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This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter

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1 This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Mon Aug 15, 2016 3:56 pm



"ABBOT DOWNING = ZIM" - Intel ​SITREP - 12:00:00 EDT - Monday - August 15, 2016

2:43:00 PM  Emailed, Intel  

Submitted at 1:49 PM EDT and published per request. ~ Dinar Chronicles


12:00:00 EST
August 15, 2016


Dear ZIM Currency Holders,

Today's SITREP will be less about macro RV financial dynamics and general performance progress, and more about what you will be encountering post RV, well after the 800#s are released, specifically for ZIM currency holders.

This goes for anyone who either holds ZIM Currency as a gift or purchased notes on their own, as all of you will be engaging with an Abbot Downing representative at the time of your redemption--and more than likely well into the future.

Abbot Downing is Wells Fargo's exclusive Private Wealth Management brand that is in charge of handling all ZIM redemptions. Many believe that when HSBC/Wells Fargo quietly purchased Bank of America / Meryl Lynch last year, and that Meryl Lynch was quietly converted into Abbot Downing offices in all 50 states. We have heard they've done the same in Canada and Mexico with other wealth management / banking brand acquisitions.

Now behind the scenes, we know for a fact Abbot Downing has trained and deployed large quantities of executive redemption staff already; and are currently paying lower level redemption wealth management representatives by the hour, just to sit and wait around for the RV's arrival--all with a common focus on redeeming ZIM holders as quickly and subtly as possible.

This is how close we are to our individual appointments now, as there's literally a sitting and trained army of UHNW (Ultra High New Worth) wealth managers and redemption staff ready, willing and able to service us before, during and after our breakthrough moment. And you were worried…

Really makes one stop and think, "Hey, this RV thing I've been hearing about for all these years is real, and I better get my heart, mind and soul around what's coming to me soon so I'm not in complete abundance shock during my ZIM redemption appointment."

Above is just a suggestion, but consider yourself amply warned for the unprecedented wealth transition that fastly approaching like a stealth Tsunami. Thus is wise to emotionally and intellectually, and most of spiritually, to seek higher ground before it hits the shore.

Also be advised that per Chinese Elder request, several Abbot Downing representatives will be helping each individual ZIM redeemer into a structured payout program, as well as continue on with you and your family, as Abbot Downing clients for years to come.

For their services, Abbot Downing as a company will receive 0.003% of your net redemption amount. Small price to pay for great investment counseling. Not sure if that comes off your redemption amount or is factored into the redemption rate, but either way, it is what it is.

However, Abbot Downing really has their job cut out for them short or long because they know no one of "everyday working status" has never dealt with generational wealth before, let alone this much and all at once.

They also know anyone redeeming ZIM automatically qualifies as a philanthropist, so they have been actively preparing to help us adjust psychologically into our new reality as peacefully and lovingly as human possible. Many people who were on the fence about the RV, and the ZIM specifically, are not going to transition well because they simply could not allow themselves to emotionally believe something this dynamic was even possible, let alone a reality in their own lives. Abbot Downing understands that fact, and thus has trained to ease a clients through their sudden wealth process regardless of their initial belief level.

It's also important to understand this exactly why no other banks but Wells Fargo and Abbot Downing (they are separate technically) will be allowed to handle ZIM's redemptions and provide constant oversight per request of the Chinese Elders. You see, if every bank were allowed to develop their own ZIM protocol, competition for where to redeem would have been created, which would have caused problems.

So the Elders limited the ZIM intake to 1 bank / wealth management firm (which they own btw) and then created a common, simply and sustainable training platform as to eliminate competition--as less always is more when dealing with huge psychological transitions... KISS (keep it simple stupid)!

As a result, post RV, Wells Fargo (retail banking) and Abbot Downing (Wealth Management) will clearly be the leaders within all US based banking / wealth man agent operations by a wide margin. Chase, BofA, and Citibank were none to happy about this fact, yet all their owners and board members choose to work hand-in-hand with the cabal since their origins. So in truth, those banks made their beds a long, long time ago, and now their sleeping in their own s*@t pile.

So knowing what is coming now, and knowing there a massive army of trained personel waiting to assist your every need short and long, maybe it's now wise to study up on exactly whom you will be doing business with post RV.

To help you on this educational quest, below are some quick facts and research links about Abbot Downing.

