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To Kill a Clone by TS Caladan

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1 To Kill a Clone by TS Caladan on Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:36 am


To Kill a Clone
                  by TS Caladan

Raisy Didley stood on her mark in front of another Raisy Didley, also in costume of an ‘Ejid Night,’ on a mock set of a future film (#9 in the series). The difference between the first Raisy and the second: The first was in command, held a real [not fake or special-effect] light-saber in her hand and was not gagged and bound to a Royal Throne. The deadly weapon’s color was RED. She paced angrily around the bogus throne in the abandoned, violet ‘Throne Room of Ralia’s High Council.’
       Tied and gagged Raisy, a literal clone, heard the familiar ‘whoooommb’ sound of the light-saber and showed fear on her face.
       Of course the scene was a film set and nothing was real. Or was it? Was it scripted? Or was the phony stage actually where the true drama would take place? This was not a play or theatre or rehearsal or a screen-test. Dark events were part of secret ‘Killing Games,’ behind black curtains and shadows of the Industry that no one talked about.
       Countless ‘Eyes of the Night Empire’ viewed the fake, alien landscape in the foreground and the huge Green Screens that surrounded the set. The rest of the lavish, gargantuan Throne Room would be digitally added in post-production. But that was a long time from now…
       The big question was: Which Raisy Didley would ‘reap the rewards’ in the aftermath of the ninth film? A little ‘test’ had to happen before the true Night Empire decided ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ on the part, years away from first filming.
       The set and the Raisies were not located on Earth. The fake alien world was located on a real alien world, in a cloaked dimension, not that ‘far, far away.’ The hidden planetoid on a different vibration was referred to among elites as “Jenosis.”
       Big Eyes behind Monitors focused on the small ‘stage,’ a tuned frequency away.
       Raisy picked up the pace. She swung the light-saber very near the other one with the utmost skill like a real Ejid Night. She slashed and slashed again to within inches of her clone’s life!
       ‘Princess of Ralia’ was a prisoner in her own ‘Palace’ with her armies crushed outside…
       …According to the story.
       Warnings of the Ejid Order, who were always faithful to the Democratic, turned to the Dark Side of Life…were absolutely true.
       Suddenly the actress Didley twisted quickly in a pirouette; the red saber sliced into the thick gag across the other one’s mouth! She was slightly off in what was not a stunt.
       The gag ripped in a few pieces…
       Raisy on the throne had her head tossed back, violently…
       Blood spewed up in the air…
       Her head came forward and she was pissed. “Bitch!” RD yelled at the one above her, on her feet.
       “Hey, takes one.”
       “So…what did they promise you, clone?”
       The one with weapon hit the button, deactivated the super Cutting-Tool of red light and LAUGHED! Free, unbound, Raisy Didley was hysterical.
       The other one did not see the joke.
       “Seriously?” the upright girl expressed to the one that sat. When she caught her breath, she stated, “I’ll say again: Hey, takes one. Ha.”
       “Don’t give me that. I’m the original.”
       “Look, bitch. We all have the God-Complex. Right, we’re special? We’re the one, the original, Patient #0! Do you know where you are? What am I saying? Of course, you don’t.”
       Raisy who sat in the guise of the character (married) ‘Princess Tammerlake’ told her emphatically, “You’re the clone!”
       “Do you know how long we can keep that up, Relativity Girl? You’re the clone; no, you’re the clone.” Didley once more lit the deadly Torch of Red Light from her belt and with anger, brought the weapon up to her doppelganger’s neck! She again misjudged the distance, slightly…
       The Princess character and real person bled from two locations now. They were not lethal wounds. With sincerity and clarity, the bound Raisy asked, “Don’t do what they asked you to do. You have choice! Make good choices,” the emotional, desperate girl said from the mock throne.
       She slashed the Cutting-Tool saber once more at the head that precisely resembled her head. The lunge, with a ‘whoooomb’ sound was not the Death Blow. She cut the top of her ‘twin’s’ dark hair off, but did not cut the scalp.
       “Oh. You think you’re special? No one can kill Patient #0? As if YOU out of all the clones are the one? You can’t remember shit! Why should I not do my job? You know, this small test to get to the next level and get OUT?”
       “Because your father…would say NO.”
       “What father? What are you talking about, clone? What Zero would do?” She again pressed the button and the light-saber went OFF. She quickly attached it to her belt. “Speak up.” She sensed something in the character of the seated Princess.
       “How many of my clones are there, that you know of?”
       “Go back to father,” the unbound one directed.
       “Father! Maybe you carbon copies have your minds easily wiped and reprogrammed. Ha. But I remember DAD, yeah, George, a long time ago. Everything wasn’t erased. I remember. It’s coming back fast. And get this straight: YOU’RE the bitch and you’re the clone!”
