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1Hooponopono Empty Hooponopono on Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:29 pm


Hooponopono is an ancient Hawaiian Art where you learn that everything that happens in your life is 100% your responsibility. Ho'oponopono through self identity, allows you to be responsible for all your actions, problems, and opportunities that come your way. By cleaning your subconscious, you open yourself up to inspiration by God or the Divine.

Ho'oponopono a Summary
The art of Ho’oponopono began as a Hawaiin problem solving process for a family. It was a group meeting where problems would be brought up, and discussed and than everyone would be forgiven and the problem would be solved. Ho’oponopono would have one main person to “chair” the process. For a long time this was the only “known” form of Ho’oponopono.

Self Identity through Ho’oponopono (S.I.T.H.) came into being by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. Morrnah was a Kahuna La’au Lapa’au, a healing priest.

Self Identity Ho’oponopono is a process where you are 100% responsible for your life. You have the power to change it. By taking 100% responsibility you are erasing memories, or bad data and getting closer to Zero.

Zero is a state where everything is perfect and you are very close to God. It is heaven, the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve played. This is the state where you are perfect and can hear God. Very few people achieve this state.

The reason that it is hard to be at zero is because memories are floating everywhere in the world causing us to react to them. Memories have accumulated since Adam and Eve. There are tons and tons of memories in the world. The more people who know about ho’oponopono, the more we can clean the memories. To erase memories, we need to use a “cleaning tool.” Every time a tool is used a memory is released to God for Him to erase from you. When it is erased from you, it is erased from everywhere in the world.

Ho’oponopono works by constantly reminding yourself to clean, and censor your thoughts. By worrying, judging, or engaging in a problem you are telling God that you don’t need his help. Ho’oponopono helps you let go, and trust in God. Trust that He will provide for you. God has a path for everyone and when we resist, it persists. Whatever you think about or worry about, will stay around because you are reacting to the memory instead of cleaning on it.

You should try to clean and help erase as much as you can. Some of the tools for cleaning are repeating: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” By repeating these phrases or anyone of them, you are releasing memories. You need to do this constantly and consistently for it to work.

Every time you repeat a phrase you are cleaning and letting go of a memory. This in turn releases it for God to erase from the world. It is important to let go completely and not to have any expectations for the outcome. If you are cleaning and expect to win the lottery, that is having expectations and telling God that you are in charge and don’t need His help. This is a hard step to get past because often you think you have let go of a problem, but deep down you haven’t.

It is important to remember that you are responsible for everything in your life. Every problem you encounter is an opportunity to clean. If someone comes to you with a problem, you need to clean it. Or if you have a problem, you need to clean on it.

Ho’oponopono allows us a chance to be happy in the moment and to be at peace. It is important not to engage or get stuck in a memory. Annoying people or situations are just memories. Bad things that happen to us, are only memories. Cancer is a memory that need to be cleaned on, poverty is a memory, anger is a memory, everything but peace is a memory!

This may be hard to believe but our conscious minds only take in a fraction of what is happening around us in the universe. So how is it wise to let the conscious mind be in control?

Self Identity through Ho’oponopono teaches that you have three levels in just your mind. You have the mother – your conscious mind, your ego. You have the father that super-conscious mind, and the child, the subconscious. For memories to be released they need to travel from the mother to the child, from the child to the father, and from the father they can reach God where He erases them from the world. Memories are not released through the conscious mind. (For a more detailed explanation, check out the “Who’s in Charge" article at

Most of the time we walk around our mother is in charge. Translation: we are walking around misjudging opportunities and being stuck in memories. When we are stuck we cannot receive inspiration, or hear what God wants for us. We can’t travel the path that God wants us to, the path were he provides everything for us.

By taking 100% responsibility and using cleaning tools like “light switch”, “dew drop,” and drinking blue solar water, we are releasing memories and letting go. We are opening ourselves up to God, and Zero state.

Zero state is the place where everyone strives for, where we are perfect, and happy, and God provides everything we need. Zero is where we are already rich and have no need for money, or anything.

To help us get there we can use our inner child, the subconscious. Too often we have neglected our subconscious, the keeper of all the memories. The only way to release memories is through the child. It is important to thank and recognize your child and to teach your child to clean. This way even if you don’t remember to clean, your inner child is already doing it!

It is important to remember that you know nothing, it is the intellect, the mother pushing you to be in control. But how can that be when your conscious mind only understands a fraction of what is happening. Whenever you feel an emotion other than peace and happiness, you are stuck and reacting to a memory.

You should always feel at peace and be happy in the now. You are already perfect and God has already provided you with everything. By letting go you are telling God that you trust and believe in Him. He can deliver things to you that only He knows best. Things you never would have dreamed of having!

It is important to live and work your passion. Your job should not feel like work but be something that you love doing and working at. Clean on your current job and listen to what inspiration says for you to do.

When you do hear inspiration it is important to act right away. When you are confused as to whether you are coming from inspiration or a memory, clean on it. Remember to clean on all problems and stop seeking out people’s advice or watching negative things on TV. Always strive to let go, trust in God and clean.
Remember to not give memories power. Food only makes you fat because you believe it does. If you clean on the memories inside you that make you think food makes you fat, you will be helping to erase these memories from the world.

Look at problems as an opportunity to clean and change the world. Every time you erase a memory, you are helping the rest of the world!

Always be cleaning and remember to trust in God. God will provide money, food, resources, whatever is needed.

Mabel Katz, and Dr. Hew Len offer seminars on ho’oponopono and have more articles
for further reading. To continue your journey check out
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