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This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter

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1 This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:14 am



"This is Staggering" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News

10:46:00 PM

JustinandDeb » September 5th, 2016

So...we have HCL, mention of lower denominations, opinion on need for new CBI Governor, another denial for Maliki, new US Ambassador with ties to Kuwaiti revalue..not a bad news week! Steroids, indeed! IMO

 » September 5th, 2016

The corruption is too nice a word ... this is staggering !!! ... IMO

It's beyond unbelievable isn't it !!! .... these are the guys causing all the problems in Parliament and the GOI right now .... It's why they try so hard to stop any real progress and want to stay in their blocs .... to hold onto the mafia network they created ... no wonder they needed to hang on to Maliki so long ... to create the boxes of files they now have ... it will be very interesting to see how this goes .... oh !!! like Frank teaches ... they are not bankrupt .... or unable to back the value of their currency .... by any means !! ..... they know what's coming !!

Don961 » September 5th, 2016

Newspaper: How demolition of corruption and Iraq produced Daesh .. officials squandered 1.7 trillion dollars

A few years ago, when he was Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki remains in office, a team of his closest aides traveled to the Jordanian capital , Amman, and they rented suites in one of city 's most luxurious.

They went to Amman to hold meetings with foreign businessmen who came to seek a lucrative contract for a project in the field of energy, would help the restoration of the damaged infrastructure of Iraq.

Baghdad was, like the rest of Iraq, in a state of chaos, so it was dangerous for visitors to go to it, in addition Oman provides greater privacy of the Iraqi capital, which was a prerequisite for the holding of those meetings, it was business coming to offer bribes to Maliki and other senior government officials in exchange for a decade, according to a report in the New Republic. chaired these meetings Kata Ngyeman stapes, director of the ceremony as prime minister. and is famous for the two men, and stapes Maliki, corruption and cruelty.

Ft Munir Haddad, President of the Special Court , which issued the death sentence of Saddam Hussein, a complaint in 2014 that they had threatened him with death if they did not intervene to stop the investigation into the charges of using the security services to kill political and business rivals. After several days of submission of the complaint, Smith was the target of a failed assassination attempt. The investigation has not been completed. 45% of the deal , according to a businessman who attended the meetings in Amman, the stapes conditions is simple: win the contract upon delivery of the share of 45% of the transaction, in addition to push a huge introduction to the Iraqi company controlled by associates of al - Maliki , officials said .

The Iraqi company, in contrast, offer bribes to a number of political leaders, mostly from the ruling Dawa party , which belongs to al - Maliki, in addition to a small number of Kurdish officials for their approval before it arises energy project on their land. the
businessman says that the people who run the company had been unaware of the details of this project, they were only dreaming of riches. It was not respect the technical with the ability or experience: The role of the stapes is limited to the distribution of funds. As an investor, you may not get any profit for five or six years. But the policy receive their share in advance. "

Not surprised by any of the businessmen at the meeting how daring or corruption.
The foreign companies that apply to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq are forced to take Iraqi officials as partners in order to secure the deal.

The American taxpayers that send money to arm Iraqi soldiers in the war on al - Qaeda disappear often in Swiss bank accounts.
did not buy weapons is already, but more than that, the money will end up in the hands of America 's enemies.

corruption was widespread on a very large scale , so that helped pave the way for a new threat altogether the company that won the contract to power in Amman no longer able to complete the project, because the land that was intended to build the project it was soon taken over by the organization Daesh.

1.7 trillion dollars are still reasons for America 's destructive adventure Iraq has been controversial. How can the United States, having spent some $ 1.7 trillion of taxpayers ' money, to publish more than 115 thousand troops to topple Saddam Hussein and rebuild the country, to end up with a failed state led to the emergence of a new quality of the brutality of terrorism.

Wondering US newspaper report : was this a failure of the military strategy, or the political will ? Are we finished the war quickly, or is it time took longer than necessary ? Did we spend enough to rebuild the country 's infrastructure construction, our face or our assistance to the wrong places? The answer may be much simpler, and more humiliating in the end: that men who Qldnahm power in Iraq Srkona. If the American resources have been used as required, what was Daesh exist now.

Businessman who tried to get the energy deal "was the secret of al - Maliki and his men he says. We did not at all know who gets the money, but al - Maliki won a share of each deal, with the rest of government officials. They have set up a detailed system that make it seem as if the development has already been based on legal contracts and tenders, but all that was corrupt. Thus disappeared a lot of American money. "

Difficult to exaggerate in describing the destructive role played by corruption in the collapse of Iraq and the rise of Daesh.

According to a report released in March / March 2016 by the Audit Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, it has spent the Ministry of Defense of the country 's $ 150 billion weapons in the last ten years, but I only got $ 20 billion worth of weapons.

it was a great part of the equipment they obtained unavailing, they have bought the hardware - making in the seventies of the last century from the former Soviet bloc countries, and the bills are issued four times its value actual.

he says a contagious US newspaper report: in late 2015, informed sources told me that the US Department of defense sent a shipment of new weapons to the Iraqi government, including sniper rifles, were supposed to be sent to Sunni fighters in Anbar province. Instead, corrupt officials in the Interior and Defense Iraqi ministries sold to "Daesh" used to kill Kurdish fighters (Peshmerga).

A former official of the US Central Intelligence spent considerable time in Iraq: " The Kurds are still using equipment that we gave them in 2003. they are forced to buy ammunition and weapons that the US government gives to Baghdad of Iraqi government officials , corrupt. "
weapons are not the only target for corruption. When it comes to huge amounts of money that flowed to Iraq for reconstruction and economic development, the officials at each level of government is more focused on filling their pockets from the rebuilding of their country 's devastating.

