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Crop Circles—Costly Works of Art or Alien Messages?

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Crop Circles—Costly Works of Art or Alien Messages?

Posted on Aug 3rd, 2016


The Explorer

Crop circles are spectacular open world exhibits of sacred geometry that covers hundreds of feet of crop. This phenomenon is actively observed and studied in the most scientific way possible by the many groups of paranormal enthusiasts.

Plenty crop patterns have been dismissed as being the mark of an extraterrestrial life form, leaving behind not only a work of art, but damaged goods likewise, in which hard working farmers invested a lot of time and sweat. A recent crop formation discovered on the ground of a farm in England serves as a relevant example of what this phenomenon means to the unsignificant parts of a bigger picture.
In a most recent event, the farmers of Reigate, England came across yet another massive design carved in their wheat field, this time representing the head of an alien.
The crop circle has been spotted off the A217 at junction 8 of the M25, and was reported to be surrounded by a circle of feathers. Photographer David Cook was dispatched to the crop formation of the Reigate Hill, where he was surprisingly attended with distress, rather than excitement and bewilderment.

When interviewed, the locals expressed their grief over the toll it took on their farm and their economy, costing them hundreds of hard-earned dollars. After all, this wheat especially is the prime ingredient in Hovis bread.

We are all so devastated about it. Last year one of our fields had a crop circle and it cost us hundreds of pounds’ worth of damage. We spend months sowing and tending to the fields and it was all gone in a moment.”
The damaged goods are not the sole issue the farmers face, as a single crop formation is an irresistible invite towards enthusiasts who, on their turn, cause more damage in the process of investigation.

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