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This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter

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1 This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:50 pm


Are the Six Million Foreign Currency Holders Called Dinarians Enough to Save the Planet from a Monetary Meltdown?
Posted By: CapnGriff
Date: Monday, 8-Aug-2016 13:48:08

Hello All,

Friday morning there was a conference call to all managers, at all levels, among all Wells Fargo banks. Wells Fargo is strongly rumored to have the lead over all banks in America to handle the 6+ million strong, foreign currency holders across the globe. The rest of the people that do not own currency fall in to the following categories.

1. Cannot afford to buy currency to trade/exchange at any price.

2. Have no interest in world affairs or ways to make money outside their jobs.

3. Have untold millions in foreign currency and have already exchanged having received preferential handling from participating banks. These people are often referred to as Whales, just like the big gamblers in Las Vegas.

4. Have been told by low level Wells Fargo employees that such currency sales and exchanges are a scam.

However, those that fall into category number 4 above also include low level Wells Fargo managers who probably could have invested in the exchangeable, but not readily tradeable, currencies available. I refer to the Viet Namese Dong, Iraqi Dinar, Indonesian Rupee, and the Zimbabwe Dollar. On Friday, these low level managers were told the truth. That truth being, yes the above listed currencies were about to go live and be exhangeable.

The uproar was unexpected by upper management. It was reported several managers at that point, having played for a fool, walked out. The ones that remained are reported to begin negotiating a settlement with upper managment. With many 100s of branches and special exchange facilities off campus from the main banks losses could be immense. This was immediately observable to WF upper management. How could they have been naive? Did they even wonder?

The outcome of those negotiated settlements is still yet to be announced at least in terms that the situation has been handled and the 6 million worldwide currency holders can go forward with exchanges. As of last Friday, the upper managment was give 24 hours to settle the dispute and outright lies fed to lower managment. As I write to post this,there has been no word of a settlement and that exchanges will begin. As of Friday at bank closing the estimates were that the 800#s were to go out at any moment.

As of Monday morning, nothing has been leaked or announced as far as us so-called "Dinarians" can find. This bus has been headed down the road to revaluation since 2003. And those riding the bus are fatigued and haven't even stopped for a break in the last 13 years. The Dinarians were moving towards the front door of the bus to get off just Friday and here they are on Monday returning to the same old lack of information black outs as before.

It should be noticed that two things can be done during this interim period. Buy more currency to take in and make the bankers pay us even more for their error and delays (and that includes the Chinese backers of all this) or begin to apply pressure in any way one feels will bear fruit to urge the banks and the Chinese to get this over with. 13 years is a very long time and a significant portion of anyone's life. Considering the reward expected, it may be worth the wait, but bequeathing it to relatives in death wasn't supposed to be part of the game. Bottom line, I feel the natives are getting restless. The branch managers at WF are looking like the fools we thought they were and this looks just like another psyop of some kind.

To me, the time is short before all the participating banks and the Chinese should begin to feel the pressure of those that hold the currencies. The currencies will wait for our heirs, but the time to put pressure on WF is building. Let them understand this. They have much invested and if not telling their lower management was a mistake, then they must immediately right the ship, get the trains back on the tracks, or we as a planet will slip into another worldwide financial debacle, with many banks failing, because some group out there thinks they'll wait for the first blue sky day to push the button. Not many of those, these days, with chemtrails. In my humble opinion, a hard and fast, no change allowed date is needed now. Everyone can wait for Christmas morning when they know the date. Are the 6 million foreign currency holders that important to righting the ship being sunk by the cabal? In a word, yes. Nuff said.

Thanks to:


2 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:40 pm



"What A Long Strange Trip It's Been" - Dr. Dinar Update 8-8-16

8/08/2016 02:19:00 PM  Thoughts, Update  
What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

To be honest, that's putting it mildly. Whether it be six months or six years, if you've been on this ride and involved in this journey for any length of time, then I'm sure you can definitely relate. At this point I'd be willing to say that a long, strange trip is putting it mildly.

This roller coaster ride of an adventure has taken us through more ups and downs than a kid eating cotton candy while riding a pogo stick.