Employs foreign companies seeking deals in Iraq and brokers with good relations, to be able to bribe senior officials in exchange for contracts.

in the case have emerged recently, many of the giants of American power, including Weatherford and FMC Technologies seconded company operating in the energy sector Monaco called Unaoil headquarters. In 2012, Unaoil was paid millions of dollars to senior Iraqi officials, in exchange for granting contracts to clients Unaoil, with huge profits often, because the government has agreed to buy products and services at inflated prices. Thus, drained the money that was earmarked for reconstruction by corrupt officials and private companies.

Disclosed internal e - mail messages that Unaoil pay the biggest bribes to two Iraqi officials call them M and Teacher Join .

The latter is Hussein al - Shahristani, who served as oil minister and vice - president Minister in the reign of al - Maliki. (He is currently the Minister of Education in Iraq). The M is the cream Allaibi, who succeeded al - Shahristani , the oil ministry.

Was Jafar al - Musawi , taking advantage of the generosity of another Unaoil, it was his code name of Lighthouse in e - mail messages. And he has served as oil adviser to a number of heads of government, including al - Maliki. Since then , he was appointed deputy minister of petroleum refineries.

Says Erik Gustafson, director of the Center for Education for Peace in Iraq, "it has been replaced by technocrats in key ministries and politicians who are beholden to their parties. There is no competition for government contracts because they are given to those who Evdilhm party " . Life luxurious looting of aid and US contracts in Iraq enabled the elite to enjoy luxurious life styles, more suitable for the Beverly Hills of Baghdad.

The spread own neighborhoods, like the McMansion, and protected by armed guards around the country, roaming the streets aristocrats narrators luxury cars made abroad, eating in restaurants compete dishes . Restaurants Western capitals.

Has about corrupt officials and businessmen huge amounts of money to foreign havens in Jordan , Dubai and Singapore, and in the London real estate as well.

according to the integrity Commission, was the discovery of $ 6 billion in an Iraqi government funds recently in a cellar in Lebanon, also it sent another 14 billion illegally United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iran and the United States, and various European countries.
in October / October 2015, Adel Nouri, a member of parliament and spokesman for the integrity Committee , announced that 10 ministers, including former officials of the defense and oil, interior, transport and trade, has committed acts of massive fraud.

Nouri said: "some ministers accused of receiving 900 million dollars in bribes. Some ministry decades Phantom valued at $ 1.5 billion. "

Sprawling corruption in Iraq , going through religious and ethnic barriers, but the lion 's share of the suspicious money went to the Shiite majority in the country.
Maliki, which is still the most powerful man in power , despite giving up the post of prime minister , he had established the infrastructure of the graft during his period for this position, and through the governed in the ministries of defense and internal security and intelligence agencies as well as the electoral commission.

but corruption was also extended to the Kurdish communities in the north, where it was Massoud Barzani family - President of the Government district Kurdistan since 2005 - Ngnm huge share of government revenues.

there is also the leader of a prominent Kurdish Barham Salih, who was a modest and simple living in the state of Maryland in the United States before the US invasion in 2003, but today owns a large estate in the area Majidi Mall, one of the neighborhoods wealthy people in the city of Arbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

on the Sunni side, the former Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al - Mutlaq spends his time between Baghdad and the Jordanian capital Amman , where he owns a very large property was bought with money the government looted, according to a source familiar with .
"is not the government but the cake, and each of them share and share, "Thus he commented Hamid sitting, a businessman from Anbar province , and his father , a tribal elder in the region.

fate of the reformers and the most surprising in this widespread corruption in the Iraqi media is how the authorities ' handling of the reformers who are trying to combat fraud and graft, and also ignored the administration of President Obama declared the war by the authorities against the reformists.

in September / September 2015, the breeze Naim, a Commerce Department staff members were killed in a car bomb explosion which stands hand over some documents to the integrity Commission to detect patterns of corruption in the ministry in which it operates. (Has been investigated with the Minister of Trade Milas Karim in the circumstances of the incident, but he was released and acquitted later.)

Has faced Integrity same body threats since its inception, the first presidents Judge Radhi Hamza al- Radhi had received anonymous death threats after pressure from the Maliki government to ease the grip of the body for some officials accused of corruption. However, Radhi resigned and fled to the United States where he obtained political asylum in 2008. The belief is that the blame for this matter should be directed to George W. Bush, and Barack Obama has tried as much as possible to manage the crisis , which he inherited from his predecessor.

But the presidency Bush had ended after five years on the invasion of Iraq, while Obama bears responsibility for the disasters that have followed over the past eight years. Six years out of eight have intersected his al - Maliki as prime minister with Obama assuming the presidency of the United States.

It is believed that al - Maliki is primarily responsible for the corruption and sectarian violence that tore the country. He was succeeded by Haidar al - Abadi has made some reform measures under discussion but it has not yet been able to shift thousands accused of corruption in the ministries of his government elements. In fact, corruption has been rampant and entrenched in Iraq seems to him that is impossible to eradicate it and remove it . A year before the election of Obama, was the chief investigator in the Integrity Commission, Odhob peace, fugitive had fled to the United States. The Odhob had received death threats, such as Radi before him, he has killed more than 30 of his colleagues.

Made Odhob testified before the US Senate , saying that "corruption and waste" has proliferated among the Iraqi government, particularly in the corridors of the Ministry of Defense, "which resulted in favoritism and bias partisan, nepotism and lack of financial control in its simplest form to embezzlement and theft and waste of billions of dollars of American taxpayers ' money. "

in one of the graft cases, investigations have led Odhob to the discovery of a holding company called" the ongoing Senate "managed by Nair Mohamed Ahmed al - Jumaili, a smelting Iraq's defense minister.

he was Jumaili has made his fortune by getting kickbacks and bribes from US companies contracted with the Iraqi government. And it refers Odhob that among Jumaili clients company "AM General", a South Bend American , Indiana - based, as they claimed to pump millions of dollars into Jumaili company as part of the contracting company requires a supply of vehicles Hamڤa to the Iraqi army.

