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Life-Support Bio-Regenerators, The Energy Bodies, and Nanites and more from Aug Tellez

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Life-Support Bio-Regenerators, The Energy Bodies, and Nanites
August 8, 2016 omnipulse

I realize part of the reasons why I was selected for this task is my ability to tie many subjects together as well as drop all the rest and say a few lines which explains one aspect of the situation. I am well aware of my ability to miss the point and ramble.
Today I am focused, minutes after having woke-up and not interacting with other Humans, most of which are all in a trance, infected, mind-controlled slaves to an overlord system which eats their souls. So you can see how their bio-emissions influence others, themselves and the world. And most days I am not focused, it often takes a flashback, a memory, a dream or something of a lesson from my interactions with the secret operations to get focused again. This is not how it should be, but I see myself as someone who wants to heal many people and the simple truth is, not many people want to be healed.
To demonstrate the latter ability that I have mentioned:
The bio-regeneration devices are capable of providing healing or what is the equivalent of nutrients to a living body through an emission field. From what I remember this uses some kind of crystal or crystal arrangement, electrical or electromagnetic components and operates similar to a generator. This provides sustenance for the living body to those in craft or a underground base/station. Eating is not necessary and the energetic body is fed.
At some point in history, a frequency or electromagnetic ‘virus’ infected the machine. This developed what can be called a “complex” infection which utilized an energetic aspect and a physical aspect to propagate through the system.
Slowly everyone connected to this system for life-support became similarly infected with the virus.
The previous cosmic “war” that Humanity and other races were involved in, ‘before’ Earth or simultaneously depending on how you look at it, was sourced from this infection. The source of this infection is believed to be a higher-dimensional subset of the same energy which animates the brain, it was essentially a bodiless virus.
At this point, the virus gained a physical network through which it can propagate itself. This is the system of nanites and nano-synthetic material through which it infects the physical body of Humanity and Earth.
The energetic form of this body is witnessed as the implants which are seen to infect and attach into what can be called a person’s “aura”, energy body, or etheric body. This is a little more complicated to explain as the energy bodies extend into time and space and so this kind of attachment is a kind of attachment that exists outside of this physical layer but hovers right “above” it, presenting itself as ideas or frequency limitations.
The same has happened to Earth’s energy or etheric body and in the same way this induces probabilities or possibilities in a human’s life this has resulted in entire streams of time and reality which are disconnected from what we can call the original version of a pure and healthy energy projection system.
See that this is all about the possibilities, the probabilities and that is all there are. This all works, reality works, through probabilities and possibilities and that is all everything is.
Our energy systems determine where we will go and what we will see in higher space. How our life will grow and what aspects of the self we will refine or develop. We instantly keep the energy body clean, simply by projecting harmonious, clear, focused or relaxed energy which has a point to serve the development of the whole. As a child, this is easy, everything benefits the development of the whole. As you grow, this becomes more difficult, you’ve already seen many things and must com eto terms with what you have seen and where you will go next thus the refinement level gets more intense.
To clean the body is more difficult and it takes a prolonged state of energy disruption for the body to feel the effects, yet it is instantaneous that the energy structure is changed and the mind or observing self can feel and see the results of that. This is similar to the body, the body can be damaged and the mind instantly feels it, yet if the body is slightly changed in temperature it is not so much going to affect the mind unless we are completely exposed to the elements. If an aspect of the emotional, etheric, or pain body is changed this is felt instantly and obviously to the mind and that is because the mind observes the energy bodies which influence and shape the physical body. The mind views the physical body as well, yet the energy bodies naturally shape the physical body, while the physical body is naturally shaped by the mind and energy. If the physical body is doing all the shaping and all the influencing, then the natural harmonious flow has been disrupted and this will be apparent when only external stimuli can influence the mind. This is reversed.
Our energy bodies literally determine the future states we experience as they are literally the ‘future’ and ‘past’ wrapped up dimensionally into an energetic format which can be contained in and as an auric field around and in the body. It is overlayed over the physical perceptions and is actually the source of both where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Thanks to:

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Advances In Cloning
August 8, 2016 omnipulse

There is something that needs to be said regarding the cloning technology and general situation. There are advances in cloning that have been made that allow for the process to advance a person’s memory and maturity to the level where the cloning process does not result in a ‘brand-new’ kind of consciousness on par with that of a baby where impulses cannot be controlled and emotions are entirely off the charts.
The initial aspect of cloning resulted in a person who was essentially a baby in an adult’s body. Now imagine a baby in an adult’s body with the life and power of a wealthy adult. Things got out of hand fairly quickly.