With that being said, when it comes right down to it, regardless of how stressful this journey may have been, I couldn't be more grateful to have been made aware of this opportunity oh so long ago.

Having been involved for over half a decade and counting, my two week stress test of hoping my first 'batch' would arrive in time for the RV seems beyond a mere memory. Yet the angst is still fresh in my mind.

Will my money order get there in time?

Did I send the right amount?

What did I use for a shipping address?

Heck, did I even remember to put a stamp on it?

All of that mind bending mumbo jumbo, basically freakin' out that I might have somehow made a mistake on my order and my two week pre RV 'window' will have slammed shut before I can repair the damage.

Luckily none of those 'issues' were a problem and my order arrived right on time. Actually, about six years early to be exact but who's counting. To date we've gone through more 'windows' than the Trump Tower NYC has and as of yet, still no RV. So much for my purchasing a warehouse full of Windex.

At this stage of the game, with all of the false alarms along the way, the highs definitely aren't as high but then again, the lows aren't nearly as low either. That's not to say that I don't still experience some of the ups and downs of this ride but nowhere near to the same extent that I used to.

I wouldn't say I'm completely jaded, thinking the RV will never happen but I will say that I no longer fall for the "it's goin' down this weekend" every weekend hypium that used to drain me week after week not so long ago.

I now find myself in a place of extreme gratitude. Sure, this has been anything but a walk in the park. But at the same time I can't help but think about all of the people that don't have the slightest idea any of this 'stuff' is even going on.

I'd have to believe I'm not the only one that tends to get wrapped up in Dinarland, thinking that everybody must know about the dinar and the RV. But if you step back a bit you soon begin to realize that very few people truly have a clue about any of this.

They continue to be so wrapped up in who's going to be eliminated next from Dancing With The Stars and hoping like heck that nobody else gets the boot from Duck Dynasty. Foreign currency and anything that goes along with that couldn't be any further from their minds.

And that's easy for me to believe as I too used to be one of those same out of the loop people, more concerned with how I was going to rebuild my life after having lost everything in the Econocrash of 2008 than anything going on in some sandbox half way around the world.

Yet, through a strange set of occurrences, here I am. Smack dab in the middle of Dinarland. Could I have imagined myself in this very spot over half a decade ago? Heck no. I had absolutely no clue whatsoever about any funny money other than Monopoly money. And I was never any sort of a Monopoly whiz, that's for sure.

But if it wasn't for this crazy colored wallpaper, I wouldn't have any hope whatsoever of rebuilding my life. I'm continuing to drown in ever increasing debt, yet I still consider myself to be one of the lucky ones. Yes, you read that correctly. The lucky ones.

As you shake your head from side to side, just think about that for a second. Think about the millions and millions of people around the world swimming in that same debt, losing more and more of their lives with each passing day and they have no real hope of rebuilding their lives. No RV to look forward to. Now ask yourself, how lucky do you feel?

Do I wish the RV would have happened years ago?

You better believe I do. But luckily for me I know it WILL happen eventually and I couldn't be any more grateful that I'll be there front and center when it does.

So if I can make a suggestion to anyone else out there who may be struggling with the weekly letdowns and beginning to lose hope in this ever happening. Just hang in there a bit longer.

Think about all those weekends you thought you'd never make it through to see the other side of and low and behold, you're still here.

Stronger for having gone through it. Hungrier than ever for a trip to the bank.

Let's all hope this long strange trip leads us right to the bank. And not a minute too soon.

Dr. Dinar

Thanks to:


3 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:42 am



"The Latest Excuses" - Guest Post by Hope for the World

8/09/2016 12:34:00 AM  Emailed, Thoughts  
Entry Submitted by Hope for the World at 10:34 PM EDT on August 8, 2016

Oh that’s rich! The latest excuse for delay is that low level WF management got huffy and took their marbles home having finally learned the RV was real?? Well, A) I don’t believe that is true for one second (the WF personal banker who opened my account for me over two and a half years ago KNEW ALL ABOUT IT - and this was just a personal banker at a small branch!). And, B) you’d think those ancient Chinese Elders with all of their he-who-holds-the-gold-makes-the-rules clout would have the wisdom to avoid such a rookie mistake and the power to supersede any more delay tactics.

