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KILL-SQUAD [Dr. Yes vs. the Terrible Trio]. by TS Caladan

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[Dr. Yes vs. the Terrible Trio].

   by TS Caladan

Special agent, Dr. Amelie Ratzinger sat across the dinner table at a fine and secluded, federal restaurant from two other (nameless) agents: one was an ex-cop and the real head of the planet’s Military forces and the other was a bald, dark-suited representative from the Vatican. In the background, the old song, “You Don’t Own Me,” was heard, sung by Leslie Gore.

       Dr. Amelie expressed her fears of the future (seen by T-Machines) to the two others in the unholy triad. Her fears, laid out by the black woman’s superiors on Higher Levels, concerned one ‘person’ and one person only. The basic question bantered around the table was: What are we going to do about the mysterious and very powerful Dr. Yes, encased within his own personal volcano or bunker-fortress in the Sayan Mountains of Russia?

       They munched on the finest cuisine. The floor was the usual: a large, black and white checkered pattern. A pyramid without a top portion was on the wall as well as classic paintings from the masters, not copies. An elegant and good-looking waiter poured more expensive wine.

       When he left and after she drunk deep, Agent Ratzinger stated and asked, “He might not share our values, our views and be aligned with our…power structure. Is he the next Superman? Is he a big threat, our next enemy? Is Yes an enemy at all? Is he an emissary for the Dark One? We need to know and fight fire with fire.”

       The nameless head of the Military Industrial Complex was a well-dressed, relatively young man. He answered, “Are you sure your very own ‘Fear’ campaign has not gotten the better of you, doctor? Who gave’m the name: Yes?”

       “Doesn’t matter. What does Brookline tell you? It’s your facility,” Agent Ratzinger replied.

       The other nameless one, who was hairless and had a strong Italian accent, answered: “Ah, we know, ah…nothing about the man. Problem, you see? EEs he a man? We should knowa something.”

       The last bits of the superior meal and drinks were consumed. Plates were taken away.

       The female agent opened a portfolio, her plan was to gain info on the strange unknown called “Dr. Yes” and the minions that devoutly worked under him. And attack them with an awesome Weapon from the distant past, never used previously~

       The ex-cop looked into her eyes and asked her, “What do we know about the good Doctor outside he operates from a Russian fortress that’s masked as a dormant volcano?”

       “Not much,” she responded, sincerely. “Putin knows nothing, that’s for sure.”

       “That’sa what I said,” said the old Vatican rep.

       She continued, “We know his fortress is impregnable, physically; a force-field surrounds the mountain lair. Our people who’ve touched the perimeter DISAPPEAR, never to be seen again, eh? Even our psi-viewers cannot ‘see’ within, what he and his, we call them, ‘minions’ are up to. What are they doing to our soldiers they’ve captured? Experiments? We have to know. Is this war?”

       “Have our remote-viewers ever encountered such a thing before, a place they cannot see into?” the younger man asked.

       “Never. He has to be generating tremendous power to do what our monitors and Eye-drones have filmed or sense…and then have the bizarre ability to camouflage everything? No surges or traces of EM signatures, not a giga-watt!” she said with emotion. “We know he employs hundreds. We don’t know how he controls them, if they are bio-machines? His clones?”

       “What you have there, m’lady?” the Italian asked with a hand gesture.

       She opened the folder…

       The music in the special restaurant changed to Eric Burdon and the Animals and the classic ‘House of the Rising Sun,’ during the following montage:


       As she spoke, the scene changed to three extremely nasty “Kill-Squad” members she had compiled. The shocker and first hint that her plan might work was because the ‘Terrible Trio’ were one happy family of killers! The first was father. His name was Avril Patterson (don’t call him “Avril”). ‘Paddy’ was bald and worst of the lot, known as “El Diablo.” He was also known as a great gangster who once controlled a mighty and extremely large Hit Squad operation. If you needed a Hit Man or someone kidnapped, you came to his center, not far from Hempfield, New York. Patterson’s neat, little organization got filthy rich in the 1980s. They killed and kidnapped a few thousand people until they were forced to shut down due to public exposure.  


