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Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane Expose The ” Death Ray Scandal “: HOW AND WHY JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITED DR. FRED BELL’S MURDER SUSPECT.

Research Scientist Dr. Fred Bell Dies 48-Hours After Interviewing with Ventura on the “Ultimate Military Weapon of Mass Destruction–‘The Death Ray’”
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage22  (Dedicated to Dr. Fred Bell; Honolulu–Dec. 15, 2012; R.I.P.)
Award-winning author and filmmaker, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, was moved by the suspected murder of his friend and referral to TruTV’s “Conspiracy Theory” producers, to investigate and document the network’s shocking exploitation of Dr. Fred Bell’s death, 48-hours after the celebrated “Star Wars” scientist discussed energy weapons of mass destruction with complicit ex-governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, the show’s host.
Bell, Ventura claimed, discussed his CIA “handler” in private, “off the record,” but the host of the show, and producer Michael Braverman, exploited Bell’s confidence, along with his death, to further the fright and secrecy surrounding “Death Ray Weapons” using propaganda, threats of murder, and Dr. Bell’s suspected assassination–all standard procedures for the FBI/CIA’s “Counter-Intelligence Program,” the COINTELPRO, according to the United States Congressional Record and Dr. Horowitz’s new film, “The Death Ray Scandal,” produced for Internet broadcasting as a public service under “fair usage” laws.

“Ask why TruTV’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is funded by media moguls, and the most reasonable answer, especially in light of the show’s spin and censorship, is the agenda for social control using fear. In other words, the media controllers want you to fear their barking dogs like cattle being moved to slaughter.”

Dr. Leonard Horowitz
Dr. Leonard Horowitz, with partnering investigative journalist Sherri Kane, were moved by Dr. Bell’s sudden death to pick apart the scenes of Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” program on “The Death Ray” in a documentary film that exposes Time-Warner’s acquisition, Turner Broadcasting, administering Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) propaganda and agendas for social control and energy-industry commerce.
The commercial conspiracy involves complicit celebrities Alex Jones and David Icke, at the forefront of waging an “information war” that creates and controls the “conspiracy industry” and political apathy.
Now, with “The HOROKANE’s” insightful analysis, the stars and producers of conspiracy-media propaganda are embroiled in a scandal of suspected murder for ratings, earnings, and social programming, otherwise called, “population management.”
The hour-long “Death Ray Scandal,” is freely broadcasting on Revolution Television, Dr. Horowitz’s Vimeo channel. This educational documentary is produced by Horowitz in association with Medical Veritas International, a non-profit public health education organization exercising fair use of network productions as a public service.  Their mission is to remedy “mind-control psycho-pathology,” encouraging viewers to awaken to the contrived “reality,” make and spread copies of “The Death Ray Scandal” to friends and loved ones, and affect positive social change by greater media awareness and grass roots activism.
Note to Journalists: For interviews with Dr. Horowitz, please contact Medical Veritas International, Inc.  at 310-877-3002, or e-mail: editor@medicalveritas.org

