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‘It Has Nothing to do With a Witch-Hunt’ RE: Zen Gardner

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‘It Has Nothing to do With a Witch-Hunt’
Posted on August 25, 2016  by  Soren Dreier
Author: Bernhard Guenther

I want to thank you Steven and Soren in particular for the real disclosure, which I at first didn’t want to believe until I did more research myself and tried to contact and interact with ZG personally to not avail. You and others who have spoken out and asked the right questions gave the voiceless a voice and helped the true victims, as mentioned in this write-up. Thank you for your courage and following your conscience. Keep up the good work!
This is my final take on the  Zen Gardner/Don Ferguson situation for the time being.  I’m swamped with emails and messages I have to get back to plus I need to focus on my own work.
The vast majority of emails and messages I have received are from people who understood where I was coming from and what my point/intention of this article, and most importantly what the real issue is here. I made it very clear that I’m not interested in a “witch hunt” nor in playing into the avoidance-of-accountability-sprinkled-with-New Age- Spiritual-Bypass-game. I’m interested in truth, whatever it may be.
The many emails and messages I received since I wrote that “open letter”, (more than ever before and frankly I didn’t expect it at all) were about how clear, grounded, rational and balanced my article was and that it was needed to call ZG out on his obvious avoidance and lack of accountability. More importantly, I have received emails (which I won’t share for obvious privacy reasons) from several women who have suffered sexual abuse in childhood, one woman who was in the COG cult and others in similar cults, who thanked me for speaking out since it helped them to open up and “felt heard” without shame/guilt which is most often the reason why cult/sexually abused victims don’t speak out….which brings me to the question some people ask “Where are the victims? Let them come out and don’t judge ZG if there are no victims accusing him!”
Anyone who says that has no understanding of trauma psychology and the guilt and shame sexually abused people are dealing with, let alone how some of them are programmed and mind controlled in a cult that has CIA, MKUltra and high government involvement written as all over, as Dawn/Sol shared when she finally had the strength and courage to speak up at the Tony Robbin’s event (see previous post on my wall). One woman wrote me a lengthy email about her experience in sex-cult like like situation (where even her own mother gave her away to be sexually abused), being gang-raped by men over and over, starting at 6 year old. Reading my and other’s articles about this case inspired her to write more about her experience and now she wants to start her own blog about sexual abuse and sharing her own healing journey to help other women like her. With this artilcle and other’s of the same kind, I/we have given a voice to the voiceless which is more than evident in all the emails and messages I have received from the real victims, especially from women.
And that is what really matters here: the true victims of sexual abuse, SRA and cult pedophilia.
It has nothing to do with a witch-hunt or creating division in the “truth movement”. It’s about conscience. Personally I don’t even like to use this term “truth movement”. Too many people hide behind that and forget the whole point. The Time of Transition is about the Individual and most importantly our inner work to become embodied spiritual sovereign human beings and the work entails to make the darkness conscious within and without. No leaders, no gurus, no groups or movements. I have written about that before as well. People may not agree with that but that is where i stand, also based on having worked with thousands of people one-on-one over the past 15 years.
What people do with this information is up to them and is not in my hands. As I said, do your OWN research, ask questions and don’t just take things on “face value” based on what ZG said and has written. If some people project hate on ZG, that’s their game. I don’t. I warn against that as well, for that is what the Matrix overlords feed off of well, as I’ve written about before.. In fact I have no “negative feelings” towards ZG, simply because I do not know who he actually is anymore other than the public persona he has created and secondly this goes way deeper than ZG himself. He may be (most likely) under the control of forces he has no conscious awareness of.
As I said, I haven’t even touched on the hyperdimensional aspect of it all, which is another big layer and can of worms in itself. Other researchers have uncovered even more disturbing information, regarding MKUltra and high level government involvement and it will all unravel in time. However, that doesn’t mean that we should all just be “nice” and “fluffy” because sometimes we need “fiery compassion” and not fall into the trap of “blind compassion”. Personally I know I did my best to reach him but he still plays his “game” of avoidance. As I also said, this is his “initiation” and opportunity to do the right thing but he desperately clings to the ZG persona he has created and in his own words, he “won’t back down”.
I say it again, if there is some true conscience left in Don and true humility and actually true Love, he would stop calling himself Zen, taker a break from his website, take time for his own healing process away form the internet and come out as Don Ferguson, laying it all out, everything he knows about the COG cult of 27 years of involvement including leadership position. He would expose them/it all and also take FULL responsibility for what he has done, possibly engaged in or supported without playing the victim card and being vague or projecting on the people like me and others who point out the obvious elephants in the room. That would be an act of true love, compassion, service and conscience, because that would help the true victims here and is not about himself anymore. And that’s what true “whistleblowing” would actually be and that is what I would def. support. But so far it’s only white-washing and avoidance.
I recommend reading Paul Levy’s article on Marc Garni. There are similarities in that case with what is happening with ZG, especially with regards to the people defending him without questioning and how wetiko is working through them. This is in particular addressed in the section “VICTIMIZER DISGUISED AS THE VICTIM”:
When the Most Awake Among Us Fall Asleep: Marc Gafni, His Supporters and Wetiko
© 2016 Bernhard Guenther
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