       Next was his son, Randy: a despicable ‘chip off the old block’ known for imaginative ways he killed victims for sport and because of frivolous reasons. The redhead once killed a man who snored in public, just to watch him die and with an audience, exactly like in the Old West. He’d forgotten the cowboy’s name. Randolph “Randy” Patterson was eager to take command of his father’s profitable empire. Then the entire operation was closed by the feds who started the operation in the first place (like the drug trade, etc.).


       Finally was silver-haired mother. Mom. She was thought by many women as the absolute worst of all of them! Was she “the most evil woman in the world”? Sissy Patterson (don’t call her “Sissy”) was a harlot, prostitute, spy, mass-killer with poison as her weapon of choice, a cannibal, a pedophile and a lucky Bingo player. “Mom,” also, was the Gun Lover in the family.

       The whole Patterson Family was placed on real ‘death row,’ ready to be executed for massive crimes against humanity, only because people found out. At the eleventh hour, they were reprieved of a 3-way, family execution by the State under federal orders. If they agreed to an unusual Experiment, they could actually gain their freedom, in a sense. Not among the public on the surface of Earth. They could have a nice, cozy place in the subterranean world of Deep Underground Military Bases, which used fantastic tech far below the surface of the planet.

       They agreed to the Great Experiment (I mean: What the hell?). They would become superheroes? The Pattersons? The Pattersons from Sioux Falls, Kentucky? Wow. They were not in agreement on the federal Task Force’s name. What cool name should the Pattersons be called? “Kill Squad,” “the Revengers,” “Triad of Terror,” “the Unbelievables,” “the…”?


       “Wait! What the hell did I miss?” the younger man who controlled the Military Industrial Complex yelled and brought the scene back to the exclusive restaurant. The music changed to an Ozzie song about the Devil; all of Ozzie’s songs were about the Devil. The nameless agent asked the black woman, “Doctor. These are bad, sicko/psychos, like a lot of our friends, eh? The ‘Family that Kills Together,’ yes? They’ve killed a ton of people, but what the hell are you thinking? From what little we know of Yes, he’d wipe out these losers in a vaporized second!”

       Agent Amelie Ratzinger stared the man in the eyes with the confidence of a cobra. She said, “Not if they were enhanced, amped up or should I say…Super-Powered! Super-powered by a particular Evil Family from thousands of years ago?”

       “Huh? What are you talking about, witch?” The younger man was bewildered and demanded an answer.

       She waved to the waiter and ordered another fine drink, calmly. She replied, “The Greystone, of course. The scary family of demonic entities the Columbians have imprisoned inside the gem a long, long time ago. Time Machines have showed…”

       The Military Man finished her words with big, excited eyes, “You mean, the fucking Pattersons connect and match with the Demon Family? The ones who destroyed Egypt? They can…become them?”

       She answered in a sweet tone, “Yes…not the Doctor. Ha.” She chuckled at her inadvertent joke. “The infamous Demons from the House of Ra will walk the Earth again. We’ve seen it.”

       The man was amazed and looked over to the Vatican representative, who nodded and smiled with huge approval. He turned back to Agent Amelie and said, curiously: “You sure you want to do that, Doc? Unleash the Demons of Hell?”

       “We may have to. We have to know what we’re dealing with in Dr. Yes, yes? The aliens don’t know what’s inside that volcano. Only these enhanced criminals might get through…and report to us. If they’re caught, so what? We throw them under the bus. Ya ever capture a honey bee and a hornet in a jar and shake it up real good?”

       He still could not believe it and wondered, “This is madness, to let them out of the Greystone? Didn’t know it was possible. That’ll be a first.”

       She offered, “What if I said, they’d be 100% controlled, completely under our power…all three.”

       He again turned to the older man. “The Demons or the people? How?”


       The Pattersons woke up from intimate surgery in an underground facility. Each were dazed and strapped tightly on gurneys and pushed down a clean hallway by medical aids in lab coats. Five heavily armed federal troops or Special Forces trailed behind and had their powerful rifle-weapons trained on the horizontal Pattersons.

       “What is thisss?” El Diablo hissed like a snake as he came to his senses.

       The medical aid that pushed his gurney answered, “You’ve had a serious operation, your whole family, sir.”

       “What?! You here, gang?”

       “Yes, daddy,” Randy said weakly, on his gurney. He had his eyes closed. “What did they do?”