According to the testimony of Odhob, the AME Gen. submitted bills worth up to $ 18.4 million to the Iraqi government in exchange for a fake business, while it provided less than 170 Hamڤa wagon out of 520 stipulated in their contracts with the government.

and here insist the question: Where did all that money? According Odhob, the Jumaili was "known for his support of the base" has deposited some of those funds in the bank accounts of the base in Amman.

In his testimony Odhob added: "I was convinced without a doubt that corruption was the reason for the deaths of many of the American soldiers." He is stressing that "Iraq has never received any of the armored vehicles requested by the government of AM General. Al - Qaeda has been better armed than the Iraqi army, was that corruption is the reason for this."

Not at all check with Jumaili against the backdrop of those bribes. As well as it continues to AM General Corporation, which denies those charges right, of the leading contracting companies with the US government. In April / April 2016, Hillary Clinton visited the premises and facilities company in South Bend during the campaign to win the Democratic nomination in the state of Indiana, where the company praised and management.

With the lack of hope for any repairs come from Washington, the Iraqis pretending in the streets of Baghdad. In the same month that Clinton has visited the AM General, April \ April 2016, hundreds of Iraqis broke into the Green Zone in central Baghdad, Mojtahin the headquarters of the Iraqi parliament. He was a prominent leader of the Shiite and anti - US Muqtada al - Sadr called on the demonstrators to take to the streets, calling them a "gift of great popularity and major revolution to stop the extension of corruption."

The demonstrations continued during the summer. In another context , emphasis on the human cost of corruption, some marches anger came after a car bomb attack, claimed by Daesh and led to the deaths of more than two hundred people.

The driver of the car had passed through security points and the guards searched the car but the explosives detection devices was false. Those devices did not contain any batteries or electronic components, but only some collectors airways.

The United States and the Iraqi government was aware years ago that these devices useless, Iraqis and calls it in jest , "soup detection devices." Iraqi Ministry of Defense has spent at least $ 85 million for the acquisition of such equipment from the British hustler named James McCormick, who is serving a sentence of 10 years on charges of fraud and forgery.


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2 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:16 am




3 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:06 am



New Republic via a GCR: Update for September 6, 2016

10:46:00 AM  Intel, News  
New Republic via a GCR: 6 Sept. 2016 Update

Compiled on 6 September 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces,", CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

1. According to WSOMN AdminBill on Sept. 4 2016, "There is much activity taking place in a specific location that will lead to a quiet release of the new rates. I do not believe that will occur until Tues. or Wed. of this week. Information coming from multiple sources indicated that everything has been completed and finalization. We are waiting for funds to be cleared so they can be posted for release to currency holders. The bank balance sheets must show they have funds in order to do exchanges. We may see the journey end this week."

2. On Sept. 4, 5 2016 G20 meetings were held in China. The world leaders resolved global disputes as part of a 30 treaty GESARA package that included the Paris Agreement and Global Currency Reset.

3. Already in Nov. 2015 global leaders of 209 countries had signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and had recognized the new US Republic.

4. Former President Barack Obama was not being included in agreements of the G20 meetings as he no longer was deemed diplomat for the Republic of the United States.

5. Pentagon Chief of Staff General Joseph Dunford signed all treaties (including the Paris Agreement on Climate Change) for the Republic of the United States per his own nation's internal Constitution.

6. Like Dunford, many new world leaders gathered in China for the G20 meetings. In general they public unknowns because of dramatic changes made privately in their own countries.

7. On Monday Sept. 5 2016 world leaders implimented GESARA law including the Global Currency Reset collectively. GESARA would complete on Fri. Sept. 9 and take full effect beginning in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2016 that started on Oct 1.

8. Intake and settlement of all defaulted historic assets, including all fiat currencies, would now be retrieved, redeemed, revalued and removed from physical existence.

9. On Sept. 5 2016 Chinese Prime Minister Xi, Former US President Obama and Russia's Putin held G20 Press Conferences and discussed the GCR. Xi's speech was about the Global Reset. Obama stated that there's a new financial system and that the Paris Agreement would be implemented later this year (i.e. the gold standard). Putin calmly confirmed each leader's remarks.


10. On Sept. 5 2016 TNT RayRen98 reported,"In Iraq all cards are loaded. Those abroad were the last ones. The new rate is supposed to be reflected on them. Site changes are forthcoming. Good things are anticipated for this week, with Gazette follow up. New releases are to be considered imminent. In the US and Canada TNT member bank appointments have been made by some and anticipated by others. Update from Friday: one currency is still showing pending on an exchange transaction and another currency is reported as accepted and waiting account funding."

11. The Global Currency Reset 800 numbers for foreign currency redeemers were expected to be released any time from Tues. Sept. 6 on.


New Republic via a GCR: Update for September 4, 2016

Yuan-Based Alliance Being Built by Russia, China Against Dollar
"Near the Final Solution" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel 10:30 AM MDT 9-3-16
Paris Climate Pact Ratified by Obama and Xi, Hastening Acceptance
Jack Lew's Remarks: The Past, Present, and Future of the G-20
Paris Agreement on Climate Change Ratified by China's Legislature
Golden Age of Growth Moves East as Currency Markets are Shrinking
China, US Join Climate Deal, Obama Hails to Leave Legacy

"HCL Activated" - Thoughts from KTFA EHankins
"IEX After the 15th" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts w/ Backdoc
"Organized RV Exchange Forms" - Guest Post by Bob T
"After 4 PM" - RTC Fisher Intel 9-4-16
"Much Activity" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel 10 AM MDT 9-4-16
"The Global Change Officially Started" - Bluwolf Intel Update 9-4-167
"Bismayah" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts/News with Elmerf123456
"All in the Green" - Sun. PM RTC Chat w/ Fisher

