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Anna von Reitz ~ 8/06/2016

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1 Anna von Reitz ~ 8/06/2016 on Sat Aug 06, 2016 2:22 pm



As a Thing Is Bound — Or, What Goes Around

Posted on August 6, 2016 by David Robinson  
  Judge Anna von Reitz
At 4 p.m. in the afternoon of January 18, 1930, in a house located at 1301 Sycamore Street, in Oak Park, Illinois, a baby has just been born.  His name is Michael Allen Cooper. He is the son of Marian Louise Cooper (nee Schoenbrauner) and Allen Robert Cooper.  The new Mother a  graduate of the Illinois Polytechnical College and is employed by the John B. Gorham Research Institute in Barrington, Illinois.  The Father is an Associate Partner in the investment firm Cooper, Sullivan and Brown in Oak Park.  The family, including an older son, Richard Randolph Cooper, moved to Oak Park from Cincinnati, Ohio, two years ago.
So reads the birth announcement in the local Oak Park newspaper.
It is understood by everyone reading this announcement that Michael Allen Cooper is the proper English name of a living baby boy.  This name consists of two parts— the bicameral “given name” of Michael Allen, and the surname, Cooper, which was his Father’s name before him.  It’s understood that the given name was selected by his parents, and the surname was inherited from his Father’s family.
It’s understood that his parents are married from the fact that they have the same last name and the Mother’s Maiden Name is provided in parenthesis.
It’s further understood from the fact that he is born in Oakland Park, Illinois, that he is an Illinoian and an American by birth.  He isn’t an elected official and isn’t employed by the State of Illinois or any of its political subdivisions or otherwise obligated to serve the State, so he isn’t considered an Illinois State Citizen.  Likewise, he wasn’t born in any Federal Enclave like the District of Columbia, isn’t serving in any federal elected office or employed as a federal employee, so he isn’t considered a United States Citizen, either.
He’s just a happy, healthy, newborn Illinoian and all the other Illinoians are given notice via the newspaper that he has joined their ranks.
All this was and continues to be taken for granted.  The newspapers both then and now print birth and death announcements for free. 
But, in 1933—three short years after little Michael Allen Cooper was born, something changed.  It was so subtle nobody noticed, but it was part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal”. 
Although FDR didn’t bother to explain the details of his deal and the affects it would have on average Americans, the name “Michael Allen Cooper” was redefined.  Instead of it being the Trade Name belonging to a little boy from Illinois, it would now be —at least so far as the federal government was concerned—-the name of a “public franchise” defined as a “vessel in commerce” and a “foreign situs trust” belonging to a private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation doing business as the “United States of America”—-Incorporated.
Of course, since none of this was explicitly announced or explained to the American People, and since the name “Michael Allen Cooper” looks the same whether it denotes a man standing on the land of Illinois or a merchant ship doing business in Hong Kong, people continued to assume that “Michael Allen Cooper” referred to the little guy in short pants. Why shouldn’t they?  They were never told otherwise.
The only thing that they might have noticed is that instead of the parents (or grandparents) being responsible for telling the newspapers the happy news, the hospitals started automatically posting the birth announcements in the newspapers.
Most people probably assumed (that word again) that the hospitals were doing it as a public service, but no, they were doing it as a sale announcement.  The new babies were “up for grabs” and anyone who wanted one was free to come claim the “salvaged vessels” as a “prize” under admiralty law.  
Not understanding this evil, deceitful ploy being foisted off on them by what they thought of as their own government and the people at the local hospital whom they trusted, left uninformed about the mechanics of this fraud, the innocent American people living in Illinois went peacefully about their business.  They didn’t object, because as far as they could see, nothing had changed and there was nothing to object to.
Meanwhile, behind closed doors, lawyers and financiers were trading lies among themselves, pretending that “Michael Allen Cooper” was the name of a “United States Merchant Marine Vessel” and an asset belonging to the bankrupt United States of America, Inc. 
As such, “Michael Allen Cooper” became “subject to the bankruptcy” of the United States of America, Inc., and “presumed to be a surety” of the bankrupt governmental services corporation FDR presided over.  Little Michael’s name, his body, all his worldly assets, everything he owned or ever could own, were “presumed” to be backing the debts of the United States of America, Inc. which was already headed for bankruptcy when he was born.
For the next 66 years, Michael Allen Cooper, the real one, worked and paid taxes to bail out the bankrupt public services corporation known as the United States of America (Inc.).  Finally, in November of 1999, the bankruptcy ended. All debts were settled or discharged in bankruptcy.  Michael Allen Cooper was finally free!  
But because he was never made privy to any of this, he didn’t notice the change—-and he certainly didn’t feel the shackles drop away.  Oh, no, he went right on paying taxes as always.
He didn’t notice exactly when the name on all the bills he received from the federal government changed from “Michael Allen Cooper” to “MICHAEL ALLEN COOPER”, either, but it began in 1946. 
The actual Michael Allen Cooper was now living in Youngstown, Ohio, and was just sixteen years old— too young to realize all that was going on around him. World War II had just ended the year before and he was looking for a summer job.  He was told that he had to sign up and enroll in the “Social Security Program” to put money aside as insurance for his old age, and that this was mandatory if he wanted to have a job. 