       The most evil woman in the world also realized her environment and who she was. “Yes, dear. We’re here.” She sternly looked up into her aid’s eyes with great anger. “What did you DO?”

       Her cart-pusher remained silent and scared.

       The aid that pushed the first gurney with Paddy, ‘the Devil,’ answered with more information: “Your seven chakras each have implants now. Don’t you remember, Mr. Patterson? All of you consented of your own free will. You were asked to participate in this generous chance to win your freedom. And you three signed on the dotted line.”

       “No we didn’t!” Father screamed.

       “Liars!” Mother screamed.

       Son only asked himself, “Wonder what they’re planning?”

       “Mind Wipe! No, TERMINATION at the end of some suicide mission and we have no choice in the matter whatsoever,” Paddy exclaimed. “We’ll be the collateral damage.”

       The cocky aid, sure that the ‘monster’ was secured on the gurney, said, “Whoever said you were stupid, Avril. You’ll be disconnected programmed Missiles who will hit their targets…”

       “Then explode,” R. Patterson speculated.

       “You put bombs in us?” Sissy said to her aid who she wanted to kill ever so badly.

       The aid who talked saw that it was Okay to divulge a bit more data as he glanced behind at the main man with the strange rifles. “Nanite programming is entering you, remotely, through the implants. We have faith that your team will respond as a fighting force and…”


       “Seek and destroy Dr. Yes without question. You will be rewarded for your participation…not killed, as you think. Please think: Reward at the end of the rainbow.”


       There were 16 male officials in dark suits and one Agent Ratzinger in a red suit within the Pentagon’s ‘War Room’ that was not a war room for any one country, but a World War headquarters. The ‘Terrible Trio’ was her project from the start and it was completely based on FEAR. Now she addressed her colleagues and underlings. A few aliens in the room were above her in the Hierarchy; they posed as human Admirals. The young man, head of the M.I.C. was in attendance as well as the same Vatican elder.

       Agent Amelie spoke with passion as everyone paid total attention. “In a world of flying men, unchecked mystery men and God knows what Monsters lurk in the shadows…we have to be the Guardians, Watchers and Gate-Keepers for the people. This is the only way I know how to protect the world.” She looked at her notes. She looked at her dinner guests from the previous evening…

       The nameless ex-cop and head of all Military forces, under Britain, continued the dialog. “What if Dr. Yes decides to blow the roof off of the White House and grabs the President? Who could stop him? We have a world gone to the dogs, out of control. We have fluoride in our water, slow poisons in our food, bombings, ISIS terror attacks. What happens when the next power-mad Super-Man becomes a terrorist?” He turned to Agent Ratzinger.

       She stated, “I’ve assembled a team, a very bad crime family that maybe…could do us a lot of good. They are a perfect fit for the Source Code, for the first time. It’ll work and of course, we’ve seen that it will work.”

       Another of the nameless men in dark suits, but one who had knowledge of temporal physics, asked the obvious question, “But you don’t know it will work for our time-line, this time-line we’re part of, right? Or who Yes is? We don’t know the outcome of your Kill Squad, even if they are hosts to Isis, Osiris and Horus. We don’t truly know what you have opened and unleashed upon the planet, even with your control methods over the Demons, do you, Doctor?”

       She did not hesitate. “We think the alternative is far worse. And if successful, a perfect Source Code…what we can do with this power in the future? Incredible! Control ultimate Power?”

       Suddenly, the suited rep from the Vatican rose to his feet. The Italian posed a possibility no one on Earth had contemplated. “When, ah, you find out ooooh EEs these ‘Yes’ person, the man of Mystery and Doctor Strange…what if EEs the Dark Lord we honor un we are waiting for?”


       “Are you serious, respected colleague?”

       “We knowa nothing of Yes. Maybe we should not attack the Devil with demons, ah?” The Vatican rep stunned the War Room.

       They took a vote. They voted to green-light the attack on infamous Yes and his volcano installation in the Sayan Mountains. They voted to unleash the ancient Demons~


       “The Terrible Trio” was not aware that they were the Terrible Trio at the present time. They were in the same hospital gowns as before and were handcuffed to one long, rectangular table. They were in a section of one of the Deep Bunkers.

       Ten guards with strange rifles stood behind the father, mother and son from hell.