As for a real time hard intel RV update, there's so much going on here in the final hour, it's best just to let it come and let you know the the long awaited RV is really here folks. As in already here, wink, wink… nudge, nudge.

Final delivery mechanics are right now being perfected before the RV's unrestricted release, which yes of course will include 800#s so you may set up your appointments with no struggle. There will be 8 days in which to redeem, with ZIM appointments getting priority.

Turns out, everyone fell into line at the last second. So there's no drama, no struggle, and no worries. As all global power players involved suddenly become unusually calm about both the RV's immanency and got coordinated on its last minute preparation for such an overwhelming and abundant helicopter drop of money upon the masses.

Enjoy you're new life, in your new world, for the victory parse has begun and shall soon reach your home, family, community and country very shortly.

God is with us.

​Quick ​Facts:

  • ​Wells Fargo & Co.’s private bank brand is called Abbot Downing, and it's ​

  • ​for ​Ultra High Net Worth Households (UHNWH)​ with $50 million (liquid cash) ​or more to invest​ .

  • Abbot Downing is named after ​the 19th century custom carriage builder who catered to the wealthy.

  • The original ​company ​built the iconic stagecoaches that have come to represent ​the ​Wells Fargo​ banking brand​.

  • Abbot Downing​ has a 40-year history serving ultra-high-net-worth clients, provides planning, asset management, private banking, family dynamics and education, and trust, fiduciary and administrative services to more than 600 clients. 

  • The firm serves clients in all 50 states through offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Winston-Salem, Palm Beach, Naples and other regional offices. 

  • Abbot Downing is the world’s eighth-largest family office based on assets, according to the 2013 Bloomberg Markets survey​ with over 1.7 Trillion in client assets and ​500 people on staff — including psychologists and staff dedicated to building family genealogies​.​

  • ​A​bbot Downing goes ​well ​beyond traditional wealth planning analysis by focusing on clients’ values, goals and vision​ using a team of a​dvisors and ​family ​dynamics consultants ​to ​focus on ​issues arising from ​traditional wealth planning, cash flow, investments and wealth transfer​.

  • They also consider a broader consultation regarding the complex human dimensions to sudden and generational wealth, family legacy, governance, leadership transition, family education and risk management


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2 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:03 pm



Mountain Goat Update for August 15, 2016

2:34:00 PM  Comments, [url= Goat]Mountain Goat[/url], News, Thoughts, Update  
Hi Everyone,

Let's talk RV today and catch up as the where we are in the process.

Still lots of confusion as how the RV will take place. So let me clarify it for everyone.

Remember this RV is going to be a two stage process. The process is underway but not yet to the parts we really want to see exposed to us.

First they must launch the lower denominations at a 1:1 and then later comes the RV with an increase in value. This article below explains the 1:1 very nicely so there should be no misunderstanding after reading this post today. The new value will coincide with the post war value plus equity.

So in today's news I am going to re-hash most of what everyone should already know (like preaching to the preacher) but I feel there are still many out there in these dinar communities that - simply put - "still don't get the process" and can't see the trees from the forest. I think this is because they feel they must stay faithful to the same people who led they into this mass confusion, anxiety and stress in the first place.

Please read the article below first and read my comments in bold italics underlined.
Article follows:

Economists divided over deletion of zeros on Iraqi dinar

Author: Amina al-DahabiPosted October 1, 2013

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has been attempting to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency since 2003. This project has raised many concerns among the Iraqi public and within the business community, and Iraqi economists are divided.

While some support the project and consider it a chance to decrease inflation and unemployment, others warn of economic shocks that may prevail over the Iraqi market as a result of the project’s implementation.


While the Central Bank of Iraq has been considering deleting three zeros from the currency for several years, economists remained divided over how markets would be affected.

Author Amina al-Dahabi
Posted October 1, 2013
TranslatorJoelle El-Khoury

Following amendments made by the CBI, implementation of the project has been postponed several times. (Why?)

This is because of fears that are mostly related to the lack of security, the presence of a market open to foreign commodities without any restrictions, the prevalence of counterfeit money in the market and rampant corruption in the country.

The independent Iraqi News Agency (INA) quoted Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri, a member of the Iraqi parliamentary Finance Committee, as saying that 2014 will witness the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency.

