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Truth and Freedom Seekers

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1 Truth and Freedom Seekers on Sun Aug 07, 2016 10:42 am



Truth and Freedom Seekers

Posted on August 7, 2016 by David Robinson

G’day to You!
Common Law Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake, Alaska (Living Law Firm) is introducing a process for those that have been searching for a way to fix the ALL CAPS BC mess.     (BC= Birth Certificate)

Some know who Anna is and some don’t, it is all our jobs to spread this info Globally so we may all shed the mask and costume of the BC ALL CAPS (PERSONA)(FICTION).   This entity is the yoke of control that most don’t even know is there. (“THE MATRIX is all around you”) ~Morpheus~

There are 2 attachments to this message, The intro and Part one when the next part is released it will be sent to you. Now you can get started!

I am including some links to blogs that are part of Judge Anna’s network, join them so you are connected to the freedom channel.

Please help us explode this virally to everyone everywhere, Host it, Post it, Blog it, Text it etc…..

Important links to Blogs with Judge Anna’s posts… JOIN THEM and SHARE THEM….

Anna’s site sponsored by Paul Stramer:  <~~(HUGE ARCHIVE) Join Paul’s Updates so you are sent Anna’s writings: (Join LCW Mail)

Anna posts here: Join for updates, this is the Anna archive search results page:

Anna posts here, and answers questions and has dialog with Arnie:  <~~Join this Blog for updates


Thanks to:

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