But therein lies the rub.

They DO have the wisdom to avoid such rookie mistakes and they DO have the power to make good on their word (which, considering how many times they've said they wanted it to go and it didn’t is beginning to sound like lip service).

And you know what else is a little hinky about those ancient Chinese Elders and their he-who-holds-the-gold-makes-the-rules insistence? For 5,000 years the cabal (simple term for “bad guys in general”) have been slowly degenerating this planet and its inhabitants into complete mental/physical/spiritual/psychological submission, their master plan being ownership of the planet with a slave force to serve their every perverted whim. They have performed every imaginable atrocity to ‘reduce population to a manageable number’ and to dehumanize and to demoralize and to pillage our human ability for free thinking – and beyond. And all the while, while mankind was being pummeled to smithereens, what were those ancient Chinese Elders busy doing?

They were busy fleshing out and stock piling the planet’s gold.

They were murderously abusing their own slave labor force in their greedy rush for more gold, and more power, and more gold, and more power…until the time finally arrived when their gold and their power gave them license to consider themselves the rule-makers of the world.

They watched what was happening to earth’s inhabitants, the carnage and devastation reigning down upon mankind, and what was their only concern? Piling up their earthly riches. Warehousing all that gold.

Fast forward to 2016 when unfathomably brave men and women have finally, after great loss and sacrifice, brought down the cabal, and they’ve crushed their methods of control; when a bullet-proof global financial system has been set in place, tried and tested to perfection; when scores of peaceful organic governments have been restored, and when an army of do-gooders is staged to flood the world with restorative resources…that is, just as soon as those ancient Chinese Elders get around to releasing all that gold they said they collected and protected just for us for all those 5,000 years, just so the planet finally could move on in its evolution…

Yeah…about that…

I personally do not believe the Chinese Elders ever planned on giving up their gold or their assumptive power position over the world.

I don’t think they ever gave a single thought to the possibility that mankind might wake up one day, and work together to save ourselves, and take back all that was taken or hidden or destroyed.

I don’t think they thought we were smart enough.

But look who’s scrambling for excuses now in the absence of a good Plan B. The low level managers felt the fool and walked out, honestly? A zombie apocalypse would have been more believable.

So, here’s my current take on things. Every time those ancient Chinese Elders prolong the inevitable, they compound their situation – which is already pretty darn grim. I mean, can you imagine having all that blood on your hands? Thousands and thousands of years of conscious-lessly inflicted pain and suffering and death and destruction, every individual act falling on your head? Whether it’s karmic payback or the weight of God’s judgment, I can’t imagine there has ever been, in the history of existence, a greater punishment forthcoming.

I sure hope those guys enjoyed their gold.

If I was in their shoes I would be on my knees begging for that button to be pressed, begging for relief to go out into the world, begging for a shred of forgiveness from any worldly direction. I would wear myself out trying to make up for even the slightest degree of my trespasses (and 5,000 years is a long time to accumulate trespasses). I would do anything – anything! – to lighten the burden of my sins. I wouldn’t keep making feeble excuses just to hold on to my golden goodies for one more day. I’m just over 1% of their ripe old age of 5,000 but I’m smart enough to know when to throw in the towel and save myself.

Thanks to:


4 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:45 am



"Didn't Awake Say Goodbye? Guess Not" - WSOMN Scotchie

8/08/2016 11:13:00 PM  Awake-in-3D, Intel, Thoughts, WSOMN  


Posted by scotchie

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Post from another Forum: For Information:

Awake-in-3D August 8, 2016 at 6:25pm

I will be completely offline for the coming days – basically a total shutdown. There is nothing more I can say or do from this moment onward.

Hello fellow Gladiators! I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some things… Hopefully! :)

The rumors and speculation around my "shutdown post" from last week are fascinating to read. Those whom have known me for a long time -most of you here on this site - know that I write with purpose and specificity. I don’t typically generalize my posts with enigmatic phraseology. So, in the above excerpt from my post of last week, I wrote that I would be offline for “the coming days”, meaning, not permanently offline. The phrase “there is nothing more I can say or do from this moment onwards”… ok, maybe not written clearly enough. What I meant was that anything I can say would only be a repeat of what I have been repeating all along regarding “staying grounded”; “remaining calm”; and keeping “fear of the unknown in check”. There is also the simple fact that the details and information I have in these final “GCR Days of Our Lives” soap opera are not able to be posted or summarized in such a way as to not propagate the confusion that already exists in GCR Land. I just won’t be a party to the state of confusion that permeates our daily roller coaster experience.