He noted that the deletion will occur in coordination with the CBI, and that as a result of the project, the number of banknotes in circulation will be reduced from 4 billion to 1 billion. (this alone will increase the value 4 times)

Haider al-Abadi, the head of the Iraqi parliamentary Finance Committee, told Al-Monitor that while deleting zeros from the current currency is possible, this has been postponed until after parliamentary elections.

He noted that studies are being carried out to ensure that, following the currency change, counterfeiting is limited and that Iraqis don’t go back to trading in the old currency.

The step to delete zeros from the currency has been postponed several times, (this means it was slotted to go many times and was stopped) leading the parliamentary Economic Committee to demand that the CBI accelerate this project, (okay now you know they are no longer fooling around and mean business and are being aggressive) as Al-Sharqiya reported.

In a news conference held July 6, 2013, the Economic Committee confirmed that the deletion of zeros will lead to an increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar and will have positive repercussions, including a reduction in unemployment and poverty rates in the country. ("will lead to an increase in the value" - means not initially but as the second part of the plan)

Nafee Elias, a financial advisor at the North Bank, told Al-Monitor that the step to delete zeros is merely an administrative process, and the currency equation should remain the same. This means that the purchasing power of the new currency should be equal to that of the old currency. (how many times have we listened to these intel gurus tell us the purchasing power only in going to increase for Iraqi citizens?, never made sense to me since the value would have to rise too if that was true and it is not true - inside Iraq)

He added that the two currencies should both remain in the market for a period not exceeding three years, then the old currency should be gradually withdrawn.

Elias expected problems to arise if debtor-creditor transactions are not set according to the new currency, or there are defects in withdrawal or payment transactions. He added that it is unlikely the change will affect inflation or poverty rates.

Ahmed Faizullah, deputy head of the parliamentary Finance Committee, agreed with Elias. Speaking to Al-Monitor, he noted that the deletion of zeros will not affect the Iraqi dinar’s purchasing power,(opps there it is again) because the latter is linked to the size of industrial production and imports.

He added that the CBI’s hard currency reserves have saved the Iraqi dinar and served as a cover for it.(proof they need the reserves for the process to be effective and why the IMF said they can't go below 52 billion thus they made some major changes already in the auctions)

Faizullah called for not applying the project at the moment, because it will confuse Iraqis and disrupt the market. (article written in Oct 2013)

Amid these views, Enas Mohamed, deputy director at Naseem Al Shemal Brokerage Company, told Al-Monitor that the stock market will be harmed the most by a change of currency and the deletion of zeros. The price of a share is one dinar, so currently 1,000 dinars are equal to 1,000 shares. Following the deletion of zeros, the new dinar will be equal to 1,000 shares, which would further confuse the stock market, which is already muddled as a result of the security situation.

Amina al-Dahabi is a political-economic researcher and reporter trained in the field of oil and energy journalism. She holds a doctorate in American Containment Policy.


This is an amazing article and tells us so much. So let's pick it apart and make some sense of it.

Did you read the article above? Did you read me comments in bold italics underlined?

Now lets talk about it.

This article confirms that the RV is a two step process.

The First step: I quote from the article above "that the step to delete zeros is merely an administrative process, and the currency equation should remain the same. This means that the purchasing power of the new currency should be equal to that of the old currency. He added that the two currencies should both remain in the market for a period not exceeding three years, then the old currency should be gradually withdrawn".

So how do they get the old currency to equal the new currency value from an RV we all keep hearing about?

For instance 4 of the $25,000k notes today is worth $100 dollars. Then they launch the lower denoms.

The new $100 notes will be worth $100 dollars. Easy one note instead of four notes. No value change yet.

But when they go to the bank to dump (exchange) their cumbersome, extra large 3 zero notes it will be a 1:1. They will turn in 4 of the $25,000 notes for one $100 new notes. Get it? Value stays exactly the same. Still no value change.

So citizens in Iraq will have the exact same purchasing power only they won't have to carry wads of these 3 zero notes of to purchase. Note they did not say 1:1 with the USD they simply said 1:1 with the old currency to the new currency value. Get it? How much this has been misinterpreted in the dinar intel community.

How does this effect us in USA?

At this point in time there is NO EFFECT to us as dinar holders in the USA. Read my lips - NO EFFECT!

After this you can go to bank all you want and our value will still be 1166-1180 as before.


Because at this point the notes we hold are still 1166-1180 or $25 dollars per a $25,000 note. ( one tenth of a penny) Right?