"It's happening again" - Thoughts from TNT Dinara
"Positive Movement" - WSOMN AdminBill Chat Highlights 9-4-16
Yuan-Based Alliance Being Built by Russia, China Against Dollar
G20 Summit Talks on the First Day is Over, Leaders take Pause
"Iraq is about to Explode" - Encouragement from TNT Ecci519

New Republic via a GCR: Update for September 4, 2016

"The Cabal is Officially Dead" - Anonymous Intel Update - 9.4.16
"Organized RV Exchange Forms" - Guest Post by Bob T
"After 4 PM" - RTC Fisher Intel 9-4-16
"Much Activity" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel 10 AM MDT 9-4-16
"The Global Change Officially Started" - Bluwolf Intel Update 9-4-167
"Bismayah" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts/News with Elmerf123456
"All in the Green" - Sun. PM RTC Chat w/ Fisher

"It's happening again" - Thoughts from TNT Dinara
"Positive Movement" - WSOMN AdminBill Chat Highlights 9-4-16
Yuan-Based Alliance Being Built by Russia, China Against Dollar
G20 Summit Talks on the First Day is Over, Leaders take Pause
"Iraq is about to Explode" - Encouragement from TNT Ecci519

Intel from an Anonymous Source Close to the Negotiating Process
Xi, Obama and Putin Hold Press Conferences Following the G20
To All "Central Bank Grand-Poobahs": Dragons, Elders, Ambassa...
"Precious Declaration" - The Office of POOFness - ZAP - 9.5.16
"I Spoke with Bank of China" - Anonymous Guest Post
Gary Larrabee - Incredible Sources Report 'This is the End of the Ride'
"Paris Treaty" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel 9:38 AM MDT 9-5-16
Gary Larrabee - Mark: G20 Update and Obama's Rejection
"This should do it" - Anonymous Guest Post
"Considered Imminent" - TNT RayRen98 Intel 9-5-16
"Myriad of Great Information" - Thoughts from TNT Elmerf123456
CWN EP236 - Hakim Elected Chairman, Saleh on Oil Agreement, Shabibi
Goldman Sachs Managing Director Departs for Role at Wells Fargo
China's Xi Jinping Told G20 Leaders to 'avoid empty talk'
Obama Press Conference In China - 9.5.16

Intel from an Anonymous Source Close to the Negotiating Process

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4 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:06 pm



Zimbabwe Central Bank: Launch of Bond Notes 'on track'

3:29:00 PM  News  
Bond notes launch on track says Zimbabwe central bank

Aug 2, 2016

By Ndakaziva Majaka

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) said it is “well on track” to unveil the bond notes in October, despite public resistance.

RBZ Governor Dr John Mangudya talks to Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa

Last week, central bank deputy governor Kupukile Mlambo told the Daily News that despite the public’s concerns, the RBZ was geared to introduce the notes.

“October is still the introduction date… the process is not just printing, it also involves design, so we are well on track,” he said.

He, however, declined to indicate the current stage of the notes’ production.

“I cannot comment on that, the only person who can give you that information is the governor himself,” Mlambo said.

However, RBZ sources yesterday said the bank had received several designs, with the final templates expected to be submitted to the German printers by mid-August.

“As you may already know, the introduction date is October. As of now, designs have been received and they will be delivered to the printer by mid-month,” the source said.

The notes — which will serve as a five percent bonus incentive to exporters — will be introduced to sustain and safeguard the multi-currency system in Zimbabwe, amid public confusion over how the system will function after their introduction.

Vouchers for exporters to redeem the bond notes will soon be disbursed to all exporters who have been exporting since May 5 2016.

According to RBZ governor, John Mangudya, all exporters have been accruing the incentive since May 4 when the bond notes announcement was made.

The vouchers will be released dating back to all export transactions made from May 5.

In May, the governor announced that the RBZ was set to print bond notes under a $200 million Africa Export Import Bank-backed bond, but the development was interpreted by some quarters as an attempt to sneak the discredited Zimbabwe dollar through the back door.

Zimbabwe — which abandoned its currency in 2009 and adopted nine foreign currencies as legal tender — still has fresh memories of the 2008 hyper-inflationary era.

The proposed bond notes are set to make up four percent of the over $6 billion cash in circulation.

When the announcement was made, Zimbabweans — still traumatised by the inflationary effects of the bearer cheques — panicked, with depositors rushing to withdraw their cash from banks.

Market analysts say government needs to deal with issues of trust and honesty before introducing a currency of any sort. Daily News


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5 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:08 pm



Mountain Goat News Briefing for September 6, 2016

3:15:00 PM  [url= Goat]Mountain Goat[/url], News, Thoughts  
Hi Everyone,

I can hardly hold my cheers for the news that came out in the last couple days. Amazing and right on time, as expected.

If you have been following the news all along you too will be able to see the significance of these recent events.

Why is this news so important but on the surface it seems like just more articles?

You must connect the dots. You must remember the project to delete the zeros process and what they have done in the past and where they need to go. If you are taking a vacation don't you at least know your destination? If you don't then how will you know when you get there? How will you know when you are getting closer to it?

But first they must be able to freely trade with international, global partners. As we know Iraq is still in a "closed" economy. In June 2013 everyone cheered when more sanctions were lifted and Iraq was declared a Sovereign nation again. Really?

How can you be a sovereign nation without a currency?

FACT - the sovereignty of ANY nation depends on its wealth. Wealth is clout and wealth is the power base.

So as we watched and waited for currency reform to complete it did not and we were disappointed (not to day much progress has been made since).

Now it is 2016 and still Iraq is in the "dog house" and without a currency. In other words -they are still in sanctions until their currency is released to the global markets AND they can freely trade using their dinar as payment. As we also should know today merchants must take dinar and go to the CBI currency auctions and buy US dollars to pay outside venders for services and goods. This is the only way they are allowed to trade today. This must end since it is causing corruption and billions each year to the CBI reserves.