That is not the extent of the technology as it is today or when I last witnessed it in 2010. There is technology that has been designed which allows for the possibility of “revving up” the mental maturation process safely and to the degree where a person who was “just born” can be neuro-chemically and psycho-spiritually brought to the same level of maturity of their existence that they were when the left off. If the person desires to completely disregard this process, sure, they can find themselves in an undesirable situation, but the situation regarding uncontrollable impulse and a complete collapse of mental-psychological hierarchy was remedied utilizing advanced forms of technology which can imprint lessons and memories onto the human mind using scalar technology and brain to machine interface.
This is just one breakthrough technology regarding the cloning situation that is not being touched upon and part of a whole series of releases which will change the way people understand reality.

Thanks to:



Dreams, Flashbacks, Operations, Negotiation
August 8, 2016 omnipulse

I must’ve snapped somewhere back there.
It wasn’t the training. It truly wasn’t the overall situation and the requirements.
It was the lack of the possibility of being able to confide in anyone.
It’s a shit-storm up here. A real hell of a situation.
The surface is nearly entirely entangled in the battle between intelligence and narrow mindedness. Personal success and civilization-wide failure.
I appreciate the training. This is probably a difficult situation for most to understand, but then again their own life and true origins are the most difficult to understand.
On the surface of Earth everything is so heavily manipulated that individuals do not have the time of day or right of reason to comprehend even the tiniest details of their own existence or the existence of what can loosely be called the “Universe”.
I just awoke abruptly from a dream which was an entirely artificial situation involving minor training and military incorporated values and brotherhood. Simple stuff, eating together, moving through physical training, some simple directions and routines that those in the military often move through.
When I awoke, I realized I hadn’t felt that kind of brotherly unity or straight-to-the-point directness and what some may call a military mindset for many years.
My exposure to that kind of situation may be, no, is, the very reason I am alive today having witnessed all that I have. I have many problems, for instance I just lost my balance and knocked my entire table and computer over losing my track and position in what I felt I had to say/type. Of course, it could be worse, I could be in a different situation altogether and from what I have seen and been through this is kind of like a vacation. (stops to take puff from vaporizer and drops everything on the floor).
I’ve probably woken up a neighbor and roommate by now, but I hope what I gain from this is confidence in my ability to connect with my memories and the people reading this in a meaningful, beneficial way.
I was trained as part of an unacknowledged special access program which merged mind-control with military training and physical military operations with scenarios and operations that are so inconceivably outside the realm of regular life (even for a military group) that explaining those situations alone takes weeks and months of back-story and preparation. Thankfully we have had many years to prep for this unveiling and there are others out here who are doing their best to describe the situation.
I’ll repeat, the training and conditioning I received is the reason I am alive today.
I wanted to go deeper into this, into a far greater expanse of some of the scenarios I have experienced but I think the way I’m going to get my points across is by keeping things short and sweet. For now, this seems to be the best way to put it and that’s what’s going to work.
We operated using advanced technology, we were guided by superiors who could see what was going to happen ten steps down the line, there were and are non-human races and hidden groups running their own show, the events and decisions were those that influenced and sometimes entirely determined the reality of life on Earth.
Much will be explained when the time is right and people can handle an influx of this kind of information. I know many want to believe that this is all fun and games and that we are all ready for the most serious of unveiling yet this is not truly the case. Information is dealt with on a need-to-know-basis in any system worth its resulting stress in useful knowledge. There is no reason to take in information if it can’t be integrated and utilized to perform your duty and complete your task in a more efficient manner.
My goal is to slow down the rate of information I have been calling up, memories and receiving flashbacks in order to condense everything, or at least as much as I can, into a meaningful information base that can be used to describe the true situation on Earth to the best of my ability.
There is an unveiling taking place. There were negotiations. Yes, one main point of the negotiations is that going to “war” (not a possibility) with the “dark factions” of this planet would result in a catastrophic loss of innocent life which would revoke our right to call ourselves an intelligent, peaceful, capable form of life. It would devastate our planet and society. Sure, there is oppression, suffering, and what can be looked at as open war currently, but this is nothing in comparison to what can happen if people lose the stability of the current situation. It is a shit-storm, I agree, but it is a contained shit-storm that predictably flings shit in the same directions that it has been for a while. If that changes as the result of a violent expression, then it will simply turn into one giant war and this is not acceptable.
The negotiations worked to determine that the only way to safely presume the organization and progression of Humanity would be to forgive those who have trespassed against nature, Earth, and Human life. This does not mean to accept the system someone else created for us, but to work together and make a stronger system than we have today. People are quick to rise up and hate their ‘captors’ yet how powerful is that if our best bet is a dark-ages scenario where people are too angsty and caught up in their own personal affairs to guide their own lives and keep the peace amongst themselves?
Yes, we have a common challenge to face, in the same sense we all have our own personal demons we must learn to integrate and equalize. Life may be better without having the mental or physical restraints, yet a society of personal and collective chaos is not better than the threat of some kind of overall oppression. People have the capability to oppress themselves, especially en masse.
For instance, imagine if many people were gathered in an area for a concert, or an event of some sort. What happens if there are no authorities to maintain an open hand at the areas which are not to be crossed and a closed fist to those who wish to bring violence. Are we free from mass violence? From crowd mentality, from thieves and arbitrary battles over who likes who or whose items are the best looking? What happens if chaos breaks out, a fight, a fire, a battle or a frenzy? Who is going to take charge and ensure that the violence, the oppression, the danger would be suppressed and contained to a certain area, controlled or negated? Who’s task is that? Who is capable? So until Humanity becomes that peace loving, HUMAN loving group of intelligent, interconnected individuals, we will be in a better situation as long as there is some kind of overarching authority.
Does this mean we need every aspect of the current situation? In my opinion, no, we are living in an outdated system, yet many are not aware of this or their own possibilities and are thus safer in this system until they reach their point of “awakening” to these higher possibilities. Many people are still ready to fight over items, talk trash to their neighbors (in a non-playful manner), or chase after each other’s wives to the point of tearing each other’s lives apart, regardless of how the wives feel. This may seem truly undesirable, but not a problem on a small scale. On a larger scale, this destroys the balance and causes societal upheaval. In large groups, this leads to gang wars, fights, division, unrest, and all the things most hope to protect the population from. Even if it’s not about them, it’s about those who would rather not see their family exposed to such danger and chaos.
That is all about how the current system works, it controls the chaos so as to decide when, where, and how it will be released. This way it can also be benefited from by certain groups and in the same sense safely controlled so that any losses are projected before hand and accepted. This isn’t to say that the chaos would not already be present in most cases and it isn’t to say that some chaos isn’t invented. The idea is to control it in order to supersede the effects on a larger scale so that unpredictability is kept to a minimum or even non-influential.
The negotiations determined that forgiveness and healing is the way to solve this situation. There will be no violence or mass upheaval where people run in and trample over people’s belongings, bodies, or institutions. Everything will be readjusted from the ground up without burning everything down.
This is to take place along with a simultaneous release of advanced knowledge regarding the secret operations, the hidden knowledge, essentially the advanced technology and advanced knowledge regarding our Universe and existence. As this knowledge is released, and this is happening now in soft and direct disclosure, people will be brought to the forefront based on their ability to achieve superior stability of the mind and emotions producing a harmonizing effect for themselves and those around them. That is the shift in awareness. As the situations intensify, people will begin to unravel even more than the stress of the current situation enables. Yet this is the opportunity for those healers to step into their power, to hold their friends and families together, to speak out to the population in a meaningful manner and assist in the advancement of our civilization.
This is a time we have been waiting for throughout the millenia. We were prepared for years, for our entire lives. There is more good coming from the unveiling, the unraveling, than there is destruction. People can make it however they want to make it, they can choose their own reality and outcome and that is why Earth is so special. It contains an entire Universe, an entire flip-book of possibilities, all in one. The human body and mind is no different, we can choose the role we want to play and this can be a healing role or a detrimental role to others. Each choice we make enhances our ability as a destroyer or a creator in this world and the next.
It is up to us to decide how we want to act, what cues and responses we want to fall in line with or give out and how we will influence the others of our generation, our families and our civilization. We are shaping the future, those at the forefront are no longer carrying rifles and taking new land, the new frontier is the mind itself and the concepts we are learning to communicate and interact with in this new outlook that is not so new but was merely hidden for a very long time.