When do we make our millions then?

This is step #2: The process calls for bringing the dinar back to the true value pre-war years. This is the bonus for us, this is the RV. But this new rate will not have any effect on the Iraqi citizen as I have said they exchange only 1:1.

Later when they RV if (a big IF) they were to exchange the $25,000 note for the lower denoms they would still get a 1:1 since they exchange rate we keep hearing about of $3.22-$4.20 is for the USA value in dollars. They are in Iraq AND use dinar not USD. Read me lips again NO EFFECT on Iraqi citizens.

So our $25,000 dinar notes get exchanged to dollars. So at an RV of $3.00 we would get $75,000 for our $25,000 note. But the citizens in Iraq are not exchanging to US dollars they are exchanging the larger 3 zero notes for new smaller demon dinar notes not US dollars. By the time the new RV happens they want to have as much of the 3 zero notes already exchanged in Iraq as possible. The e-dinar implementation will also help too since I believe this is why they will use the e-dinar for months to pay people instead of hard currency. (from Sept 1st 2016 thru Jan 1st 2017) This will not put any more new currency back into circulation and thus limit the possibility of 3 zero notes later. (5 billion monthly payrolls back in to the Iraqi economy).

Now if a citizen goes into the bank and asks for US dollars they would also get the $75,000 with the three zero note as we would after the RV happens, but they hope to collect all of them prior so this would not happen very much. This is the contention and the corruption they are afraid of. Too much money in the hands of citizens which could go to terrorists. But it will still happen to some extent they just want to lessen it as much as possible.

Now let's put this all together in what we have been seeing since January 2016 when they postponed the project to delete the zeros for the third time.

  • New banking regulations - check

  • dismissal of all banking directors in all the major Iraqi banks - check

  • prohibit street exchangers of currency, must now go to a major bank to get US dollars - check

  • the implementation of the e-dinar mandated for Sept 1, 2016, places a paper trail on all currency exchanges, especially dinar to US dollars- check

  • e-dinar lessens the money supply, thus lessens the corruption of getting the dinars in the hands of the terrorists - check

  • sooo many new anti-corruption laws and money laundering laws to punish anyone who still try the corruption. Now there are no loop holes in the law, everything is spelled out - check

So they needed all this time to clean up the financial and banking system. Remember the IMF came into being a major player in the process in Oct 2015 and took trusteeship of the CBI to help them along. This new 5.4 billion loan in bait. Simply like going fishing and bating Iraq to go alone with the needed reforms. Also they do not want to give them this aid unless they can pay it back and the reforms are their assurance. They are supposed to get another 2 billion of the loan by the end of the year.

Do you now see just how close we are to the RV?

I thought it very. very important to inform everyone just how close we are. We are approaching an RV window like never before. The window is Sept 1st 2016 thru Jan 1st 2017 so hang on to your hats......its least they will attempt it one more time. This is my opinion but if you have other news please share it in the dinar investment community.

Auf Wiedersehen!
Mnt Goat

Thanks to:


3 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:04 pm



"1st Week of September" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts

2:28:00 PM  KTFA, Thoughts  

SlappySquirrell » August 15th, 2016

Are there any more additional 2's we should be aware of? 2x2x2 +2 more, but is there more beyond that? Sure hope not, lol. If I remember correctly we were suppose to have been given Mosul in the 2nd 2x. With the amount of villages and areas of Mosul being taken back under control, the timing looks pretty close.

Maybe full liberation in the 3rd 2x, followed by Dr S. RESUMING the helm of the CBI, a speech, international acceptance by wto, imf, wb, and a RV'd rate for Iraq in the 4th 2x??

I could be off, but I'm usually on. Idk, just some thoughts I've been pondering on these 2by2by2by2's. God bless family, have a safe and wonderful day. 

Jay » August 15th, 2016

IMO......the first 2 by was the last 2 wks of July. At that time we had a total of 3...2 by's. Then as the Lava flow....well... FLOWS...Frank & team saw it fit to add another 2 to that (BY)

So in the beginning of August, that left us with 3 after the passing of the first 2 BY's,,, to go again. Then Last week, because things are moving at a faster pace; We dropped a 2 by. That left us with TWO 2 bys as of the end of the 1st week of August.

Which takes us until now. We are exiting a 2 by as of today and we have 1 more 2 by which takes us to the 1st week of September.

