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When Heroes Fall

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When Heroes Fall

The standard wallpaper on my main computer is usually a beautiful high resolution artists rendition of our milky way galaxy as one would see it from an approaching starship.  I keep it there to help me keep my perspective if not wits about me in this darkening and fast paced world.  It's been working overtime this last week.

Along with the usual circus of the presidential election year we have a real pair to draw to this time and they raise the crazy bar on a daily basis.  While Clinton is on her deathbed according to some sites, we have Trump openly suggesting that some of the "second amendment people" make sure she doesn't recover.  Once again; the 'law & order candidate' is clearly advocating even more violence.  This time against his opponent. 

~Hero Worship~
We all have our heroes.  Actually most of us have a running collection of them from early childhood that we just add to as we navigate life.  Not just anybody can qualify as a hero, and of course everyone has their own standards & criteria for that.  The point here is that those standards and criteria are elevated enough to where mere mortals need not apply.  We choose our heroes because they epitomize the highest degree of excellence in mind, body or spirit.  Our lives are so overly regimented and structured that we find it necessary to maybe have a few heroes from different walks of life to inspire us towards greatness.

We all have to make our way in this world somehow.  For most it boils down to a 40 hour work week plus overtime.  Others elect to pick a profession and attempt to excel at it.  Some make that profession by entertaining the rest of us in various ways, others by being in service to others.  Some become professional stage magicians who amaze us with their powers of illusion while others become professional deceivers, like lawyers, politicians and pedophiles.  And that's OK, we accept that life is far from perfect and that some decidedly dark shit is always going down somewhere: That's why we have heroes.

When we drag ourselves home from that 40+ hour work week and it's time to relax; our heroes usually aren't far from reach.  Music from our favorite musician washes away the accumulated stress, and whether it's winning the super bowl or getting 22 olympic gold medals, we love watching our heroes win, lose or draw.  The only time we don't want to watch our heroes; is when they fall.  First comes the shock of breaking news that one of our culture heroes is just human after all.  After that comes that empty-twisted gut-wrenching feeling that once again we've been taken in by charm and a smile.

~The Shattering of Trust~
Bill Cosby, endearing us with illusion while drugging and raping scores of women over many years time behind closed doors.  Who didn't adore him as Dr. Huxtable?  If only we'd known.  He fooled everybody, especially his victims!

Jimmy Savile was a beloved and famous British DJ, promoter and Television entertainer who after his death became known as perhaps Britain's most prolific sexual predator.  Some red flags were seen when he was still alive, but guess what, swept under the rug of collective unconscious because he was popular and we didn't want to know
Actor Stephen Collins, comedian Paula Poundstone, Roman Polanski, Gary Glitter, and even Peter Yarrow, (Peter, Paul & Mary).  All child molesters.

Producer Victor Salva, who gave us "Powder" and both "Jeepers Creepers" films; also a convicted child molester. 
Not to overlook what must be one of the worst offenders: Musician Ian Watkins, popular front man for the band Lostprophets was arrested in 2012 for, quote; "conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a 1 year old girl."  Ultimately Watkins confessed to 13 such offenses over a span of 5 years, with multiple victims.
Politicians like Mark Foley, and Dennis Hastert were serial child molesters.  Both in positions of government authority, trust and respect; both pedophile predators, both lost their positions in shameful disgrace.  Mark Foley surfaced again recently, sitting front ringside at a Donald Trump event.  Draw your own conclusions as to why Trump attracts child molesters.