After the last public conference call I was on, I markedly noticed that anxiety and concern has seems to have now shifted from notions of being “left out” of the exchange process, concern over the NDA, confusion about Trust Entities, and worries about exchanging into fiat vs. asset-backed proceeds, etc. to concerns about what’s going to happen “after” the exchanges are completed (buying precious metals, hyper-inflation, banks becoming insolvent, the “Cabal” remaining in power, etc.). This landscape gave me personal pause to reflect on many things, hence my comments of last week regarding my “role” in this entire GCR morass. I have a family, regular work (J.O.B.), personal relationships, and daily life challenges as do we all. Keeping all of this in harmony and balance in a body-mind-spirit sense gets difficult people! LOL

To dispel the rumors which apparently have become Dinar Land fact:

I have not exchanged

I was not asked or told to go dark

I am not at risk or danger to my well-being or position in the exchange process (not even by those wildly entertaining, self-proclaimed “Guru Hunters” – hi guys, bet you can’t wait for Comic Con to start so you can dust off those Star Trek Klingon dress-up costumes! No offense to Trekkies intended... I love all things Star Trek! )

Today continues to be a great day for progress… another milestone step (so to speak) has just been crossed! Insert "KABOOM" here... Where is that S3G BOOM GIRL? Haven't seen her in awhile...

---Ai3D :)

[Sidebar Note]

I find myself perplexed regarding why some information providers feel an apparently passionate “need” to deride, insult and legally threaten others in Dinar Land. I was recently called a “complete moron” by one such provider whom I used to hold in high regard and respect (actually, I still do). Especially by one who presents himself as being an information provider for the sole reason of educating others with facts and rationale with the altruistic goal of instilling calm and confidence in Dinar Land.

I may disagree with some information others are reporting, I may even question the assumptions or landscapes used as the basis of my contrarian point of view. Questions and different points of view create the very foundations for greater awareness and understanding among objective individuals and groups.

So I ask, where in that altruistic endeavor to foster a greater understanding, awareness and confidence is there a place for name calling and personal insults? Maybe I am a moron for simply not agreeing with you? Or maybe anyone not considered on par with your mental capacity is just simply moronic? Have I insulted you or threatened you in any way? Nope. I have been a guest speaker on many different conference calls, but only by request, and I agreed only to help others to the best of my ability given what I have with a primary goal to instill confidence and reduce anxiety and stress that is a part of the daily GCR experience. Have you ever spoken to me? Nope. Have you attempted to gather facts before assigning your derogatory labels to those you don’t know? Nope.

In any case, Mr. "Bear", we are all in this together and I would love to speak to you one-on-one if you are so inclined. I am sure issues and events just got off on the wrong foot somehow. It would be wonderful to just cease with the uninformed and misplaced insults and name-calling. Thank you. :)

Thanks to:


5 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:05 pm



"Dr. Clarke's Subtle Methods of Disinfo" - Guest Post by RM

8/09/2016 09:00:00 PM  [url= Clarke]Dr. Clarke[/url], Emailed, Thoughts  
Entry Submitted by Ricardo Montalban at 8:53 PM EDT on August 9, 2016

The below excerpt is the meat if his very lengthy psyop. What he is subtlety and very cleverly attempting to do, while trying to convince you he's a good guy that has your best interests at heart, is feed you disinfo. For instance, he's lumping known with the unknown together and saying don't waste your time. In other words, he's saying their not true, like a GCR, Gold backed currencies, 800#s, taxes being waived, Trusts being important.

What he's really is saying, and it's not easy to untangle deception, is that there is no GCR that it's going to be staggered, no gold backed currencies, no 800#s, you will be taxed on your exchange, you shouldn't have a Trust, there is no worldwide cabal elimination, there is no benevolent E.T., there is no Chinese Elders or Grandfather and Ascended Masters.

