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X-Files, Prometheus, Avatar, The Thing - black oil, Marconi, blue aliens and the Falklands War

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X-Files, Prometheus, Avatar, The Thing - black oil, Marconi, blue aliens and the Falklands War

Video LinK:!
Published on Aug 18, 2012 by megawatts1066

David Griffin from Exopolitics UK is an absolute PAIN to listen to, you wanna put your hands on his shoulders and SLOW HIM DOWN, calm him down, stop him.

He just rambles on and on and on and on, dealing quite abruptly with his interviewers Joanne Summerscale and Miles Johnstone. David's latest topic is the investigation of BLACK OIL, black goo, black liquid (this intelligent SENTIENT fluid) that you find in such films/series as The X-Files and Prometheus and has an arctic connection with The Thing film(s).

Of particular relevance, the Falklands War was called OPERATION CORPORATE.

Very interesting, after the film of the Thule base's SAS SBS destruction during Operation Keyhole, 01:00:00, where Joanne mentions,"That's a Phil Schneider event," my machine turned off completley. It's a very reliable machine. It never does that.

Notice that, at the end of this first video, 01:24:24, when they're talking about the mysterious Marconi deaths, that started after the end of the Falklands War and surged forward aka ESCALATED towards the start of the Gulf War in 1987. CORPORATE war for BLACK GOLD?
And don't forget all those mysterious BioChemist deaths since 2001, too.

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