Next, for perhaps the lowest and worst of the pedophile predators we have to look no further than the clergy.  Catholics predominantly, but certainly all other religious denominations, sects and churches also are infiltrated by these cowardly demons who only prey on the young, weak & vulnerable.  It's nothing short of an outrage that the head of the catholic church always protects his priests from prosecution even as he admits there is a problem.  It's a problem our best reaction to so far is ignoring it and sending in more boys to be molested.
You see, the thing here is really simple.  The vast majority of pedophile predators admit they were themselves molested in childhood.  Many are in cults or cult like extended families where children are routinely sexually molested and abused.  They're then conditioned & brainwashed into believing such behavior is normal, so little wonder they go on to a life of sexually predating on our children.  Because it's such a distasteful subject we tend to ignore it, not discuss it, but most of all we DO next to nothing to stop this vicious cycle of abuse.  Whenever another pedophile story hits the news everyone wrings their hands in dismay and wails in unison that this must end; yet it never does.

The thing about pedophile predators is that they tend to be like the energizer bunny; they just keep going, and going - until they are stopped.  Even when locked up many have said they would offend again if released.  The only way to stop them IS to lock them up.  There is no such thing as pedophile rehabilitation.  You cannot rehabilitate predators.  These deviant sociopaths as we've seen, come from every profession, every religion and every station in life.  They are, in fact, everywhere.

So now today a few million people are feeling that kicked in the gut and shat upon feeling with the emerging expose, and admission that Zen Gardner spent nearly three decades working his way into a leadership position of a child abuse cult. Not only that, but his primary job was that of media chief; in charge of public relations, "image management" and press releases.   Followers and fans of his across the planet are collectively dealing with the sense of loss, anger and betrayal over these revelations.  Some of them are going to be needing some serious help considering he is running an online cult.  Some of his followers even now are in full-on denial, spouting every excuse in the book.  Yeah some of them are gonna need some real help, so let's remember to be gentile with them, OK?

We all need to remember here that when it comes to Zen Gardner, he did not willingly post his "missing years" mea culpa confession.  He was given an ultimatum by a peer professional; to come clean and admit the fullness of his involvement in that child abuse cult~ or it would be done for him.  So the artful dodger brushed off his image management tools and offered up a severely diluted version which painted himself as one of the victims.
Of the many questions I want answered, the foremost on my mind is this:
Zen's entire family was there in the Children of God cult, including his children of course.  When his children were taken to be housed, raised, abused & brainwashed separately, away for 6 months at a time; What actions did "Zen Gardner" take to defend and protect his children?  He may well deny knowing what was happening to his kids, but I do not, cannot believe him.  Not a single word of it, because I have seen his propensity for warping the truth to suit his desires. 

OK, here's another pretty good question. 
 According to records & documentation; the cult leader "Moses" Berg died in 1994.  Why did "Zen Gardner" remain a leader in the cult for 5 additional years?  Just exactly what was he doing?  Why didn't he take that golden opportunity to get his family to safety?  I'm only curious because as you may recall; it was after their leader died everyone said the cult descended into even deeper depths of depravity.  Who was at the helm from 1994 to 1995?  Inquiring minds want to know!

A reader sent me her comment which was repeatedly blocked from Zen's site:

How about this comment on Zen's site & his reply:

Or this comment from Zen's site:

Then there is this as well:When Heroes Fall  %252806a%2529%2BNoor%2527s%2Bzen%2Breply

These questions and many others cannot just be brushed aside with some twisted, convoluted Zen wisdom laced with flowery new age rhetoric about the power of forgiveness.  No, not this time.  If Zen Gardner will not voluntarily come clean about the complete total truth of his involvement, we cannot force him to. 

However there IS something we CAN do to get deeper into the truth of the matter, and that is by utilizing the technology known as Reverse Speech.  Any recording of him speaking will do nicely.  Certainly there must be some David Oates trained technicians out there who are up to the task.  How about it folks?  Any takers?  No matter how slick this artful dodger is he cannot control his unconscious speech reversals.  I'll bet there are some juicy little insights to Zen Gardner's mind just waiting to be discovered.