So today let me point out to you yet more signs that tells us about my recent claim for a possible RV in the window of Sept thru Jan 2017.

First we know that Iraq has worked very hard to get to a point where they can quality for "full" ascension to the WTO. Right now they are in "observer" status. They can attend meetings, get trained, get help and share their issues but they do not yet have all the benefits nor take on all the responsibility and rules of a member nation. But this is all about to change as the IMF us telling us in the article below that Iraq is about to get "full" status.

Oh but the reforms and the needed laws are not say? Really?

But first they must complete some mandated reforms-

I quote from the article below -
"revealed that Iraq is a candidate for accession to the World Trade Organization, and as pointed to the need for the Iraqi government some major reforms,"

What are these needed, mandated reforms?

I quote again from the article below -
"need for the Iraqi government some major reforms, the investment climate to improve, confirmed that the bank international and Washington identified the sectors that could be developed to contribute to attracting investment in Iraq"

So here you have it. No Rumors, No Hype just the good old fashion FACTS!

But this is not the only good news. You have to also see that they are openly talking again about the dinar and the new lower denominations. This is exactly what we want to hear at this point in time.

So they have a shortage of dinars on the streets?

Yes they do! And they should if the project to delete the zeros is having any success. Remember they told us they plan to limit hard currency and shrink it's availability by almost a third. So again this article below is telling all we wanted to hear. The project to delete the zeros is ongoing as I write this news today.

So why do you think they have launched the e-dinar? It is now Sept 6th and they had a deadline of Sept 1st for all banks to be in compliance and to be ready to accept payroll, pensions, salaries, etc…via e-dinar instead of paying people with hard currency. Think about it – how much more of the hard currency will be out of circulation in just a month of using e-dinar and not having people walking around with bulging pockets of paper notes?

I firmly believe this is going to be the tipping point for getting to the ratio of currency they want to remain in circulation. It is the final step in this direction of collection of the large 3 zero notes, at least enough so they can launch the lower denoms. Remember too that included in the launching of the lower denoms is also coins. These metal coins can not be circulated without a significant increase in value otherwise the black market will only melt them down for the value of the precious metals alone (more corruption). This is what they mean with the CBI and finance committee claims they will slowly, gradually launch the new denominations. They are talking about initially launching some paper currency (the new lower denoms) and then later, after an RV, launching the new coins. This is the process. So the rollout is not going to be overnight as many think. It is not going to be like flipping a switch and wammo its

I quote from the article below –
“There is a way out of hard currency out of Iraq because of the security and economic conditions experienced by the country,”

I quote from the article below –
“stressing that the central bank has no other means than the currency auctions for the sale of hard currency in the whole of Iraq.”

Okay let’s discuss another good topic today, that of the very recent announcement of the Central bank's (CBI) intention to issue a new edition of 100,000 dinars category to the market.

Remember back last December 2015 they told us they were going to hold of on the issuance of this new category until much later in 2016. Originally they wanted to launch it along with the new 50,000 notes back last fall 2015. In the very same article they also told us the Project to Delete the Zeros was also going to be postponed until early 2017. Do you connect the two events?

This is what we do know as FACTual- the CBI has told us the 50,000 and 100,000 notes are the last remaining large notes to be issued in currency reform. These notes are NOT FOR PUBLIC USE on the everyday streets as they are for inter-banking transactions (between nations) where larger notes are needed (international trade…hint..hint..hint..). How can you submit payment of millions for imported goods using just the new lower denoms ($5,10, 20, 250, etc..) so the merchants will need these higher new denominations for commerce.

So is it not a logical conclusion they are getting close and preparing for some kind of major change such as an “international” rollout of their currency thus going from a “CLOSED” economy to an "OPEN MARKET” (or global economy). All the signs are right in front of our faces such as the WTO ascension, the last of the larger notes being planned for rollout, so much talk about attracting investors, so much talk about moving to a “market economy”. What the hell do you think they mean by a “market economy”. Folks this means going to FREE Global/ International markets. They will need a return to FREEDOM of movement of money as pre-war years. I will go yet one better...they will be moving to modernized electronic system of movement of payments, a much needed upgrade from the Saddam Hussein days. How's that?

Are you excited yet?

Articles follow-

Washington suggest the IMF projects growth of non – oil sector in Iraq by 2018

Long-Presse / Baghdad – Suggested the US Embassy in Baghdad, on Sunday, the growth of the International Monetary Fund projects sectors is oil in Iraq by the year 2018, and revealed that Iraq is a candidate for accession to the World Trade Organization, and as pointed to the need for the Iraqi government some major reforms, the investment climate to improve, confirmed that the bank international and Washington identified the sectors that could be developed to contribute to attracting investment in Iraq.

Mnt Goat - Keywords: the local market is witnessing a shortage in Iraqi dinars

BAGHDAD / SNG – The Central Bank of the province on the Keywords day, that the fiscal policy of the Iraqi government in general is facing a shortage of Iraqi dinars on the local market, pointing out that the Ministry of Finance is selling 80% of dollar revenues to the central bank and then the latter to sell hard Eulma market gets to the Iraqi dinar.

Keywords and said in a press statement that “There is a way out of hard currency out of Iraq because of the security and economic conditions experienced by the country, pointing out that the central bank gives the spearhead of the individual to act in the funds, whether the currency conversion abroad for reasons to travel or invest outside of Iraq.”

And that “the Iraqi dinar is an internal expenses, government contracts and its imports are considered hard currency, pointing out that” fiscal policy of the Iraqi government in general is facing a shortage of Iraqi dinars in the local market. ”

And that “the Ministry of Finance get foreign exchange earnings increased by 100%, pointing out that the financial sell 80% of foreign currency to the central bank to be put up in the market to sell and get the Iraqi dinar is then cashed in the local market to be traded in terms of the payment of staff salaries “.