Topics, Scenes & Stars

1)  Jesse Ventura, TruTV and the CIA/FBI’ s COINTELPRO–their primary function in social engineering, anti-trust economics and cartel piracy, corporatism and commercial fraud, and “Damage Control.”
2)The geopolitics and economics of space-based weapons of mass destruction, “psychotronic warfare,” and the “Alien Agenda;”
3)The mass-media manipulation of the population by “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION ;”
4)The “Conspiracy Theory” show as a standard COINTELPRO operation ; and
5)The recent exposures of Jones, Icke, Hilder, and Ventura as CONSPIRACY INDUSTRY PROPAGANDISTS FOR COINTELPRO , who are now in DAMAGE CONTROL mode.
Horowitz, the author of 17 books covering the most controversial conspiracies in the petrochemical-pharmaceutical industry, knows Icke, Jones, and Ventura personally, and has appeared with each in media productions featuring intelligence that Horowitz gathered for publications and the public’s protection.
The Death Ray segment, follows the BP Gulf-Oil Catastrophe program sourced by Kane and Horowitz, based on their Special Report on Corexit, Halliburton and Transocean Co.’s financial crimes.
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage_1101 Jones and Horowitz have appeared together on television and videos, co-engaged radio listeners numerous times, and were under contract to advertise OxySilver until Jones breached his agreement to do a special show featuring Horowitz’s discoveries about 528Hz frequency used in Horowitz’s formula to replace risky vaccinations and antibiotics.
Thereafter, Horowitz learned that Jones’s sponsors were competitors in alliance with FEMA and Homeland Security officials, that likewise share intelligence agency connections with Ventura’s sponsors in the pharmaceutical and energy cartels.
Prior to this discovery, Kane and Horowitz were interviewed by Jones for their ground-breaking reports during the H1N1 Swine Flu fright that Horowitz was first to declare a fraud in April, 2009.
David Icke used Horowitz’s research on the origin of HIV/AIDS from the doctor’s first best-seller Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? , shared conference appearances with Horowitz, and discussed Icke’s controversial claim that he is god incarnated.
Following the Ventura/Kane/Horowitz BP Oil Demolition segment , TrueTV producers called Horowitz for his referral to an expert in “space technologies,” free-energy, psychotronic warfare, and alien intelligence, and the doctor instantly recommended his friend and long-term colleague, Dr. Fred Bell .
A couple weeks later, Ventura interviewed Bell, and within a few hours, Bell was dead–mysteriously abandoned by his business and domestic partner who fled the scene—a victim in a suspected murder that Ventura and company exploited for ratings and spreading fear.
Ventura claimed on Jones’s radio show that Bell had divulged intelligence that placed his life at risk, but never revealed the specifics on the show, as promoted.
Ventura withheld from Coast-to-CoastAM host, George Noory , what Bell discussed with him that made ex-Navy Seal suspect foul play. Noory then speculated “free energy,” and Ventura confirmed this inaccurately. The show was actually on Death Ray technologies used for assassinations, and energy weapons of mass destruction.