Thats how my math works. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

SOOOOOOO....... with all that said this (((LAST))) 2by that we are entering.....SHOULD BE FILLED WITH AWESOME PROGRESS. ESPECIALLY ONCE MOOSE-SUL IS ANNOUNCED....(((HOPEFULLY))) THIS WEEK, which I believe to be the case...IMO...IMO...IMO...

Thanks to:


4 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:04 pm



"All Good Things" - Intel SITREP - 14:00:00 EDT - Tuesday - August 16, 2016

2:55:00 PM  Emailed, Intel  

Received at 2:18 PM EDT and published per request. ~ Dinar Chronicles


14:00:00 EST
August 16, 2016


Ola Currency Holders,

Yes, indeed… all good things must come to an end and the end is near.

May your RV journey, your odyssey, your nightmare, your Greek tragedy finally come to an end this day. As you have earned your place at the redemption table to experience, to feel, to receive the love and abundant and benevolent Creator perform per His own prophetic promises and predictions.

Sure we've been hearing several reports now of immanent performance from different and varying sources over the entire summer. But today (and I say this with a straight face and humble heart), everyone that truly matters in the GCR/RV decision circle is finally in consensus after a dozen plus long, hard years since the USA, Inc's US Military invaded Iraq in 2004 and devalued / replaced Iraq's currency.

Ironically, the actual financial transition from dark to light actually was to begin in September 1996, when loaned collateral account gold was to be returned to the Hun Elders / European Sovereign. That didn't happen due to "middle finger flip" that was the 9/11 attack, and this is why our gold backed transition has been so hard, and carried on for so damn long. Dark Nobility / Cabal leadership was simply willing to die before losing control of the world.

Well, that's exactly what happened, they have been eliminated one by one until none of significance are now remaining. And this last white hat offense that startedSaturday night was especially swift, very bloody and tactically unrelenting. Meaning, the good guys cleaned house and the world is now free!

But much has happened since 9/11, good and bad, with a handful of first basket currencies now awaiting revaluation along with the Iraqi Dinar. In fact, the list of currencies revaluing in future baskets has grown to over forty. And what began as an innocent micro investment play based on the historic revaluation of the Kuwait's currency back in 1993, turned into a marco geo-political, geo-financial, geo-diplomatic, geo-military game of knocking down endless rows of dominoes, one at a time.

Yet it was only after 9/11 that the good souls of the world new they had a war on their hands, as those in the know had 9/11 as the original start date for the GCR/RV. As a result, some truly heroic souls stepped forward to take on the challenge of the day, including but not limited to our own US Republic Military, Politicians & Diplomats (White Hats), Asian Hun Elders & Royal Families, European Sovereign Families and even the Eastern Orthodox Church. Together, they united, and slowly but surely, using the steady Wind of God at t heir backs and following a higher mind master plan, they began dismantling all toxic core elements of cabal control worldwide.

Literally, they took away cabal power brick by brick, until today there's nothing left but a rubbled Tower of Babel and a failed rebellion etched in galactic history books. The anti-Christ lost folks, and the right hand of God again resumes power, replacing the left-handed species from Saturnalia (Satan).

Too spiritual? Too religious? Too much, too soon? Maybe. But speak with anyone on the front line of these hidden battle fields, and they'll tell you straight away the GCR/RV is as much a spiritual war as it is a physical one, some will even talk of Star Wars playing out on our beautiful blue and green planet.

Now for some of us involved, we've been actively watching WW3 unfold, studying strategies, some of us even choose to participate to a degree, but all reading this are now emotionally invested stepping up to transition the world from dark to light and blessing the world from all of its man-made burdens. As this was the fight we all choose--all to a degree--and fight in this battle of good versus evil--pulling on the hidden rope of fate to save the soul of the world.

Sure for most, the currencies were just easy way to make a buck, and perhaps one day cash in on a free gift someone sent in the mail. Why you got into this is not the point? Being aware and conscious of this experience is of much greater importance… as you are not only living history unseen to most everyone else alive in your species, but you're also participating in creating change, and sculpting the future of mankind after your redemption appointment.

That's pretty freaking cool if you stop and think about it!