Thanks to:



An Open Letter to You
August 8, 2016 omnipulse

If you are stable you will realize that our appearances are not the most important here and that your ability to help others is equivalent to your ability to calm yourself and maintain focus on the task at hand. Read Aaron McCollums ebook called the Transhumanism Pandemic, also Wes Penres papers on the situation. These texts explain what others are leaving out in their communications. I only fully agree with what I post word for word, however we can find helpful information all around.
You are to help the population know the truth and awaken past the programming and mind control. That is your ability to help others. If you are not doing that, what are you doing? Setting up for a big war? Then you and only you will be held responsible for such choices. It is up to you and if you handle your energy harmoniously you will change the world.
If you didn’t notice others have been talking about this situation for years. If you can help harmonize Humanity and unify them then you will change the world. People do not want to listen to someone who cannot go a day without reacting negatively.
If you were truly in a dire situation then you would be able to see over people’s chaos, not rely on it to suit your own psychological needs.
Relax, breathe deeper and slower, clean your food intake, research others who have proved themselves honest and help others do the same. If you awaken your internal energy you can heal yourself and others that is your true purpose.
Everything is a distraction except that which you learned by questioning yourself and everything you experience. Don’t be a puppet, pick how you want to change the world, leave violence out of it and take steps to helping others free themselves from the system.
They did not tell you of the advanced computer systems yet you must understand everything on your own through asking the right questions. If you can’t help yourself and choose not to ask then no one can help you. If you have to lash out at others you are definitely in distress and attempting to spread that distress to others. You are part of the future society, from another time where things are different. Your memory was wiped so you could come here and perform this task.

Thanks to:


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