       Amelie Ratzinger in a blue suit stood on the other side of the table. She ordered, “Release them. Un-cuff them, Sergeant.”

       The soldiers in the back carefully aimed their weapons at the Pattersons.

       When the trooper with Special Forces unlocked the cuffs on the son, Randy only smiled.

       When the trooper with Special Forces unlocked the cuffs on ‘Mom,’ she also smiled. Half of her teeth were missing.

       When the soldier undid the handcuffs on El Diablo, Paddy punched the special guard as hard as he could right in the face! He went flying and so did the trooper’s odd rifle.

       It landed near Randy. Without thinking (or was he thinking too much?), the redhead boy, also a pyromaniac, picked up the heavy gun and gave it back to the soldier who lost it.

       The trooper with a painful face, grabbed his gun off the kid and put it right to the temple of the father. “You bitch.”

       Paddy said, “I figured they need us.” His eyes were crazy. He grabbed the soldier’s throat with his strong hands while the soldier’s big gun was at his head. “They DON’T need you.” The organizer of mass-murders squeezed the trooper’s thick neck.

       His wife, the succubus/banshee nightmare-witch howled a spine-chilling scream, which was only her way of laughing.

       Randy watched in utter joy. He laughed hard. The family members were necessary for the ‘Great Experiment’ and no one was going to hurt them.

       Paddy Patterson tightened his chokehold even more and said, “No one’s gonna shoot us.” He looked directly in the trooper’s red, dilated eyes.

       The soldier’s eyes spied Ratzinger’s eyes.

       She nodded.

       Special Forces-guy shot Paddy in the foot! BAM!

       The killer-father released his grip and bled on the floor. He was in pain. “Ah!”

       Randy joked, “Hey, dad. Thought no one would shoot us? Ha.”

       The sicko, mother and sometimes cannibal and Bingo player, also laughed and loved the sight of blood, especially her family’s blood.

       The soldier returned to the back.

       Agent Amelie spoke. “Maybe we understand, people?” She looked at Paddy. “It will be taken care of Av…I mean, Mr. Patterson. Just hang on a few minutes. This is important.”

       “Not my foot?”

       She said, “No. When Greystone takes affect and you become the others: You’ll be healed and you’ll also have great power…”

       “Power?” the killer-boy was keenly interested.

       Killer-mother asked, “We become what others, who?”

       “Listen!” she demanded. “Two important things that must be…must be programmed, excuse the term. Or discussed.” She looked at the ten soldiers in the back and ordered them to leave.

       They did.

       Only Amelie and the killer-Pattersons were in the underground chamber.

       “I could kill you, you know? And not care,” the father coldly told the agent. “What’s to stop me?”

       Mom turned to the fed in the blue suit. “You dumb-ass, what the fuck? We’re the bad guys; it’s what we do. Let’s get her.” Something horrible took hold of Sissy Patterson as wildness and horror with a fire-red aura glowed around her face. Was it pleasure?

       The family slowly circled its prey and was ready to pounce on Amelie, kill her and certainly not care about the Experiment.

       In the nick of time, Ratzinger pulled out a Kill-Switch, a Kill-Switch connected to each member of the crazy, violent and perverted Patterson Family. “First thing: This remote has 4 buttons. One for each of you. Fourth one my finger is on will kill all of you at once…”

       “But the…the Great Experiment?” Paddy asked in sarcastic wonder. He bled more.

       “Oh, we’ll end it right here, folks. No Project. No attack and the man of mystery remains one. Up to you.” She meant it.

       Randy sincerely asked his family, “Maybe we should cooperate?” He thought the Experiment led to fantastic Power, which it did. He wanted to possess that Power very much.


       The agent noticed a mood shift. Tensions relaxed. They’d work together and “go for it,” she sensed. “All right, people. Number Two: This is very important for the Source Code, er…I should say: Harnessing the power that you will possess. Focus. It’s also a mental manifestation tapped to your cerebral cortex.” She kept her thumb on the button as she explained.


       “Bottom line, if you could have Superhero powers, what powers would you want? Even give yourself a name, get into the parts of being Super-people, a super family. Be specific. Think of costumes, what they look like? Colors, shapes, picture it. Close your eyes; do it.”

       They did.