That said, many of you are struggling to cross the GCR/RV finish line. Limping even crawling would be a kinder description for some. Many of you are broken, beaten, discouraged, hopeless, even destitute. Yet everyone is experiencing some kind of hardship right along with you. Yes, some are suffering just as badly with their finances, their health, loss of dignity and reputation, family and spousal respect, and basic food and shelter concerns are rampant within the currency holder collective… just know you are far from being alone in your struggle to finish something you started and must complete.

So why do we continue to hold on? Why do allow this misery to remain?

Well, everyone reading this has lost something along the GCR/RV road of great and meaningful significance… as this was the price we had to pay to take part in the healing of the soul of the world. And we don't want those sacrifices to be in vain. Our losses, our pain, our suffering contributed in some way, shape and form to this moment of transition and we want those years, months, days and weeks to matter. We want all to know, across all universes, to know that our soul paid the necessary price to become leaders in this new world, as we paid in full both in form and spirit, so all can now be hydrated in the name, love, light and abundance of God the Father.

That's why we hold on. That's we do what we must to cross this GCR/RV finish line. It matters. We matter. Humanity matters. As only by your own individual sacrifices, have we now collectively united together to become this unbreakable force of righteousness, strong enough to overcome any challenge the new day brings to us comeWednesday's dawn.

Brothers and Sisters, we are steel coming out of hell's fire, wrapped in heveanly velvet, gentle as lambs, fierce as lions. And yes, our Ascended Masters and Benevolent Guides have witnessed our sacrifices first hand, and know that collectively we are now finally ready, willing and able as a species to take the next evolutionary step, to transition into another dimension and absorb an entirely new and wonderful consciousness.

Too esoteric? Too metaphysical? Too woo-woo or out there for ya Dinarland? So what. There is but one eternal truth, and soon all shall know in this temporary moment the depth of love our shared Creator has for all of His human children. And in the currency holder's case, it will manifest as a financial blessing of unprecedented proportion. For just as those heroic men and women met the challenge of the day post 9/11, and even those who took the beach at Normandy in June 1944 or knowingly walked into enemy fire in German fields circa the early 1900's, our war is over, and our philanthropic moment is now.

We as an economic army of mercy are now being released and thrust out upon the world's rubble, still very much still alive, prepared and relentlessly determined to meet the challenge that is healing the world, one soul at a time.

Today we hydrate less fear, a unified angelic battallion.
Today we prove that good always triumphs over evil.
Today we stand tall as living trophies of love's eternal truth.
Today we reap what our sacrifices have sown.
Today we meet our soul's destiny.
Today we ascend.

As it is written, so let it be done. Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)

God is with us.

Thanks to:


5 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:00 pm



"ALOHA" - ​Intel SITREP - 12:00:00 EDT - Wednesday - August 17, 2016

12:25:00 PM  Emailed, Intel  

Received at 12:13 PM EDT and published per request. ~ Dinar Chronicles


12:00:00 EST
August 17, 2016


Aloha Currency Crusaders,

For those who follow the path of Huna in Hawai'i, it is common to use the word Aloha.

Yes it is used in greetings and farewells and in expressing love. But the word means even more, as it is also a way of life. Now you don't have to live in Hawaii to practice Aloha... for aloha is like oxygen, it is plentiful and everywhere, just like Akua (God).

However, the word Aloha holds within itself all one needs to know to interact rightfully in the natural world. These insights describe an attitude or way of life sometimes called "The Aloha Spirit" or "The Way of Aloha".

Aloha is being a part of all, and all being a part of you. When there is pain -- it is my pain. When there is joy -- it is my joy. It's also a common respect that all is a part of the Creator and the Creator is a part of me.

Aloha means never willfully harming anyone or anything. When food is needed I will take only my need and explain why it is being taken. The earth, the sky, the sea are mine to care for, to cherish and to protect.

Aloha is love experienced, shared and transcended all in one single word, speaking on a single path of love.

Aloha is the natural human condition, not what humanity has evolved into. We are far more than was, poverty, shame, environmental destruction and ignorance. We are living, breathing, thinking miracles--divine human beings made of pure aloha!

Aloha is beyond amazing!!!

Need more evidence? Take for instance the individual letters that make up the word Aloha:

A, ala, watchful, alertness
L, lol ahi, working with unity
O, oia'i'o, truthful honesty
H, ha'aha'a, humility
A, ahonui, patient perseverance

In ancient native Hawaiian culture (Kanaka Maoli / Temple of Lono) aloha is a code that goes as follows, "Come forward, be in unity and harmony with your real self, God, and mankind. Be honest, truthful, patient, kind to all life forms, and humble." He also stated that to the Hawaiian of old, Aloha meant "God in us."