The rate fluctuations, exchange security measures, contract rates, SKR's all true. He includes these to confound you and cause cognitive dissonance. In other words, if some are known to be true, then all must be true. Like rate fluctuations true then taxes on exchanges true. Like SKR's true so no 800#s true. Get it?

But don't be deceived by this sly fox. Clearly, he's not your friend. He knows his suggested September time line for RV is going to happen sooner, so he's now trying act like your friend to misguide you and create doubt about what is good and what you know to be true, like needing Trusts and Chinese Elders being our benefactors.

It really amazes me that cabal spend so much effort and time to deceive yet it doesn't seem to phase us in the least. But they just keep trying and losing time after time like struggling cockroaches that you sprayed.

But it's all coming to past. It's becoming clearer that Hitlery will drop out for medical reasons. It's looking as if Trump may drop out and Ryan take the helm. Iraq appears ready. The USN's are out? WF ready?

In the meantime we sit, waiting for the 800#s. We know it's true, they're real, they're coming, so don't let cabal psyops put doubt in your minds. 
Dr. Clarke: 
"Don't waist your time on things you cannot Control, such as: - A complete GCR at one time, Gold or Asset-Backed currencies, 800 #'s, Rate Fluctuations, Exchange Security measures, Groups Only being paid, Taxes being waived, Contract Rates, Trusts being so important, Who's exchanging and who isn't, SKR's, some Good vs. Evil worldwide process, PTB control, Cabal control, Alien control, Chinese Family or Elder control, Ascended Master control or any other Control ....." 
Thanks to:


6 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:06 pm



"Lifting of the 000" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News with Frank26

8/09/2016 09:57:00 PM  KTFA, News, Thoughts  

Mountainman » August 9th, 2016

Where Would We Be TODAY had CHINA Not Been Brought In as A NEW RESERVE CURRENCY........??? Answer= No Where......

Therefore,The 2010 Code of Reforms was PARAMOUNT to the ACCELERATION of the NEW GLOBAL REALITY.......For After that {ALL} Moved Forward from the Decision Last Oct-Nov 2015 and Set In Motion the FAST TRACK of IRAQ from there.......

For CHINA is the NEW INDUSTRIAL NATION of the WORLD........Just As In The Old Bretton Woods System the US was the NATION Chosen at that TIME, for A TIME........The US will Still be King in the NEW REALITY, Just Positionally Not as the Industrial Giant........

And Once the IEX goes Live Sept 2, MANY New Beginnings Will RISE Like the Tides of A TSUNAMI.......and the G20 Summit will Hold in Tension the WORLDS Attention........

From the MARKETS of the NATIONS to the November Decisions in A NATION........Thus Many of the Reasons JL........No, not Jennifer Lopez.......Jack Lew Spent so Much TIME for MANY to whom He Represents as to Establish New Economic Relations and Standards of TRADE w/ CHINA........

As far as the SDR.......Well It's Self Explanatory as A "NEW LIQUID/BLACK GOLD REALITY", Just as the IMF and DOC said it Would Be........and "THE COUNTDOWN to The GLOBAL MELTDOWN" is Ticking Away........IMO

8888's CHINA'S LUCKY NUMBER........By Design........INDEED

Blessings,Mountainman (8)=New Beginnings........for an INFUSION of YUAN TON SOUP........and The FAMILIES Like It........INDEED

BTW........How You Doin Singapore.......???.......A Bery Well Tank You....

ReddStarr » August 9th, 2016

This article is over 3 years you think they had a plan.....even back then.....IMO.....of course they did....."chronological order"..... As Knarf would say LAVA FLOW STARTED LONG AGO….imo

Trade: We're going to join the "WTO" measures in 2016!

A map showing the status of the world in the World Trade Organization

Revealed the Ministry of Commerce , said that the year 2016 will see Iraq 's
accession procedure is completed to the WTO , "WTO", as economists expect that the move positive effects that will stimulate trade in Iraq.

The director of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations at the Ministry of Commerce Hashim Mohammed Hatem said negotiations with the World trade Organization are going well for the completion of the terms of accession to this international institution.

