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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » Benjamin Fulford » Benjamin Fulford -- July 25th 2016: Rothschild game plan was to reverse the results of World War I

Benjamin Fulford -- July 25th 2016: Rothschild game plan was to reverse the results of World War I

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Benjamin Fulford -- July 25th 2016: Rothschild game plan was to reverse the results of World War I

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) In honor of Ben's wishes to withhold posting the full update here is a portion of his report.

This post will be updated after approximately 3 days since its initial release; usually on Thursday.

Added links below.
- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford

The final game plan of the Rothschilds was to reverse the results of World War I by reinstating the German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian monarchies, sources in Germany and the US agree. The plan that is now unfolding in Europe calls for a civil war against a “Muslim” enemy. The so-called “Muslim” terrorists are being financed with money supposed to be spent on fighting so-called carbon induced global warming, the sources add. This is why we are seeing daily “Muslim” terror attacks that seem to always involve “lone wolves” who die in the attack. That way there is no need to have a messy trial where facts might have a chance of intruding into the public mind.

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In any case the sources say that after a summer of increasingly severe terrorist attacks, European bank ATMs will be shut down, possibly in August or September. It is at this point where the royal families will present themselves as “saviors” and provide the people with huge amounts of fiat money and “security,” in exchange for the reinstatement of their monarchies.

The reinstated European royalty will be headed by a German “Kaiser” (Caesar) who will have four kings will be appointed under him, they say. The candidate for Kaiser will probably come from either the Habsburg or Hohenzollern royal families, they note. That means Karl Habsburg or the Hohenzollern Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia. Another candidate they mention is Ferdinand Zvonimir Habsburg-Lothringen.

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The Tsar of Russia would be most likely Prince Michael of Kent

because he has the most Romanov blood of all the European royals.
This fits in with what Russian sources have long told us and that is that Vladimir Putin was put in power by a faction in the KGB that was loyal to the Russian royal family.

This move combined with the push by Turkey’s Recep Erdogan to restore the Ottoman Turkish Empire would, if successful, restore the German, Austro-Hungarian and Turkish empires; essentially bringing Europe and the Near-East back to the situation that existed before World War I.

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So, a hundred year plot to reverse the Anglo-American victory in World War I has now been un-masked.

The Brexit vote in this context means the British Royal Family will not have to fall under the rule of the restored monarchies of Europe.

The question of course is, will the European people passively agree to be terrorized and financially blackmailed into restoring these bloodlines to formal power? We may well find out this summer and autumn. In the meantime expect a Gladio frenzy of increasingly lurid false flag attacks and well-financed, violent demonstrations. It is also a good bet that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande will lose power later this year.

Meanwhile a serious power struggle is also coming to a head in the United States. CIA sources say that “China has given the secret codes for a large amount of gold (thousands of metric tons)…to be given as a loan to the US Treasury so that the dollar will not implode.” The catch though is that “the boys in DC must indict Killary.”

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Since the Democratic Party Presidential Convention started this week with a big “Russian” e-mail leak about how Democratic Party brass rigged things for Hillary Clinton, there can be no doubt a serious power struggle is underway in Washington DC. Democratic Party National Committee head Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was fingered in the e-mail leak, has said she will resign “after the convention.” CIA sources say it is very likely she will be killed soon to stop her from testifying about how she stole the election for Clinton.

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The Pentagon and agencies have already forced both the Democratic and Republican parties to promise they will restore the Glass-Steagall act. This means a forced end to the crooked casino that the Bush/Clinton faction of the Khazarian mafia had turned the US financial system into.

[The preceding text is only a partial update.
The full text will be added to this post in a few days.]

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by purchasing a subscription at]

Thanks to Justin at:




To many Euro Royalty innacuracies in this to be credible Ben

Every European Royal line of succession exists today. There are relatives of the Tsar still alive, the Crown Prince of Germany is alive.

Restoration of former Empires and territories are all way out. The age of Empires is over. On top of that should the political (for thats what it was) situation the led to 1914 be restored, it would bring ....1914 part 3

Sorry Ben on this aspect I sincerely believe you have it wrong

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


I have to agree with your reasoning bs4ever. However that doesn't tell us what's really going on. I would hope you would have a better handle on that than we do here...

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


Thank you Marty

The only thing I can say to you with certainty is the following

Those who are behind todays problems, those that can be seen in high office, or hidden like the faceless EU, and those higher levels that use these people believe they have it all planned and progressing. One can't blame them for believing this as this is how things have happened for a very long time, why should they doubt themselves now?

Times change, there is nothing different from a 100 or 200 years ago except.....the technology.

And that is where those at the top, the very top have underestimated in a fatal manner.