The thing that we have forgotten as an entire species is one simple "prime directive" need led to fully feel alive, and that too can be found within the root words that make up the single word aloha.

alo, 1. sharing 2. in the present
oha, joyous affection, joy
ha, life energy, life, breath

So as we begin redeeming our silly little paper currencies on this day August 17, 2016 (yes, the 800#s were released early this morning for late evening disbursal to key internet providers by sublimely gracious and ever patient Chinese Elders who understand what it means to live in aloha) please, please remember that aloha is within you, within us all.

Together we are love. And love is in everything and everyone.

And if you truly desire to feel more love you will practice living in aloha with each moment of your own life. Just remember its now ok to surrender or release your aloha first, so that others may feel safe enough to release their own -- for as a species now -- we are free by the heavily grace and eternal glory as mandated by Akua Himself before time and space began.

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)

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"BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT" - Intel ​SITREP - 14:00:00 EDT - Thursday - August 18, 2016

2:22:00 PM  Emailed, Intel  

Received at 2:08 PM EDT and published per request. ~ Dinar Chronicles



14:00:00 EST
August 18, 2016


1 Samuel 12:16

Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes!


Kipona Aloha Currency Stewards,

Yes the RV is here, but everyone needs to remain calm. Yes, we are there, but the 800#s have not yet been given out to intel providers or websites at the time of this SITREP. So chill.

With that said, yes, the RV is really happening. Yes, the RV is really here. Yes, the RV the off site redemption centers and 800# releases are preparing to roll out in real time now. Like right now, now. But just as it takes the gas and brake to drive the car, neutral is sometimes the best gear. So practice being neutral in these final hours, as you'll be much happier moving through this experience--promise.

Just be still and allow the truth of your epic journey to arrive with ease; and wash over every pore of your belief system as brothers and sisters of the light, we have successfully made it to our destination!

Today is the conclusion of all that we have prayed for, as well as the starting line for the new lives we have all aspired to live. Today things get real. Today we breakthrough. Today we cross a threshold of possibility. Today we consciously ascend.

So acknowledge yourself for climbing through all the lies, all the deceptions, all the illusions. And acknowledge yourself for enduring all the physical, financial and emotional suffering, indignities and shame. Because what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and we are strong like bull.

For on this day, August 18, 2016 (8), it is well known across all universes that humanity stood tall against galactic evils and did not flinch. We held our righteous ground with cement shoes of faith, and demonstrated divine dignity by holding onto absolute truth with an undaunted gaze.

We have won the war. We have rebuked the rebellion. We have begun our final ascension as a species and planet by grace and glory of God.

For on this weekend, we experience our soul's redemption--and we participate proudly in this "event" known galacticly as humanity's sovereign redemption.

Dare to feel wonderful knowing that the RV has finally arrived upon your shores, as you can final reap all the good works you have sown, and apply everything you have ever discussed, studied, debated and learned regarding the redemption of these currencies.

Know also that at some point and time, very soon, like by this calendar week, all reading this will set up and experience your long awaited off-site redemption appointment with great certainty, knowledge and overwhelming abundance.

Trust that you have earned the right to liberate yourself from all financial burdens short and long, as well as your extended family, community, nation, continent, species and planet by the sheer mercy of a benevolent Creator Source of All.

With such a blessing, it's probably wise to give constant praise and glory to God the Father for reversing the sins of our ancestors, and replacing their corrupted, toxic and evil system of human management so that our generation, and generations to come, may inhale the oxygen of freedom and exhale the carbon of bondage. Oh Lord, we pray this is the last era for us to learn such a lesson. No more floods please.

Because there is no other possibility now but to enjoy this unprecedented event, there can be no further delay that can stop our souls from ascending; there can be no future speed bump that will slow down earthly angels as they learn to spread their wings; and there shall be no surprise waiting for us on the other side of the RV blessing.

Humanity's victory has long been prophesied, and the realization of Heaven's Mandate is now.

Take some time to enjoy all aspects of this once-in-a-millennium process. Try and slow things down, attempt to take it all in with a peaceful smile. Also, take some time to quiet your heart, and fully surrender to love--before, during and after your appointment.