He pointed out that “the occurrence of financial crimes and thefts for some banks pay the central bank to intensify actions on the banks to protect the capital, stressing that the central bank has no other means than the currency auctions for the sale of hard currency in the whole of Iraq.”

Article ends

Article begins

Experts: Ask a coin 100,000 dinars will increase prices and raise inflation

BAGHDAD / JD / .. warned a number of experts and specialists in the financial and economic affairs, the central bank from issuing a new edition category 100 000 dinars, and put on the market, because it will increase the prices of goods and driving up inflation as well as it would reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar and eliminate small groups of currency and thus will affect directly the citizens.

He revealed an official source at the central bank preferred to remain anonymous, the central bank's intention to issue a new edition of 100,000 dinars category to the market.

The source told / KD / "The category of 100,000 dinars printed and is designed such a model, and we will choose the right time to put on the market," noting that "put on the market will help to stimulate the economy through the operations of exchanges between traders and commercial transactions between the operating companies," as well as category of the 100 000 easy storage and load and is designed along the lines of the international currency system if the high level of security, it is difficult to falsify. "

He noted that "put on the market requires, inter alia, promotional media campaign to get to know them, and being equal to or close to the category of 100 US dollars."

For his part, economist Adel Mandalawi warned of putting large groups of currencies in the market because it will affect the citizens and indirectly in terms of increasing prices and rising inflation, as well as the collapse of the deliberative value of the national currency.

He told Mandalawi / KD / time that is appropriate to ask edition of 100 dinars fact that the Iraqi economy is going through a volatile and unstable, especially in light of the decrease in oil prices and a lack of revenue. He added that this new category would cancel the deal for small groups and gradually be currency 1,000 dinars smaller class than 250 dinars.

Mnt Goat - they are telling us the lower denoms from $1,000 dinars up to $250 dinars will gradually be issued

Lama, an expert on financial affairs Nabil Mahdi, said that some of the analysts and economists begrudge that sell the dollar at the central bank auction of the same amount and the introduction of a class of 100 000 new dinars to the market without the withdrawal of the equivalent of the dinar will lead to the final collapse, "In my view it no relationship between the central bank auction, which is a fixed nominal price of the dinar against the dollar, and the introduction of 100 000 dinars category collapse of the dinar, but the effect will be to increase the number of times the monetary union trading (dinar) within the economy any increase money circulation in the Iraqi economy speed.

He added that "according to economic theory, the printed large new categories practical means to increase the money supply ratios (liquidity) which have fits directly proportional to the increase in money supply rotational speed (speed of trading) the speed of trading, which is proportional to the accelerating inflation caused by rising prices resulting from increased new demand on the supply of goods and services due to the increase of that cash. "

He continued, "as if the demand for domestic goods increased, the displayed quasi-static at the moment for lack of production of a multitude or, comparable to a foreigner so that local products, especially industrial fill the increasing demand of junk purchased a gap, as well as there are no modern techniques of agricultural production even provides a new view of the agricultural product fills the needs of consumer, leading to increased consumer demand to the direction of foreign product, which means that the dealer to increase the import of foreign products to meet the shortage of supply of goods imported from the front of the new demand resulting from increased liquidity. "

"The increase in Iraqi imports from abroad means more dollar absorption from inside Iraq to the outside, which means to increase the desire of traders and speculators on their access to dollar auctions central bank and increased that desire means to raise the price the dollar within those auctions Batalli to increase the proportion of low value of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies, including the dollar, which increases the desire of speculators at this time to get a dollar, even at a higher price than the previous price within Iraq to the expectation of the low value of the dinar at a higher rate from the current time and the high value of the dollar. "

This brings together experts and analysts that the time is appropriate to put up with large groups of currencies, given the state of the Iraqi market instability. The central bank has issued a new edition last year, the category of 50,000 dinars to the local market with announced his intention to print a new currency Other category 100,000

Article ends

So now we have news once again that the current CBI governor is not qualified. Will they make the needed reforms in the management of the CBI? Will they implement the monetary reforms in the CBI too? More pressure from Allawi to get the CBI management to a technocratic management team.

Article begins

Allawi: Keywords ineligible for the management of the Central Bank of Iraq

By Adnan -
September 5, 2016

Treasures Media / Baghdad confirmed by former Secretary of Communications Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi , said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords, does not know how the bank manages under these tough economic conditions, noting that "Iraq is moving toward a serious economic cliff. Allawi said in a televised interview with the Tigris satellite channel and he followed "treasures of the Media" that, by holding the economic file in Iraq , people who are not Mahliyn, explaining that "these primitive ideas have delivered the Iraq to the economic level of the shallow and the next worst. Allawi added , " has asked the Governor of the Central Bank "on the Keywords" in an earlier time, if it was not able to respond to the economic plight of Iraq, he left to work for this economic detailed important, and important to entrust to the people who are competent, have the ability to draw financial and economic policy success for the challenges that gripped the country. He said Allawi that " the central bank governor is not qualified to lead this great post, pointing out that "is in a valley , fiscal and monetary policy in the last ravine. I believe this change is coming soon.

Article ends

Mnt Goat - Will Dr Shabibi come back as I am being told by my CBI contact will happen soon, as he first wanted full Amnesty and the Maliki goons gone? It is all coming together nicely as I have been telling everyone for years now. Only many of you could not be bothered to listen to me since you were too busy listening to these so called intel "gurus" who knew something about

But I said time will tell who is telling you the truth and we will see. Well now we are seeing.