COINTELPRO in Damage Control

COINTELPRO stands for the FBI’s “Counter-Intelligence Program” that today, according to public knowledge, is directed by the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA).
Why would these Federal agencies wish to “counter intelligence?”
If these Federal agencies were as “true blue” as they and the corporate media claim, our Justice Department would not have character-assassinated Martin Luther King and John Lennon prior their murders.
It makes most sense that the crime families committing the commercial conspiracies would fund the COINTELPRO’s “protection racket,” that defrauds everyone by omitting and misrepresenting details that expose the entire operation.
This is the point, the military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical-banking cartel is required to counter your intelligence for their existence and dominance in the world.
Otherwise, if people really knew all the ways in which they were being commercially compromised and profitably poisoned, grasped citizens’ rights and capacity to protest and make a difference, there would be popular uprisings and treason trials ongoing everywhere, starting on Wall Street and at the White House.
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage_2131 So the “shadow-government” funds a minion of “government stooges,” claimed patriots and “truth-tellers,”  to act as “experts” in every matter of “intelligence,” such as medical intelligence, environmental intelligence, or military intelligence. These agents are assigned to generate each others credibility, celebrity, and later controversy; and they leave themselves open to being easily discredited.
“Welcome back to this special edition of the InfoWars Nightly News,” Jones announced on March 28, 2012. “Special because we’ve got one of my favorite guests, always intriguing and thought provoking, David Icke. He’s out in Hawaii. . . .”
But eight (8) months later, Jones’s regard for Icke morphed from a “favorite guest, always intriguing,” to a “turd in the punchbowl.” Why the reversal?
Discrediting themselves and each other is intended to cause public confusion and apathy. The agent-provocateurs, propagandists, and corporate shills in the COINTELPRO minions often attack each other by false accusations (i.e., defamations) to degrade their notoriety, celebrity, and their subjects, turning truths into myths or generally-dismissed “conspiracy theories.”
In “The Death Ray Scandal,” for instance, legitimate research using light and sound vibrations to remedy urgent problems, including water pollution and threatened disease outbreaks, is discredited by the appearance and testimony of “the modern-day Tesla,” John Hutchinson, courtesy of TruTV.
The result is called “Controlled Opposition” –Madison Avenue’s solution to aggravating activists, and in this case “energy healers.
The psychological operation (called a “PSYOPS”) features discrediting real heroes and movement leaders.
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL Shapeimage_711 The FBI’s COINTELPRO targets “peace-activists,” like Dr. Horowitz, John Lennon and Martin Luther King, as “political dissidents,” even criminals threatening “national security.” Their media and minions of propagandists fabricate and squelch debate to direct the “pop-culture” every way and anywhere they like.
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage_361 This ‘Controlled Opposition’ PSYOPS  is quintessential “white-collar crime.” It is the stuff screenplays are based on (for added distraction, conspiratorial illusion, and profitable entertainment). Legally, this is “racketeering activity” in an organized criminal conspiracy featuring unfair competition, consumer fraud, and restricted trade–Sherman Anti-Trust Act violations.
Otherwise, you would not have, for example, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS–the German corporate controlled prohibition against consumers accessing natural healing products, including vitamins and herbs. These globalist policies are promoted by the FDA and CDC that wags media claims alleging these products pose serious dangers. Meanwhile, proven carcinogens, such as aspartame and risky vaccinations, are certified safe for “consumption” (a word that once meant death by disease). Then the COINTELPRO’s minions install and attack leading CODEX and drug-industry whistleblowers to make sure opposition is completely controlled or seriously disabled.
It makes most sense that the crime families committing these commercial conspiracies would fund this kind of COINTELPRO “protection racket.”
In this case involving Ventura, et. al.,, the “protective propaganda” defrauds everyone by claiming the families in power are frighteningly superior secret agents or extraterrestrials with advanced intelligence and space-based “Death Ray” weapons.
As a result of this counter-intelligence crime, the jury in Court of Public Opinion has been tainted.
The “National Security” apparatus has merged with Wall Street, the banking and energy cartels with the drug trades. The military and communications industries, the human sex slavery and child trafficking networks, pedophilia and pornography, remain profit centers for globalization. These industries thrive, thanks primarily to the mass hypnosis that COINTELPRO counter-intelligence generates–simply called “ignorance.”
Propaganda wars are used to sell everything from deadly vaccinations to World War III, and these authors have learned first-hand how the media deals in damage control by deceptions, defamations, and broadcasting libel.