It's safe again to be meek. It's acceptable again to be innocent. It's wise now to trust again. It's clear that unconditionally love wins the day. AS unconditional love is who and what we are. Love is what it means to be human. Love is meant to be generously shared and received. Love is who and what we are made of. Love is our genetic coding. Love is the truth. And God is love. So must we be.

Together, we have claimed liberty and now invoke the divine feminine age as alive. Together, we declare our collective and individual human souls as free again to heal. Together, we release our creative hearts and minds to manifest our deepest greater good philanthropic visions.
Together, we own our heavenly covenants simultaneously be fulfilled. Together, we release the vibrational hold on our species and our planet.

We are free! You are free! BE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our destiny has been born alive today, healthy and dynamic--and we are announcing our sovereignty for there are no more limits on the human race or Planet Earth. So be it.

God is with us

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EST T...

"Regarding the Birth Announcement SITREP" - Anonymous Guest Post

3:43:00 PM  Emailed, Thoughts  

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 3:23 PM EDT on August 18, 2016

Yesterday, apparently yoeseff told us in his "aloha" "sitrep" that "the 800#s were released early this morning for late evening disbursal to key internet providers"". He didn't say maybe. He didn't think it MIGHT release. He said the 800 numbers were ALREADY released.

Okay, so the numbers are"released" to SOMEONE, but not yet given "to key internet providers". That's an interesting dodge for failing to see those numbers distributed about dinarland.

So now today, we get assurances that, despite the sitrep folks blowing yet another date (no apologies to them since THEY ventured the announcement that 800 numbers HAD BEEN released), today we get child birth metaphors. And now, we're again being told to relax, be neutral, be patient.... more vague nonsense. More relaxed would have us following even more zombie-like the daily and weekly excuse mill of the dinar sites.

Think people!!! Yesterday was an unequivocal announcement which was WRONG. Today we receive grandiloquent platitudes: "humanity stood tall against galactic evils", "we have won the war." "We have rebuked the rebellion." "We have begun our final ascension". " the RV has finally arrived upon your shores". "take it all in with a peaceful smile". "You are free!" "we have successfully made it to our destination!"

Really!?!? It looks like more of the same intentionally vague fabrication. Why do you, "sitrep" authors, say these things? You are wrong every time? Have you lost the ability to feel shame or guilt?

But, as always, we'll see as of tomorrow. But when that happens and the 800 numbers for setting exchange appointments have just not arrived, will you or anyone even speak to it? Will you even consider why you failed another time?

You don't see yourself as you are.

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"Handing off 800 Numbers to a Group of Lawyers" - CapnGriff

8:21:00 PM  Message, Thoughts  
Posted By: CapnGriff
Date: Thursday, 18-Aug-2016 13:00:16

What Could Possibly Go Wrong Handing Off the 800 Numbers to a Group of Lawyers

When I heard the news yesterday (August 17, 2016) that the Chinese Elders had given the 800 numbers which were/are to be used for booking appointments for foreign currency exchanges I was elated. Then about two hours later, more information came out that they had been given to eight lawyers working or retained by Well Fargo banking corp. At that moment, I honestly, meaning I honestly asked my self what could go wrong with this scenario?

Not to my surprise, we arose this morning with no 800 numbers to call and at first no idea why not. But, I had an inkling from yesterday. Sure enough, and the only intel I can find is from Philip Tilton that the bankers had decided not to deliver the 800 numbers to the world because the New Republic has yet to announced formally. Tilton goes on to assert that this is only a minor glitch and all will be put back on track quickly. Certainly, I hope he is right. We all do.

That said, though, if we have to wait for some legal maneuvers around the New Republic of the USA whether it is safe proofing our redeemed proceeds or announcing of the New Republic to the masses this could easily grow into another protracted wait on the part of holders of foreign currencies.

So that all readers understand what I am saying is this: I do not know exactly what the legal hang up is as I write this. However, it does not seem to be something like punctuation in the documents it is more in line with questions if Wells Fargo is still controlled by the cabal or do we have to wait for a public announcement is made that our government has switched from a corporate oligarchy to a new republic. The questions can be many these are just a couple of logical ways a mind can travel.

Bottom line is: What could go wrong with our redemption scenario now that the Chinese are depending on a bunch of lawyers to make the wheels turn? My experience with lawyers is they move cases forward at the speed of a glacier. I pray for heavenly intervention for us all. Without that, it could easily be a long cold winter.

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