       “Sure,” she replied sarcastically. “Did it ever occur to you, nitwit…that those quote unquote Memories are false, planted, like you think we’re programmed?”
       The bogus Princess Tammerlake or Didley-clone stopped in her thoughts and thought a second. “You know, clone…that’s actually a possibility. Hmm. Not bad. But you ain’t no Zero.”
       The one that stood stated with more anger: “Only thing matters…really…is…who’s holding the weapon? Don’t you think so? Say: You’re the clone.”
       The Princess Didley responded, “You’re the clone.”
       “That did it. Why delay this?” She was very serious. This time the Death Blow would be struck. She turned the weapon ON.
       Then a prolonged BUZZER sounded and vibrated over the artificial scenery.
      First Raisy knew the signal and stopped her intended actions. “No. They’re not going to change their minds?” she said under her breath.
       “What is this? What’s happening?” asked the seated Raisy.
       The one that stood put her hand to her left ear as if she received new ‘directives from bosses.’ “Christ. Sure. Will do. Out.” When the one with the weapon signed off, she grabbed the weapon one more time and readied it to strike. “Yeah, I’m doing it my way,” she said so softly that the Monitors did not receive and recorded nothing.
       She twirled again in an acrobatic ballet, more like dance and…
       Chopped the tight bonds of the actress to shreds until she was completely free. This time, there were no nicks or blood. The actress was weak, but she was alive and free.
       Raisy, with the weapon, received another communication and it was of extreme importance. She kept her unbound captive at bay at the other end of the light-saber. In her left ear she heard:
       “Could you kill your Goddess? Would you kill her if you knew she was Patient #0? We cloned you all from her. She’s the one.”
       The one who was bound slowly rose to her feet in the fake violet Temple.
       The other one answered the voice in her earpiece as if the other one (#0) was not there.
       “She is?” Their eyes met.
       Weak, dazed and freed Raisy knew what the question meant because she remembered much of what came before. She knew she was the original.
       “Can you kill her? You’ll never go forward and get out of the Jenosis Prison if you don’t,” the voice informed her.
       “I don’t know.”
       “Who are you talking to?”
       Didley with the weapon waved it forcefully in front of her twin to shut her up. ‘whooomb.’ “Ssssh!” She continued to talk to the one on the other end of the earpiece. “But…if she’s Zero, as you say…then I cannot. You know our codes and the programming.” Raisy stated flatly with disappointment in her voice.
       “Maybe we’re looking for those strong enough…”
       “To go AGAINST programming?”
       She heard the ‘click’ in her ear which signified the communication with the voice on the line was over, for now. First Raisy looked over and turned her attention to her original, the revered (almost a deity to clones made from original) ‘Patient #0’ and asked, “What should I call you?”
       The second answered what was almost a rhetorical question, “Just don’t call me: Princess Tammerlake. We aren’t princesses. Call me…Rey,” the original told her.
       “Ha. Rey. Why Rey?” she wondered.
       “I remember my friends called me Rey, for short…”
       “How much do you remember?”
       The girl brightened with power as if the ‘Energy’ in the story of Ralia’s High Council’s ‘Crusades’ ran through her whole body. She felt electricity over the surface of her skin. She felt Power. The original smiled brightly and replied, “Everything!”
       Ten minutes passed. Original and one of 14 clones walked together along endless Green Screens on the hidden planetoid of Jenosis, one of many owned and occulted by the Industry. During their talk, it was revealed exactly how deep the clones admired the original Raisy, to the point of hero-worship and to the point of being their Goddess (if the original was ever discovered). The clone believed her sources of high authority. This was her Goddess, where all the extra Raisy Didleys came from~
       It was disclosed that Jenosis also held a vast array of clone samples and bio-groups in and out of stasis. Jenosan geneticists performed various tests on ‘unfrozen’ clones for the ‘Company’ and its subsidiaries and more businesses of the Industry’s dark tentacles.
       The clone revealed to Rey that there were 14 other Didley-actresses on the planetoid, each with a range of talents and skill levels. They would appear on Earth at different functions whenever needed and also were disposed of if the elites so decided. There were different numbers of Buster Jeser clones, Pinn Bradley clones, Madd Tamon clones as well as copies of popular musicians such as Diplex, Skrillo and Typhoid. Everyone was trapped on Jenosis. The clones were slaves or property of the State, same as billions of Earthlings who believed they were free on the surface of the planet. No one was coming to ‘Free the Slaves.’ There were only going to be more slaves, slavery and worse conditions as they helplessly spun through space.
       Rey completely had the confidence and full attention of the clone that worshiped the ground she walked on.
       The original’s devoted follower asked #0, “Exactly where are we going? I don’t remember this way.”
       Rey assured Raisy, “I do. Trust me. Through this hall, turn left and the corridor leads to the Complex and other people, in fact.”