He said Hatem in an interview with radio free Iraq that Iraq plans to end to join the WTO file during the year 2016.

for his part , confirms the head of economic media Center Durgham Muhammad Ali to enter Iraq trade Organization global will have many benefits , most notably considered as countries to which they apply international standards for the trade.

it calls on the Iraqi government to take serious steps to support the Iraqi private sector and local industries and the transition to a free market economy , before entering into the WTO.

it is said that Iraq occupies since 2004 observer member status in the World trade Organization

Frank26 » August 9th, 2016

IMO ............. Soon ................. The lifting of the 000 will also be ............... Ancient History. KTFA Frank

MBA Grad » August 9th, 2016

Frank, I wanted to run something by you based on what you had said on last nights call ......

You mentioned that Iraq "Could" stay with the program rate when they become a member of the World Trade Organization. My understanding about the WTO is that the nation that joins has to be using a single, or national, currency in order to become a full member.

Iraq uses the Dinar. This means that Iraq can no longer use the US Dollar when this happens. The MCP must come to an end.

Iraq cannot survive at a rate of 1166 even if the program rate became the real starting rate. It won't be able to pay its bills.

In my opinion, Iraq must have a real or reinstated rate prior to entering into article 8 or before joining the WTO as a full member. You also have to remember that outside investors want to come into Iraq to do business and 1166 doesn't work. I don't see foreign investors coming into the country at that rate.

In my opinion, there has to be a rate change of some kind "Prior" to any revaluation of the currency. This "Real" or "Reinstated" rate will allow Iraq to enter Article 8 and to join the WTO as a full member using the Iraqi Dinar as their national currency.

Sometime between the announcement of the liberation of Mosul and the announcement of the new CBI governor, we should see Iraq make this 1st rate change - All in my opinion.

Walkingstick » August 9th, 2016

That, is correct.. a definite possibility: FWIW.... A country may use a multitude of currencies.... for, buy sell and or trade as a member of the WTO... Many do, have.. for years... Those details, may... or, may not.. be hidden, for... a period of time. upon... acceptance

Frank26 » August 9th, 2016

Your opinion Sir .................... Are My CC NOTES RANDY is soon to release ........Please enjoy

GFulcher66 » August 9th, 2016

Did you all see the article where O paid Iran in Dinar? If so what kind of Dinar, as that is like saying Dollar, kind of... There is also a you tube video of his speech addressing it

MBA Grad » August 9th, 2016

I think that 400M was paid using a number of different currencies, Euros, USD and others. This makes it hard to trace. IMO

hanks to:


7 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:11 pm



"Objects in Mirror..." - SITREP - 8:00:00 EST - Wednesday - August 10, 2016

8/10/2016 09:45:00 AM  Emailed, Intel  

Submitted and published per request. ~ DC

8:00:00 EST
August 10, 2016


Fact: RV performance is an absolute and immanent forthcoming event. Thus it's wise to take some time today to absorb this truth so that you can properly prepare emotionally for a massive change in your life / consciousness.

RV related things that appear as "delayed" are not nearly as dramatic or intense for currency holders as they might feel.

All banking technical aspects are completed. In fact, private clients within the US, actual currency holders, have been exchanging domestically into USN liquidation via Wells Fargo off site redemption centers since last Sunday--per the approval of the Chinese Elders.

However, the US Republic has decided to leverage the Elders own desire to begin on 8/8, and are attempting to renegotiate some geopolitical security policy issues between still hostile sovereign nation actors.

This list would include sovereign nations such as Israel, Turkey, Ukraine, Syria and Saudi Arabia. It also includes the now defaulted and imploding 4th shadow branch of the old USA Inc government -- this's negotiation is playing out publicly via the current presidential election.

When in fact the US election already has a private resolution that is just waiting to be revealed publicly. Meaning, behind the scenes, there's literally no significant drama who is going to run let alone win.

Crazy yes, but 100% true as reported months earlier from key sources serving the newly restored Republic government. There's been a meaningful and permanent regime change within our own US government structure.

As such, it's wise to take a moment and absorb this truth as possibility especially for those who are still in disbelief or denial about major political transformation globally in conjunction with radical financial transition.