       “We are sure that when the Power manifests, extraordinary abilities will crystallize, according to your individual thoughts. Whatever you think, will be. Almost like magic.”

       Randy suggested, “I was thinking Magic. That’s what I want to be, only spelled with a ‘k.’ I’m “Magick.” I’ll have magical powers where…about anything can happen. Ha, ha.”

       “That’s good. Great, in fact. You two?” Amelie was encouraged. Her Project could turn out for the best.

       Paddy, the Devil, was much more cooperative now that he’d seen and believed the possibility that amazing things could be true. “I love shields, walls, Force-Fields, actually. Always wanted the power to move objects like the Jedi Knights do. That’s it. Supreme power to master objects and also the ability to make force-fields and protect my family.”

       “That’s sweet,” Mom said. “You need a name. What’cher name, dear?”

       Father brightened and out came his first thought: “Masterfield! I like it, Masterfield…”

       “Cool, daddy,” Randy Magick responded. “That leaves Mom. I can’t wait for this one, ha!”

       The silver-haired killer-witch thought for quite a while. “Chaos?” was a good one, no. “War Cry,” not bad. Sissy whittled her name down to just plain, old…“WAR.” Ah, the best of all. “I’ll be indestructible! Nothing is denser, tougher, harder than my beautiful body, in red, of course. I like it.”


       “What the fuck’s goin’ on?” the former Paddy and soon to be ‘Masterfield’ said in total disbelief.

       The universe around him and his family completely changed. It was as if the Terrible Trio were within a virtual reality or computer game. The grid landscape stretched for many miles in every direction. Colors were bright, flat colors without textures or details.

       They looked at each other, dumbfounded. Mom, pa and son remained in hospital gowns.

       Suddenly, the voice of Agent Amelie was heard ‘in the air,’ and from nowhere…

       “It is perfectly all right and normal, people. You are in the Source Code. I see everything.”

       “Explain yourself,” the witch and mass-murderess commanded. She got angry. “Where is this Power?”

       The Pattersons were confused.

       Ratzinger’s voice clarified with more information: “You are in first part of the Source Code. We’ll send Greystone to you in a few seconds. Be prepared for another reality change.”

       Soon to be ‘Magick’ asked, “What is Source Code?”

       The female voice summed up the ‘delivery system’ of Greystone to the family. “It’s same as our reality, but not. Yet, the VR we create affects the real world, our time-line. It’s extremely complicated and there’s no time to explain. Here it comes.”

       The GREYSTONE appeared with radiant, colorful lights and special effects and magical mists and the appropriate weird sounds directly in front of the family. The 5-sided Stone seemed more than 50 feet in length and half that in width. The Crystal slowly turned in midair a few feet over the computer-generated landscape.

       “Wow. Now what?” Randy asked in awe.

       The others were speechless.

       Then came the reality change. Images fed into three cerebral cortexes determined what the Source Code universe was. The implants (7, 7, 7) functioned perfectly and were the entire ‘key’ to controlling deadly ancient spirits and the dark destroyers of the Old World known as Osiris, Isis and their child of ruthless tortures and pain to millions called Horus or the evil sun-god ‘Ra.’

       Each had become close to what they imagined in their mind of their own, personal superhero or self-image. Their dreams and desires had become real in the Source Code powered by the gem, a perfect fit. They were super.

       That was not all…

       The reality change had become universal. They were not upon an endless, empty, fake Grid topography anymore. They were in ‘costumes,’ the Pattersons possessed incredible abilities because of a grey gem, no longer in sight. Almost as shocking was the fact of WHERE THEY WERE…

       Masterfield, War and Magick were at the bottom, inside Dr. Yes’ artificial crater! They were instantly transported to the Russian mountains and stood very near the ‘shore’ where the fake volcano cliff met flat, fake floor. They understood the mission. The Task Force was programmed to absolutely HATE their enemy, the vile creature and great unknown and his hundreds of controlled slaves locked inside the Fortress of Evil and under the floor of the volcano.

       Dr. Yes had to go…

       Now the real Power hit each of the Terrible Trio. They knew exactly what they could do. They had become Osiris, the father…Isis, the mother…and their hell-child son called Horus. The ancients now walked upon a facsimile of the world, so close to the real world, that it had the power to change the real world.

