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Gaslighting Courtesy of Zen Gardner

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1 Gaslighting Courtesy of Zen Gardner on Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:51 pm


Gaslighting Courtesy of Zen Gardner

Posted on August 24, 2016  by  Music Alchemy


image from
The following video was so difficult to watch but I am trying to lend some humanity to the public lynching of Zen Gardner. It’s got to stop. So, everyone; TO YOUR CORNERS! BE AUTHENTIC NOT AGGRESSIVE. I am sad to witness this. The reason for the difficulty for me is because it’s awkward and painful to see someone who has guided me in his writings, to have Zen called to the carpet like this. I do not know his astrology but I feel that the sign of Libra is in play here for several reasons. One is if he has Libra that means Zen has his 10th house, also called the Midheaven in the sign of Cancer. To me the Cancer Midheaven is saying; “The higher they climb the harder they fall”. This is the vulnerability of Cancer MC because that means he has a Capricorn IC. Capricorn IC is sad, too, because it means he was not supplied with the necessary emotional love from his family of origin. Cancer Midheaven by Alyssa Sharpe. As Alyssa describes, a Cancer MC has so much psychic energy and memory, they are keen to feel what people think of their public posts and persona. Because they have such vulnerability, they are targets for getting emotionally attacked by public opinion. Not all Cancer MC’s will fall publicly, she points out, but obviously, Zen is going through this.
About the Cult Participation of much of our generation: I was in a cult and got married in it, had children. I guess what worked in my favor was the abuse toward me after the children were born made me squirm big time. I did everything I could to rock the boat but eventually it capsized and I drowned in emotional and personal suffering for many years. I wanted to succeed to the height that Zen has, he is older than I, but even so, I did want that. I wanted that success but it eluded me and I am now, after 19 years, finally seeing the Ascendant Capricorn sun rise in my life, Saturn has been patient with me, as he is known to be and I’m not underground anymore. I am infused with the strength of Saturn and now have a beautiful future to look forward to. It has been an incredibly bumpy ride!
No one in their human mind would condemn Zen for his journey or for his disclosure. I do not believe anyone does. I know I do not. If I could see his astrological chart I would know better, but suffice to say, this personal life event he is experiencing right now is eclipsing his initial life goals that he was riding the successful manifestation of for some time. So, I feel there is a Libra sun sign, but a Gemini Ascendant because Gemini’s can be duplicitous, in other words, it would be easier to lie than to say your truth if that particular truth is unpopular.  Ruled by Mercury, Gemini’s are fastidious talkers but also can lie or speak occluded with ease because of the pathology of what the negative manifestation of Gemini can be. With astrology, you have to learn the negatives and positives of your chart to compensate for, literally, the wobble. We all know Earth’s balance is off by 23 degrees. That is why, I am convinced, we need to study our natal charts because our planet is off balance, hence we are off balance too.
If you study your chart and the transits, there will be a portal opening at some auspicious time to enable you to tell the truth, particularly an uncomfortable one that will bring the tension necessary to raise your frequency.  One always comes, say, when Pluto is trine to Gemini or your third house. You must do it boldly and earnestly because once the transit passes, whichever one it is, then it will be another entire orbit, potentially years, before you can get another chance when the planet comes back around. You wouldn’t even know how to access these energies if you don’t follow your own astrology.
The guilt of being in the cult he has worked so hard to compensate for that and it’s valid! He has helped many millions I imagine. But, the fact that he was forced to disclose his participation in the Family, and did not tell his audience about that fact in his initial “Missing Years” post makes him look guilty! He must have known that any facts related to his disclosure would be vetted out in public. Is he guilty of being duped by professional manipulators? NO, only if we all carry that same guilt. As we become aware of these manipulations and detach ourselves from them, we remove our guilt and work to clear our connections. My only point here is what he is guilty of is simply not trusting his audience, his readers, to be able to handle the REAL TRUTH right up front.  As I was listening to the video, I wished I was hearing more of that.  It’s only lack of knowledge. I support his journey, however that may be, just like I support all humankind to evolve naturally. Had he come clean right out of the gate, he would have disarmed many people who are lynching him now. He did not. He might have had a lack of courage to do that. He may have been shortsighted about the reaction. He may have been thinking more of how he could “Gemini” his way out of it. Regardless of the reason, he was not forthcoming with his reasons for bringing it up even with people who are devoted to him. As a followup, he continues to avoid that fact and most of his remaining followers are avoiding it too. Whether anyone sees this or not, well…that’s why they call it the “elephant in the living room”. It’s big, but easy to miss if it matches the wallpaper.
Maybe he thinks he has been transparent and is obviously beating the horse of “I was in this shocking cult, please look at your own past and don’t judge me” playing on the in-the-past meme. He angered his readers and other notable authors in the alternative media and playing the “gaslighting game” of ‘you have healing to do if you attack me for being in the cult”. The gaslighting is negating your reality, you feel crazy! What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I accept this? This is a diversion so he can avoid answering why he is leaving out details that would shape the narrative in a very different way. I am pondering whether his facebook page was “taken down”  leaving him a victim even further or is there a possibility of another scenario, something maybe no one else has thought of but I definitely have and that was before I ever read anyone else’s comments about the article or knew of any other writers attacking him. As stated above, I also was in a cult-type group for at least a decade. It was harmful and extremely difficult to re-integrate into society and catch up for decades of brainwashing after I left and tried to be normal! It wasn’t something I needed to address publicly because the healing had to take place on the inside and once I was significantly through that, there was no reason to talk about it unless it was to help someone. So why did he write about it? I didn’t see any indication that he was forced to write about it. It wasn’t in his narrative. But my first impulse was, was there a crime? Is he laying a foundation to come out about something he did that he is ashamed of? Has he not healed from that after being such an enlightened guru for all these years? Why would he not address the healing of that incredibly potent experience?
It just didn’t make sense. If that cognitive dissonance he is projecting is not addressed, then I am left to wonder. What I might imagine might not be what actually happened but how the hell would I know? This omission spurred just that, obviously. So many crazy things are being said now and he has his defenses up, of course. Anyone would with that much vitriol. What he won’t admit is that he brought this upon himself in his very recent article about his lost years.