"Without the truth from Reverse Speech the planet has no future, it opens that door for all of us"
                                                                                                 ~Jeff Rense~

Zen Gardner is far from the first predator to wear the guise of spiritual teacher and Guru: and sad to say he likely as not will be far from the last of such charlatans.  Ever hear of this fellow Marc Gafni?   He's yet another spiritual guru, teacher and self-help leader with a 20 year wake of child molestation and sexual predation behind him.  You may know him by another name, he uses five different ones, but again the eyes tell all you need to know.
Marc Gafni continues to this day with his charade of being a spiritual guru to attract his next unsuspecting victims.  Perhaps the judicious application of Reverse Speech is called for with this slime devil as well.  We have this technology, do we have any impartial technicians out there looking to make a name for yourself in the right way?  Here you go!

Or are we going to continue pretending nothing is wrong with our society and do nothing?  So much filth has now been swept under the rug we need motorized transportation to get across the room.  Time to clean house folks.  How many more young lives must be ruined?  How many more generations must we endure this never-ending nightmare cycle of abuse.  Can't we figure out a way to break the chain reaction of abused becoming the abuser? 

The native American peoples had a term by which to recognize a type of malaise that would befall entire populations.  This disharmony was known as a kind of collective spiritual blindness~ they called it Wetiko, which translates from the Cree language as "Cannibal."  [We call it greed]~ A Wetiko was one who consumes other humans for profit; and was seen by all north American tribes as a serious psychological malfunction afflicting the white race.  Contemporary experts address the same exact condition affecting entire populations around the planet; and they call it "Malignant Egophrenia."  It is the untrained ego run amok, locked in a feeding frenzy of self aggrandizement.  Each person unconsciously competing with everyone else to get all they can in a world of diminishing resources and escalating wars.

The wetiko were the greed crazed "49ers" who flooded the freshly discovered California gold fields.  They killed more than one hundred thousand native Americans because they were living where the gold was, & the wetiko wanted it, so they took it.  They also often took the native women and young girls for prostitution, and trade with slavers. 

The wetiko is also earth's population of pedophile predators, flesh peddlers & the black market for white slaves.  Consuming other humans for fun and profit.  Tell me again, why is it we allow such things to even exist on this gem of a planet~ oh yeah, that's right, we let the psychopaths run everything, and they protect their own first and foremost.  Family values and all that!  Did you ever stop and wonder if just maybe all of us decent, moral folks are just their livestock, to be used & slaughtered at whim?  I think I'm starting to finally understand why humans love vampires.

"Earth, what a beautiful planet, it's a shame about the people"
                                                                              ~Stuart Wilde~

When our own personal heroes fall in public shame & disgrace because of human frailty we take it hard.  Yes, we take it very hard indeed when we discover most or all of what we believed about someone was just a commercial front, to enhance profits.  When we find that beneath the talent or grace we admired there was only a huckster all along.  We don't like being fooled, conned and lied to by anyone, ever: when our heroes do it to us it hurts especially hard.  We dislike that we can be so easily taken in, that we are so eager to believe that we forget due diligence, we forget to check credentials, or credit those feelings that something ain't quite right. 

When our spiritual heroes fall, they land on those of us who held them in high esteem, and it hurts.  The result is disillusion, disengagement, and spiritual disharmony.  We begin to doubt all spiritual leaders.  Our search for prophets so often leads us only to those who seek profits at our expense~ Wetiko.  When spiritual heroes fall we risk becoming jaded, our progress upon our spiritual path can stagnate resulting in us doubting ourselves as well as selfish, self proclaimed spiritual leaders. 

The toll all this ugly business takes on us is massive. Many of us have dealt with bouts of borderline physical illness after the Children of God revelations by Zen Gardner, as well as world class cognitive dissonance and that old kicked in the gut sensation that just won't go away.  Those not brainwashed by his charisma are feeling repulsed, angry and just a little Godsmacked at the scale and darkness of the depravity revealed.  We now recognize that the Zen Gardner website "Just Wondering" is an elaborately deceptive CULT.  Simple as that!  The only question before us now as a spiritual community is if we are going to continue to allow it to exist.
I think we all know the answer: Shut It Down, Now!
© 2016 full re-post with permission only

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