This is why objects in the mirror are closer than they appear because all 7,000+ redemption centers (1,700 ZIM specific in US alone) are currently just hovering at an any minute, any second alert level--and have been since the start of August.

But here we are in real life, so on everyday survival terms, we wait on the release of 800#s. Know that Wells Fargo has that responsibility on the US, but is caught between the Republic (Dunford) and their Chinese owners (Elders). The bank must wait on Little Brother and Big Sister to settle all family business before they serve us the big bountiful historic meal.

It seems several younger and smaller siblings are still fighting for their place in the family now that the rules have changed and being enforced, and all believe that slightly misbehaving is their best negotiating strategy. All are wrong however.

It's critically important to understand the world simply cannot move forward without an implemented global reset and revaluation of all sovereign currencies back to a gold standard of value.

There is no plan B, only plan A which includes all 209 sovereign nation states moving as one, in compliance harmony with the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

What we are "waiting on" is for all said 209 sovereign nations to fully implement deal terms previously agreed to and signed into international law.

So we're all made to watch a non-complicated macro situation play out with a seemingly endless amount of last second horse trading here at the very end--as every nation needs the RV to survival with some using the RV to better position their country's best interests moving forward into the new economy.

President General Joseph Dunford (US Republic) has been ordered to Beijing as a result, as even he is using the RV to hold non-compliant sovereign nations to their own pre-agreed upon terms, and using his country's new digital currency from going international (USN) as last minute negotiating tactic.

Ironically, this actually serves US best interests long term, while delaying its progress in the short term. But the additional time actually helps secure American interests globally, even if domestically currency holders / banks are made to temporarily wait/suffer.

So yes we're all growing more anxious. And yes the entire world is impatiently waiting for the US to allow the release of its currency so it can be freely traded across markets worldwide... but whatever the issues that remain either the siblings geopolitically, know they will resolve because they must comply and in short order.

There is no other option per their own diplomatically negotiated and signed international treaty.

So be at peace. We are there. And feel great in knowing that the devil is finally being rooted out of the details... never to return.

God is with us.

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"Seriously, what's the latest RV hold up now!?" - Anonymous Intel - 8.11.16

8/11/2016 06:17:00 PM  Emailed, Intel, News, Thoughts  

Received at 5:50 PM EDT on August 11, 2016 and published. ~ DC

Below is a list of all remaining security and sovereignty issues being dealt with via real time negotiations by the UN Security Council with recognized nation-state diplomats.

Know that pre-agreed and signed international treaties were ignored and thus unhonored earlier in the week. As a result additional penalties are new now being enforced.

Once these penalties have been enforced in full, the RV will happen with ease and peace for all private redemptions (RV start time through August 24) as well as public redemptions (after August 25).

Also, look for the ongoing media circus (aka the USA political election) to resolve itself simultaneously with the toll free 800# release--which signals all sovereignty and security issues have been resolved long-term.

Either a Hillary or Trump resignation will absorb will the media coverage, and organically distract the public's attention away from the massive financial transition that's quietly rolling out (RV).

No drama. No struggle. No worries.

God is with us.
The Ukraine / Russia conflict is part of what's delaying the release of the RV.
Iraq, Syria, Turkey conflict is another issue in need of immediate resolution.
And the Israel & Palestine conflict is yet another.
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IQD RV Update with Kaperoni: "What we are seeing"

8/12/2016 09:57:00 AM  Kaperoni, News, Thoughts, Update  
"Central facilitates the process of getting on the dollar"

"...central bank confirmed his quest to facilitate the real beneficiaries for the dollar and prevent irregularities in private banks and money transfer..."

facilitate the real beneficiaries - in other words to eliminate corruption or misuse of the dollar. This is pertaining to the daily dollar auctions.

"...the need for the commitment of companies and banks mentioned rules and standards to meet their applications to buy dollars for the benefit of their customers (remittances, credit, cash) which includes comply with the requirements and standards of international compliance..."

what we are seeing is the CBI attempting to follow that directive...the recent SBA from the IMF...which calls out the spread and foreign exchange restrictions preventing Iraq from Article VIII (and international convertibility). This is good news they are trying, and we will see over the next few months if they are successful.


Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

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