Recently we have seen two articles just within the last couple weeks from Dr Shabibi stating the Maliki stole money from the CBI and why he was falsely accused of crimes within the CBI. Why now all of sudden these articles? What is about to happen in the CBI? Why Ayed Allawi too coming out with his negative statements about the current CBI administration?
I will tell you why (read my lips!) DR SHABIBI IS COMING BACK TO THE CBI !

Corruption Files now open on 5 Iraqi Key Figures

So one more thing to discuss in conclusion. Remember I am the only one that repeated over and over again that Maliki and his goons will be dealt with at the end of this ride to the RV process.

How could they possibly secure all this new wealth unless they get rid of the culprits that keep stealing it. Imagine this – it is estimated that enough wealth has been stolen by these culprits to build and house nearly everyone in Iraq (36,000,000) people. They could finance the entire country’s expenditures for nearly 5 years.

Here are some of the figures about to go down (INTERPOL investigators). Notice the timing of these investigations now that Amnesty is in the Gazette and finalized.

Obeidi (former defense minister, dismissed under no confidence vote)
FM Jaafari
Zebari (soon to be "former" minister of Finance…lol…)
Hammad al-Moussawi (state of law MP)
Nori Al Maliki (former prime minister of Iraq)

Note Maliki is on the list. So for all of you that argue and dispute my claims and that he will go unpunished and it will take years and years to bring him down - I am sorry but I am going to prove you all wrong…….

No Rumors, No Hype just the facts !
Once again I will reinforce my strong belief that we can very well see some major change in the Iraqi dinar from now going forward. In fact I believe sometime on or before early January 2017.

Auf Wiedersehen!
All my Love as Always....

Mnt Goat

Thanks to:


6 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:11 pm



"Sept. 9 was Mentioned" - Anonymous Guest Post

3:40:00 PM  Emailed, Thoughts  
Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:30 PM EDT on September 6, 2016

RE: Intel from an Anonymous Source Close to the Negotiating Process

"The entire global monetary reconstitution process is scheduled to complete by the end of your September (9) so your world can permanently recalibrate beginning in October (1)."

9/9/2016 = 9/9/9...

No. 9 in Chinese Culture
Besides 6 and 8, Chinese people like 9 very much as 9 has the same pronunciation with 久 (Jiu, meaning everlasting). On the Valentine’s Day, a man usually presents his lover 99 or 999 roses to symbolize the eternal love. Similarly, according to the traditional Chinese marriage custom, the bridegroom has to give a Red Packet to his bride’s family, in which CNY 9,999 or CNY 99,999 is enclosed to bless a long-lasting marriage of the couple.

Since Nine, the highest single-digit number in base ten, stands for completeness and eternity, many emperors in the ancient China love the number a lot. ‘Nine Continents’ is used to describe the large territory of an empire. The emperors wore Nine-dragon Imperial Robes, ordered to construct Nine-dragon Walls and other buildings with relationship with number 9 in the imperial palaces, to show their great power, hope for longevity, and eternal reign of their empire.

The world-famous Forbidden City in Beijing is a representative palace of Nine. In this magnificent imperial palace of China’s Ming (1368 - 1644) and Qing (1644 - 1911) Dynasties, the total number of the rooms is 9, 999 and a half. The three major halls - Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony and Hall of Preserved Harmony - are all of a height of 9 Zhang and 9 Chi (about 108.2 ft; Zhang and Chi are both ancient Chinese length unit). There are 81 doornails in nine rows and nine columns on each gate. The number of almost all the stairs is nine or a multiple of nine. Apart from the Forbidden City, the construction of theSummer Palace and the Temple of Heaven are also based on number 9.

Thanks to the special propitious meaning, number 9 and its multiples are also liked among Chinese folk. The Nines of Winter (Shu Jiu) is a popular folk song recording the weather changes during the nine periods of nine days each following the Winter Solstice. Besides, the 36 (9*4) Military Strategies from ancient China, the 72 (9*8) Metamorphoses of the Monkey King and the 81 (9*9) Tribulations in the Journey to the West are all widely-known stories in China.

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7 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:29 pm



RV/GCR Intel Update - September 6, 2016

Received via email.....

"Come to Jesus"

The RV has been temporarily frozen by Israel Mossad double Agents posing as internal US cabinet level leadership--all to help Israel buy more negotiating time / gain additional leverage in final Palestine Statehood / Israel territory land return.

Elders are pissed because G20 was always the scheduled to be China's great unveiling of the wonderful new age coming out of the east (Operation Eternal Sunshine).

Yet here we are still waiting on a few cabal/USA, Inc created agencies for the RVs final authorization.  Does this make any sense now that every sovereign nation of the world is together in signed treaty?   Oh hell no!

But we are also now hearing rumors of a hard or forced RV time set for sometime Wednesday; however the heat is on the suicidal cabal holdouts and expected to prove too hot--forcing their final surrender before Tuesday night--which equates into the free release of your RV.

Know all Mossad double agents were deleted within an hour of their sabotage by the White Hat Military Operatives loyal to the new Republic.  Some very big political names were eliminated at their desk, in their homes, and while driving their cars.

No more delays are acceptable under any circumstance.

Meaning any remaining cabal agents attempting to stop human progress will meet the same, immediate and terminal fate--no questions asked, no trial--so further rebellion is nothing less than a  personal choice to commit third party suicide.

So consider this moment that emergency RV C-Section we've all been requesting as ordered and set to begin later tonight because the Chinese Royals loathe being embarrassed privately... let alone on a global stage.

In addition, Russian/Chinese governments have readied the full 9-11 truth dossier implicating cabal actors in not only Israel, but Saudi Arabia and all the sovereign nation / leaders who participated and also happen to be donors to the Clinton Foundation.

Shocking I know.

This is why Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu is suddenly fiercely negotiating with Moscow as he's begging for his evil family's survival--the lost Tribe of Dan.  This is why they track the bloodlines so closely--as it all human.  Wink, wink.  Nudge, nudge.  Disclosure is a comin' folks.