       “I do trust you, Goddess. I don’t feel right calling you Rey, like the friends you mentioned. What can you tell me of your passed life? I’m curious. Oh, what thing sticks out, you can remember after the wipe?” The clone cheerfully babbled and had never been through this particular hallway in the immense Studio Complex before.
       “I have an awkward question to ask you…”      
       “ANYTHING!” shouted the happy clone.
       “What number Raisy are you?”
       “I was 13. Call me, 13.” She was thrilled. Thirteen could not believe the turnabout from twenty minutes ago…when she was going to kill her! Now she was actually getting-to-know the original; maybe they would become good friends in the future? What an honor.
       “Well, 13…I would feel better if I had my light-saber back,” Rey calmly said with a sly grin.
       “Huh?” Raisy-clone looked into Rey’s eyes and then it dawned on her. “This is YOURS? They didn’t tell me, Goddess.” Innocent #13 unhooked the deadly weapon/tool and handed it to the original…
       …Who really was NOT the original…
       The second Raisy Didley, still in royal attire of Princess Tammerlake, held onto the ‘bloody’ light-saber and it suddenly came on and changed to the brilliant color BLUE. She remembered all the sacrifices she was asked to perform for the Blue Blood Company and a variety of corrupted, debauched Industries. She remembered all the murders she was asked to perform for the Blue Blood Company and a variety of corrupted, debauched Industries! Memories flooded back to her as if she used the ‘Energy’ flow in the ‘Warstar’ films.
       No one placed a light-saber up to her head. She was given the rare ‘golden’ opportunity for fame and fortune and she made the most of it. Her choice.
       The strong girl got energized and flailed her weapon, no longer a Cutting-Tool, again and again, in wider and wider lengths from her body…‘whooomb,’ ‘whooomb,’ ‘whooomb’…
       Until the bright blue beam sliced the clone evenly into a few pieces! Blood shot out at different angles, very much unlike what was portrayed in the ‘Warstar’ films. The pieces fell straight down and ‘slapped’ against the hard floor in the darkened hallway.
       The killer clone who was nearly killed herself, received a message over her earpiece in her right ear. The words were…
       “Number Zero, are you aware that you…are not Number Zero?”
       The beautiful, young girl who did not possess the top part of her hair, asked the one on the line: “What do you mean?” She was utterly dumbfounded. “You said I was the original.”
       She heard in her right ear: “We did not tell the truth. You only now killed the original. You just killed it. The test was…how do you feel…now that you’ve killed your Goddess?” [click].
       Former Number Zero in her mind, immediately fell to her knees with a ‘thud’ and flung the blue light-saber against the wall, hard. It turned OFF. She saw what she had done, the pools of blood, the red spatter and the pieces of the real Patient Zero on the floor. Raisy wept uncontrollably. She could not stop. She had no clue of the ‘truth’ and cried even more…
       In another part of the Studio Complex on the Jenosis planetoid, one of the Raisy-clones who was a tech and communications expert called ‘Number Seven’ was a bit troubled. She was the one who had spoken in the dead clone’s left ear. She looked over to the other Raisy technician, the one who had just spoken in the killer clone’s right ear and said with a puzzled look: “Now why did you lie like that?”
       Number Five replied, “Who’s lying? It’s the Devil’s Truth, Code 11. THAT, my dear was truly the Original, Number Zero, pal. Believe it. Now, she’s dead. She’s finally dead. You’ll never believe how I know the facts, lady.”
       “How? You said Code 11. Hope you can back that up?” the RD tech called #7 asked the other clone.
       “I can. I was told by the highest, provable authority…”
       “The one who is secretly posing as our original, on Earth,” stated #5 without a doubt.
       It was brand new information that she should have known, being the ‘Head Officer of Information Retrieval,’ not #5. Number Seven looked around as if she was suddenly monitored, tested and LIED to. After the odd moment of silent doubt did not pass, she stared into the big Monitors on the ceiling above where the ‘Eyes of the Night Empire’ watched and played their ‘Killing Games.’
       Number Five turned to Number Seven, smiled and winked as if a new test had only now begun…
       #7 Raisy-clone feared for her life as she looked deep and up into the Monitors and asked, “Is it my turn? You’re testing me?”
       Number Five quickly got to her feet and switched on a blue light-saber! She said with wild, crazy eyes, “They didn’t tell you, lady. You’re the one, believe it or not. And it’s my job to kill the original.” ‘whooooooommmb.’
       After the studio booth was drenched in blood and with pieces of Number Seven, #5 received a message in her right earpiece. A man spoke. She was told a lie: SHE was Patient Zero, the Original and ‘mother’ of all the Raisy Didley clones!
       “What, sir?” She didn’t believe it, but she wanted it to be true more than anything. To be the Chosen One, the special one and the one Creator and Goddess of the others. “Wow.” Then the ‘original’ had the craziest thought of all: “What about the movie?”

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