It was presented to him as a “federal government mandate”, so, he signed up.
After all, he was a good kid, a law-abiding, God-fearing boy from Illinois.  If it’s the law, it’s the law, right?
Nobody mentioned that it was a “law” passed by a foreign government and affected only the “citizens” of that government.  Nobody mentioned that, in actual fact, the Michael Allen Cooper who was applying to work as a Typesetter at the Youngstown Gazette wasn’t obligated to enroll in Social Security and wasn’t even eligible for the program. 
He was just supposed to know all this at the age of sixteen, just like he was supposed to know all about the existence of his doppelganger, the mysterious “Michael Allen Cooper” presumed to be a vessel in maritime commerce, drifting around out on the sea, subject to any salvage claim, responsible for paying the debts of the United States of America, Inc.
As the lawyers responsible for this crime are fond of saying, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”—–and they should know, because their ignorance in this matter is not presumed.
From 1946 onward, the equally mysterious “MICHAEL ALLEN COOPER”—-another vessel operating in  admiralty jurisdiction, was similarly created out of thin air and “presumed” to be a surety for the debts of yet another “governmental services corporation” doing business as the “UNITED STATES” (INC.). 
This one was chartered in France by the International Monetary Fund.
As of March of 2015, this “franchise” known as MICHAEL ALLEN COOPER has been declared part of yet another bankruptcy.  The UNITED STATES (INC.) is insolvent thanks to the leadership of Barack Obama and the members of “Congress” spending money into oblivion based on MICHAEL ALLEN COOPER’S dime, and it is now in receivership.  The “US Vessel” called  MICHAEL ALLEN COOPER is undergoing liquidation as a “presumed surety” again. 
Who are the Bankruptcy Trustees handling this mess?  The US Department of Justice. 
Folks, it is high time we all got on our broomsticks and informed Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama and the entire rest of the known world that the American People have been secretively attacked by their own employees, that the Bar Associations are in violation of the 1947 Bar Association Treaty, and that, no, we are not standing good for all the debts of the UNITED STATES (INC.) and do not conceive of ourselves as franchises, vessels, or crew of any vessel owned or operated by the UNITED STATES.
We are the landlords who are owed every square centimeter of the land these bastards are standing on. 
So, what to do?  To make this official and make it stick? 
By Maxim of Law, as a thing is bound, so it is unbound. 
They pulled this crap using semantic deceit.  They confused your Trade Name with the name of Foreign Situs Trust that they created out of thin air to benefit themselves.  Return the favor.  Go in and change the style of your name from MICHAEL ALLEN COOPER to Michael Allen Cooper.  After all, that is the proper English Grammar. 
And when they return the decree for name change, you issue a “Deed of Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance” attached to a certified copy of the Court Order for Name Change—and you record your Deed to your Trade Name and their Court Order with the local Land Recorder’s Office—-and then you trot back over to the court with a certified copy of your Deed and a Notice of your action back to the Court that issued the name change. Make sure that they date stamp a copy of your Notice for you— take two copies of the Notice, one for their records and one that you get date stamped for your own records.
The Notice should simply reference the Court Case Number and request that a certified copy of your return action be kept on file and annexed to the case file. If the Court Clerk wants payment to do this, pay with a money order.  If they offer to do it for free, get a them to date stamp a copy of your Notice to prove that they received it.  Include the service disclaimer:  “Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents” as part of your very simple Notice back to the Court. 
Now that you have your Trade Name back and are standing on the land of your birth (or was that ‘berth’?) and you have given proper notice to the Court, you will want to take numerous actions backing up your claim.  You will want to issue a Declaration Rescinding All Prior Powers of Attorney for a start, simply stating that all prior Powers of Attorney existing or implied to exist and affecting the name Michael Allen Cooper however it may be styled are rescinded and made null and void as of the date of your recording it with the Land Recorder’s Office.
Just short and sweet will do.   
And now you have done unto them what they did unto you.  You have regained control of your Trade Name and placed it back on the land jurisdiction where you are the landlord and sovereign.  As a thing is bound, so it is unbound.
Do it for yourselves, for your country, for your parents and grandparents and children.  And if any of the Black Robes protest, tell them that ignorance of the law is no excuse.
We have — believe it or not — a million volunteer Federal Marshals signed up and beginning the job of enforcing the actual Organic and Public Law of this country.  There’s more than enough work to do and a place for you at your own table. 
Once you have cleared your own Trade Name from all presumption by these jackdaws, boot up your local jural assemblies.  Organize your counties on the land jurisdiction. Elect your Sheriffs, Judges, Clerks, etc.  Swear in your Federal Marshals. 
Twenty-seven states are up and running and all the Federal Postal District Courts are free to invoke.  With your American Common Law Courts in operation, it’s time to shut down the privately run quasi-military tribunals that have been used to fleece us blind.  Use Milligan Ex Parte and give the “courts” full Notice.
We’re here. We’re doing our job. Time for you all to pack up and go home to the District of Columbia where you belong.

