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Give Tasers To Psychopaths - Yeah, Great Idea, Right?: David Icke

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A slight change in terminology says it all.  In the past, the police were referred to as "peace officers".  They would service their community, helping the citizens in whatever ways they could, sometimes "bending the law" a little in order to bring about harmony.  Now the police are referred to as "law enforcement officers".  Their aim is to enforce the law -- to the letter -- regardless of the consequences to the community.  Totalitarian Tiptoe?  HAH -- it's become a Totalitarian Stomp.......


In England they were referred to as Constables, officers of the local Constabulary. Some titles still retain this heritage as seen by the title Chief Constable (the head of a regional Police "force")

In recent years they started referring to themselves as "officers". Completely incorrect and when asked what is the difference between the two descriptors the answer is a variant of "they mean the same thing".

They don't.!

Although what is going on in America cannot be compared to what is going on here the same movement away from Policing with consent to compliance to Police or else is formed in the same sick Petrie dish.   

What is described in the video I can relate to easily as David Icke and myself are similar ages and grew up in cities not to far away from each other.

When it really started in England with a vehemence was with guess who?....Blair.!

Blair light who has just managed to remove himself from office was just as nasty but without the intelligence, surrounded himself with nasties equally as keen on the forced compliance of everyone else while they did what they liked.

The elements in the Police here that have had arms shaved and put in EU europolice black babygrows seem to be behaved when at rest or eating fruit. The rest of the Police don't much care for them.

The taser element is one of growing concern, and who makes the decision to arm these idiots with the things is another concern.

As Police are finding out in America, it only takes a small percentage of lobotomized morons working to the script to bring the wrath of many upon all. Most of the Police here still behave themselves and oppose the path taken over the last few years by blair and blair no brain, a majority voted out of the EU for this eu army/police military crap reason

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"

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