TrueTV’s “Conspiracy Theory:” A Television Tabloid

“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage_431 In a sense, Jesse Ventura’s TrueTV “Conspiracy Theory” program is like a television tabloid, not especially serious journalism compared to, for instance, Bill Moyers’ exposure of ALEC .
Comparing the print and broadcast media for similar COINTELPRO propaganda confirms the saturation.
A few months ago the National Examiner heralded its second center-fold in weeks marketing conspiracy theories and theorists getting hammered by these authors.
We were named “The HOROKANE” by one of the COINTELPRO operatives cited by the tabloid as a “Utah businessman”–Alma C. Ott–alias, “Dr. True Ott,” a dis-informant in the Kennedy assassination. (The alias itself is a psyops. He neither holds a legitimate doctorate, and nearly everything he writes is a lie.)
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL National_Examiner_Alex_Jones_Cover_small2 After that, National Examiner credited Alex Jones for “White House Murder Scandal!”–”Coroner POISONED after autopsy of reporter probing Obama.”
The article transformed Jones– America’s leading “Info-warrior” defending the “Prison Planet ”–into a credible “conservative commentator.”
Alex Jones “is convinced [Andrew] Breitbart was murdered and the coroner rushed through and whitewashed Breitbart’s autopsy,” the tabloid gushed. There were “secret tapes that could destroy the President!”  (Read more about this by CLICKING HERE .)
Consistent with the COINTELPRO generating easily discredited celebrity, controversy, and conspiracy theories, “getting your story told by any of American Media’s tabloids is the ‘kiss of death’ for your credibility and story,” Dr. Horowitz said.
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage_521 “You can say the same thing about TruTV’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’,” Kane explained. “The name of the show alone is degrading and revealing. They take solid material evidence proving the worst crimes, and misrepresent it as a ‘conspiracy theory’ rather than a ‘conspiracy reality.’”
Jesse Ventura acted respectfully, politely, and curiously to these authors and their BP story. And the producers did a good job covering the evidence with one exception. “They exclusively censored Peter Sutherland’s and Goldman-Sach’s complicity in the crime, evidenced by the special put-option securing Transocean’s stock price for the wealthiest insiders 24-hours before the rig exploded,” Horowitz revealed.
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage_621 “Ventura told us to talk about the censored connections, and directed the producers to get all the facts on tape, despite the producers frank admission they would not report the Goldman-Sachs connections for fear of losing their sponsors,” Kane added.
The protected special interests included Partnership for New York City past-co-chairmen, Rupert Murdoch and Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Murdoch essentially owns TruTV. Yet interesting evidence has surfaced that Murdoch’s partner in movie-making, the secretive billionaire, Phil Anschutz, heavily promotes Ventura as published (HERE ) by Anschutz’s company, Examiner.com. And this record ( Murdoch+Anshutz+ALEC.pdf ) proves the Hollywood partnership finances ALEC, exposed by Bill Moyers as the leading corporate contrivance overtaking the United States of America.
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage_721 Ventura’s paymasters, it turns out,  are working to privatize public schools, indemnify drug companies against lawsuits, and break up the unions, among other globalist goals, teaching everyone precisely what the corporations want taught, and nothing more.
Moreover, Ventura’s lead producer revealed to these authors that he had a long-term relationship with the COINTELPRO’s Ted Gunderson, who often visited his office to pitch stories, and find out what was in production.
So despite Jesse Ventura’s cordial, inquisitive, and seemingly sincere disposition: 1) he doesn’t control his show; 2) his dialogues are staged and censored; 3) his sponsors confine the “truth-telling:” and 4) his cameras may be gathering intelligence analyzed by the COINTELPRO, CIA, or “sponsors” beyond TruTV’s editing room.
“Now we see Jesse Ventura working to boost Alex Jones’s credibility and celebrity, just like the National Examiner did this year helping to rebuild the reputations of Jones and Ott damaged by their associations with sexist white-supremacists and religious hate mongers exposed by our research and lawsuit,” Kane reflected.  “Now there are dozens of fellow victims of Jones and Ott speaking out about their persecution and defamation since we began exposing the truth about these people and their links to counter-intelligence.”
One veteran whistleblower left the CIA when she learned Gunderson and X-Nebraska Senator, John DeCamp, were active in the child sex-trafficking and satanic sacrificing network. Barbara Hartwell has published extensively on these matters, evidenced Gunderson’s handwritten letter in which he spoke of this marriage to Church of Satan heiress, Diana Rively, and vetted Alex Jones for securing censorship of this intelligence across the Genesis Communications Network.
“The same ‘government stooges’ who have attacked me for years as a whistleblower,” Hartwell explained in a radio interview with these authors, “have libeled and discredited many other true patriots, especially deceptive is the stooge Peter Boudreau, alias ‘Ken Adachi,’ on a site called “educate-yourself” where he publishes a lot of the COINTELPRO’s propaganda.”

Who Are These People?

