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A reply to Max Igan – re: his post on

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A reply to Max Igan – re: his post on

My reply to Max’s article posted at

Willem this is for Max.
I don’t know any of you copied in on this email, but you are all welcome to my reply.
Does Max know the healer in question?
Does he know the relationship they had?
Does he know that Zen helped this healer in sessions?
Does he know my relationship with Zen?
Has he any idea how difficult a decision it was to call Zen out on this?
Does Max know anything other than what Zen has told him?
Does Max understand that from nowhere, no dispute, no argument, no disagreement, and from a steady and stable relationship the information came to light and was so shocking it made the healer sick, and I too felt completely gutted at the revelations. I was desperate for it not to be true. I even considered whether the emails from Zen to the healer were actually from Zen, and checked all the IP’s email headers – to make sure they were genuine. I questioned if someone else had contacted the healer.  I asked if it was hackers spreading discord. I then emailed Zen and his reply confirmed to me the worst – it was Zen – How the fuck do I handle this…
There was no way I would be complicit in a cover-up. The outing of a 27 year COG member and leader responsible for PR, damage control, had to happen despite Zen being a friend.
Now for those that want to go hyper-dimensional….. Do you think that shit was going to get past the gate unchallenged?
Sitting on the fence is a stance, but it doesn’t solve anything.
The startling revelation joined a lot of dots for several people. I’ll not “stir the shit” here – suffice it to say – you’ll get a one-sided view being so close to Zen.
There are things that I have been told, that may hurt relationships, and that’s not my intention. However, be warned that Zen has left a bitter taste for some people after he passed by.  Why do his relationships turn sour? He finds a way to upset people – I lasted the longest – and I’d still be standing by his side if this information hadn’t come out – why is that? ….. It’s because I usually do not judge – live and let live is my rule. Someone, close enough, yet level headed enough to weigh up the situation and make the call, and I had to make that call.
Has Max read my post on how it went down?
No one said these times would be easy.  I’m sure all those reading this know enough to understand it’s time to shine a light into those dark places.
Is it because he’s so close to Zen that he can’t be impartial? How does he think we felt – having to be the ones that brought this out. If we had kept it quiet – we would be complicit.
I have a totally clear conscience, with absolutely no concerns about revealing what I have.
I bothered to respond to this email because I know the discord troubles Max. But truth waits for no man…
Yes whatever that may be Max.

Thanks to:


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