He could care less about Israel as a religiously based nation because if Israel is exposed, BiBi knows the benevolent Hebrews will expose the Zionist faction of his government that has long occupied and ran the country--beginning shortly after WW1--through absolute treachery and fear based military tactics via the clandestine and merciless orders coming directly from House of Rothschild in Europe.

Also not all human.  Now do you see the need for such secrecy?  Such lies?  Such evil means to achieve an evil end?  There's a now and has been since nearly the creation of man a non human genetic strand/species controlling, altering and enslaving human truth--and lying to us that their leadership is our hope, our light, our way forward.

Really?  Stop it, really?  Come on really?


And if you cash in a plug nickel of your currency, let alone quintrillions, just remember this email of all the emails you've r chives on this subject.  And then begin to investigate like crazy, at your own pace, in the privacy of your own conspiracy theories, because you deserve to know the real truth about your species, your planet, your soul.

Keep in mind everything geopolitically and domestically political is tied together in secrete due to the very nature of cabal octopus structure of invisible control.  Thus to publicly out the CF, all cabal nations and their faux ejected leaders will collapse underneath the weight of its shares family corruption.

Therefore, the upcoming US Presidential election also hinges on the RV release start time.  And we expect to see Mrs. Clinton's health related resignation arrive in exact lock step with the 800#s.

A convenient distraction for the great cabal central banking/fiat money/infinite usury financial lie don't ya think?

Humanity says yes.

Know both the end and beginning will occur in the same exact moment and soon, so stay ready mentally and emotionally.

God is with us.
Posted by enerchi at 9/06/2016 06:17:00 PM

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"MAJESTIC JOURNEY" - Anonymous Message - Wednesday - September 7, 2016

4:24:00 AM  Emailed, Message, Thoughts  

Received via email at 2:03 AM EDT and published per request. ~ Dinar Chronicles


September 7, 2016

It has come clearer into my understanding that what we are all collectively experiencing with regards to the RV is not time or detail oriented, but perception and / or higher consciousness related.

What is occurring around us, to us, through us is unprecedented energy flowing into our dimension, and there's simply no logical or historical basis for deeper conscious understanding--so we all struggle to gain an emotional foothold in this new reality.

The irony is that the limitation of reality is what's crumbling all around us via the absolute eradication of evil energies from the surface of the planet.

So where do we turn? Whom do we trust? How can this be so? Where's my spiritual sanctuary?

Know that the financial event you so eagerly await is merely a small, yet meaningful check listed item in conjunction with a grand and non-negotiable mission, with One aim to again rid your environment of Heavenly rebellion.

A second flood if you will--but one of love not water. And one without end.

Which means there's an enormous amount of galactic resources allocated to reversing the current trends of humanity, and its benevolent energy surge can physically be felt across the surface of the earth, all solar system planets, in this and every galaxy, universe and super universe.

This event you're currently experiencing is far, far greater than you're imagining, this your consciousness is desperately trying to realign--not your intent or intelligence.

The freedom now being experience on your planet is much bigger than your allowing your conscious mind to believe--yet your subconscious mind knows full well about what is coming and thus has positioned your life perfectly to thrive when the galactic wave of mercy arrives in full crest.

Yes, there will be individual banking transactions soon, but the event is so much greater than even endless flow of funding to humanitarian projects and/or job creation, more important than any date or rates, and well beyond the need to know redemption locations or structured payout terms.

You see, this event that you are participating in is also one small check listed item on your own MAJESTIC JOURNEY through time and space.

Your mind, body and soul have agreed with God through sacred covenant to assist in resetting this planet, this species, back to His originally intended, crystalized form (Christ Consciousness) in service of the shared Creator Father.

Which means you are divinity protected by the Most High who will not allow you to fail by Heavenly Decree. Thus, any difficulty you are currently experiencing is due to simple vibrational non-alignment with Pure Will of the Creator Father and truth of Heaven's Mandate

Any anxiousness or disappointment you may currently be feeling is due to belief in a repeated lie told to generations of your family, who have all willingly subjected their human experience to a life of vibrational slavery.

Remember, your soul is eternal so if you exist you haven also chosen to enter into this dimensional plane as a temporary servant of the Most High.

Meaning, you willingly selected this oppressed life experience as one shirt leg of your soul's infinitely long MAJESTIC JOURNEY.

So be it.

Whatever desire or excitement you are experiencing regarding the RV or monetary transition, is necessary to raise your vibration up to its required frequency for the next leg of your journey. Why? So your soul can ascend into higher realms of immortal consciousness, using the the stark contrast only a temporary life experience can offer.

As such, it's now wise to release all expectations so that you can regain access to your divine mind downloads and return to the easy harvesting of Heaven's Instruction.

So much divine information is releasing through your Central Sun right now it must be hard for many of you to stay in your skin. This is normal. Be patient with yourself, with current events, with others not as aware. Everything will make "complete sense" shortly.

Understand and trust that no man made distraction can resist the Will of the Creator Father. His strength is omnipotent; His patience eternal; and resistance to His agenda futile as only complete surrender brings alignment or dimensional peace.

So there is no more event intel as there was never has been any concern in Heaven for The Golden Book of Fate to both reset and execute with perfect divine timing is guaranteed.

Therefor it's safe to be at peace and sincerely release whatever it is that bounds you up inside, and keeps you from enjoying every breath in your earthly MAJESTIC JOURNEY.

All is well.

Christ is love.

God is with us.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Beny Intel Update - September 7,2016

Received from Beny at Stage3Alpha


Hello People of The World.












Posted by enerchi at 9/07/2016 11:28:00 AM

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10 Re: This Weeks RV/GCR Chatter on Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:59 pm


Anyone spot the "ahem" howler here?

BENY wrote:

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"

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