News from the battlefield in Napoleonic times was delivered by horse, today this medium we are using connects continents in nano seconds.

Those who have paid attention to whats going on by the smallest amounts know something is wrong, those who have been paying attention know who is behind this for the most part.

Erdogan, Merkel, Clinton, and all the other puppets are on borrowed time.

I ask myself why are there reports of Turkish forces playing siege games with an American military installation? There are no Russian or other large powers with military presence in Turkey....are there?

So why would these reports if true be getting out?, did American forces attack Turkish forces as said?

We shall have to step back and see what falls out of this particular tree in the next few days. Of this I am certain, the days of Washington interfering in various areas on this planet causing destabilizing and chaos are coming to an end. The days of gunboat diplomacy ended somewhere around the 1920's and by then it has switched to biplanes visiting tribal butchers misbehaving in the hills of North West India and places around the Mid East.

Comms and awareness of whats going on, coupled with the damage being done across Europe will cause a reaction allright, European nations that have had swarms of unwanted people dumped upon them are facing a reality check about the political will and desire, most don't care for it much. To announce all is well by restoring Royals into nations that got rid of them is probably not a good idea. The French republic is one example.....another would be imposing "Her Sovereign Majesty" Elizabeth over Congress and Senate.

An extreme example but you see without to much effort what would occur with populations if that form of control was tried.

Change is coming for sure but ..... it will take a little time to see where it is coming from in Europe.

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


This was sent to me via email

The putting down of the rebels in Turkey does not make sense except for Erdogan and at a very large stretch of “If” for Russia. Erdogan fled to Germany but Merkel refused his pleas for asylum. This is why I maintain the thought that it was Berlin and Brussels that tried to overthrow him.

One thing we know about Brussels and German bureaucrats is their egotistical need to be in control and not lose face. Merkel had lost face with Erdogan dominating refugee “crisis” and demands for bribes or “bungs” to stop mass influx of the “Refugees” into Greece and the Balkans on their way to Germany and Northern Europe, where welfare is better. Merkel and Germany could be seen paying court to Erdogan whose ambitions to run the Kalifate are well known.

Besides the plans for a German dominated “Mittel Europa” required compliant client satellites like Turkey. A weak “woman” Chancellor is a weak Germany.

Merkel’s refusal to allow Erdogan asylum means she wanted him gone. Subsequent events however lead one to inquire further as to who actually benefits. Would the removal or survival of Erdogan be favourable to the interests in Washington?

Erdogan had already made serious diplomatic moves to realign himself with Putin and Israel. This would not suit Washington but it could live with it, since it has airbases and nuclear weapons on Turkish soil and the relationship has been through coups before.

Putin would be happy to have Turkey and Erdogan sitting on the fence between the US and Russia- a situation that would make NATO’s Southern flank uncertain. The Balkan Region is strategically important as Rome knew. Turkey has always been the key facing East and West and a natural geographical and cultural religious bridge.

The “coup” rapidly fizzled out. Erdogan is now enjoying a “Witch Hunt” to purge the supposed rebel elements in his backyard. His arrest of thousands of suspects in the army, airforce, navy, judiciary, schools and universities, seems nevertheless excessive for what appears to be a coup hardly supported by the Turkish majority and frankly poorly planned and executed.

Erdogan is pushing the envelope of his powers towards an Islamist state. The coup and its effects are not over yet. There will be further ructions. Erdogan may not survive.

Erdogan obviously feared American involvement but I don’t feel they were over concerned about a change of leader in the way the EU via Merkel was. Merkel and the EU itself, already weakened by financial collapse, a growing populist rebellion against ongoing Islamisation but especially the success of the “Brexit Vote”, literally threatened to bring the whole “House Of EU Cards” down and this is why I feel strongly that the source of the attempted coup plus its amateurish implementation, lays in Berlin and Paris rather than Washington or Moscow. Erdogan is exactly where Putin wants him…..dangling.

Theresa May is anxious to support the swaying “House of Cards” too by delaying the concrete effects of a “triggered” Article 50 for as long as she can. Erdogan is too busy in his own backyard to cause further chaos and the USA is doing its diplomatic best to keep on his right side.

The isolation of Incirlik and the “kidnapping” of the nuclear weapons base by cutting its power were a “Warning” to Washington to stay out of the equation. This is not over yet by a very long chalk as the brains behind the proposed “Kalifate” in Europe wrestle with “What to do next” as Europe itself faces “Syriaisation” and growing instability.

The moneyers are making a killing by short-selling financial instruments and increasing their wealth on the backs of the misery. The old goat Soros is back out of retirement too and that is a bad sign. The Dollar is doing very nicely….for now.

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


Well for sure my intuition was spot on... LOL   Thanks for sharing.  

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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