The four men credited mostly for the success of the COINTELPRO, and for generating the “Conspiracy Industry,” are pictured here–J. Edgar Hoover (below), Col. Michael Aquino (left of Jones), Ted Gunderson (right of Jones), and Anthony J. Hilder (far left).
Hoover established the COINTELPRO as chief of the FBI. Gunderson was his West Coast agent in charge of the FBI’s Division 5 in Los Angeles. Gunderson directed Hollywood black-ops and Hilder, who bragged about his partnership with Gunderson as a rogue filmmaker exclusively pioneering the conspiracy genre, who repeatedly denounces “The Illuminati,” but never offers solutions.
Aquino wrote the book on propaganda for the U.S. military while engaging his own psyops and double-agency as founder of the Temple of Set, that survived the Church of Satan’s evolution following founder Anton LaVay’s death. Gunderson married LaVay’s widow, Diana Rively, performed satanic ceremonies in his FBI office, and was filmed with Aquino playing “good-cop bad-cop” on a segment of Geraldo that confounded the matter of child sex-trafficking and satanic sacrifices covered-up by Gunderson, Aquino, and the COINTELPRO.
In 2009, Kane exposed Gunderson’s alliance with Ott and Benjamin Fulford in framing Horowitz in the murder of British financial whistleblower, Edward Harle (ak.a., Christopher Story). Ott, the National Examiner informant, directs a minion of men promoting anti-Semitism, “Christian Identity,” and the KKK’s theology of white-supremacy, sourced by Eric Jon Phelps.
Under Hoover, the FBI’s COINTELPRO infiltrated the KKK, but never terminated the organization. They now control it with Phelp’s and Ott’s propaganda claiming, among other things,  “Jews are the spawn of Satan,” “Blacks are genetically inferior to Whites,” and “Zionists control the banks, the White House, and the liberal media.”
After coming out with this intelligence, Kane was immediately cyber-stalked and harassed by this same group of men that attacked Hartwell, Horowitz, radio host Michael Vara, and many others in the “Conspiracy Industry” and “Patriot Community.”
“The FBI is implicated up to their eyeballs,” Kane explains. “We have yet to find an agent with enough guts to demand an internal affairs investigation. In fact, many FBI agents we’ve contacted were well aware of COINTELPRO, but refused to help.”
“They threw us out of the FBI’s office in Hawaii,” Horowitz added, “when we simply sought protection, shamefully unavailable from the Justice Department.”
The Congressional Record claims a minority of agents are aware of COINTELPRO’s existence, despite the fact it became public knowledge following Congressional investigations into the CIA and FBI’s domestic spying operations. (CLICK HERE to read the official report.)
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage_1011 Gunderson, who died (supposedly) in 2011, passed his FBI-protected “White-Hate” gang over to Ott, who has been sued for a slew of Internet crimes and torts, including playing a key role in the destruction of  Horowitz’s family and businesses.
“I question the legitimacy of Ott’s competing company,” says Kane. “I received several antagonistic emails from him, where he flaunts his racism. Why would anyone with a legitimate online business send emails like that, exposing himself as a Jew-hating racist?”
The answer is that he is paid to generate division between ethnic groups fomenting hate crimes. There is a lot of money in the anti-terrorism and ‘national security’ industry.
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage_1121 Meanwhile, Ventura’s partner, the star of Genesis Communications Network’s nationally syndicated “INFOWARS.com”–Alex Jones–neglected notices to remove from his website filthy libel posted by Ott’s accomplices in Internet crime–Boudreau, Alex McGowan Studer (alias, “Russell Kyle” according to legal records), and Bill Deagle. The stolen video was used by these people to defame The HOROKANE.

