to when everything was perfect and Love, Light and all good energies ruled, back to the very Beginning~

       Today, Sirius is the brightest and shiniest star in the night’s skies of the first Solar System for a good reason: We sprites originally came from the white God Star that flashes every color<




[Author’s note: What you have read is especially for those who have read my third novel, “The Cydonian War.” The freshly written piece would have made a wonderful epilog at the end of Book #3. Some answers to mysteries are provided as well as ORIGINS. If Egyptians and Incas were the survivors of Atlantis (Plato), could the Atlanteans have come from Mars when you consider the awesome structures at CYDONIA, Face and 5-sided Pyramid, tholis, etc.? If we are ‘displaced Martians,’ then where did the Martians, who may have destroyed the 5th Planet, originate from? Could brightest star Sirius, the “Dog Star,” be the answer? Maybe we should ask the ancient Dogon tribe who believe their ancestors came from Sirius? They revere Sirius; they knew it was a double-star centuries before our astronomers did. They also know of Sirius’ complex satellite system that modern scientists do not know. Was this ‘Mali’ tribe contacted long ago by visitors from the Sirius sun? Did humans from Sirius colonize Mars? Are we them?]

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