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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » PIPELINE PROTESTS » Clean Drinking Water For Our Children Around The World!

Clean Drinking Water For Our Children Around The World!

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Clean Drinking Water For Our Children Around The World!

August 22, 2016 by Ann

Thanks to:





shared Olowaan Plain’s post.


Olowaan Plain at Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

 · Fort Yates, ND ·

This peaceful stand we are making is going to change the future for our children and their children, don’t allow the media to make you believe that we are violent protesters..WE ARE PEACEFUL EARTH PROTECTORS & GUARDIANS!!! Come pray with us!


shared No Dakota Access in Treaty Territory – Camp of the Sacred Stones’s photo.

No Dakota Access in Treaty Territory – Camp of the Sacred Stones

From Standing Rock to the Gulf, we will resist destructive infrastructure! Today, Standing Rock Tribal members and allies took to the water and shores to say ‪#‎NoDakotaAccess‬ and to show solidarity with our friends Another Gulf Is Possible!


shared Stephanie Toineeta’s photo.


After discussing the DAPL with our youngest daughter this afternoon, she wanted her picture taken with this sign. ‪#‎NoDAPL‬ ‪#‎waterislife‬ ‪#‎protectourEarth‬


Native Hoop Magazine shared PJ Crouch’s post.


PJ Crouch at Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation.

Rainbow over the Missouri River, just south of the DAPL protest camps, taken Friday evening, Aug. 19.
























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