The judgement he is suffering is not from the cult participation years ago, in my opinion, but from the obvious avoidance and non-acceptance of negative reactions that are extremely natural considering he is leaving out pertinent facts! Now he is demonizing the entire alternative news circuit and throwing all rational critical thinking people under the bus and dividing everyone. Well, only the cabal could be so thorough. Divide and Conquer! Wow, he did it in one fell swoop.

So, what about facebook? Who would be harmed if it was still up? Let’s ask that question. Who, really, c’mon people, who took it down? If facebook took it down or some other government or you-call-it entity did, they would be harmed if it remained up, right? If his skeletons come out of the closet and start  making public the real facts on facebook, he may be implicated as well as other entities still in existence. Is the Family gone? Has that ugly stain on religion gone to the dustbin? Not as far as I know. In fact, I have a member of my own family that is still in it and I never knew what it really was until now. Now I have to talk to the cousins and examine my own history to see what impact it may have had, and may still have as far as the children, of this family member, who have been in contact with the Family since the kids were born, at least 25 years or more. MORE!
This needs to be unpacked. I am so sick of lies and I am certainly not letting someone’s slithery slimy words dis-connect me from my own critical thinking. I won’t fall into the trap of that or of attacking others because they won’t acknowledge something. It isn’t productive. But, what is? What do we produce out of this? IMO this disclosure had to include taking down his facebook page. I think he did it to protect  himself and those who would be implicated along with him. Don’t fall for the trap. If you notice on the video, early on he changes the subject from the child sex issue very quickly. I did not hear authentic disclosure at all. This is the problem. Do not doubt your impulses on this. That is  called gaslighting. Thomas Sheridan talks about Gaslighting with great effectiveness.

You have come a long way in evolving your own consciousness with a lot of hard work. I know I have. I know many who have. Don’t throw it away by falling for a master at public relations. When he was asked about his job there, in ‘leadership” which is all he will say, the details are so scant. Please, do not insult my intelligence and that of the entire alternative conscious public. Let’s investigate what he is hiding, it could be a jackpot, who knows, but I want to know and a lot of others do too. This tin can needs to be opened without insulting each other. Adepts and adults; please comment with your thoughts.
The Recent Interview of Zen Gardner

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2 Re: Gaslighting Courtesy of Zen Gardner on Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:07 am


Excellent article Mardi and thank you for sharing this here!

You bring up many excellent points!

I would love to know what others here think about the Zen issue.....


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