       Amelie’s voice told the superheroes (really Manchurian Candidates) that, “You only have eight minutes to get through the Doctor’s barriers. We’ve seen you do it. Get to work and report back.”

       The ultimate electro-magnetic, spiritual powers of the ‘Old World Destroyers,’ trapped inside the GREYSTONE for so long…

       …EXPLODED as renewed, dark manifestations, through a physical family of killers, tested their amazing, hyped capabilities on the rocks, volcano floor and distant mountains.

       Masterfield immediately placed force-field bubbles of protection around each of the family. They could shoot outward, smash anything, yet never be harmed in the Source Code world. He pummeled the dark, fake floor of the volcano with Force-Blow after Force-Blow! There were multiple explosions. His manipulation of matter never touched or cracked or penetrated Yes’ Force-Field Barrier. It seemed impenetrable, but Time Machines recorded the Squad would be successful and get through. Masterfield, master of force-fields, failed in his strong efforts to drop the good Doctor’s Barrier.

       War tried. Her red, slim and meta-human body BANGED against the artificial floor again and again. She flew into it, over and over! There wasn’t even a dent. In her hand appeared a type of GUN or only the handle and trigger of a GUN. She blasted the rocks, far cliffs and volcano outcroppings and even the family members in rage and in utter futility. The Gun didn’t work. Force-fields held firm, all of them. No damage was done and the Super Pattersons were fine.

       Both meta-human mother and meta-human father flew into more intense Power Tantrums, taken out on the fake floor, which resulted in not a crinkle or singed area.

       Then one-eyed junior stepped up to the plate. Magick, with a mere wave of a grey arm from a grey cape…

       …Made the crater floor OPEN. Mechanical sounds were heard and the dark floor slowly retracted into the creepy volcano itself. The floor was more than 700 feet across and the hole or ‘dropped barrier’ got larger and larger every second. They had the sense the shadowy chasm of blackness descended for miles.

       The Terrible Trio, part mass-murderers and part ‘ancient mass-murderers’ on a larger scale, peered down into the abyss.

       And the abyss looked back…

       As omni-powerful as the superheroes had become, they were also as fearful as those that sent them on the mission. They were scared. Who was Dr. Yes? What were they dealing with? They only had one minute left.

       Now what?

       It was then that a different Voice was heard by the two gods and a goddess. The sweet, male Voice asked, “What are you doing?”


       The incredible Pattersons were no longer the incredible Pattersons. They were powerless, weak, helpless, back in custody, back in hospital gowns and very different. Peace and Love were smeared on three faces. They were dazed, but glowed a calm mellowness. The soldiers who hauled them into the underground facility also felt the beauty, tenderness and compassion within the souls of the Task Force. [Same guards wondered: Who were these nice guys?]. The family was not going to harm anything ever again. Each smiled and radiated a special, deep affection for everything: the whole living, breathing, bloody universe. They were in love and everything in the world was wonderful.

       Later, in the Pentagon’s ‘War Room,’ the head of the Military and more Vatican and British representatives were in the audience. Everyone wanted to know: What had happened? What of the mission and Dr. Yes? What happened to the ancient gods of terror, now on the loose?

       Soon, they’d all know.

       Agent Ratzinger, in a black outfit, directed the crowd of high officials to the large Monitor screen. A single ‘eye’ watched over the proceedings on a far wall. “We have an accurate account of what occurred because of the stem cell implants, a perfect picture from the pineal gland. There is no doubt, gentleman. What you will see is precisely what happened to them, verified and computer cross-checked via three memories. We’ll have our answers in a moment, people.”


      Dr. Yes greeted them with a cheerful, “What are you doing?” He rode upon a bizarre saucer unlike any kind of spaceship, flying saucer or ‘flying carpet’ anyone had ever seen


It was a green disk ‘of the mind,’ 33 feet in diameter with what looked like 4 hovering, white blocks a small distance above the disk in a squarish order. Below the blocks or midair ‘steps’ was an etched area, about the size of the block near the edge of the disk. A white pyramid of energy (a device, not a symbol) was in the middle and stood atop three round steps.