Josef Goebbels Multiplied

Every government has a “spin doctor” and  propaganda mill. Nazi Germany had Josef Goebbels and the “Gestapo,” financed by the Rockefeller-IG Farben cartel–virtually the same Rockefeller enterpirse that chaired the Frank Church Congressional investigation into violations of Americans’ civil rights by the FBI’s COINTELPRO.
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage6 Reasonable questions, therefore, include:  “How did Jesse Ventura, TruTV, and the tabloids become instruments of the COINTELPRO? And what are the current Rockefeller, Bilderberger, BigPharma, and/or banking cartel’s ties to these sources of yellow journalism?
These links are, in fact, public knowledge and readily available from reputable Internet publications.
In summary and conclusion, TruTV is owned by Turner Broadcasting, sold by Ted Turner to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. that owns Time-Warner. Turner and Murdoch are members of the Bilderberg Group that advances the economic and population policies most influencing governmental programs, including those requiring vaccinations aimed at depopulation (as revealed by Bill Gates ).
This proves the hypocrisy of Alex Jones. The “shock jock” that makes his living banging the Bilderbergs, Turner, and vaccination intoxications, is a Ventura-TruTV regular guest and source of frightening intelligence–the standard COINTELPRO psyops–mix-it-all-up programming.
The National Examiner tabloid is owned, as mentioned, by American Media Co .
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage_1212 Controlling interest in American Media is held by Roger Altman , Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under Clinton, member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg Group, founder and chairman of Evercore Partners –a leading independent investment banking advisory firm in New York City (NYSEEVR ), and a Director of Conservation International, at the forefront of stewarding “natural capital”–the phrase now used by bankers to profit by contriving and managing shortages of natural resources planet-wide blamed on “over-population” rather than innovation-suppression by their multi-national corporations.
Altman bought the controlling stake in American Media in 1999 from Murdoch. Before then, he served as Vice-Chairman, and head of mergers and acquisitions for the Blackstone Group ; and advised presidential candidates John Kerry in 2004 and Hilary Clinton in 2008. Blackstone’s private equity business has been one of the largest investors in private equity leveraged buyout transactions globally. Blackstone is also corporate partner in the David Rockefeller created, Royal Family of England chartered, “Partnership for New York City (PFNYC) ,” exposed by The HOROKANE for dirty dealings in the biotechnology industry, the “PharmaMedia ,” and diverting World Trade center reconstruction funds to Las Vegas.
“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL AMI_Screen_Shot6_small2 Horowitz and Kane reported the PFNYC to the FBI in 2009 for complicity in a conspiracy to profit from the “false flag” H1N1 Swine Flu “Pandemic.”
In 1990, American Media purchased the leading American tabloids from Murdoch including STAR and The National Enquirer. As The HOROKANE reported previously, Murdoch Co-Chaired David Rockefeller’s PFNYC during the specious H1N1 pandemic, and was heavily invested in leading H1N1 vaccine makers Merck & Co. and GlaxoSmithKlein (Beecham) H1N1 vaccines.
The modern American Media was formed in 1988 following the death of New York “political powerbroker” and God-son to crime boss Frank Costello, Generoso Pope, Jr.
In conclusion, by subscribing to Jesse Ventura’s,  Alex Jones’s, and David Icke’s version of “truth” in the Conspiracy Industry, you are simply feeding the beast that has devoured America.
– End –
To read The HOROKANE’S legal case filings AGAINST ALEX JONES, DAVID ICKE and contribute to Horowitz  and Kane’s legal defense fund, please CLICK HERE .

Note to Journalists:

“ DEATH RAY SCANDAL ” JESSE VENTURA EXPLOITS SUSPECTED MURDER OF DR. FRED BELL DroppedImage_14 For review copies of Dr. Horowitz’s books please call Sean McDermott at 1-800-336-9266 and press “1” to leave a message. Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane are available for interviews by calling 310-877-3002.
More information about Dr. Horowitz is HERE .
More information about Sherri Kane is HERE.
For information on sponsoring their companies’ products, please visit:
HealthyWorldStore.com and HealthyWorldAffiliates.com .
Dr. Horowitz’s quarter-century old publishing company, Tetrahedron, LLC, was illegally dissolved by Jacqueline G. Lindenbach under True Ott’s influence on Jul 12, 2011. It’s books were stolen and are currently being illegally sold through Healthy World Celebrations, LLC, and their new website “BodyMindAndSpiritHealth.com.” Complaints should be directed to the Attorney General’s Office, State of Idaho, Consumer Complaints Division . Damaged publisher’s website is http://www.tetrahedron.org
The HOROKANE’s previous publications link the PFNYC to the companies sponsoring the 2009-2010 H1N1 ( threatened H5N1) pandemic flu fright. In addition, there has been near complete censorship of articles exposing the PFNYC on the web citing the “Partners” ties to commercial gains from the 911 attacks and WTC reconstruction.
Mind-control Project Bluebird creates radical assassins.
Original Article released without  NEWSWEEK’s permission.

Thanks to http://www.waronwethepeople.com
and Thanks to LD for the forward


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