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NIBIRU News ~ Planet X / Nibiru Updates and Forecast

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Planet X / Nibiru Updates and Forecast
Hi Planet X Researchers:
This email is presented in reply to the recent assault on ‘date setters’ being passed around by what I consider operatives of the fake PlanetX/Nibiru Movement working always to control the PlanetX narrative.

Once again you appear to have fallen off the map and I am writing to make sure everything is okay. I have been sharing information with John DiNardo recently and his answer is to condemn anyone setting dates for coming events telling me that he has not been following my Project Black Star Research with little or no idea about what I have been doing for the last five years.

Are you paying attention to this story? My earth change uptick period began in the first week of February, when Earth turned around in orbit to begin heading towards the Libra Constellation for the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connection to shorten increasing Black Star electromagnetic potential sending increased heat energy to Earth core via Earth metals and the induction process. These tectonic plates pressed against the North American Craton are moving southwest towards the Solomon Islands following the tectonic break and extra space created inside the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire tectonic network creating a new line of earthquake activity from Texas up through Seattle pointing to the Cascadia Subduction Zone.
The magnetic anomalies showed up first allowing Russian scientists to see the magnetic shift in the Americas, because of separation between these cascading tectonic plates allowing magma to push up through Earth crust creating environmental conditions conducive to increase tectonic slipping ‘and’ increased volcanism along the US/Canada West Coast. The carbon monoxide clouds are definitely related to increased magma movement pointing to something BIG coming to the region exactly as predicted in my warning videos since 2014:
July 17, 2014:
Nov. 7, 2014:
June 1, 2015:
June 29, 2015:
Nov. 25, 2015:
The US/Canada West Coast is located in the Convergence Zone where these two deep magma waves are moving around the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire with DEEP earthquake events striking in the Earth Mantle Transition Zone causing extreme magma up-welling events from rising magma plume activity.The combination of deep quake events, the tectonic cascade away from the North American Craton and magma up-welling events represent dominoes that are already falling with the big carbon dioxide plumes representing precursor events to something BIG in combination with the earth change uptick periods from my Black Star Event TIMELINE.
The fact is that these pretender PlanetX/Nibiru Movement Researchers are engaged in propaganda campaigns without any intention of carefully examining the facts told by the science allowing us to build an information baseline allowing the construction of superior predictive models relating to what is coming next. This date setter had sufficient input data to predict a big ‘event’ in March 2011 we know today as Fukushima within just four days with the Guerrero Event the following year predicted far in advance by just two days; using 188-day cycle modeling data. The recent 7.8 Nepal Quake from April 25, 2015 was also predicted to take place around May 1, 2015, but the Black Star did not increase inbound velocity reaching perihelion and the predicted ‘event’ once again came earlier than expected. Now the Binary Star Magnetic Repulsion Model has been included in the Project Black Star Investigation explaining everything that has happened, because the truth has dawned that the Black Star has been slowing inbound velocity from the beginning. This new model says the coming earthquake ‘event’ will take place on May 7, 2016. Rather than wait and see the results to instill increased confidence in my modeling methods, all date setters are to be disregarded in favor of what?
The two deep magma waves that stalled between the Japan/Kamchatka Quake Swarm Areas and the Alaskan Quake Swarm Area to the north and between Peru and the southern Mexican Border are going to regain momentum/intensity continuing to push into the proliferating California Quake Swarm Area that is now the US West Coast Swarm Area, until we see the linchpin quake event in the Cascadia Subduction Zone initiating a new series of BIG/DEEP quake events leading to extreme crustal displacement/shifting along the entire US/Canada West Coast with great impact on the bulging Yellowstone Reservoir/Magma Chamber and regional calderas changing everything for the North American Continent. The tectonic cascade away from the North American Craton will continue to gain momentum allowing increased opportunity for rising magma to push up through separating fault lines leading to more outgassing like you see already present along the entire US West Coast. We should expect to see these pressures intensifying through the two well-defined earth change uptick periods expected to peak in April/May 2016 with focus on theMay 7, 2016 Sun/Earth/Black Star nearside alignment. Earth crosses Black Star Orbit Path on May 20, 2016 to begin the first of two earth change lull periods, where Earth core once again has the opportunity to cool and the two migrating magma waves can once again stall and lose momentum, until the next earth change uptick period begins around September 1, 2016 running to the first to second week of December 2016 and our predicted Earth/Sun/Black Star backside alignment.
This is what the facts told by the science say today, whether supposed Planet X/Nibiru Researchers want to whine, cry and complain about date setters or actually get involved in explaining all the changes taking place with the heliosphere, the Sun, the planets, the shrinking/reversing magnetosphere, seismic/volcanic patterns, ocean conveyor disruption, jet stream fluctuations, strange weather, meteor/fireball uptick, shifting global water tables, record global sinkhole formation, mass animal deaths, etc., etc..
Of course, I understand completely if the entire supposed PlanetX/Nibiru Movement wants to continue spreading dis/misinformation about NASA 1983 newspaper articles, Robert Harrington and related nonsense to ensure the whole wide world remains very much asleep. After all, pushing lettered agency disinformation is much easier than actually running a science-based investigation including thesis, claims and a mountain of evidence allowing us to drawl well-informed conclusions about what is definitely coming from space.
Terral BlackStar
. . . The US Federal Government has numerous lofty goals, such as releasing the classified JFK assassination files, or implementing an audit of the Federal Reserve and Defense Department, or mandating 40+mpg automobiles, all of which are cleverly set to “finally” take place in “2017”.
To me, this indicates that, by then, the Federal Government already knows, and has known for some time now, that there won’t be a government or citizenry around that will care about such relative “insignificant” things in 2017, compared to worldwide natural disasters, hence the synchronized postponement of all of theses lofty goals until 2017. Additionally, two military and three prophetic sources have indicated to me, as much as two years ago, that the November 7, 2016 presidential election will be indefinitely postponed due to “natural disasters”; likely earthquakes, volcanoes, and meteor storms. I therefore believe that the March 2016 date for Planet X, which people unfortunately forget was only an ESTIMATE, will ACTUALLY be ONE YEAR LATER, during March – April of 2017, the “Passover”.
However, PRIOR TO THIS TIME, likely beginning in July through August of 2016, will be the BEGINNING of the “Birth Pains”; the earthquakes, volcanoes, and meteor storms. Subsequently, I suspect that March of 2016 will pass without incident, yet this late summer to fall will be the beginning of the “Tribulation” for NEXT YEAR’S event of Planet X.
The only other possibility, is an even later arrival, as late as 2021, with the US government creating Wars before then, to distract attention from upcoming celestial events, and the election being postponed because of these wars.