       DR. YES was…‘an unbelievable humanoid in white energy’ would be the best, quick description. He was a beautiful male. A man, but not a human. He wasn’t a Monster at all. He laughed and told them, “Ha, ha. C’mon, Osiris. Isis and Ra, please…jump on.”

       The Terrible Trio who were really not, anymore, smiled and comfortably did what Yes told them. They jumped on the soft Green Magic saucer like kids at an amusement park. Old feelings stirred. They laughed and played and felt great. The family remained in the superhero ‘masks’ and knew they had undergone a tremendous transformation. They were very happy.

       With a thought, Yes flew the disk inside and down the 700 foot hole of the ‘volcano,’ more like the inside of a crater. It wasn’t dark. It was bright light! The ‘minions’ were colorful angels of light that flew. There was nothing evil or sinister here. It was a piece of Heaven on Earth.

       “Who are you? God?” The trio seemed to ask the humanoid that shimmered in bright light and love.

       “That’s a three-lettered word. Ha.” He laughed more. “I’m the terrible Demon, ha. The world’s worst Nightmare! Or am…from a certain point of view. I’m Truth.” He smiled big.

       A few of the amazing, brilliant angels flew around them.

       Horus asked, “What happened to us? We’re different.”

       “You are not their Task Force anymore, you’re mine. You truly are the Holy Family from Egypt, again, and even earlier Atlantis.” Yes asked, “You feel like killing anyone? Your motto still…Stay Evil, Spread the Word? Do as you wilt?”

       What appeared as three innocent children shook their heads for NO.

       Isis, beautiful Isis, asked, “They…they said we destroyed Egypt?”

       “They LIE. They also said you destroyed Atlantis; again, not true. You saved Atlantis, Egypt and the entire human race. You are what corrupt kings and queens have aspired to be. But they’ve turned everything upside-down. They war. They fear and act out of that fear. They destroy all that is good. Don’t believe them. Be strong. Know the truth. Knowledge is power.”

       Avril “Paddy” Patterson or only his shell asked the creature, “What of the Pattersons? The horror they have caused, over and over again, through the years?”

       Dr. Yes sincerely informed them the good news. “They’re gone. No more. You will sin no more because you are now the perfect Family, the holy ancient Family who started it all…”

       The film on the big screen of a real Source Code and not a virtual one…stopped. Everyone in the Pentagon’s War Room wanted to know more and wondered: What would happen next?

       Agent Ratzinger moved closer to her tired trio who were only simple human beings with smiles on contented faces. They had their own kind of awesome Power. Where was her Kill Squad? She asked them with some desperation in her voice, “What else? Was there anything else?”

       “Oh yes,” the real, humanoid Osiris or Father spoke. He remembered and transferred that to his lovely wife and beautiful son. “There was one more thing.”

       “I remember,” psychic Isis stated in a gentle tone.

       “Oh, yeah. The gift. We were getting gifts, sometime soon.” Horus Ra said and smiled.

       “What gift?” Amelie asked the gods and goddess. She was frustrated and afraid of the outcome and the total loss of control.

       The Holy Family smiled again in peace. One more extraordinary event happened…

       The flying saucer of the mind that Dr. Yes utilized, or another one, suddenly materialized around each of the superheroes. They were within a bubble of protection. They each had their own magical and different, flying disk. The purple ‘Bed’ section was given to Father Osiris. A blue ‘Tub’ section was given to Mother Isis. And the green, solid middle section or ‘Pad’ was given to Son Ra.

       No one could touch the Holy Family or confine them, anymore or ever again. They also had no physical effect on the material world. They were ghosts and ‘whispers of truth’ and so were their special vehicles, given to explore the universe by even higher beings in the cosmos. Each saucer could take off at ultra speeds or any speed, but only within the programmed parameters.

       Amelie in black was confused and asked, “Then why? Why come back here and show us?”

       A 3-way Voice was heard in the large room while no mouths moved.

       “Why? To say…goodbye, of course.”

Three disks took off and sped cleanly through three of the Pentagon’s five walls. The Crysten Ship traveled to three different places in the galaxy…while always closely connected.

       The Demon Monsters were gone, but were they?

[My version of the recent DC movie, “Suicide Squad” ~ a positive message in the Darkness. What if good, righteous, powerful Superheroes were real, truly existed in today’s world? They would not serve world leaders. They would be at War with them].

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