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NIBIRU News ~ Nibiru can’t possibly exist? plus MORE

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If Planet X / Nibiru can’t possibly exist, then how does this other ‘impossible planet’ exist?
August 20, 2016 · David Hines

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
bio and articles / forum
If astronomers can find a planet that they say should be impossible to exist, then why could it not be possible for Planet X to exist? See what I mean.
I must admit I am getting sick and tired of those people who spend a lot of time debunking Planet X when we are discovering more and more planets out there. It is not far-fetched to believe there is a Planet X and many others like it in the universe. Some people are very narrow-minded to think that what we perceive as impossible is quite likely to be possible.
We limit ourselves to what we are taught by narrow-minded people who believe Earth is safe from anything out in space when in fact I think that we (Planet Earth) are extremely vulnerable and helpless as we know very little on how the universe works. We tend to believe all the scientists around the world and I think in most cases they just give their best guess on most things. Sure, they may know a lot but not everything and that has been proven time and time again. We limit our thinking to our surroundings and what we know without thinking out of the box, so to speak. It does not mean that all our proven theories apply to the rest of the universe; they may only be true to our planet and not any others.
Who is to say that there may be alien races out there who can move faster than the speed of light? Or maybe they have the capabilities of bending space and time. We are so wrapped up in the thought that we are the only ones in the universe which to my mind is a very narrow-minded assumption.
I think we are only babes in the woods and have no idea what is out there; we just think we know. We think that we are so advanced but the reality is we are not and we need to realize that going forward with exploration.
Planet X in pics?
These photos were sent in by a fellow Canadian (RRR) and here is what he said, so you can judge for yourselves.
RRR states:
This is a pic of the TV I took while watching a Blue Jays game here in Toronto. Just for the hell of it I told my wife to stop the video so we could have a close look. Sure as sh*t, check out the extreme right of the photo. No way that is lens flare. The second and third photos are from my son. I asked him to take some sunset shots while he was fishing up near Peterborough. I gave him some lens filters (moon filters from an old telescope) to see what he could get.
Disregard the bright image at 1:00; he said that was lens flare (it moved when he moved the filter). Go the 2:30 position off to the right near the tree.
Check the object to the right (different filter).
The common denominator seems to be the sunset images (Northern Hemisphere) with objects on the right. Maybe we should call for all people interested to take sunset photos with any means possible to see what we can capture (a common post)? We surely won’t all have the same lens flare, haha.
I just want to clear something up as I have read a lot about the Van Allen radiation belt (VARB). There are many people who have claimed that an astronaut could not survive passing through this to get to the moon, when in fact this is not true. If you read this article, you will see that astronauts can in fact fly through this radioactive belt without perishing.
Prepping tips
I received an email from one of our readers who wanted some tips on how to prepare for an apocalypse, so I wrote back to him right away, as I know people hate waiting just like I do, especially the older you get, LOL. Here is what I wrote:
The first thing you have to consider is stocking up on the vitals. Here is the list in priority:

  1. Stock up on water bottles, as they are not expensive. Also, grab some trivet gallon containers that you can also use to contain water. You may have a well but that will do you no good if the electricity is out, as your pump won’t work. If given time, fill the bathtub full of water and cover it with plastic sheeting to keep out dust, etc. Your hot water tank is also a great source of water. Make sure you have wrenches to remove the fittings. If you live near a stream, you can use that water and you can sterilize it with a few drops of bleach. Check online for the actual amount of bleach to use per gallon of water. Make sure you have rain barrels so you can catch the rainwater also — a great source of water.
  2. Stock up on canned food, vegetables, potatoes, fruit, beets, etc. Even if they expire they will not go bad. All that will happen is they will lose their nutritional value over time. If you can afford it, buy the pre-packaged survival rations. There are quite a few companies that will supply you with these but they can be expensive. Keep the canned food and your water away from the sunlight, preferably in a cold storage room. When the SHTF, make sure you use up what you have in your freezer and fridge first.
  3. Buy as many seeds as you can so you can grow your own food and, if you have never done this before, go online and print off how to plant and harvest what you have grown.
  4. Make sure you buy baking soda, as it is a good remedy for a lot of things. Pure coconut oil is imperative; you will be surprised as to its benefits. I could make a long list but it would be easier to search for all the natural foods that have medicinal benefits.
  5. Having medical supply’s is essential. I am sure you can figure out what you need, as everyone is different. Normal stuff is bandages, pain killers, sutures, iodine, baking soda, etc.
  6. Home security is also a big thing. Having a means to defend yourself is crucial. You will need a .22-caliber rifle to hunt small game. You will also need a hunting rifle, a shotgun and one or two handguns. Even a AR-Colt makes a good addition. You will also need to stock up on ammo. Having a mixture of 30,000 rounds is not excessive. I have been collecting mine now for several years. Buy a fishing pole, Ninja swords and sharpen them to a razors edge. Long bow, compound bow with lots of arrows. A good pair of binoculars: high magnification and also night vision ones as well. Purchase a machete and have several knives. Body armour if you can afford it; but don’t buy the cheap ones because they won’t work. Stock up on all sizes of batteries and candles. Purchase a paraffin heater and stove with a good stock of fuel.
  7. You will need rope, handsaws, axes, hammers, etc. Print off as many survival techniques as you can or go to the book store and buy a few. Also learn how to make a latrine, as they will be an essential.
  8. Do not try and go it alone at night; someone needs to keep watch and rotate people every two hours. If you are alone, you will fall asleep and now you are very vulnerable to looters. Trip wires with cans attached around your property is a good way of knowing if someone is out there. Never go away from your residence alone; a minimum of two people will be required. Setting up a community of 150 people is the ideal number, as there is sure to be many people with different skills. Having bars ready to install in your windows is good, as it gives you a little more security. Having fire extinguishers is great also, just in case someone tries to smoke you out of your home. Having a truck versus a car is better, just in case you have to bug out. Bicycles are a great source of transportation but make sure you have spare tires and a repair kit. Motorcycle are also good; don’t need anything fancy.
  9. A generator is good but be careful how and when you use it, as they are noisy. If you have a grill, make sure you have lots of fuel but they will need to be stored outside in the shade for safety reasons. Having a fire pit is great but make sure you have a source of firewood. In order not to attract bad people, make sure you can cover your windows so as not to let the light shine outside. If you are near water, a small aluminum boat will come in handy but make sure you have oars in case the motor quits. Try and obtain a hand crank pump so you can siphon gas from the tanks at the gas station.

Most of the things I have suggested I have already, so I hope this helps.
DDD signing off. Keep your eyes on the skies.


























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