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2 Re: Anna von Reitz ~ 8/06/2016 on Sat Aug 06, 2016 8:44 pm



My Slogan— Keep Calm and Get Even

Posted on August 6, 2016 by David Robinson
  Judge Anna von Reitz
My Slogan—- “Keep Calm and Get Even”
During WWII King George V made a famous short speech in which he urged the British people to “Keep Calm and Carry On”.
Today, I am urging Americans to “Keep Calm and Get Even”.
It’s true that your own employees have self-interestedly defrauded you.
It’s true that your international Trustees have acted in gross breach of trust.
It’s all ugly, it’s all true— and it’s beginning to hit home. Despite the best efforts of paid trolls and True Believer members of the American Bar Association, the Truth will out.
Millions of Americans are beginning to notice things they never noticed before and beginning to understand what has happened to their country——and now, they are beginning to understand why.
Ninety percent of it is simply that we have been left in the dark, mischaracterized, misrepresented, and trustingly asleep at the wheel.
So now we are waking up by the millions and it is not a pretty story.
Our country is neglected, in shambles, saddled down with Odious Debt, blamed for this circumstance by the very same people who are responsible for creating this mess in the first place.
Let’s place the blame where it belongs— on the Popes who betrayed our trust between 1868 and 2008, and subject to performance, maybe even now.
On the British Monarchs who have waged commercial war against us despite their actual and factual obligation to protect us on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.
On the politicians lusting after money and oppressive power to coerce.
On the British Subjects living here among us — most especially the members of the Bar Associations — who have acted as Undeclared Foreign Agents while under contract to provide us with “essential government services”. And on ourselves, for not paying attention to what these vermin were actually secretively doing and saying and claiming about us.
They hope and expect us to react in violent anger. They want an excuse to “come down hard” and open our borders to UN intervention. They want to kill off millions of their creditors and hope that the rest of us remain stupid, dumbed-down, unable to operate against them and their schemes.
But it’s not going to go that way, because you are all clued in now. And you are going to pass the word: Keep Calm and Get Even.

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