Thanks to:

























The Blue Star Kachina appears in the skies over Manchester, Coventry and Lincolnshire, UK ……

August 2, 2016
Thanks to GH at:

::::: Also Check :::::
~ Galactic human ~
Last May, a mysterious blue planet-like object similar to the Hopi Blue Star Kachina was seen in the skies over Arizona, Spain and England.
It now appears that more people have photographed the same strange blue object at about the same period.
May Hall: I was photographing chemtrails and didn’t see the blue dot until weeks later, thinking it was an anomaly on my Ipad, except it is also on a photo taken the following day.
Here are the details of each photo:
Img-1: Taken on 3 May 2016 at 12:20 pm on the M6 between Manchester and Liverpool, UK.
Img-2: Taken on 4 May 2016 at 10:08 am somewhere north east of Coventry, UK.
In both photos we were driving south east towards Cambridge from our holiday in the Lake District.
And the latest news about the so-called Blue Star Kachina comes from Mathew Rogers who was recording the sun over Lincolnshire, UK on August 1, 2016 and when looking rewound the footage he noticed a blue object in the sky.
We may ask ourselves, is it possible that the blue objects are just similar lens flares or are we watching the unfolding of the Hopi Blue Star Kachina prophecy?

Published on May 27, 2016
The Blue Star was observed and photographed in three separate places. It was photographed in New Hampshire, Spain, and Arizona. This can only mean one thing if you follow Native Prophecy. In Hopi mythology, the Blue Star Kachina or Saquasohuh, is a kachina or spirit, that will signify the coming of the beginning of the new world by appearing in the form of a blue star. The Blue Star Kachina is said to be the ninth and final sign before the “Day of Purification”, described as a catastrophe or a “world engulfing cataclysm” that will lead to the purification of planet Earth.





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